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Number Date Watch Length
14 Dec 2023
(0:01)       Johan  -  Question re css and NT alert message
(0:25)       Mike  -    Re oAuth2 single signon
(0:40)       Kurt  -  1) From a mobile device, when double clicking on a browse record, it doesn't always bring up the record's information in the NetForm.
 2) In a web app, I'm trying to get the Lat/Long from an address and not having success.
(0:50)       Johan R - I have that question about browse not showing up, with the default security settings possible being out of  whack. (Bug identified, fixed in 14.14)
(1:10)       Raggu - I got alignment issue when I resize the window
(1:25)       Merle -   Re Clarion 11.13630 and clarion11.1.13855        
7 Dec 2023
(0:01)       Mark     wants to add a class to the project
(0:05)       Johan    Would like if I can use p_web in the processing source procedures.
Processing can take very long so need to run on a new thread to NOT stop the WebServer.
OR - Maybe open another PopUp NTform on a new Thread with a "Start Processing" Button and start  processing in this form.
How to open another PopUp Form in Code on a new Thread?
Sometimes there will be two files uploaded; Customers file and Orders file.
Sometimes there will be just one file uploaded; Customers file OR Orders file.
Processing of the first file (Customers) should be completed before the next file (Orders) can be processed.
Might need to set a p_web.SSV in the Processing Procedure when it starts and finishes and check this to either Disable or Enable the FileUpload Menu Item to allow for the second file to be uploaded. NOT SURE. Need to keep the Processing Procedure on it's own so that when my API function is finished it can use the same Procedure when a file is received via the API.
(0:20)       Mike      I have a question regarding oAuth2 and KeyCloak
(0:30)       Roberto                I would like to know how to left align netwebbrowses with nettalk 14 when viewed with the @media of up to 1024 because by default everything is showed centered aligned
(1:00)       Kurt       Just saying Thank You to Bruce.  The reverse geolocation example was perfect and I've got it working in my app now.
433 16 Nov 2023 1:20 (0:05) Jesper Have problem with loading xml into a Queue after reciving it in pageReceived
(0:15) Kurt Having problems getting picture to blob field in web app.
Also wondered if the latest release fixed the geolocation script issue when using performance settings
(0:30) Frank Basic Question, haven't  purchased NT14 yet (will this month - Promise), but my NTWS sites are currently in ver 11.46.  if i want to upgrade them do i look at the upgrade help on 11 to 12 and then 12 to 14?
(0:35) Jesper rework example from Jesper and get it working .
9 Nov 2023
(0:02)       Kurt       Getting an undefined ntl error when trying to do reverse geo-location in a web app.
(0:20)       Chris      How can i get the FULL address also on reverse geocoding,  using netmapshere
(0:35)       Toby      I can tell you the only way I could get the API to work through CORS with sessionID cookies
(0:45)       Kevin     ChromeExplorer and Zooming - If you don't have any additional thoughts or open up to forum then no need to review it. I got your email saying not that you knew of.  Would this be something you would think of supporting?
(0:50)       Vic          PWA launching and webbrowse hyperlink issue
(1:05)       Carl        I have a sync question
431 2 Nov 2023
(0:03) Toby Question 1: IF I pass in a session ID as a parameter, can I then lookup of the session values for that session or Must it be passed as a cookie?
If I have a api method calling another api method from a different server, do I need to create a window procedure with the Client extension so that I can get a page received and error trap or is there a better way.
(0:08) Kurt 1) How do I retrieve the current geo-location for a mobile user in a NetTalk web app?
2) What does error 10049 indicate and what's the best way to troubleshoot the issue?
ERROR: [insecure] 10049 Unable to Listen on TCP Port 80 Family=IPv4 (WSAEADDRNOTAVAIL)
The specified address is not available from the local computer. [listed by NetErrorStr]
(0:20) Kevin About to upgrade NetTalk v12.54 to v14x I always read the history/update tips, but where is the link of things to upgrade webserver / button options / etc - I am just not seeing that
(0:25) Patik NT 14.11 - WebClient getting - Window is already open
430 26 Oct 2023
(0:04)       Toby      Struggling with CORS with my API
(0:20)       Kurt       web example # 79, Webcam not working
(0:55)       Johan    Trying to get a webclient process to collect/scrape info and download a pdf from a website, that requires a login.
429 19 Oct 2023
(0:05)       Kurt       I have a questions on table lookups and search function.  I'm using MSSQL and the locator isn't working.
(0:08)       Toby       I have two questions.
1) I am running into an issue in my API that I am losing my session Variables
2) which documentation fills do I need to look at for help           
(0:18)       Robert  Two silly question from the "neofit",
1. How I get rid of the "UPDATE OF WEB FOLDER REQUIRED - Try pressing Ctrl-F5. Server is on version 14.06 but web folder is on version 14.05"
2. How from a BROWSE popup after returning from a insert on save on the "gotfocusback" call another FORM...
(0:40)     Dinko     Did you have time to look at Multihost 14.04 working in C11.1-13815?
428 12 Oct 2023
(0:05)       Mike      NT Forms are too big and has split it ito three separate forms  but even though tab is set to none , a tab is still showing .
(0:15)       Toby      If I have a json:Boolean from jfiles getting assign to a byte variable using GetValueByName do I have to do any programming  (Answer is no)
(0:20)       Fouche Since the update to NT14.07 from 12.63 the Web Cam Take Picture process is not saving the image to the web/uploads folder.
(0:22)       Frank     when are the specials to upgrade to nt14 end?
(0:25)       Dinko     Is NT 14.04 compatible with C11-1-13815?
I am trying to run multi host on 13815 and I am getting GPF for site1.dll
I have a working multi host on 13505 that I copied to a new folder. Compiled it in 13815 both the host and site 1. Changed the "<" on performance tab of the host but to no avail
(0:28)       Vic          how to use the onclick of a web browser field java script embed
(0:30)      Andy     We have an issue where we're sending java script functions within a script tag that includes & and < characters and these are causing issues when sent via SendPacket.
But, if we include a file that contains functions that include & like A = A && B = B then that is fine - so it seems the issue is when its sent via SendPacket
(0:35)       Jason     a) could you demonstrate on how to use keyboard field in a memory form (just number pad)
b) i have create my own number pad (memory form), I have tried your approach on putting auto lookup on amount to pay string but after i select the value in the number pad memory form and return, the value is not captured.
(1:10)       Tim         Did you get a chance to look at the error I was getting with the multisite example, with the assertion getting fired off in netweb.clw?
427 5 Oct 2023
(0:02)       Mike      CSS question - how to turn off "shading" on a button? Redmond theme.
(0:19)       Robert  Re Session timeouts
426 28 Sept 2023
(0:08)       Mike S                     How to have JavaScript click a button? Adding JavaScript to a "Clear" button to clear the locator
(0:10)       Michael                 NT Connecting to API Server, using NT10
(0:33)       Dinko                     Re Class from CIDC Rick Martin class to access table columns inside a NT form and Secwin7 Install
(0:40)       Kurt                       Re TimeFields , and how to set refresh of a NT form
(0:50)       Tim                         I'm having an issue with getting emails in an application.
It was working fine (using gmail) but the server was switched (to network solutions) and now the client is getting this error,
seemingly randomly. Object Error,A network communication error has occurred.
||Error = Too little data returned from POP (Email) Server. No CR found..
||Error occurred in function NetEmailReceive._ProcessCopyBinData.
The app using using NetTalk 12 and I don't have access to it at this time, but I'm wondering if you've seen this before and there is a solution
I think I understand what Multi tab support is used for, but if I enable it while making no changes to the program does it affect the p_web.SSV/GSV without the tab info
(0:55)       Robert                  Hello everyone, can we review the form with the parent-child-grandchild form, or a way to go about it?
(1:10)       Johan                    Does seem like something strange is happening with mails to Gmail.
Using the netdemo.exe sending to Postmark , it generates lots of debugview lines.
Doing same to gmail only generates one line and then it disappears.
only line it generates as follows:
[netTalk][thread=2] NetEmailSend.BuildMail (Email (SMTP)) - BuildMail called. Will try and send Email (SMTP) to on port 587
(1:30)       Glenn                    how do I make the page always on top in css if the content is more than page in netwebform?
(1:35)       Mike                      Client going through PCI compliant - re host header
425 17 Aug 2023
(0:03)      Mike      When upgrading from NT 11 to NT12, I seem to recall something about resetting default buttons.  Can't find it in webinars.                          Can you refresh on that topic?
Question using Sticky headers
(0:10)       Toby       With my API
Apple was sending request accept encoding gzip, deflate, br and it was working. Android was sending request accept encoding gzip and it would not work.
(0:16)       Ron        running program , illegal operation,         
(0:25)       Mike      issue with user continuing to reset their cache
(0:55)       Johan               p_web.ntForm(loc:formname,'setTabHeadingText',0,p_web.GSV('loc:freight_desc_1'))
this code changes the tab title. Is there a way to replace the tab number with a description?
424 3 Aug 2023
(0:02)       Mike S   how to look up all the churches, via Chat GP4. API
(0:08)       Mike R  Export Button on Browsers Creates a XML File that can’t be opened in Excel?
Where Do I set the --var Variables in the theme CSS ?
How do I include a Form in a Form without the included form headings and buttons. IE just the Fields
(0:20)       Kurt        Updated Net Maps modules corrected the Maps Demo lookup options.  Thanks! Do the distance functions between two points use the Here account resources each time you request a distance?
Also in a mobile app, are the Net Map distance functions available on the client?  If not, could it be called as a service on the server?
(0:29)       Johan     Using popups -
pros and cons and how are mobile devices affected what are the differences in handling between page and popup? why would a form fail to write a record without any error message? e.g. it would happen if a client insert page is called from that form, which obviously is breaking something how to debug that?
(0:42)       Mike H  NTWS, Getting the session IP behind a proxy server
423 27 July 2023
(0:02)       Toby       1)  How does the system know when to use gzip?
2) Best way to do a quick ping check or a way of speeding up the timeout time on a request.
(0:09)       Nick       Lazy question: how can I tell when the NetWebForm is in ViewRecord?
(0:16)       Kurt        Questions re Map Example/s and About setting database for Mobile
(0:20)       Ubaidullah           My first question is probably going to be a bit lame. But my second one is hopefully somewhat better.
1. Adding Secwin to a NetWebApp - I am following the docs and have a few questions.
2. I want a desktop app to authenticate to the NetWebApp using Secwin
(0:36)       Johan     any tips for debugging tools / methods when system is live and users phone with a problem?  besides a physical trace file
eg. query the users session vars
browser checks / info logged etc..
how to Check where a form is going to call when completed
422 20 July 2023

421 6 July 2023
(0:05)       Toby       I have a client app that is calling api functions on a server
  I call MethodA and it returns a couple of parameters that I need to make the methodB call.
What is the best way of using the page received and getting the pages from pagereceived in order in sequence.
(0:15)       A.Radi   Hello, I have a NT form that works perfectly well until I change the tabs style to carousel, the carousel script was loaded!!!
(0:20)       Nick       I have a file called "Grade"; PK column is "guid", and it has another column called "CommentRequired", which is a byte. There are only 6 grades - at present, at least - so I want to use a Drop, and I want to make a field on the form Required, or Not Required, based on the Grade record's CommentRequired value. If, instead of a Drop, I use a lookup, I can get it all working just fine, but I can't find where I can test for the value of CommentRequired - or, where to assign the value of CommentRequired for the selected record to a SessionVariable
(0:25)       Tony       Issue with sending emails where client uses Office 365 with twofold authentication, what are my options to circumvent this with nettalk.
(0:30)       Johan     just would like to explore the possibilities and mechanics of autocomplete. I am keen to find out more info on the AutoComplete field. and how to utilise it using a maps API, like Here, google. It's working but I am having some glitches. can I not display results differently from a queue , have display fields and the id hidden fields ?
(0:40)       Kevin     My Question: Is about someone trying to hack the system by attacks - what can be done.
Johan  Further question, using the arrows on the drop down list of the autocomplete field does not create the same bar as with  the mouse?
(0:55)     Joe         looking for insight on saving attachments on demand from an EML loaded into the email object.   I'd like to be able to store the EML files and pull out attachments as   necessary
(1:00)      Tuz   I would like you to show me around about the SMS Server 2 way messaging with Twillio integration. I trying to get reply messages from twillio. I am still trying figure out how the webhooks works but I'm getting some glitches.
420 29 June 2023

