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NOV 10,2017
A simple template which allows you to set the default value for some ABC class properties. All proceeds from this template go to charity. If you cannot afford this template please contact CapeSoft and they will arrange a free copy for you.
APR 20,2018
Allows users of your program to change any aspect of its default font that they choose.
JAN 16,2018
AnyText allows a user to change the text in your program at runtime. All visible text, including Window Captions, Prompts, Buttons and so on can be translated. This allows you to create multi-language versions of your application, where users can be responsible for translating the text as required. It also allows users to change terminology inside a program, even if they are using the same language. This helps to make the program more familiar to users For example in some countries you would use a ZIP CODE in an address, whereas in others this is known as a POSTAL CODE. Even specific words, like color / colour can have different spellings in different countries. AnyText allows this to be tweaked to best fit the user who is using it.
AUG 18,2016
Helps you to identify points in your application source where your program is hanging.
APR 25,2018
Provides hashing, encryption and decryption functionality in your applications for security, safe data transfer and so on.
FEB 27,2018
Draw is a replacement for the Clarion drawing commands. It adds a large number of features missing from the Clarion drawing set, and is also quite a lot faster. Draw 4 includes Draw Headings, Draw Paint and Gauges.
FEB 25,2015
DrawShot Requires ** Draw ** StringTheory ** GUTS. DrawShot allows your program to create screen-shots automatically as the program runs. ScreenShots can be annotated at runtime. Great for keeping docs and Websites up to date. Allows user to "PrintScreen" any window to a report.
FEB 23,2016
Ezhelp applies Windows style, referential help, to your Clarion app. By enabling the question mark icon button on the windows, and the right-click popup, "What's This", it makes it easy for your users to get help on any control on the screen. Plus since nobody likes adding Help to their system, we made Ezhelp editable at runtime. So you can let someone else do the dirty work!
DEC 23,2015
An alternative memory allocator which is much faster than the default one for specific situations. All proceeds from this template go to charity. If you cannot afford this template please contact CapeSoft and they will arrange a free copy for you.
MAY 18,2017
File Explorer lets you embed a whole range of document types directly into your application. Embed a Web Browser on your window. Play all music, and video files. View PDF's. Edit HTML (web) pages.
MAY 11,2018
No more Error 47. Since 1995, and Clarion 1.0, Clarion developers have been depending on File Manager to make their lives easier. One of the most popular accessories ever made for Clarion there is no product that will pay for itself quicker. Now File Manager 3 extends File Manager's functionality to SQL backends. File Manager 3 will reduce your support burden, and give you back time to do what you do best!
OCT 21,2016
The CapeSoft GPFReporter allows you to trap program "illegal operations" and offers the user the opportunity to email a short report to the developer detailing the illegal operation.
DEC 1,2015
GUTS (Global UnThreaded object Store) is a low-level class which can be used by other classes. By itself it does nothing and adds no value to a program. However it allows other objects to communicate with each other, across threads, even when the object is not the topmost window on the thread. This is a required layer for some other CapeSoft Accessories, and is provided free of charge.
MAR 16,2016
Add HotDates to your program and using the powerful and intuitive templates, you'll be able to view date related information in a calendar (drilling down to month, week and\or day views) in a few minutes. Print your calendar straight to a printer, or edit date related information from the calendar using Drag and Drop, Cut/Copy/Paste or a traditional update.
NOV 8,2017
Make your program interact with the outside world. Allow users to simply click on a browse, form, or window, in order to open any file type, in the program registered to work with that file. Goes beyond simply hyperlinking to a web page, or email, although it does that exceptionally well. All the usual visual hyperlinking clues, like color, and mouse cursor, automatically done for you.
MAR 23,2018
iDash adds a dashboard to your program, allowing a birds-eye view of the information hidden in your data. Insight Graphing and Draw not required, but recommended.
NOV 6,2017
If a picture is worth a thousand words, then nothing shows numerical data better than a graph. Insight Graphing allows you to add graphs to your Clarion Windows, or Reports. But more importantly than just the ability, it also provides a powerful template interface which allows you to graph data directly out of your files, queues or memory.
APR 19,2018
jFiles allows you to create and consume JSON formatted text in Clarion.
SEP 18,2017
KeepingTabs saves and restores the tab selected between sessions as well as the format of listboxes with the simple addition of one global template. You can also make your lists look hot by setting the grid color and line height in one place.
FEB 25,2015
CapeSoft MailSync allows you to import mail, newsgroups and folders from Microsoft Outlook Express (which has been renamed to Windows Mail with the release of Windows Vista).
JUL 11,2017
Grey is Out! Cool is in! In 30 seconds or less, apply Makeover to your Clarion application, and make your old app look like it's been completely revamped!
NOV 30,2017
Create your own Message, Stop and Halt windows. Allows you to Log MESSAGE commands, automatically time-out MESSAGE windows
JUL 19,2017
A comprehensive tool for the rapid creation, maintenance, and use of DLLs in Clarion for Windows. Also allows for multiple database drivers to be used from a single dictionary.
MAY 10,2018
Includes NetTalk Desktop and NetTalk Server. Adds ability to create disconnected Hybrid apps. (aka Mobile apps)
MAY 10,2018
the premier TCP/IP library for Clarion. NetTalk for Desktop, includes Email, FTP, Web Client, NetRefresh, NetAutoClose, NetSimple server and client and more
APR 27,2018
Includes NetTalk Desktop. Adds ability to create web server apps and web services API's.