419 22 June 2023

418 1 June 2023

417 25 May 2023

416 18 May 2023

415 4 May 2023

414 27 April 2023

413 13 April 2023

412 6 April 2023

411 30 Mar 2023

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407 23 Feb 2023

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404 26 Jan 2023

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392 6 Oct 2022

391 8 Sept 2022 0:25 0:20    Mike -  Can a NT webserver appl with lots of procedures be broken into a multi-dll format if it runs in a multi-host environment?
390 1 Sept 2022 1:11 (0:05) - Mike  - Some basic direction for having NT webserver send info to 3rd party server using json, please.  Example?
(0:05)  Bruce  -  I have renewed my SSL certificate and now there is no access to the web API.
I provided the original CSR, got the certificate back and installed the new certificate. Now on NT12
(0:20) - Frank - Issue with Browse , Missing Calls to FiletoSessionqueue(…..
(0:30) - Dinko - Certificates, re password for key file
(0:35) - Hector - Hello you all. Can you please, show us how to implement google's Recaptcha? and does the Recaptcha works with any NTWS version?
(0:45) - Wengel - I have a question about creating complex json structures in jFiles
389 25 Aug 1:08 (0:05)       Frank  A CSS Question for NT12
(0:20)       Mark   A Question re using a filter in NT12
(0:40)       Rob     I need help in generating a new SSL random key to get a new Certificate.
(0:44)       Ken     When the save button is placed on the top of the form, the form focuses on the Save button when opened and not the first field. Is there a way to force the focus on the first field instead of the save button? This is on a popup form.
(0:45)       Kevin   On a web page could you show me how to add a Tag All button on a list with tags
(0:55)       Mark   In a web service method, where do I find whether the request is a GET or POST mode?  Where do I find the file structure that I need to add to my DCT so my NT webserver can save log entries in a table?
388 11 Aug 1:45 (0:00) 12.46  Build published
(0.02) - Mike - how to reposition print buttons below parent browse when there is a tall child browse
(0.20) - Frank - any progress on themer?
(0.23) - Kevin - Question re web sockets nor refreshing. run gzipall.bat
(0.30) - Rick  - Debugging NTWS, for with IOS sync apps. suggested turn Change session ID on login/logout.         
(0.45) - Don - Reading a barcode from mobile device
(0.45) - Ken - Auto save a form
(0.55) - Mark - If I include a WebServer in my app and the user was running it on the workstation would the user be able to access the web server remotely from a mobile device? If so how would they access it?
(1.05) - Frank - I'm converting my nt11 app over to nt12, (with a new dictionary location) so i created a new nt12 app, and then brought over all my procedures from nt11 app, it runs but in my nt 11 app when you go to the website u go directly to the login page, but in 12 it is going to the index page and i have to click on the login menu choice to get to the login page
(1.15) - Victor - Disappearing values continued..
(1.18) - Mark - Need a confirmation, NT does not have any GIT components (Client or Credential Manager)?
(1.20) - Tim -Did you get a chance to look at my question on nettalkcentral concerning a memoryform embedded in a webpage? Where if the form validation fails only the form displays and not the whole page
(1.28)- Victor - Input field changes to protected after something is entered
387 4 Aug 1:05 (0:02) - Jane - All the real questions grind to a halt and there's time at the end. I have a basic how-does-it-work javascript question.
(0:20) - Kevin - Is this the time to talk about the PCI report I sent you and how to address them?
386 July 28 1:47 (0:04) - Jane - questions from a example program, where the alert Message is being generated
(0:15) - Mark - I have a few questions/things on Secwin Online Server...
(0:26) - Bram - how to change the colour from the "BASE" theme from blue to green?
(0:25) - Dennis - Need help setting port number
(0:55) - Victor - Disappearing field value
(1:00) - Don - Re certificates on lan
(1:15) - Ken - I am working on using the camera to read barcodes. I followed the example for using the scanner and the camera does shows up in the window. I point the camera to a barcode, but I am not sure what is supposed to happen. I don't see an option to take a picture and nothing is happening.
(1:20) - Mark - Re Themer , ! have a comparison screenshot to look at. Will themer likely resolve my spacing issue?
(1:25) - Ron - I seem to recall that during one of the version changes, we had to use a control template to add server settings in the new version - Or copy them from a new version app.  May be part of Dennis's problem.
(1:25) - Victor - Getting Compiler Error 'No matching Prototype available'
(1:35) - Ken - How do you supress the comment fields from appearing?
385 July 21 0:57 (0:07) - Mark - Question on the location of host values
(0:25) - Vic - Question re duplicate symbols during compile.
(0:17) - Don - I would like to start playing around with NetTalk Mobil phone app, that would use the Camera to read Barcodes.
(0:33) - Gary - I've upgraded a NetWebServer application from Clarion 6.3 + Nettalk 4.57 to Clarion 10 + NetTalk 12
(0:53) - Chris - CROP@F12STRINGTHEORYLL is unresolved for export. It's the only one
384 July 14 0:57 (0.06) Mike - How to force a form to start at a specific field?
(0.15) Victor - Radio button disappears with a control value
(0.18) Bram - I've got an IP-binding question
(0.28) Kevin - I need help passing PCI testing on server - they must have changed the criteria and now our API Fails.. Ciphers that are not secure:
(0.40) Victor - That fixed initial thing. Have one other question.
(0.50) Glen - memory form with multiple tabs, trying to embed a form in a form
383 July 7 1:22
382 June 30 1:14
381 June 23 1:00
(0:02) - Lisa question re inserting text into the body of the Index page that is easily changed from time to time          
(0:15) - Michael Question for Insert and Update Products in Woocommerce.
(0:30) - Kevin - Does Nettalk support custom headers when send email?
(0:50) - Lisa - sprites SPG  Image files
380 June 16 2:01 (0.04) Rene - I have a browse that is on a tab on a popup form and calls a popup update form. After returning from the popup update form, all update and nav buttons are disabled. I can see that the buttons have the classes "ui-button-disabled" and "ui-state-disabled"  when that happens.
(0:10) Don -Please explain how to perform Bearer authentication in a Secwin7 enabled NetTalk web app?
(0:16) Glenn -In the field lookup how should I customize the button thru CSS?
(0:45) Marc -Is there any special handling needed in order to return the web server performance details in a web service method?
(1:00) Lisa - I've got some layout questions on a new website that I'm trying to create.
(1:35) Vincent - Can you take a look at small issue I have with Browse EIP Drop List, CSS not working after NT12.40, I have made an example.
(1:40) Mark - In the sample web56 app could you demonstrate how to dress up the Task Panel accordion menu choices?
(1:47) Mike - Easy way to place a link on top of an image
(1:50) Dan - Question re ping   - icmp turned off at your server
379 June 2 1:09 (0:05) - Mike - question re under browses buttons moving
(0:19) - Michael - I have a question about the calendar that is displays when you check off "Lookup Inline" on a date field on a NetWebForm
(0:30) - Jeff - problem with uploads and serving file from a blob
May 26
(0:01) Bruce - Tease on NetTalk 14 feature for LAN certificates
(0:13) Kevin- I would like to talk about OAuth2 / External Browser
(0:30) Michael - Ambiguous label errors when compiling
(0:40) Glenn - I have an issue on CSS.. got problem on rendering a view on netwebform except for the firefox browser
(0:50) Steve - Secwin question
May 19
(0.01) Mike - Browse in a form is not accessible if click Next button.  Weird
(0.10) Chris - I'm having troubles with auto certificate renewals for my webhook.
(0.18) Dennis - How to set up themes ?
(1.00) Victor - Price Browse on the Item Browse shows Search if a column is pressed for sorting
(1.10) Mark - special String theory question
(1.12) Rengasamy - Problem with compiling Oauth demo - had Cryptonite compiler switches left in the demo
May 12
(0:01) Mark - Profiler is it compatible with later versions of Nettalk? Trying to integrate a translation engine into my application could you show me how to integrate and change a standard button like the wizard next button,
(0:10) Marc - Can you discuss the "graceful" close?  I am implementing an "auto-restart" and don't want to interrupt an active session. Can I determine the last interaction for any session?
(0:30) Ed - I need to explore using nettalk to send email via smtp.
(0:50) Victor - Loading in a .csv file and need to check if the first character of a field s '   (apostrophe)
May 5
(0:08) Michael - How do I control the initial size of a Form with a single field (filter value) when called from a small screen device (phone)
(0:18) Jane - I have a question on printing a single record from a netWebYear.
(0:50) Glen - I'm having an issue on NetWebForm where I have this error Too many segdef in file. The reason is I have too many fields used. How do I break this up using the webhandler?
(0:56) Victor - File Upload points
April 28
(0:04) Michael - Form throws Creates Duplicate Key when trying to change a record in SQL table.
(0:34) Jane - Having trouble getting set focus to work
(1:50) Neil - Difference in selected row when returning to the browse if key value is primed or not.                                          
(2:05) Ted - Reminder , Netweb client debugging technique by sending to your own server and comparing what is coming in
April 14
(0:05) Albert  - Struggling to do a POST
(0:08) Mike R I  still have the problem with nettalk 11 to Nettalk 12  - Bruce to Teamviewer to Mike later
(0:50) Victor G Controlling CSS by the value of another field.,   Using a variable in the XHTML on the PageHeader.
(1:00) Edward L   This week I like to learn all about Session Cleanup including the "new" NT features on automatic deletion of table records.
(1:26) Chris H One of my clients started getting this message recently. What's involved in getting this fixed.
April 7
(0:08) Mike - Changing Dates picture for different countries
(0:15) Edward - Feed Back  - Re Thread pooling.  Question re secwin login and the processes involved
(0:45) Alex - Webinar 196 related question -1. Horizontal browse and EOL wrap. 2. Buttons in horizontal browse - Get id (employee) pressed
(0:60) Victor - CSS on field & Search Field on Primary search column
(1:25) Ken - How do you capture a session value from the address bar? If the address bar has "index.htm?sessionvalue=value", how to capture the "sessionvalue"?
March 24
(0:03) Robert - More FTPS questions.  How do I load the CARoot.pem file?
(0:21) Victor - EIP Adds and updates when the Enter key is used but works fine with
(0:37) Michael - Question about Web Services on update and insert products in eshop.
(0:53) Bram - I need to make an api service. The client posts a json file (without a parameter) and two headers.I need to read the headers and change 1 header in the response that consists of multiple records in json format.In a netwebservice method you have to specify a parameter. So maybe it has to been done by a net webpage?
(1:32) Rob - I have a problem loading this JSON via JFILES2.
March 17
(0:06) Rob - I am having problems connecting to FTPS servers:
(0:23) Mike - Basics on language translations...
(0:28) David - A question on NetWebForm.  I have a dropdown field and based on the dropdown value my next field needs to be a lookup on one of several tables
(0:38) Victor - Several things
March 10
(0:02) Michael - How do I run a secure server on an internal LAN so I can use a WebCam
(0:50) Victor - A Few    Questions
(1:26) Vic - passing parameter thru URL, is it normal for nettalk not to get the value if the value starts with a "#" ? How do I store a generated QR to save on an image file on disk on the server side
(1:35) Gary - Is NetTalk likely to add support for MaxQueue as parameter/return type? Just changing an API from VIEW to QUEUE and wonder if I could/should use MaxQueue
(1:40) Sukhendu - I need help in FTP
(1:55) Chris - Webhook problem. It runs a couple of days and then gives an error on insert, but the error message given on the access:webhookdata.insert() is blank. I've changed it to a tryinsert and configured it to write the data to a text file on error, restart itself, and then consume the text file. Need suggestions for cleaning this up.
(2:00) Don - Which test app to get started with a simple Rest/Api   Question?
(2:12) Frank - Forgot how to do this, can you just quickly show me how to change themes from the address bar, remember it was something like url_theme_newtheme
(2:21) Mike - I have a problem with the in memory and dynamic file driver/s on nettalk 12 clarion 11.1
March 3
(0:02) Michael - NTSW how to upload images
(0:20) Victor - Where to initialize Radio Button Values
Feb 24
(0:20) Flint - What does this message mean when trying to renew/create a cert with Let's Encrypt?
(0:25) Edward - I would like to learn more about JavaScript and .ntForm() and .script().
(0:43) Ken - Need help with the login using a file process.
(0:57) Victor - The URL for the Fetch command was blank
(1:05) Bruce - Showed the New themer, Keyboard example
(1:11) Alejandro - How to call keyboard from within jquery script 
Feb 17
(0:02) Mike, Question re Netweb page calendar , how to make the calendar larger
(0:09) Chris, After doing successful certifications using a NetTalk Webserver's Certification button, it fails on my client's server. The workaround, Certbot, didn't have a problem doing the certification on the his server. I'd rather use NetTalk's, not Certbot's. What's causing my problem? The requested connection to could not be opened.  The Open command timed out or failed to connect I dont' think it's timing out as it returns immediately with no time off the clock.
(0:20) Bruce - Showed CombinedBrowseAndForm example with auto save - a work in progress            
(0:29) Victor - How best to show an Edit Error message on EIP browse
(0:45) John - Oauth2 connecting to YouTube
365 Feb 10 1:26
(0:03) Johan - setting date picker options
(0:09) Chris - Creating a WebHook receiver.
(0:27) Edward - Submit buttons - don't use them.
(0:40) Edward - Session Values / Values / StoreValue
(1:02) Victor - Browse Filters
(1:20) Ted - Thinking about Combined Browse and Form.
364 Feb 3 0:45 (0:01)       Donald  - Would like Bruce to check the Themer example app.  Mine becomes unresponsive when I select a theme to edit. 
(0:05)       Frank - Still having a problem with creating a dll and the freeimage extension - Clarion FreeImage Dialogs implementation - missing file.
(0:22)       Victor -  Control EIP so that the field is not editable on a condition does not seem to work.
363 Jan 27 1:00 (0:06)   Mike - how to auto click the first row of a filtered browse
(0:17)   Frank -  A multi-site conversion i am doing, app runs fine as an exe but changing it to dll, get a freeimage error - cfilmgCT.trn path not found error
(0:28)    Victor G - Added second browse on browse and the filter stops working
362 Jan 20 1:00 (0:05)  Hans      oAuth2 Question            
(0:26)  Victor - When importing an excel spreadsheet the program will not Kill the open spreadsheet without user responding to message popup. Same in ABC program.
Victor -  Edit In Place field on a lookup to add/update records back into the detail file.
Victor - Can a browse be a field on a browse?
(0:47)  Jesper - how do I debug a Next button error
361 Jan 13 1:49 (0:08)  Jane - I have a browse question.  You may have answers??
(0:23)  Edward - Could go over Secwin and NT12 multi-Tenant feature?  I like learn more about actually setting up the website using your example.
(0:55)  Victor - Reset the Browse if the status changes on the Form
  Victor -  If doing a Look up and it only has one item to choose from –  select it and return without displaying the screen.
  Victor - Equivalent to the CASE with YES or NO
  Victor - Calling a print program from a Routine does not run the program but does work when directly called via a button
  Victor - How the Theme list is populated on the Themer program
  Victor - How to display two tied together browses in the memory form
360 Jan 6 2022 0:59 (0:05)   Victor - A Field with a Look Up only seems to do the Server Side Code if the lookup is used, when autocomplete is turned on .
(0:22)   Rob -  A Question About themer and radio controls
(0:40)  Victor -  ABC Report running through the data twice.
359 Dec 23 2:08 (0:08)       Koen -  With p_web.RequestData.DataString you can get the whole package that is sent in. Is there property get only the header? The body can be retrieved with strjson in a NetWebServerMethod  so that is fine.
  Koen -  I tried to add a property to the p_web class. That compiles fine, but when I try to use is in another procedure then the WebHandler it gives compile errors
(0:14)       Kevin - Re 12.32 1x API Failing   NT 12.13 works
(0:26)       Mike - Re Self Signed Certificates - issue getting them working
(0:45)       Victor - Trying to get the new code to run but cannot get pass my LogIn any more, so cannot see what the browses look like.
(0:50)       Mark - what is the difference in how icons are handled between NT11 and NT12?
(0:58)    Victor -Still does not seem to run the code in the WebHandler for the user authentication.
(1:20)     Ubaidullah - what's the best way to get started with Nettalk Apps? given that Phonegap is no longer there, is there a previous webinar or some part of the doc that will let me jumpstart building an app?
(1:40)   Jason - have you covered each user to be able to have their own theme at processlink?
358 Dec 16 0:55 (0:08)       Koen  - I am struggling with a certificate for my webservers.   Next week there will be a reverse proxy installed on the server. I know you said multi-host, by m contractor decided reverse proxy. If that is done I am not sure if Let’s Encrypt will still work on my webservers so I would like to have our own certificate as a second option.

The manual says to have .crt and .key file in the Certificates folder so I did. I extracted them with Opensll from a .pfx file. Unfortunate this isn’t working.
(0:22)       Victor -  Align Right for numeric in browse.
(0:27)       Alejeandro  - using clientCertificate with NetWebClient
(0:31)       John -  Bread crumbs
(0:40)       Victor - Regarding earlier question:   On the Form, on the String tab, there is a "When accepted, Set Focus on..."   What is the purpose of that field?
(0:45)      Mark -  Are you aware of a refresh problem with a form that has a embed browse?  I tried a memory form with a autocomplete and lookup to an invoice header and included the invoice lines but they didn't refresh as needed
(0:50)       Ubaidullah - do you have time to check Aristo theme? I got a public site up and running with the Aristo theme and a sample app.
357 Dec 9 1:18 (0:02)        Mike -  NTWS Server and Webhandler
(0:15)        Robert - SFTP and FTPS         and Question re IPV6
(0:31)        Victor G              
(0:47)        Robert - I have a question on CSS
(1:05)        Jesper - Question re uploading images from iphone
355 Nov 25
(0:05)       Jane  - calendar questions,
(0:20)       Koen -  Question re API
(0:31)       Mark - Question re auto lookup
(0:35)       Grant - I am having an email comms issue with NetTalk12 after upgrading from version 11.
(0:40)       Casey -  Does NT WebClient or WinEvent have an easy way to call a web page using the default browser of the server? Looking to avoid shellexecute.
(0:41)       Alejandro - Question
(1:00)       Dinko  -   I am getting a Javascript error on multihost BrowseServers because strict MIME checking is enabled. So, how do I disable it and why?
(1:08)       Glen - Hi Bruce, can I use a button type to lookup a procedure?                             This is what I want to be in my app.. wherein I will not use field lookup, instead I want to use field type "button" . But I don't how to apply it using button
(1:33)       Mark - I have a load balancer and it is receiving https on the public side and passing http to my NT web server. Can you remind me of the switch to cause NT web server to  generate https links and such?
354 Nov 18
(0:03)       Koen -   Having a problem with URLs.
(0:08)       Victor - Last week you mentioned adding PROP:Disconect  Where would that be placed
(0:18)       Robert -  Is there a simple way to add jQuery-styled buttons to an HTML page?
(0:25)       Dinko -  I recompiled MultiSite app and all the apps in NT12.26 and the apps are marked as inactive
(0:26)      Donald - Bruce, you were going to explain using Secwin Restriction ID's in a NetTalk Webserver Menu.
(0:55)       Fouche -  Json Query-Results from a Post.  How to remove Special Printing Characters that are received.
(1:06)       Robert -  Can you set different session timeouts based on the user or page accessed?
353 Nov 11 1:35
(0:04)      Koen -   We are storing pictures in a temporally sub directory of the web directory, both the normal photo and its thumbnail.
(0:15)       Kevin -   I have taken over a client who has a Nettalk webserver.
                              About twice a week they have to restart it because it won't allow anyone log in.  This is a screen shot from this morning before they restarted and was wondering if anything looks "off" to you.
(0:40)       Victor - How to NOT do fuzzy search.
 IE if "happy" is entered as the search only show records that start with "happy" and not all records that have "happy" as part of the field on that column.

 Victor - Able to enter either part of the product number or the description and then automatically have the program decide which column to do the filter on.
(0:50)   Koen - Is it possible to change the name of a web service without changing the name of the NetWebService procedure itself? That procedure name appears to be unluckily chosen at the moment for the used URL and how its name appears in the documentation.
(0:55)       Dinko  - Any news regarding sending an email from NT server through my gmail account? Authentication?
(1:00)  Jason     i used web2 example and choose menu position as right but nothing change.   If i select other, i get compiler error other not found. is the problem only in nt11.53? i have tried this because i want to provide option for customers to have different appearance and style for menu.
(1:13)  Frank  - additional menu question
(1:18)  Koen -    Do you already find the time to look for missing or empty group in the parameters?
(1:20)   John - Tip of the Day .
            John - How to add a back button to web page
352 Nov 4
(0:04) Marc -I have a question about repeated calls to an API and what might cause a call to fail?
(0:11) John - how to find certain strings within SQL Scripts
(0:16) Marc - What might cause an intermittent memory table open error when starting a NT web server?
(0:20) Ted - editing custom.css
(0:30) Fouche - Renaming photos as they arrive in the uploads folder and css for div grid
(1:10) Rich - With the Data Sync stuff, is there a way to have the dictionary on the second site use different table names?  I'm wanting to do just one-way syncs.   First server is a LAN server with the TPS files.  Secondary site uses SQL Server, but table names are prefixed with "dbsf".   The clarion dictionary that is used on the SQL Server site has definitions for the original .TPS files and corresponding tables for SQL, but with the "dbsf" prefix.
(1:23)       Greg F   Netalk 12 and Here maps.  Works perfectly on my development machine, but no maps in production machines.  What should I look for? (No microphone again today).
(1:26)       Robert M             I am working to standardize account requests by asking for an email address, then looking up the user information from Active Directory.  I am doing this asynchronously when the user tabs off the email field, then refreshing the populated fields. If I detect the account does not exist in A/D, is there a way to create an alert or will that have to wait until the "save" button is pressed?
351 Oct 28 2021
(0:01) Koen  Have a question regarding that ASSERT error that appears randomly in my NetTalk webserver application.
(0:12) Glen - Re Dashboard , being called
(0:20) Andy -  Re NT API Server
(0:40) Koen -  Re number is the group structure,
350 Oct 21 2021
(0:02) Alejandro - I Have a Question. re media control
(0:21) Robert -  I have an app that processes audit messages from other apps via XML.  Over time (about 2,500 messages) it starts slowing down.  What could be causing it?
(0:38) Kevin - Question about certificate expiration/renewal
(0:46) Mike - I have a question upgrading NT11 to NT12
349 Oct 14 2021
(0:05) Ted - Where can I find the NT error codes –
(0:08) Mark - Current status of Secwin7 Licence
(0:10) Kannan - how to define a global variable for a multi dll program
(0:40) Ted -Is there a way of conditionally having a API method private         
348 Oct 7 2021
(0:05) Casey - Question about opening and closing TaskPanel tabs and applying css to tab headers
(0:44) Mike - I have a Question
(0:57) Jane - I need to add a second "INSERT" button to a basic browse. What's the easiest way to do that?  Button should call either a different form or else open a second tab on a form or elicit different behavior from the form.
(1:11) Alejandro - how can I change the css in your own popup message?
347 Sept 30 2021

(0:02)  Marius - Question Re NTWS Servicemethod, joining tables in a view and setting the view filter and order
(0:45) Rick - It's possible my unresponsive service we talked about last week, is having a problem renewing a local self-signed certificate. Does any of the acme changes in the last year impact local certificates?
(0:55) Rich - re that is referenced by the sample code in ClarionLive #570 TSPlus webinar?
346 Sept 23 2021 0:45 (0:03)  Kevin - download issue with Chrome Explorer
(0:08)  Rick - I have a question re: a NTWS that becomes unresponsive. Of course, it is not a standard NTWS situation.
(0:25)  Frank - I Have a net maps problem question
(0:35)  Kurt -  Does the Wizard work for Nettalk 12?  And is it possible to push an alert to a mobile device app?
345 Sept 16 2021 0:59
344 Sept 9 2021 2:39 (0:02)  Danielle - PI Questions
(0:32)  Jane - Question, NTWS Browse ,when selecting a column to change Search order browse fails to display data
(1:10)  Alejandro - Questions , and debugging
(1:55)  Vincent - I am having a problem with Primary Key Field if set to ReadyOnly Condition. If you have time to take a look at my screen.
(1:58)  Frank -  have a question about saving a record
(2:10)  Jason  - Oauth question  re Google Calendar
(2:15)  Ted -  CSS Question , memory form with three relational browses          
343 Sept 2 2021 1:21 (0:03) Sukhendu - A brief introduction on "how to" custom.css.
(0:43) Glenn - I have a question about the insert in webform.. when pressing esc key or x button it still inserting a record
(1:19) Ted - Question CSS memory form , with three browse procedures
342 Aug 26 2021 1:20 (0:05)  Mike - I have a question about multiple tabs on a browser
(0:08)  Ken - I am trying to add second factor to a web server app and it is not sending the email to the user with the code.  The app is sending an email when user clicks on forgot password and the new password is emailed.
(0:16)  Dinko - Is there an example on how to work with Tree script?
(0:33)  Rich - I have an example of ANSI chars in Clarion .TPS and NetTalk Server API where the ANSI chars don't show in the browser interface to the API unless the 'charset' is changed. We can show if other people would find useful.
(0:52)  Mike - I have another one about queues in queues
341 Aug 19 2021 0:31 (0:07)  Mike -  NT Form wants to reselect the invalid field
(0:20)  Mark - Can I use Stringtheory in a C63 application
340 Aug 12 2021 1:34 (0:05) Mike - Question about Australian data being collected in US & privacy laws
(0:15) Jorge - Question Re NetTalk server port and Glo:Owner for SQL tables
(0:32) Mike - I have a problem based on 2 weeks ago
(0:46) Robert - I have an app that receives information from another web site and they takes tests.  I have an netwebform which has a button that opens a popup that has the test..  Curiously with one certain call to the form which contains an encrypted variable in the URL, it would break the p0pup link to the point that when I tried clicking on the button to open the the popup it would be blank thus broken. The link looks like this:
 what I'm doing is maybe actually breaking the nettalk webhandler or something.
(1:08)  Hyrum- I Have a Question
339 Aug 5 2021 1:56 (0:01)  Michael - Question about a Web Client Service
(0:40)  Victor -  Preloading GUID on add in ABC like NetTalk or temp creating record.
(0:50) William - I have a question about a SimpleServer procedure that on occasion will hang.
(1:07) Wengel - I have a NetTalk webserver crash when trying to fetch a record that doesn't exist.
(1:33) Ashley - if the Polling exe returns -57 I want to restart the web app. How can this be done.
(1:34)  Dinko -  Disconnected apps:  TimeStamp, ServerTimeStamp and DeletedTimeStamp must have external names as ts, sts and dts Oracle does not allow same name in the same schema, so we prefixed all the fields with pre_ with the use Of Multi-Proj. Can we assign different ext.names for ts, sts adn dts an how do wi do it automagically with Multi-proj?
338 29 July 2021 1:47 (0:02) Barry - Follow on from last week, multiple check boxes in a  browse row
(0:16) Mike - I have a question re refreshing a variable on a form,
(0:40) Mark - Is it possible to click a button to launch a page into a new session? (You suggested an incognito session but I haven't discovered how to do that.) Filling the page header on a page should use a source procedure to return the html as a string?
(0:45) Flint - I recall you mentioning something about using Let's Encrypt to issue intranet (LAN only) certificates.  But now I can't find that reference.
(1:40) Paul -Nettalk server no. 26 dependencies.
337 22 July 2021 0:55 (0:04) Robert - I would like to store .xlsm files in the web folder so I can send a link for downloading; however, regardless of the browser, the Excel sheet displays on the browser and does not give the option to download or open in Excel. How do I set the default to do this?
(0:10) Barry - Using checkboxes in a browse to simulate radio buttons. Request for new embed point.
(0:25) Niels - What is the best approach to allow users to modify/add css themselves. Background: I have a booking system where several customers want their marketing department to change css themselves.
336 15 July 2021 1:04 (0:03) Mike - nettalk 12 with secwin 7
(0:18) Wengel - I have a question about sending and receiving images, docs, pdf and videos via an api server
(0:31) Dan - I compiled a program maybe 10 years ago and have been using it all these year, NT9 I go to recompile with some minor changes and I am getting some frustrating compile errors for Sendto and nt.
(0:44) John - Server Sync                      
(0:58) Marc - NetWebForm,  "too many segdef" error happen when the number of fields get large?
335 8 July 2021 0:49 (0:07) Mike - Lets Encrypt question
(0:20) Wolfgang - I have an SQL-Server. And an Nettalk-SOAP-Server which is meant to communicate with Nettalk-Clients outside and that SQL-Server inside. Ideally the SQL-Server-box would be blocked by a hardware FW appliance to the outside, only the NT-SOAP-Server inside the LAN.
(0:33) Don - Can I use Net Ftp to connect to a SSH/SFTP Connection: ?
(0:38) Niels - How do I change the field type of the fields in my API documentation? I only see strings and integers. How do I get a decimal or?
(0:40) Robert - Is it possible to change the session timeout by user access level?
334 1 July 2021 1:30 (0:02) Rohan - Question connecting to xero and consuming xero API's
(0:35) Ted - Discussion re Aust Gov Draft  API standard
(0:46) Marc - I can follow-up on the servicename/methodname question from yesterday
(0:50) Mike - Question re memory form with check controls
(0:55) Johan - Question  memory form to look up address from another web site           
333 24 June 2021 1:05 (0:01) Build 12.20 Uploaded. Bruce spoke about the fixes and changes
(0:23) Mark - Will you have equates for the widget case-sensitive elements?
(0:24) Neil - I really like to see how to make a web service, from a VIEW, with a parent child relationship in the JSON.
(0:48) Michael - Question about NetWebClient.
332 17 June 2021 2:11 (0:05) Jason - I have sent an email with sample app for stripe. in the app we have checkout session id. now I need to call stripe redirect js and pass that in
(0:11) Marc -  I need a little discussion on when the fileOpens happen when saving a NetWebForm
(1:00) Michael - Question about a Log File fro Web Services. Thank you!
(1:14) Kevin - Another question\Clarificaton on 2FA and a NetTalk API server.
(1:25) Casey - I have a few customers who are using a NT app in a Terminal Services or Citrix environment and can only have on end user accessing the app at a time. Not actually an NT issue, but if you have any ideas, it would be appreciated.
(1:33) Victor - Create a Project to consume the woocommerce API services. It is possible to create it from the beginning
331 10 June 2021 2:08 (0:05) Michael - Question about a staus message in web client.
(0:09) Kevin - We are using 2 factor authentication in our mobile app using NetTalk API server. Is there a way to have the same thing in the Webserver API web interface? (I can make more sense)
(0:36) Victor - Saved fields changing during start of Form
(1:22) Mark - I want to spin up a VPS and deploy a NetTalk Apps server. What are your suggestions for a minimal development platform resources / OS version, etc.?
(1:25) Jason - Integrate with Stripe Payments              
(2:00) Jane - I have an embed problem in NT 12
330 3 June 2021 0:43 (0:08) Peter - I have a basic design question. Do the NT global templates have to be installed in the 'base.dll' where the dct definitions are, or can they be installed in a different dll that will export the classes?
(0:19) Dinko - Uploading Images  Re the size of the image
(0:22) Jason - Asking about calc distance           
(0:29) Ted - Comment about your program as a service
329 27 May 2021 1:15
(0:09) Rich - CLAnet.dll is generating output to DebugView++ when I run my application.
(0:13) Alejandro - Bug reports, question, in JavaScript
(0:35) Mike - Question about changing Form Tab text based on field entry changes
(0:40) Bernd - Follow up from last week.
328 20 May 2021
(0:11) Rich F - In the previous web app tool kit I was using there was an extensive client-side javascript library that the server portion "knew" about and leveraged. What could you tell us, at a high level, about any JavaScript library that nettalk server might be using and where is the library documented?

(0:30) Luis - how to change folders and tps files to use, depending on the identified user and then from a WebBrowse. When a new user is registered, the name of the folder will be entered in the webform, how to do so that that folder is automatically created and already used, the tps will be automatically created empty.