SEP 23,2013
The web is a different country, and they do things differently there. This book leads you through creating your first web application, and then explores many of the common problems and solutions when creating a complex, highly interactive, web application. the second edition has been updated to cover Clarion 7, and contains about 80 pages more than the First edition.
OCT 1,2013
CapeSoft NetTalk Training Orlando, held on Monday September 23 & Tuesday September 24, 2013 was a two day intensive course on building web applications using Clarion and NetTalk. This course will take you literally from zero to hero. Whether you're a newbie or a veteran NetTalker and you are serious about building web-applications you need this course to learn how to extend your application to the web, adding value to your customers wherever they may be. This purchase includes the Developing Web applications with NetTalk (2nd Edition) manual as a reference to make it easy to follow.
SEP 5,2017
OddJob enables you to easily run and manage processes (like batch files and external exes) from within your application. Not only can you run and terminate the processes that you start, but you can monitor them in your application as they're running.
MAR 8,2018
Integrate your application with Microsoft Office, including Excel, Word, Outlook and PowerPoint.
APR 14,2017
A small template that allows you to Paste text into a Password field from the clipboard. After pasting the text he clipboard is cleared. All proceeds from the sale of this product go to charity.
MAY 15,2018
An advanced Report Preview procedure which can be added to a Clarion application. Supports exports to Email and PDF. Requires StringTheory. PDF support requires a report to PDF converter.
APR 20,2016
Profiler points you to the exact lines of code in your program (even inS Multi-DLL applications) that are the bottlenecks in your application. It shows you the lines surrounding the code as well as the module, making it easy for you to make the necessary changes to the source in your Clarion IDE.
OCT 23,2015
Progress allows you to rapidly add custom progress bars to your application, either globally or locally. It provides real-time previewing of the progress bar so you can see your changes as you make them.
MAY 2,2017
RecentLookups adds two key features to your application. First it provides a very powerful lookup control for use on your forms. This control hides the "code" field from the user, displaying the looked-up description instead. It comes with auto-complete functionality, and allows the user to type in either code, or description values. Secondly it creates a "recent" section at the top of browses called in lookup mode. This means that users who are selecting from a list find their most recent choices at the top of the list. this makes selecting common items a lot quicker and easier.
SEP 19,2017
Provides an automatic mechanism for replicating data between two or more databases. Replicate implements a form of Client-Side replication directly into your program, and supports both ISAM and SQL file formats.
MAY 11,2018
An update to the popular EasyResizeAndSplit from IngasoftPlus (which was recently discontinued by IngasoftPlus). The special Beta price is $149. All-source code, no black box. This build currently ships with no examples, and minimal documentation. It is primarily provided as an update for folk using EasyResizeAndSplit who want to continue in Clarion 9.1 and beyond.
FEB 25,2015
RightReports allows you and your end users to create, edit and print reports in your application. It is a completely customizable Report Writer, which you have complete control over. Taking your existing dictionary, you are able to compile a report writer which is specific to your application. There's no need to ship any dictionary, or txd files, because the program is built specifically around your files.
FEB 25,2015
Allows one instance of your EXE to run - and transfers focus to the first instance
MAR 6,2018
RunScreen lets users set the order, and visibility, of columns on a browse or list control. It supports both ABC and Legacy programs. ** Please Note that RunScreen requires StringTheory. **
APR 17,2018
Allows you to upgrade your program over a web link securely and automatically. Auto-updating can be a problem because you need to make sure that the update being downloaded is the genuine article and not a malicious file instead. To overcome this, Safe Update includes security in the form of digital signatures.
JAN 31,2018
Add login security and copy protection to your application.
MAR 3,2015
Manage your Secwin licenses online hosted by ClarionShop. Secwin Online provides immediate access to temporary or permanent product activation codes for any product which has the Secwin online client feature enabled
MAR 2,2015
Secwin Online Server provides immediate access to temporary or permanent product activation codes for any product which has the Secwin online client feature enabled.
MAR 6,2018
Allows your Clarion 6 (and up) applications to be run as Services in Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista or Windows 7. A must have-for server applications (like Web Servers.)
MAY 16,2018
Send your data exactly as it appears in the browse/list to Printer, or File (HTML, Excel, Word, CSV, XML, JSON or PDF) or email it directly. Simply drop on the SendTo button on any browse/list in your application, and you have all these options available without having to design extra reports or export procedures.
MAY 14,2018
A String object on steroids. Over 125 methods for parsing, manipulating, creating, compressing and encoding strings.
JUN 27,2016
Add a Sheet-Management control to a window. It creates a list of all the tabs in a list box. You can then navigate between tabs using either the keyboard or mouse and the list itself. This approach is especially useful on windows where the sheet control contains many tabs, so many that the sheet control "overflows". It's also very useful on windows where you have Sheet Controls on another tab. By presenting the tab list as a tree, the layout of the window becomes a lot simpler.
MAY 28,2015
Allows you to create a dockable toolbox in your application. Your users can create custom tool-boxes for themselves just by ctrl-clicking menu items.
MAR 10,2015
Free. A Template to track the CapeSoft product versions used in source code
MAR 2,2015
Useful for displaying changing information, or for displaying information which needs to grab the user's eye.
AUG 11,2012
Source code to software for running forums on the web. Uses the WebServer engine in NetTalk.
JAN 31,2018
A wrapper around the windows API this library provides just about everything: Taskbar, AutoApp Shutdown, GSM, Force windows on desktop, Comms 232 & a host of other functions
APR 10,2018
Very high speed XML import and export classes. Can be used to export or import data, or to format and parse SOAP packets.
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