(0:42) Bernd - I want to use the save button multiple times, after the 1st use is inactive.     
327 13 May 2021 1:05 (0:07) Kevin - Would like to review the need for a way to inject code before the soap:body but after the soap:Envelope
(0:10) Bram - Question about proxy servers?
(0:20) Johan - I have created a NetWeb Memory Form. On it I want to put 3 Browses. I put the first browse on the Memory Form. Created the Browse. Compiled and got the error: No matching prototype available
(0:24) Gustavo - I have a question about NetTalk FTP. I have an issue when I try to download/upload big files (3G). The server (Linux) begin to send "NOP" and the conecction fails by timeout.
(0:26) David - Can you demo JsonList again, maybe using the Themer example.  I know you showed it in a previous webinar but can't find it.
(0:38) Merle - Error Sending Emails and doing an FTP upload after upgrading from Nettalk 11 to Nettalk 12 - ver 12.17
(0:50) Ted -  status of Phone gap Cordova Build
(0:55) Dinko - Regarding Register, Clarion 11.1, are you saying that Clarion 11.0 and Clarion 11.1 cannot coexist in different directories?
(0:57) Paul - There is a problem with Postgres and Secwin 7 / Nettalk 12 after a login
326 6 May 2021 1:12 (0:05) Paul - A walk through a fresh Secwin 7 / Nettalk 12 setup. Users, groups, etc.
(0:28) Mark - Does a Desktop app form support the same field level security as the web app form?
(0:39) Victor - Problem loading one date but not others from a csv file.
(0:57) Steve G Net Send Question
325 29 April 2021 1:08 (0:07) Ubaidullah -  I have a problem of duplicate records in a NetWebBrowse.with SQL Backend.  turn "Allow unfilled" rows on.
()    Mike - I have a question about json
()    Mark -  Any projections on support for tables and counters for licensing on Secwin 7?
()   Mark -  For Secwin 7 .11 do I just import the templates? Has any of the UI been updated that I need to txa anything or any changes to the .dct that I need to bring in my dict?
(1:45)   William - I have a question about the NetSimple Whole Message (bug fixed for 11.18)
324 22 April 2021 0:55 0:10       John - Re maps
0:15       Frank - A how to refresh a NTWS browse
0:16       Rich     - re enabling ABC classes in a legacy app
0:22       Brad T  -  Webserver, Browse Procedure on a NetWebForm, Client-Side Tab, Send New Value to Server.  Is there a reason this code would not execute?
0:37       Merle - Feedback on Email to Office365.
               Change SSL Method    From:   Any TLS    to: TLS 1.2 to fix the problem.
               Correct Settings Per Office365 support were:   Server:   Port:  587   Secure Email Start TLS  SSL Method: TLS 1.2
323 15 April 2021 1:14 (0:01) Johan - Displaying that the server is down for maintenance between two times.
(0:13) Mike - I have a question about insight graphs in a NT app.
(0:16?) Jane - I'd like to ask about a possible tweak for the "press Ctrl+F5" pink bar.
(0:30) Rene - You once explained to me a setting to "lower" the bottom line of the screen. I.e. the line where copyright etc. is shown. I cannot find that setting anymore.
(0:40) Koen - How to put a local string variable (or string theory object) into a NetWebPage procedure? What is the difference between st.AnsiToUTF8 and st.ToUnicode?
(0:55) Kevin - did you talk about the new session timeouts for different NetWebServices?
322 8 April 2021 1:49 (0:03) Frank - Question about a browse
(0:09) Wengel - I have an issue working with StringTheory where I'm getting a gpf error due to the GetValue method
(0:20) Rene - I am working on an app where people create and use personal data In a work environment. Therfore people have to login using personal credentials. I have created a Registration page where users can register their personel-id, name, email and password. The login page does not work.
(0:33) Rich - Another GPF question like yesterday: putting NetTalk, WinEvent, jFiles, StringTheory,AnyFont,! into legacy multi-dll app results in GPF when program is run.
(0:38) Paul - I have a NetWebBrowse CSS tab question
(0:43) Arnold - Question Re Cookies.
(0:50) Mike - I have a question re showing different pictures per customer ie SA Rand vs Botswana Pula
(1:05) John - Question re Chrome Explorer
321 1 April 2021 1:05 (0:01) NT12.12  published (going from alpha to beta). OpenSSL version updated to 1.1.1k ( - This update is strongly recommended. FileUpload Example revamped and updated. New Client Side Session Manager
(0:25) Alejandro - Questions
(0:33) Vesa K - For some reason syncing a table from server to client does not get all records from the server when starting with a empty table on client. Is there some setting that affects that?
(0:48) Paul K - I've been working on a new NetTalk 12 app with Secwin 7. Do you have a demo or example app that I can use to see how things should be done?
(0:50) Brad T - Is there a way to block IP addresses in the webserver? Can you go through the process to update the web folder so we don't get the version warning message?
320 25 March 2021 1:30 (0:03) Kevin E  Please go over Logging Example(81)
(0:13) Chris H  I've coded an automated email for a client with an Excel attachment. The name of the file is similar to "File Name.xlsx" what the recipient receives is an attachment named "File Name.xlsx.xls". What am I doing wrong?
(0:19) Frank A Having a Problem setting up a Webserver with self Service.
(0:39) Reijer     Secure webserver, problem discussed with Wolter Nijmeijer and Self Signed Certificates
(1:05) Paul K    NT 12/Secwin 7 question
(1:11) Johan R "Uncaught TypeError: $(...).ntbrowse is not a function". Any tips on where to start looking for this error or what it means? A static site with embedded NTWS procedure
319 18 March 2021 1:16 (0:00)  Review of new OAuth features, PKCE support and External Browser support.
(0:32)  Rick - Question - a memory form with a button on a form
(0:55)  Mike - How to set up timer to initiate process (ie start sending stored emails)
318 11 March 2021 1:07 (0:02) Mike - Needs help debugging some code.
(0:10) Kevin - Using a StringTheory field in an API parameter
(0:18) Kevin - Update on state of new OAuth logins to Google.
(0:29) Edward - How to let the user reprint a report?  Can you assign a different name to the report being printed instead of using the file name of the report?
(0:44) Edward - Could you show me the code sequence for setting up a SQL Connection for MARS?
(0:55) Mark - Planning to get started on my NetTalk 12 Apps journey this weekend. Could you please take a moment to highlight the webinars you'd recommend I should watch to get going? Thanks!
317 25 Feb 2021 1:34 (0:00) NT12 Build 12.09  Published, some tidy up on themes
(0:05) Mike - Question about YouTube video looping display.
(0:09) Alejandro - I have question about indexDB (again if there are time)
(0:19) Dinko - I am trying to run multi-host as a service and have no luck
(0:35) Frank - have a general pdf question to ask, see Klarisoft
(0:36) Mark - Do you see a NetTalk 12 Server demo coming out sometime in the future?
(0:54) Mike - I have a question re api calls
(1:15) Rene - When I want to make adjustments to the CSS and I want to experiment I use F12 in my browser and then I can see the HTML in the page. In the DIVs, the Class attribute shows the names of the CSS classes in play. Strange thing is that in the CSS part of the underwater screen, as we call it, I don't see all the CSS classes that are mentioned in the class attribute
316 18 Feb 2021 0:56 (0:08) Don - Reference NetMaps, could I pass a reference to a NetMaps control/Class to my own class, execute NetMaps method(s), and have the result returned to the Map control?  Don't know if I'm asking the question correctly.
(0:24) Mike - Question about refreshing a Redactor text field
315 11 Feb 2021 2:16 (0:02) Bruce Introduction to Jsonlist Form Field Type
(0:24) David - A walkthrough of registering an app for OAuth Xero
(1:20) Kevin E - Getting certificate errors in the browser (missing CRT file for the domain)
(1:36) Wengel - Getting started with Authentication to Web Service Methods
314 4 Feb 2021 1:13 (0:07) Kevin - Build 12.07 fixed formatting issues. Using extended Attributes also fixed other formatting issues.
Switched to Kevin's Screen where Kevin show a possible template issue
(0:18) David - The Wizarded NT LogonForm includes p_web.SetSessionLoggedIn(0) & Extension ThisWebServer, Settings, Security, Change SessionID on Log in / Out
David - what embed would I use to compare changes on a form before the record is updated
David - Div Flex box for browse for a particular field I set the CSS Column Width (rel) to 0.30.  This adjusts the header for the column to the right but not the column content.
(0:27) Frank - managing session timeouts
(0:38) Victor - how to call, and display, reports in a webapp.
313 28 Jan 2021 1:40 (0:02) NT12 Build 06
(0:19) Mike NT11 to NT12, running a batch process on another thread it now GPF's
(0:24) Kevin - have question about API webservice and how the flow of data happens during insert\change\delete etc.
(0:36) Victor - What is best way to do a report? Tried CPCS version but it does not like the p_web. commands.
(0:46) David - Forms - update some form fields based on drop selection & priming local vars on form open and then saving them back to the record on save.
(1:00) Edward - Which versions of the popular browsers support grid?
(1:07) William - I am new to NetTalk and I am having a problem reading data from a client.  It says it read so many bytes but the BinData is blank
(1:25) Ted - Tip of the week  do NOT use underscores in parameter names for API's
(1:31) Victor, CPCS reports  in NTWS
312 21 Jan 2021 1:44 (0:08) Kevin - having issue with button sets keeping buttons together. Using CSS to control various things.
(0:42) Neil -How to use a value from the current record (on a browse) on a popup form at insert.
       Neil - How to set a css class to change a popup form (dialog) header
14 Jan 2021
(0:03)  Mark - Validating a numeric fields in a NTWS, Bruce requested an example via email.
(0:04)  Victor    Lookup issue, from last week, sounds like and auto complete is now firing an event, but the event is missing when pasting into the field. Bruce requested an example via email.
(0:12)  Bruce showed the new icons in NT12.04  in the New Themer
(0:36)  John -  Sending and not returning json , as well as suppressing error messages,
(0:45)  Bruce shows how to set a Header variable ( ie a counter) that can be updated whenever some other value changes.
(0:50)   Victor    Changed to development mode and cannot login.
310 7 Jan 2021 1:55 (0:01) NT12 Themer and icons - New document , Relating to how the NT themer system works. Showed how to set the default button/s to use the new theme icon/s
(0:41) Mike - The Status of 11.49 and checkboxes?
(0:44) Edward Similar to the "Pay" button, how do you prevent the user from clicking on a button once it is clicked?
(0:55) Mike - MACS (Multiple Active Clarion Systems)
(1:12) Rich - In a NT 11 web service api I have set WebHandler's "LoginRqd" tab to have all the procedures highlighted, except "LoginForm" and "Login", but all the api pages are still accessible even though user has not logged in.  What else do I need to do to
(1:15)  Victor - Question about field not activating the source code
(1:20)  Alejandro Question , open Browse in a memory form     
(1:45)  Rich - Question about API authentication
309 17 Dec 2020 1:01 (0:02) Mike - Two NTWS servers running Multi-site sharing common File
(0:05) Victor - NTWS , Filtering on a form , using a button not working.
(0:18) Don R - Question about bread crumbs
(0:36) Alejandro - question using NetWebForm and NetWebBrowse
(0:45) Ted - Is there a limit of the number of API methods that one could have in single NTWS app
308 10 Dec 2020 0:47 (0:04)Mike -  What's a good/best approach for being able to send TXT messages instead of email from NT server?
(0:14)Victor - css does not seem to affect the web page.
(0:21)Mark - Can you show how to scan session data for a partial name match on a host value in  NT12
307 3 Dec 2020 2:33 NT11.48, NT10.43   Builds released
Update to Lets Encrypt amd the NetAcme class of the NTWS
N.B you WILL need to apply this update before your LE certificate/s expire .

(0:08)  Victor - SetSessionValue does not seem to be working. getting error message ' entry not found',
(0:10)  Mike - follow up from yesterday re a hyperlink in CS template generated pdf , also question about encoding data in emails
(0:38)  Frank - Issue with characters in a string , the same issue as Mike above. Bruce asked Frank to send a sample prog and data for further investigation
(0:48)  Timothy - Question re Browser navigation, Bruce explained how to debug and the usage of 'Allow xhtml' and what is effects  - Bruce spent considerable time walking through debugging , then suggested more investigation required tomorrow 
(1:40)  Robert - Show us I think I figured out sending the sessionid to an iframe if I can talk a little about it.
(1:56)  Mark - Discussion re NT11.48 and Lets encrypt
(2:18)  Flint - I have some input on Cert SANs and even Mike's email issues
(2:30)  Bruce explained more detail about the NTWS example serving files from a blob , and re minded everyone embedding in this method one can send almost anything. 
306 19 Nov 2020 1:15
(0:11) Mike S - Question of refreshing field from a browse on a different tab.
(0:25) Victor  -  A Few Questions,
(0:35) Ubaidullah - Bruce, could you show how to change/remove the icon on a NetWebBrowse in-row button, and have long text on the View button   
(0:56) Victor - Is there a good example of using radio controls .
(0:59) Mark W - Is there a utility template that could generate a URL list for each NetWebPage, Browse and Forms?
(1:03) Brad - Inserting a record in a popup form 
305 12 Nov 2020 1:05
(0:01) NT 12 Alpha is available
(0:23) Alejandro - suggests some changes to Apps JavaScript
(0:30) Ted - Question re parsing htm with xfiles
(0:34) Mike R - Question about NT12
(0:45) Victor - checking if you had a chance to look at the problem with the positioning in the list when going to a select prompt. It would go to the top of the list and not to the position with the value
(1:02) Chris - Profiler Question
304 5 Nov 2020 1:47
(0:02) Barry - Clearing Checkboxes , and a global Queue. . Bruce recommended revamp and normalize the dictionary.
(0:44) Andrej -  I need to call an Update form manually (password update) after Login (or from anywhere. Bruce showed how to use redirect
(0:51) Amer - Web apps question, sync and disconnected side. Bruce requested a sample app.
(1:40) Frank - A question about get related data on a browse row ,fr a snow ploughing app.  Bruce requested a sample app
303 29 Oct 2020 1:56
(0:03)  Mike R - I have a question about picture formats on browse totals
(0:44)  Alejandro - Bruce Shared Alejandro screen , Re jquery function/s
(1:16)  Victor - The web app I have has utf-8 for both values. Is that a problem? Can it be changed after the app is live?
(1:17)  Dinko - A follow up question to your two unicode webinars and Mike's question
(1:25)  Marius - Using the Web client to add parameters to the base URL, you said I am doing it wrong?
(1:44)  Flint - Have you created any examples of implementing oAuth2 in APIs as a provider?
302 22 Oct 2020 1:21
(0:03)  Mike - Question about server performance tab - what can cause a long (ie 25 sec) response time?
(0:07)  Ted - Question - Re Status of NT12 - Any chance that Web Sockets will be working in Multi-Host in NT 12?
(0:09)  Ashley - On the security tab the check box "User must be logged in", if checked how does this actually work or effect the site? Ashley getting different session ID's, Same user and same browser.
(0:31)  Mark - For CSS, is there any effect based on where a class is defined in the CSS file or is it only dependent on the order in the classs="classA Class
(0:35)  Mike - I have a question about select and netwebbrowse - Bruce showed how
(0:58)  Peter - question about how to approach taking on-line customer data.  one would hesitate to allow remote 'amateur' users to affect existing customer data, yet duplicating data to show to the outside world, then reimport has its own challenges. How does one approach this?
(1:16)  Amer - NTWS PWA , Browse with 30,000 + rows, and a client side filter
(1:19)  Cosimo - When will secwin 7 will be available for nettalk?
301 15 Oct 2020 1:35
(0:05) Niels is getting a strange error
(0:12) Edward - how to layout a form so fields are next to each other.
(0:29) Jane - why the order of chrome.css
(0:32) Jane - Graceful close, SelfService shutdown
(0:37) Victor - When a form stops working...
(0:43) Victor - changing from table mode to div mode.
(0:46) How to reset all the global styles to defaults
(0:50) More Form layout tips - nowrap, overflow and so on
(0:53) Don - How to serve generated files.
(0:57) Mike - jFiles question
(1:05) Ubaidullah - can you rename the GUID field in a table? How to then make relations between tables? A Look at doing lookups with tables with GUIDs.
(1:25) Frank - How to change a browse/form from table mode to div mode.
(1:27) Don - Shows a web app - turns into a request to make a Friday webinar on dynamic reports.
300 8 Oct 2020 Link
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1:21 [Thanks to Ted for the show notes]

(0:01) Bruce gave an overview of Build 11.45
(0:06)  Don V - web page, (he likes the layout). Bruce showed how the web pages are basically browse's
(0:21)  Michael D  - Json Load, Bruce loaded json into jsonToClarion and explained easier way of loading the json data into a queue
(0:40)   Ted  - NT9 Webservice examples no longer working. There is and issue when using updated jfiles and or update xfiles can break older examples due to additional properties.
(0:52)  Victor  - Check Control, What data type to use . Discussion re div and table layout with css class tags
299 1 Oct 2020 Link
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1:43 [Thanks to Ted for the show notes]

(0:05) Edward - Instead of just remembering the user ID and Password for logging into a web site, how to auto log back in without showing. Bruce showed how to validate the incoming cookie
(0:24) Victor - Help with removing Responsive CSS, Bruce suggested take a look at NetTalk-Grid.css and don't forget to run Gzipall.bat.
(0:31) Michael - Question for creating a Log File from Received String, Using NT Web Client. Bruce showed how to add records to a log file in the PageReceived method.
(0:40) Ubaidulah - Sample App emailed to Bruce. Trying to change the text of a jquery slider. Bruce spent time tweaking jquery script/s.
(1:30) Alejandro - Refreshing the server cache
(1:36) Mark - Re my previous nav button issue that you could not reproduce? Bruce Suggested send him a sample app.
(1:38) Victor - Changing the tab heading of a form
298 24 Sept 2020 Link
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1:12 [Thanks to Ted for the show notes]

(0:05) Victor - New NTWS, could not get the Lets Encrypt certificate to work. Bruce to investigate offline. [turned out to be a DNS CAA record (
(0:18) Ashley - A Button or link in a browse kicks client out and requests user to login.
(0:35) Michael D I have a problem with multiple posts in NetTalk and machine state that I made.  Michael Sent App to Bruce and Bruce shows the problem.
297 17 Sept 2020 Link
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0:45 [Thanks to Ted for the show notes]

(0:01) Ted - NTWS API Server receiving a Image/pdf and save it away. Create a local variable of type stringtheory, add a parameter of type 'File' Embed in the 'Service method' routine, to save away the image. NB. The Client must base64Encode the binary data to transmit as either soap(xml) or json. The NTWS will auto decode the binary data, so you do not need to do it manually. Conversely if you are serving/responding an image/pfd file, it is highly recommended that you also base64encode the binary data for consistency
(0:18) Victor - Cannot access web page from external but can from local web page. Bruce suggested take a look at the windows Server firewall.
(0:28) Alejandro Questions..Jquery with nt-notification
(0:36) Victor More Questions, Getting Script version message on web pages. Had the incorrect version of the web folder contents.
296 10 Sept 2020 Link
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1:30 [Thanks to Ted for the show notes]

(0:00) Clarion 11.13622. and Capesoft Products. For more Information refer
(0:14) Danielle NT Client doing a post, getting a error response, Using postman getting a valid response
(0:31) Ashley Why would a NT Server freeze and have to be closed by Task Manager ? Bruce made several suggestions of what to look for to help track down the issue.
(1:00) Mark O Can you do a little show and tell on the Nettalk Twilio SMS app working?
(1:03) Mike H Lets Encrypt and Intermediate certificates, Bruce went over how to add intermediate certs. Refer NT Docs , Deploying Certificate
(1:12) John H - A Browse, within a browse with extended properties. and applying filter/s to the child browses
(1:25) Don R - Using Web Client enabled window to return responses in a NetTalk web application.
295 3 Sept 2020 Link
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1:44 [Thanks to Ted for the show notes]

(0:00) NT 11.43 Published, Bruce gave a quick overview of changes/fixes
(0:05) Mike S How to have a popup "Are you still there?" when the session timeout occurs? Bruce suggested and produced a sample jquery script to set a sessionvalue , and hence keep the session alive only for 'this' form
(0:27) John H Making a Web site similar to Clarionlive, Bruce went over the template settings and spent some time explaining the css that is used
(1:03) William Question about email read receipts, Bruce discussed some of the options. But this tends to make you email look like spam.
(1:18) Danielle Has a question about Form Encoded Posts. Bruce showed examples using the NetTalk demo Webclient
294 27 Aug 2020 Link
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1:59 [Thanks to Ted for the show notes]

(0:01) Bruce gave a quick overview of NT Build 11.42
(0:04) Don V Re doing a post, Bruce suggested use tre NetTalk Demo program. take a look at the web client.
(0:12) Mark R Re Email sent , using NetwebClient & server to send TPS file , getting zero bytes. Bruce tested MR's Sample App.
(0:28) Victor Re Screen detecting client size , NT server sets sessionvalues screen width and height. Bruce suggested by all means detect screen size , but also allow the user to change, via a menu option.
(0:38) Paul using 11.42 Syncing seems to no longer be working, Turns out Paul is using a test certificate.
(0:55) Don V Testing API , using NT Demo program. Asked re difference between get, post, (http verbs)
(1:11) Mark D using the Datepicker, is there a way of making it easier to use , Bruce showed and explained how to set additional datepicker options
(1:20) Mark W Can you explain the difference between p_web.script vs p_web.jquery (as illustrated in my email). Also Trying to extend Web method.
(1:40) Don R Have a question regarding performing requests with WebClient versus JavaScript and Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS).
(1:48) Victor Where would I look for documentation on saving user preferences in a cookie. (back to the screen style selection from earlier) Bruce Suggested don't, store the data in a server side table
(1:51) Ted S Clearing memory form Values on subsequent form opening. Prime the fields and turn prime for change on .
(1:52) John H Set GLO:owner in web handler processlink method
293 20 Aug 2020 Link
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  [Thanks to Ted for the show notes]

(0:01) Mike S When adding a display field it seems to force the width of the other fields wider. Bruce suggested set the width of the prompt for table based forms also set span prompt/value/comment
(0:08) Victor. Can a variable be used , the logged in in user name, at the top of a page. Bruce show using a session value and a tag
(0:10)Mike R Re FiletoSessionq and sessionQtofile, Also Question re Validate record, Also discussion recreating a class to handle sending email.
(0:35) Rich. Re column width, using div mode. Discussion re CSS , and possible template in the future.
(0:57) Dinko How to sort on two browse columns, refer to the template setting , custom sort order.
(1:01) Mike H re web certificates, where they are stored.
(1:06) Mike R Re Validation ,using a single validation procedure. Bruce suggested passing p_web to the Validation procedure
292 13 Aug 2020 Link
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0:40 [Thanks to Ted for the show notes]

0:01 Mark R . wants to retrieve the calling domain in a server to server API call, have a look in self.getreferrer()
0:10 Paul Sent an example program. Popups need to be turned on for disconnected apps. Paul pointed out issue with Header not lining up
0:26 Victor Also pointed out the same header issue . Also paul has issue with invalid structure, Bruce assisted by removing and old table from DCT
291 6 Aug 2020 Link
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1:06 [Thanks to Ted for the show notes]

(0.02) Mike R API Question, when using deep assignment to a group and queue structures, the group works fine,
but the queue is not working with dates
(0.13) Ahley Parent child question. wants to save the parent record when a child record is added. Bruce look at the Ashley's screen and made several questions Bruce also suggested setting a timer on the child browse to approx 5 min , and set it to refresh. that will have the effect of keeping the sesion alive
(0.38) Victor Question re setting a filter on a list. also is there a way set the default action for double click on a browse
(0.42) Rich F Chat re priming and saving parent and child records .
(0.52) Mike R Revisiting question from above, Bruce requested Mike to send an example, with a group and a queue structures.
290 30 July 2020 Link
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2:00 [Thanks to Ted for the show notes]
Bruce has Technical Issues today, and show started late. The first 30 minutes or so were in fact recorded, so you see a little bit behind the scenes.

0:10 John H Started Webinar John showed Updater.
0:18 Bruce Intro
0:21 Mike R Re API's connections and who is logged in. API Clients can use cookies to send sessionID. They could also use the session ID in the Data
0:32 Johan Re Using Chrome, and none of the validation worked, Bruce suggested debug it in Chrome
0:38 Ashley Re Maps Queue Issue.  - Bug report. Bruce to Investigate.
0:51 Edward Re Adding own html tags. it appears the f: (file tags) are getting re parsed,
meaning one can add s: tags inside the tag file.
1:00 Peter H , Re p_web script to popup a memory form. Bruce suggested using template settings.
1:07 Mike H Re LetsEncrypt, when to restart NT Server, and a list of other questions relating to running a remote monitor
2.05 Mike R Re API, login using basic authentication
289 23 July 2020 Link
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1:37 [Thanks to John for the show notes]

00:01 - Review of changes to 11.41 released 21 July 2020
00:06 - Casey Rippon - I would like to add multiple items to a browse list using the bar code scanner without having to click an Insert button each time
00:13 - Barry Pratt - Display issue in update form using tagging, app sent
00:40 - Paul Mainstone - Question on moving from web app to disconnected web app
01:13 - Rich Fulham - On an Update from that has “General” tab for a parent record and a “Child” tab with a child Procedure, how can I show a value from the parent table on the child tab?
01:24 - Mike Springer - Insight graphing in NetTalk question
01:27 - Roberto Renz - I have a question about returning to main app from a media control.
288 16 July 2020 Link
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0:48 0:02 Build 11.40 is up
0:07 Danielle Posting to API using JSON. Are multiple Post's allowed? NetShowSend, NetShowReceive.
0:11 Victor how to organize forms for multiple screen sizes.
0:22 Mike - Not allowed to specify images on START buttons.
0:30 Rich - Using jQuery Icons, Making custom icons
0:41 Danielle - how to see contents of ThisPage. Interpreting NetShowReceive.
287 9 July 2020 Link
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1:12 [Thanks to Ted for the show notes]

0:00 NT11.38 Shipped this week
0:16 Danielle Using Netweb client to send/receive data to third party API, Having trouble loading a results in to group.
0:28 Paul M Sent a sample App via email, Bruce open the app and made some suggestions.
0:46 Mike R Question re having Validation all in one place, Bruce suggested use source procedures. Mike asked about splitting his ap in dll's Bruce suggested refer to the NT docs Re Multi-Dll.
1:01 Mike M Provided a sample app, where browse heading are all left justified.
Bruce to investigate more thoroughly tomorrow. [fixed in 11.40]
286 2 July 2020 Link
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0:37 [Thanks to Ted for the show notes]

0:05 Mike S Best place to set initial session values at the start of a form
Bruce suggested embed into initform.
0:11 Bernd Response from email question. Bruce suggested put the code under a button, rather than in the Net.init method. Also some other code that is not actually required.
0:19 Dinko Question re gauges not working in pwa's. Bruce suggested send an email for possible inclusion in NT12.
285 25 June 2020 Link
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1:12 [Thanks to Ted for the show notes]

0:05 Mark D would like to be able to validate client side certificates from the server side.
0:11 Mark W Re load balancer from CIDC 2019, is going to be in NT12 and it seems to be working at this stage
0:15 Paul Getting Assert errors , requiring unique key. Re Header Logo, how to change the logo image. Bruce explained why dictionary relationships changed after having run the NTWS wizard are not appearing to the app.
0:48 Rich NTWS form. wants to return values from a grandparent table.
Bruce suggested embed code 'afterlookup', to read the 'other' files, and set the required values into the session queue.
284 18 June 2020 Link
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1:05 [Thanks to Ted for the show notes]

0:03 Jane Question re NotifyDeleteSession, Bruce showed how to trap changed session_id in the web server _ChangeSessionID method
0:20 Barry Hotdates, how to use thiscalendar.clickdate(), Trying to prime a browse filter. Bruce showed and explained how priming a form works . Bruce explained the three different template loop types options and looked at the relative embed points .
0:50 Rick Re Oauth refresh to work. Bruce suggested send an example.
0:53 Peter Question re selling individual CIDC2020 sessions.
283 11 June 2020 Link
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1:05 [Thanks to Ted for the show notes]

(0:04) Barry Wants to insert multiple items into drop list from a form, Bruce show Barry's example, and suggested he use tagging
(0:13) Mark Riffey How to put something into the client side (users) clipboard. Bruce demonstrated creating a jquery script . Bruce to follow up , and lookup into Async API , looks like it's only going to work on https.
(0:19) Mike R Old Question, set the NTWS to act like https, even when certificates are not active, in the Web Handler Init method set the ExternalHttps property eg s_web._SiteQueue.Defaults.ExternalHttps = true
(0:27) Jane Refreshing question, how to have a browse reselect the same row when returning from a form under MSSQL.
(0:33) Continuing with Mark Riffey's question about clipboard.
282 4 June 2020 Link
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1:12 [Thanks to Ted for the show notes]

(0:01) NetTalk Email issue. Folks are getting errors with Webclient, the REALLY old CAroot.pem file is WAY out of date. refer NT documents. folks should update Nettalk
(0:18) Frank File Upload having an issue renaming and file prior to saving.
(0:27) Grant move email attachments to a database. Bruce suggested take a look at the NetTalk demo receiving email, Bruce went over the demo receiving email, and what methods to look at and embed code to achieve your goal. With particular attention to the decide and done methods
(0:49) Mike R FM3 works fine with blobs and myfile.
how to init p_web and mytable. Bruce suggested wait until NT12. there is stuff coming that is going to help with this.
(1:00) Alejandro Nettalk is the camera working, the media will only work over a secure conection .
(1:02) Danielle Re NT Example 40 re downloading a file. Usual security warning about downloading from outside the web folder.
(1:15) Mark W Has a narrow Browse (Mobile devices) with buttons on the rows.
281 28 May 2020 Link
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1:15 [Thanks to Ted for the show notes]

(0:04) Mike R Re ChromeExplorer, and pop-ups, there appears to be an issue with a file upload field on a form, and only applies to https hosts .
(0:14) Bruce demonstates a technique to speed up loading a page with a lot of images and reduce network traffic. by combining several images into one image with sprites and using css.
(0:51) Ashley Re Slow http denial of service.
(1:00) Victor Re conditionally hiding a button on a row of a browse, Bruce showed hot to use choose() with css
(1:04) Frank Re Emailing a report without displaying the pdf report.
280 21 May 2020 Link
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1:16 [Thanks to Ted for the show notes]

(0:00) Build NT11.36, Released .. Bruce gave a quick over view of the changes and enhancements
(0:10) Mike S Does trace statements impact on performance . answer No , but one should always remove trace statements priro to deliverying you app/s.
(0:12) Mike R Asked to go over Wizarded webservice with specific attention to max records, skip records,and json ID
(0:36) Mike S Web Service do not work with Multi host.. correct have to wait for NT 12
(0:37) Casey Re Content Security policy, refer and set policies into the web server
(0:42) Graham Re NTWS stops accepting conections. Refer Increasing the max number of ports and descreased timeout from 240 seconds to ???? Refer
(0:54) Mark O NetOAuth for ChromeExplorer. Bruce showed Demo ..
(1:02) Carl How to remember the last tab selected when going onto a form , Bruce showed
(1:06) Mark W Using ShellExplorer .. Bruce suggested updating to use Chrome Explorer
(1:12) Barry Css Question, Re Aligning radio controls . Bruce suggested we take a look at it next week.
279 14 May 2020 Link
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1:33 [Thanks to Ted for the show notes]

(0:05) Mike R How to setup and call a p_web object from a button. Bruce showed how to create a source proc
(0:19) Casey Question re forcing the browser to download a file, rather than open the file. Send Bruce an email.
(0:27) Dinko Re Multi site and lets encrypt, do we need to delete the old certificates and go through the testing steps. Bruce suggested No. But suggested you make sure the DNS resolves to the correct IP address for each site.
Can metatags be served from a memory table? There is a method in the webhandler to server metatags.
(0:42) Mark Has a .Net Texting app that will not run in Windows7. Bruce suggested just use Clarion and Net webclient as you Twillo sms sender
(0:51) Peter P Newbie question, Re using the Dictionary relationships for the NT wizard
(1:00) Mike H Mitton's web site has Iframe that is not displaying on some browsers on some machines, Bruce suggested add blockers are probably blocking the Iframe. Bruce suggested send email re x-frame options.
(1:30) Victor Do the file path and names in the dictionary work that same for a NTWS as a ABC app
278 7 May 2020 Link
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0:52 [Thanks to Ted for the show notes]

(0:05) Rene Nettalk Apps , Indexed DB (NT-idb.js) , jquery scripts to read/write database . Bruce gave a brief overview some of the idb functions. Be aware the IDB functions are asynchronous .
(0:35) Rich NetTalk jump start link is broken. Bruce showed where to get to the 'jumpstart' documentation. A general idea to how to use the functions .
(0:44) Mark W NTWS, becoming unresponsive. Bruce suggested consider using a NetwebClient to poll the sever. when the client does not get a response take steps to stop/restart the NTWS. The challenge is to find the thread that is causing the issue in the first place.
277 30 April 2020 Link
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1:24 [Thanks to Ted for the show notes]

(0:04) Mike S Browse in a form with a dropdown filter, where to put the filter code before the browse refresh, refer to validate for the dropdown
(0:09) Ashley Has a client that wants to Ashley's website inside the clients website. Bruce explained a couple of options
(0:28) Mike R When Downloading a csv file it gets saved as xlsx , Bruce suggested setting the content-disposition, or override the getcontentype method in the web handler.
(0:56) Peter R Qestion about form title background colour. Bruce showed how to use the css selector and also explained its usage.
(1:15) Dan Question re SSL/TLS, refer to Nettalk docs, Deploying a TLS client or Server
(1:17) Dinko Question re generating surveys as wizards on browses
276 23 April 2020 Link
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1:11 [Thanks to Ted for the show notes]

(0:05) Ted Suggestion of how to optionally change the API result for human readable to compressed at runtime. Bruce showed how to add the json object and expose all the json methods, and in turn embed into the .savestring method
(0:12) Mike S How to get started with dashboards NTWS, Bruce suggested refer to the dashboard example.
(0:19) Johan CSS Question, re changing the background colour of the buttons. Bruce showed and suggested to refresh default buttons from time to time and how to create a custom.css to change the background and hover colours of buttons.
(0:39) Casey - p_web.script() function , and the $ symbol in the scripts file/s
(0:48) Don - Using Iframes within a NTWS. Need to ensure you NTWS site is served on https , and also set x-frame to '*'
(1:04) Tim - Multi host using the incorrect certificate.
(1:06) Dinko - Trying to read PDF417 with NTWS. Answer is No out of the box, although it is possible to plug in a plugin to read PDF417
275 16 April 2020 Link
[Hits: 237]
1:47 [Thanks to Ted for the show notes]

(0:02) Daren How to ask a question from an Other button in a browse. Bruce suggested use a memory form .
Questions re NTWS server performance tab , sessions v connections, what controls release of threads from the thread pool. What do the caching limits in the template setting do ?
(0:50) Leroy Question re photo uploads via NetWebclient. Bruce demonstrated in depth use of the browser developer tools (F12) , looking at the network tab with particular attention to get and post .
(1:25) Marc Re having issue with NTWS going unresponsive. In depth explanation of debugging approaches. Bruce showed the Webstrain example ,and how setup and use it to strain you web server.
274 9 April 2020 Link
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0:37 [Thanks to Ted for the show notes]

(0:00) NT 11.34 shipped..
(0:05 Kurt Compile error using NT11.34, Note the module with the error, and remove the module from the solution and recompile.
(0:07) Mike s Websockets in multi-host does not work at present, it's work in progress.
(0:09) Mark W Does GetContentType() return different values between running program as service and exe. Bruce suggested try and trap the incoming packet and look for the differences
(0:24) Rich Found two lines of code in Netweb.tpw that seem to have been moved, which seems to be causing the IDE to freeze after adding a NetWebServiceMethod.
273 2 April 2020 Link
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1:22 [Thanks to Ted for the show notes]

(0:05) Marc Dynamically enable/disable the save button. Bruce showed an example of enable/disable the save button.
(0:14) Ashley From an in row browse button, is it possible to display a pdf.
(0:21) Mike Re difference between Validate and Validatevalue routine, Validate is used to verify something has changed, Validatevalue is used to validate a new value
(0:25) Dinko re cookies storing and RDGP compliance, Bruce showed how to popup a message re using cookies. Check and set a session value to show the popup once per session.
(0:39) Rich NTWS API , that seems to lock up the Clarion IDE. Bruce suggested export this app to TXA and then import the TXA into a new app of the same name. Maybe reinstall Clarion 11.
(0:48) Mike R Re export button, embed calculated fields for a browse into setqueuerecord embed.
(1:03) Frank Re Security levels. seems frank was also using <= option .
(1:11) Mark O Re maps , just use the here API key, Heremaps have changed the authentication method and this is now available in NT 11.32
(1:17) Mark R Regards sending emails, Bruce suggested review the history notes and resend the request email
272 26 March 2020 Link
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1:44 [Thanks to Ted for the show notes]

(0:00) NT version 11.31 published today .. quick run through some of the changes and enhancements
(0:09) Jorge How to change the ports , Bruce showed how to set port/s
(0:14) Johan Conditional CSS Question, set the css for the column to 'custom', and use a choose statement in the contents field .
(0:33) Mike S Question re soap client not talking to NT server, Suggested to 1: test browse the web , 2: Firewall and anti-virus 3: check DNS address resolution, 4 : May have a proxy server running
(0:41) Cassey Question re using API, to Insert data.
(0:44) Barry question , re Amazon, their AWS server just disappeared. Bruce suggested check the region option.
(0:48) Dinko Question re using anytext, in a multisite situation, Bruce suggested add anytext to both the host and dll
(0:54) Alejandro , re browse totalling , Bruce suggested upgrade to NT 11.31
(0:59) Rick. API service when the NTWS is running as a service the threads climb until the program crashes. Bruce suggested log when thread is closing and also when window is closed.
(1:06) Rich API, client wants to receive data in csv, text format . Bruce suggested use json. Be aware of comma's in the data. Bruce suggested make sure header is set to Accept: zip
(1:23) Mike H Multi-site, and certificates, need to change DNS to point domain to your server first.
(1:33) Jane Question entry field, auto lookup, Bruce suggested send email
271 12 March 2020 Link
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1:27 [Thanks to Ted for the show notes]

Reminder CIDC 2020 Cape Town postponed until September

(0:06: Victor G CSS question and update mode for a form, Bruce changed the form from file to a memory form.
(0:29) Johan D wants to conditionally display and hide browse column values. Bruce showed how to conditionally use CSS nt-hidden
(0:38) Mark O working with the drives demo app, it appears mark may not have set localhost or some other setting , suggested go back and dbl check all setting
(0:46) Darin R Best way to log user activity, refer web3 example with logging
(1:01) Dinko B has a form when refreshing looses the values, bruce suggested you need to set the sessionvalues in the server side embeded code before do validate is called. Having an issue with selfserv in a multi-site dll , getting errors on compile
(1:11) Kurt B upgrading NT Email to a app getting compile errors. Refer Documentation re changes
(1:15) Mark W Loadbalancer in front of multiple NTWS, you need a sessionbased load balancer refer Flint and CIDC 2019 recordings
(1:19) Mark O Secwin online server
270 5 March 2020 Link
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0:35 [Thanks to John for the show notes]

(0:03) -Jorge - question about debugview, and which version to download. Having an issue with upgrade from NetTalk 7 to NetTalk 11, using function NetMakeHash, needs to view docs on deploying a TLS Client or Server.
(0:08) - Mike McLoughlin - question about the impact of video uploading/playing on server performance
(0:17) - Dinko Bacun - question on deleting a record - Is a form mandatory if one wants to delete a record from inline delete button? I get "Do you want to delete this record?" but after 'Ok' no deletion occurs
(0:24) - short demo of upcoming Chrome Explorer interface for Clarion! (really short)
(0:26) - Dinko Bacun - Browse has date field in a cell and time field in a cell, wants to put them into a single cell
269 27 Feb 2020 Link
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1:16 [Thanks to Ted for the show notes]

(0:00) NT 11.30 now published . Bruce goes over the fixes and changes with particular attention to LDAP
(0:07) Mike S - Redactor , Renaming incoming file uploads because  image is being overwritten, Bruce suggested append a random value to end of file in the Web Handler SetRedactorFileName method
(0:15) Mike H Multihost issue unable to login - jscript error. Sites tab had incorrect path.
(0:33) Victor, when do you recommend using setvalue, storevalue, sethostValue. To redisplay, use clientside reset to refresh values. Bruce suggested use p_web.popup(..... as a confirmation messages
(0:45) Dinko, a NTWS as a conference server, re handling simultaneous client connections.
(0:55) Donald, images stored as blobs. trying display images as base64 encoded. try removing the <13> and <10> chrs.
(1:00) PCI compliance , need to set tls level to SSLMethodhostTLS_PCI. Ensure Change sessionID on login/logout is checked on.  Bruce suggested 'base' is the best starting theme for mobile , and make sure both forms and tables are set to use div mode
(1:10) Darin, is there a way get other fields session values , Has got the primary guid value, retrieving children records and setting child fields as session values . Answer is NO there is easier way, continue doing what you are doing
268 20 Feb 2020 Link
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1:23 [Thanks to Ted for the show notes]

(0:10) Rob M How to lock NTWS to use TLS 1.2 or higher. Bruce showed how to set TLS level in the method
(0:19) Mike S Question re CSS issue with check control alignment . Bruce used Team Viewer to access Mike's PC and assist with debugging the custom css file
(0:25) Mark R Is these a way of detecting when a Insert button is pressed to call a memory form. Bruce showed how to detect insert_btn.
(0:44) Lisa Is there a way to extend the template that updates the deleted date,time stamp, Bruce show what the existing templates are doing and encourage to make own template.
(0:50) Alex N After updating to 11.29, now getting error 'folder version is 11.24', Bruce suggested check the runtime web folder setting is probably pointing to an incorrect location.
(1:04) Lisa SendEmail in Premier, getting an incorrect prototype error. she is using a different group structure for sending email.
Lisa suggested a possible issue to premier when using tracker pdf tools as the pdf engine.
(1:23) Victor Drop control , how to add columns with static values. Bruce showed how to add values to a drop list .
267 13 Feb 2020 Link
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1:36 [Thanks to Ted for the show notes]

(0:05) Mike S Multi column check controls on a form layout, Bruce reset last in cell off for some check controls, and then used css for control the max-width of the check control prompts.
(0:24) Mike T has error message -12 , Bruce suggested netauto error(), and suggest you turn suppress error messages on. Turns out Mike has multiple instances of global extensions. Bruce suggested you create a NEW app from TXA.
(0:26) Mike H has NTWS server conflicting with other services on port 80. Bruce assist Mike to get Multi-site demo operational. Showed Mike how to edit the settings from within a browser. Bruce reminded everyone to make sure all apps are compiled with the some version of Clarion and DLL's are in the right place.
(0:40) Dinko Question re updating primary and secondary tables , suggested look in the embed validateInsert, and validateUpdate. How to redirect from within a NTWS , use p_web.redirect(someurl)
(0:56) Ashley File access errors, NTDLL.DLL suggested use odbc32.dll ver 51.21.3
(1:01) Marc drop list control , not filling more than 10 rows.
(1:03) Peter getting a NTWS app to run . Bruce showed how to use your browser to access the NTWS.
(1:18) Frank has a camera system already using port 80. how do I also get lets encrypt to also work on port 80, Bruce suggested maybe change the camera to use a different port . otherwise purchase a certificate.
(1:22) John H Net chat , setting the port , Bruce suggested use NetOptions to change Net:SetMaxInstances, Net:SetDGPort and NET:Sport .This will need to be done real early in your program. Re starting multiple threads. Bruce showed some suggested code . Don't try to start n threads immediately one after the other.
266 6 Feb 2020 Link
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1:15 [Thanks to Ted for the show notes]

(0:00) NT Version 11.29 is now up.
(0:04) Jane Fleming has a question about NetLDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol). This allows access to Window's Active Directory, logging in as well as determining whether the user can access certain groups. The question is about how to access nested groups (groups in groups). Bruce will need to research this off-line.
(0:30) Peter, using css and flex , to maker a browse narrower .. Bruce, show how to add unique css class to assist development and finding the css class in the browser. Bruce also pointed to flex help pages
(0:44) Victor, arrays on a NT web form. using local variables, the local variables will need to be stored in session values.
(0:53) John, beginner looking to make a NTWS web pages 'pretty' and using a graphic designer, Bruce showed and explained where to find the theme files. and css class names. that would be need to collaborate with the designer.
(1:11) Mark, Webservice, re validating a token , Bruce showed how to use the .addserviceError method to return meaning full error message
265 30 Jan 2020 Link
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1:15 [Thanks to Ted for the show notes]

(0:06) Victor passing info from browse to a form, both the browse and the form need to use the same key.
(0:13) Edward re sessionvalues, hostvalues and values. Sessionvalues are related to each user. Values are passed in with the request and only exist for the life of that thread. HostValues are global to all users. reminder all users get a session. Session/s may be logged out
(0:38) Barry has an IDE that is read only. Maybe Anti virus ,suggest you config AV to exclude the app and clw folder/s. Bruce suggested changing the redirection file as per displayed.
Also has a Dashboard , that disappears when he recompiles the app..
(0:51) Poul, cannot get a map to show with a desktop app, draw was missing from the global extensions.
(0:54) Rich, API client security asking about limiting specific users. Bruce suggested blocking IP addresses. Bruce discussed a possible way of limiting a bad requests.
(1:09) Edward calling a web form with parameters, and redirecting. Bruce suggested adding several form the the same memory form using the include with a session value.

NOTE: Two weeks ago, Mark, was asking about passing a record ID to a form Bruce show the correct code to set the correct id passed in from a browse .
refer webinar #263 about 40 mins.

264 23 Jan 2020 Link
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1:16 [Thanks to Ted for the show notes]

Bruce Started the Show, with introducing the schedule for CIDC2020,and a brief outline of the presenters and subjects. And a reminder of a Braai (BBQ) for Saturday night.
(0:12) Victor, re refreshing to a position, ie starting a browse/lookup at a particular record.Bruce requested Victor to send email.
(0:18) Mike, redundancy of NTWS , Bruce suggested using a session based load balancer. Mike asked about conditionally generating help and documentation at runtime.
(0:33) Don, easy way to skip a field in a form. How to Default to a numeric keypad, this is browser dependent. Don also asked about creating a browse of totals from a child table. Bruce suggested using a Mem table as the base of the browse. Remember to Clean out rows of the mem table based on session ID in web handler
(0:46) Mark, using web sockets, wants to record when a clients disconnects from a socket.
(0:56) Edward, response from last week , re login form remember me.
(1:04) Rick, follow up from last week , re disconnections , Rick outlined a clever work around with threaded connections - More to follow.
263 16 Jan 2020 Link
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1:18 [Thanks to Ted for the show notes]

(0:03) Dinko, issue with Certificates on multi-site host, Bruce Restarted the NTWS server service, and showed Dinko how to change services to run under as specific user account
(0:13) Edward, scanning QR codes , Bruce suggested look at the Web cam example. On the login screen with a remember me check control, remember to delete the login,password and password cookies when user uncheck the remember me.
(0:27) Mike, tool tips on a sheet tab , on first glance looks like this is not possible
(0:40) Mark , change a browse to open/update a different form, Bruce to look into this and come back to this next week. (See #265)
(0:51) Rick, NTWS loosing connection to SQL server, Bruce suggested try prop:disconnect , but make sure all tables are closed.
262 9 Jan 2020 Link
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1:17 [Thanks to Ted for the show notes]

(0:06) Mike question re customer main program, and a Nettalk web server and have both listen on port 80. Bruce suggested using elastic IP from AWS.
(0:15) Etianne question re validating incoming jason. Bruse suggested look at the embed jason.validaterecord. Bruce also explained how to also validate incoming xml.
(0:20) Victor question, re the ip address of the requestor, bruce suggested use the self.getsessionIP() Function. Bruce showed how to use the inbuilt logging functionality, ref example #3.
(0:26) Edward discussion from last week re enable/disable a button on a form. Bruce suggested changing some code to overcome the possibility of a malicious user manipulating the hidden button.
(0:54) Terry question, re filtering a parent record based on a child value. Bruce suggested server side embed code .
(0:59) Frank question re security, and security levels, use .SetSessionLevel(xx)
(1:04) Don question re a NTWS consuming api JSON data .Bruce to think about it and maybe answer this next week.
(1:12) Mark Question, bruce requested sample app so we can discuss next week.
261 2 Jan 2020 Link
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0:39 [Thanks to Ted for the show notes]

(0:01) NT v11.28 changes
(0:03) Mike file upload question and email, bruce suggested send an example
(0:07) Edward call a form with an action and a key value parameter.
Bruce showed how to enable/disable a button that calls a form and passes a keyvalue as a parameter.
260 19 Dec 2019 Link
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1:08 [Thanks to Ted for the show notes]
Last Webinar for 2019 and for the decade

NetTalk version 11.28 is now posted
(0:06) Casey, re certificates behind a corporate firewall, Bruce explained what's going on with self signed certificates. Bruce suggested that one could use the NetAcme class in a desktop program to create a csr.
(0:28) Ted, on behalf of Steve R, re load balancing and using the session data between servers. Bruce suggested ref to the CIDC2019 load balancing presentation and using session info between servers
(0:49) Steve G, re saving Chat data to a log file
(0:57) John, auto upgrade program , Bruce suggestion using netsimple server and client and API with a custom header
259 5 Dec 2019 Link
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0:47 [Thanks to Ted for the show notes]

(0:02) Jan Multi-site , Jan demonstrated an issue unable to login to host site,
turning compress dynamic data to false seems to break the login. Bruce to investigate deeper.
(0:38) Michael Question re CTRL-F5, and the cache
258 28 Nov 2019 Link
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1:14 [Thanks to Ted for the show notes]

(0:03) Barry, issue with maps, NT refresh extension template, turn suppress error messages off. Bruce looked in example from Barry where markers were not working
(1:01) John, looking for down example, Bruce took the upload example and added a simple window with a button to download net.fetch(url).
(1:10) Alejandro, asked about reducing the trace statements in netsync.
257 21 Nov 2019 Link
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1:03 [Thanks to Ted for the show notes]

(0:02) Ashley using 11.26 errors in form, relating to all.js, Bruce suggested comment out Window.unload and let Bruce know you go
(0:09) Victor Question re to how find embed point, Bruce suggested turn on 'send to debug view' output on for the form so you can see the events. Bruce showed how to reset/refresh browse when a value changes.
(0:26) Mike follow up re send email template issue with images
also popup form a browse not resetting a value , Bruce suggested send an example. Bruce showed how to post event to close a proc in another thread or use the notify function.
(0:48) Ted re NTWS logging to a file, compile prototype error.
(0:51) Richard quick way to take an ini file and save as json, Bruce suggested using StringTheory to split and manipulate the ini file.
256 7 Nov 2019 Link
[Hits: 130]
1:10 [Thanks to Ted for the show notes]
(0:04) Peter Desktop app upgraded to NTWS, asking how to secure to be used, in actual fact opening port 80 is more secure, as all traffic on port 80n is redirected to the secure port, (default 443). Also use a Domain with a subdomain pointing to their external IP.
(0:23) Andy arrived. Chated about his experience building a NTWS in a day and half. Bruce responded with discussion on web design.
(0:42) Rick, question Re in Argentina.
(0:44) Barry Question, re maps using latitude and longitude values , using reverse geo location, Bruce show how to create a procedure to make NT client call to get latitude and longitude from address. them run script to get map to jump to the latitude, longitude.
(1:05) Mark Question , re setting a field readonly at runtime, setting focus to the next field on a form
255 31 Oct 2019 Link
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1.04 [Thanks to Ted for the show notes]

(0:03) Bruce Discussed 11.24 . Important , ACME version 2 protocol for LetsEncrypt, Bruce also advised he has back ported to NT10, refer Docs
(0:06) Frank, Question, re LetsEncryptcertificates failed, seems like upgrading to NT11.24 , solved his issue
(0:20) Fouche Question, Re making a browse take up the full screen, use CSS to make containers larger, Bruce showed how to location the div's and set css class.
(0:32) Victor Question , Re Filter on a Browse, Bruce suggested turn 'send filter to debugview', debugview is your friend
(0:42) Casey Question, Re ABC open File & lazyopen, bruce discussed open file, with threads, and how lazyopen is utilized with topspeed data files
(0:52) Roberto Question, re length of comments on NT form turn out to be 252 , NT11.25 will be longer (1024)
(0:56) Rob Question, Browse refreshing after updating form, use client side refresh

NOTE USA attendee's will need to note local time changes, NTUG start time is fixed.
254 25 Oct 2019 Link
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1:39 [Thanks to Ted for the show notes]

(0:02) Mike R Question using Redactor to send emails. images are missing when email arrives, Bruce showed how to call net.processHtmlImages Before calling net.send() to process embeded image
(0:09) Other Mike T Question, hide save button , until a specific event, Bruce Show how to call ntform(loc:formname,'disableSave') and ‘'enableSave' params
(0:18) Victor Question , Re authenticate,Victor is getting errorcode 30,Bruce showed how to use p_web.trace to debug when file is not opening. also how to call different forms for different users. Bruce Showed how to use a memory from with conditional tabs.
(0:36) Mike R, question Re loc:parent and isChild(), also question regarding refreshing a total field not working Bruce suggested send an example
(0:43) Ahsley question re turning on debuging for the whole application, program going slow, bruce explains the need to monitor the web server log thread count and Windows taskmanager memory usage.
(0:55) Mike R , question re sending email, Bruce suggested a new embed point inside sendemail, then remembered a email template setting to set the image root folder
(0:58) Bijan ,question re secwin and user security,, Bruce suggest wait for secwin7 , towards end of year
(1:00) Daren, question re blobs and images not rendering, Bruce suggested send an example
(1:04) Ubaidullah, question re browse column sizes, Bruce showed how to add additional global css class for table rows.
(1:30) Neil, question ssl certificate where owner supplied, does not work on phones. ref web docs and chain of trust, using intermediate certificates
253 17 Oct 2019 Link
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1:02 [Thanks to Ted for the show notes]

(0:05) Lisa Question how to add Static pages? Put the static pages in the web folder. Bruce showed how to call a  static page from a menu item. Bruce explained adding NT header and footer tags.
( ) Bruce shows the CIDC webinars page and explained this page is a browse and how he used CSS to achieve the similar results
(0:43) Ted pointed out leave include custom.css in themes turned off, make editing custom css easier
(0.45) Alejandro has an issue with starting a new method, and Added Methods inside web handler. Bruce show a special method in the web handler named ‘calldebug’ to put some temporary code into for testing. This is not recommended to leave code in here for a live system. NotifyServer would be another option for custom code.
(0:55) Mark Question about netweb browse based on a queue, Bruce suggested using a memory table with tagging, ref CIDC training notes.
252 10 Oct 2019 Link
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1:17 [Thanks to Ted for the show notes]

(0:01) 10.23 Build to be published tomorrow Friday.
(0:08) Mike asks about double-click behavior on a browse - Bruce shows procedure override setting.
(0:10) Nardus - bug Report- Browse column headings for multiple fields in the same cell.
(0:13) Steve re secwin sharing code between programs using NetClient to send alerts. Bruce show what secwin parameters to trap and pass on the other clients. Then suggested look at the NT secwin example, limitcopies.
(0:28) Don having trouble, with jquery and themes, turns out themes.txt was missing from the web/themes folder. forced a regenerate and confirmed all fixed
(0:41) Mike using NTWS default html editor, redactor, unable to add images, Bruce used html editor example (36), all worked fine
(0:47) Arnold using net drives via a service. Bruce explained oAuth mechanism - token, Bruce explained the token can be store in a database, and show example of token in an ini file.
(1:00) Lisa Unable to get NT to output to debug view, bruce showed an example .Lisa trying to debug certificates. Bruce show what to look for in debug view.
251 12 Sept 2019 Link
[Hits: 216]
1:04 [Thanks to Ted for the show notes]

(0:01) Bruce and John Spoke about CIDC2019 web site and how to get login details along with the free streaming sessions
(0:11) Mike How to trap error using string theory to load a file, Bruce explained where to find the error and that the error is stored in. winerrorcode and. lasterror
(0.21) Victor Asked how to add a menu to the NTWS PageHeadertag, Bruce showed and explained how to add menu items . Bruce also explained last on line, Last in Cell, Span prompt value, comment and, suppress comment options. Good introduction to Form Layout.
(0:39) Johan  - Bruce showed a demo app from Johan and some embed code, Bruce offered to take a more in-depth look into the behavior
(0:44) William NetWebServiceMethod, passing parameters and being able to call different procedures, Bruce show how to embed code into the Service Method routine
(1:02) Wolfgang Question Are there certain security features associated with the Uploads folder, that is under the web folder?

NOTE There will be NO NTUG webinar for the next three weeks due everyone attending at CIDC. Next Webinar is on October 10.
250 5 Sept 2019 Link
[Hits: 197]
0:48 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

(0:03) new build 11.20 and 11.21 - has many new features, most important change is in Database.js.
(0:20) Victor - I have a new install of NetTalk Server. I am now getting compile problems for all my Clarion 11 apps. - Net talk 11 requires String Theory 3
(0:27) Wolfgang - Question about a Curl file upload to a SOAP Server. Bruce explains how to pass a parameter of type "file" to a NetWebServiceMethod.
(0:30) A look at the progress in the CIDC mobile app.
(0:40) Marc - on a web form, the java script warning bad has a red background. I would like to not see the red "flash". Is that a style adjustment?
(0:42) Kevin E - Re CIDC phone app - Will the app send out a notification when each live broadcast of the classes happens? - Hopefully yes.
(0:45) Wolfgang - Re Marc's question, is it possible to use a variable that we could set depending on IF EXISTS('my.APP') THEN GLO:DevMode=TRUE So when you deploy, the JS settings are changed without recompile - Yes
249 29 Aug 2019 Link
[Hits: 262]
1:32 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

(0:03) Marc - how to get certificates from LetsEncrypt. With or without IIS.
(0:20) Steve - wants to create an alert on one PC to other PCs on the LAN. Bruce takes a blank app, adds NetTalk (NetAuto NetClient) and changes it to do this. Setting the "public" service name means that programs with the same name will listen to the caller in the net.process procedure.
(0:39) Victor - has a question on which templates NetTalk Server shows  vs  NT Desktop.
(0:42) Jack - NetTalk Disconnected App using Sqlite on the local client. Get occasional "Access Denied" (Error 5) when writing to tables in local app when the SyncServer Process is syncing (on a separate thread). Its because SqlLite locks the whole database during a write, its kinda like single user.
(0:50) Jesper - Right justified fields are fine in a browse but on smaller screens the fields are displayed below each other split over two lines. Bruce shows css in action with CIDC 2019 Mobile app example.
(1:01) Ted - css question, memory form with several fields, one field is required, I am trying to hide the 'required' comment in custom.css using display:block. No not block, use display:none
(1:03) Ted - XML heading with a <H1> tag can I hide it?  Yes
(1:04) Mark R - How do I adjust height / width of a long text field when it displays over several lines? Bruce suggests nt-wrap or nt-nowrap and suggests looking at AND a cute trick in Chrome developer tools to see what changes my text to do what I want.
(1:11) Kevin E - can you show how to set your webiste pages into responsive mode using the <div> mode. Bruce shows some another trick in developer tools to change into mobile-device size..
(1:20) Bijan - Middleware services - can I verify a student using LDAP - SAML protocol?  unsure, but Marc suggests there are several examples on the net.
248 22 Aug 2019 Link
[Hits: 177]
0:47 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

(0:07) Kevin - Error 73, when copying a folder from one pc to another, an established NT app works on the original pc, but not on the other which generates an error 73 check your SSL DLLs, Bruce suggests running OpenSsl.Exe to test the DLL's
(0:11) Don - has a ticket booth app with a touch screen for a desktop, can I do it using NetTalk? can I make the buttons do different tasks for some conditions? and which example should I use to start with?
(0:19) Dinko - I want to use an Oracle db with Multi-Proj, any issues? Bruce discusses data types, especially Memos and Blobs.
(0:24) Darin - Needs HTML ont eh web, and RTF on reports. .  With text fields, entering data on a web server and then printing
a report, I run into a problem if you want any formatting. On the web its HTML, then the report only takes RTF. There are some tools. such as Easyhtml from Ingasoft that can do Html to RTF conversion.
(0:30) Marty - File uploading, is there a way for the webserver to obtain the filename of the file that was posted, as the client has the name but it is not transmitted and the server which only knows that it has  received something. Bruce shows how to pass the name from the client as a parameter.
247 8 Aug 2019 Link
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1:26 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

(0:03) 11.19 Build is described.
(0:05) Michael - has a Problem "JavaScript error" in IE. Bruce explains that once you get a JS error, then JS just stops, so you get no tabs / buttons etc might not work. And shows to see if IE will support (say) media or others. Bruce goes on to show how to tame IE and the problems it brings up. Older bugs are now shown up in NT11.
(0:24) Michael - my site is called from 2 URLs, I need to trap that, I am using p_web.GetSessionHost in the handler, it gets called multiple times - is there a better way ?  Yes.
(0:25) Michael - Has login on the home page, which turns it into a form, and has a time out issue. Bruce goes on to show a trick, how to get a certificate for a LAN ip address (thanks Jane Fleming)
(0:46) Kevin E - The API generated document(s) do not show an API call to login - how is this done? NetWebServiceMethods when generated are not attached to anything in the app,
so they do not generate docs - you need to make it part of a NetWebService.
Also can I make the documentation not require a login, but the methods do need to be logged in. - working on it.
Is SelfService required? Bruce goes on to discuss making a service an exe to "see it"
When to update the server. and other general server questions.
(0:59) Marc - I have a progress control with a start button. It goes to a new browser tab (popup) when the progress completes. I thought using a target = "_self" on the button would keep it in my current browser. Am I correct? (yes)
(1:11) Mike - Session Values, reset, in a strange way. Bruce shows WatchSessionValue, as one thread can set it, and another can set it to something else.
(1:19) Kevin - in string theory can you find a tag like <table> and find its closing tag, even if it has other tables in it (nested) - (Yes, see MatchBrackets method.)
What is the difference between gallery and carousel of images.
246 1 Aug 2019 Link
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1:42 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

(0:03) Steve - In Net Demo - want to change the size of (customise) the warning window in the Chat app, where you warn selected/everyone. Ref - NetAutoCloseServer.ProcessWarningRequest where you could change
the window size. Bruce shows how to copy the code to make an individual screen.
(0:13) Steve - NetAuto / NetClose - How do you get more information from the end users, ie I am shutting down.
Its a 3 part solution, a site posts a question with a unique "phrase" that the other site can look for, and send a unique reply that the originator can act on.
(0:28) Don - Web app - 2 factor authentication, your thoughts? Bruce hints on future enhancements for configurable logins. SecWin7 to the rescue.
(0:34) Don - session kept open when Websockets are used.
(0:35) Sukhendu - what will be covered in cidc 2019 training re the barcode app.
(0:42) Johan - A form as a popup, when you make a pdf, when the form closes, the next generation fails because its also a popup. Its a navigation conundrum.
(0:52) Johan - xFiles - saving fields as attributes.
(0:56) Marc - A question for an approach showing a progress bar while doing a procedure.
(1:05) Rick - A questions about best practices for handling database restores in a disconnected application/sync server environment.
(1:19) Mike - Can you help explain putting fields in a row on a form - end of row, end of cell, and the span options
(1:28) Carl - Cryptonite question - error 1359 - answer from Alejandro (now Cryptonite FAQ #3).

245 25 July 2019 Link
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1:22 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

(0:01) Bruce discusses NT 11.17, then updates us on CIDC 2019
(0:10) Johan : how to embed <13,10> in a text file say "Information.txt" in the web folder. Bruce shows how to view the network traffic to the server, to show why the text is not being shown. Here it was because the text file was not
valid XML.
(0:21) Johan - Bruce shows how to display a static html page in the form, and how to generate style effects using a custom css class.
(0:30) Johan - a Captcha field does not show its colour RED - due to loc:retrying=TRUE in the field validation.
(0:32) Johan - why does the bold <b>WORD</b> not work on the alert message - due to Clarion translating the <b> as a binary number like <100101b> So you need to use <<b> instead,  or use <strong>WORD</strong>
(0:35) Johan - Can my BuildPdfFile proc use queues to process and fill in the pdf form. = yes
(0:36) Johan - How to pass session variables to other procedures, how do I prototype them.  By passing p_web to the procedure.
(0:38) Johan - Re Pdf, will Net Talk automatically delete it when it has been served? = yes, just start its filename with "$$$"
(0:39) Johan - after generation the pdf, it needs to be displayed  in a new window. Bruce shows in the demos, Then shows the various ways of showing pdf's
(0:53) John F - Does Nettalk support user-role based access similar to using SecWin = yes, but Secwin 7 (coming soon) will make it easy,  version 6 can work, but it is a lot of work to make it multi user.
(0:59) Michael - Follow up question about $$$. When the CAPTCHA image is created with the $$$ it does not appear to be removed. How do I make sure the CAPTCHA image file is cleaned up?
(1:02) Kevin E - how you might handle the text tag '<!-- Net:f:/docs/dbCustomerImport.txt -->' where is displays a lot of info and we want it shown it as a link to " +/- "  It would be nice to make it open up like an accordion.
(1:06) Johan - an update to Curl 7.65.3 has issues, maybe a dll like the libCrypto dll, make sure of its version of 1.1
(1:09) Bijan - wants to use queries in net talk for filters, so they are compatible with those used in desktop as well.
(1:18) Kevin - asks about (iOT) devices discovering each other when the wifi network ip address is not known by a device that just got purchased and turned on. ie self discovery for data paths.

244 18 July 2019 Link
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1:26 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

(0:03) Bruce discusses todays 11.16 release. a big update, such as blobs / TLS / barcodes / QR Codes.  Bruce continues with a demonstration of barcodes being scanned via the "browsers" web cam or the phones camera. 
(0:24) Wolfgang - There is another class in stringTheory for unix dates, any more hidden classes?  Yes, stringTheory / stringPicture / unixDate / stringFormat / stringDeformat - Pls refer to StringTheory.htm in the docs.
(0:30) Wolfgang - after the last restart - the LE process complained about d.txt is empty
(0:31) Rene - How do I manipulate things as we move from a world of absolutes to a world of relatives. Bruce shows how to improve Rene's screens to improve issues. Such as...
how to remove recent data so the server forgets its in https. Then shows in Chrome how to adjust buttons that do not appear the same height / width. It shows 11-16 has a menu bug. ref - Column Width (rel) to get browse widths more pleasing. As always, there is a custom.css - Going into Debug mode to allow changes to be seen. and a view of the FLEX site of
(0:56) Marc - Problem of excessively large wizard forms where one tab is small and the other is small. ie If we have two tabs where tab 1 has 6 fields (6 rows) and tab 2 has only 3 field. What is the strategy for eliminating the white space below the tab 2 fields to the tab navigation (prev/next) buttons?
(1:02) Rich - making an api service can I use the format of say a date format in the dct to say in the web server use format 'x' instead of formatting the field manually by adding appropriate code to json.FormatValue routine (or the corresponding routine for XML)
ie the api format is different to the format in other places.
(1:11) Johan - has an issue - uses the Open Captcha (61) app as an example.
(1:16) Marc - like in the DOS days you could walk over fields when they auto filled. Eg. five fields of one char - type 5 chars and they all get filled in.
243 11 July 2019 Link
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1:16 [Thanks to Ted for the show notes]

(0:00) Mike - Web Client uploads, has two processes that get called one after the other , processing of the first process needs to be done after page received, you could also call the second process from here as well.
(0:09) David collecting mail vai imap, based on the examples supplied, select a folder, which will display the messages . From there you can do want ever you require with the messages. David reported later all works fine
(0:15) Johan Wizard Web Server example logout not behaving , Bruce changed/demonstrated logout goes back to indexpage with a parameter of 'logout_btn=logout_btn'. Bruce showed how to stop the web server from accepting connections, as Johan want to run some other external process. Bruce show how to change from Table mode to Div mode. Reset default browse and forms .
(0:39) Roberto Having issues with Syncing, Bruce suggested changing one record, that still does not work
more investigation required.
(0:40) Daren setting redactor options, Bruce suggested setting the options before parent in the init method
(0:56) Brent change the theme , server extensions, defaults, also p_web.getSessionip() to retrieve ipaddress.
Bruce explained why/when you would use REST over other protocols.
(1:05) Johan - Bruce show how to Change the screen that the system goes back to after a session times out from inactivity.
242 4 July 2019 Link
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1:26 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

(0:02) Dinko - wishes to put help in his app, can I have unique help on different tabs. Bruce discusses the virtues of help. Should help exist? maybe a popup, maybe an icon to click.
(0:37) Mark - some browsers are starting to rename csv and xml files as xls extension any idea on how to fix this
Bruce discusses the association of file types - Ref - p_web.HeaderDetails.ContentDisposition = 'attachment; filename=" etc
(0:43) Peter - email settings - passing params to send email. Bruce shows the template options. Peter asks how to change the template.
(0:53) Kevin E. - question on Host Names - question on control of insert, change etc. - question on help documentation. Bruce shows how to construct a snippit <!-- Net:f:Productsdoc.htm --> that inserts doco on a page.
also featured is the new "allow unsafe html" in 11-16
241 27 June 2019 Link
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1:36 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

(0:01) Bruce talks about Release of NT 11-14 & 15
(0:12) Johan has found a Duplicate GUID with only 6 records in his file. Should I make it bigger than 16 characters?  Bruce suggests a duplicate error due to not clearing the record. Bruce also shows a String Theory function called DetectDuplicateGuid, just in case.
(0:22) Mauricio - part 3 - how do I make Json for the student and the courses they are doing. Bruce shows how to construct a view for this query, so the json shows each student and the courses they did.
(0:31) Mauricio asks how to do a deletion of some records, Bruce shows how to construct a deletion proc.
(0:40) Dinko - I made runtime help as a mem form containing the actual browse/form, but is not working - Bruce needs an example.
(0:42) Dinko -How to integrate with Fastspring? (its a SaaS company that offers a subscription billing service)
Upon Create new user, I want to send the user a link via email to the Fastspring payment page, how do I know who paid when the link returns. Bruce highlights the need to lock the user to the return from Fastspring
(0:52) Kevin E - I need 3 pieces of info on a login screen, a code, login name and password, then the customer record can be used. Bruce shows how to not delete a session to allow use of session values, and then when a customer is logged in you use p_web.FileToSessionQueue(CusConfig) to pull the customers preferences
into the session Q. Then when you want to use the config data (like cfg:accessLevel as a clarion variable)  use the reverse, p_web.SessionQueueToFile(CusConfig)
(1:10) Peter - has a question about which e-mail template to use. Bruce shows how to use the demo app to get started.
(1:16) Tim - I have to add several items on a form like <div id="cardNumberContainer"></div>. Bruce shows how to add it to a form, and the need to use only valid xml. Then how to use p_web.script('fillContainer("cardNumberContainer");')
(1:24) Marc - has an app that looked good in desktop, but on a phone, well... it has a tab button overlapping a question. Bruce works on Marcs screen to view the code in Chrome.
240 20 June 2019 Link
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1:15 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

(0:01) Mauricio - Following his first api server last week, he now needs to create a webservice that can return "n" records in Json format, not just one. Bruce shows how to make the api calls his user will call, set table filters, etc. He also shows how to return two variables, showing the end user how many items are returned and if the return is complete or if some records were skipped, ie expected 20, sent 15. Ref -
"resultsComplete" "skippedRecords". Then Bruce shows how to make a second view to filter students for courses.
(0:22) Greg - has some css questions, strange colours and buttons missing. Bruce extols the virtues of Chrome over Edge and IE for development, then shows how to check your themes.
(0:41) Don - has a WebSocket error of 69 security error, Bruce shows where to find the doco on deploying a tls client or server.
(0:45) William - how do I deformat a UTC 64 to clarion time and date and also the reverse. Eg "updatedDate": 1514801105185. Bruce shows how to manipulate Clarion to Unix and the reverse.
(1:03) Marc - a question of debug vs release.
(1:04) Ken - has no styles showing after copying the exe and web folder.
(1:07) Greg - every day I get an error VCRuntime140.DLL - Bruce explains its the DLLs that are missing.
239 13 June 2019 Link
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1:05 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

(0:02) There is a 11.13 build, Bruce discusses the changes.
(0:07) Mike - Multi-Tab form with a browse on each, but its the same browse with different filters for each tab, how do I do that? Bruce suggests don't use tabs, maybe buttons, in the browse - filter tab - conditional, where condition is "p_web.gsv('FilterType')=1"
(0:12) Johan - needs to compare a customer time stamp to UTC. Bruce creates an object as net _NetAll ; timestamp = net.GetElapsedTimeUtc() ; so the code is  ; if net.GetElapsedTimeUtc() - cus:timestamp ;  StringTheory has a ClarionToUnix and get other Unix date functions, and has a class of type UnixDate
(0:20) Johan - needs to cleanup some orphaned records, how do I do this with a multi host server.
(0:22) Johan - wants to read a tps table in a mem form.
(0:28) Darin - has a question on securing a Net Talk web server as it relates to penetration testing, SOC 2 audits, best practices or what to avoid in code. Bruce discusses aspects that need to be considered such as X-Frame-Options: =sameOrigin on WebServer - Settings - Site also see WebServer - Settings - security. For Soc, refer to    for Soc 2 auditing
(0:38) during penetration testing Darin saw 30 thousand of png images in the image folder from uploads, as images that your app use the $$$ as in images\$$$FileName.png  -these are deleted for you.
(0:43) Peter - customer wants users to only log in once. Bruce demonstrates how a program can ask a question of all others  running
(0:58) Alejandro - has a handy hint for everyone with a netwebservicemethod proc. , when changing the parameter field make sure to change the external name as well.
238 6 June 2019 Link
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1:42 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

(0:04) Mike - How to troubleshoot a Multi-Host shut down that is triggered when a particular user logs in and uses the system. Bruce shows how to use logs, performance tab info and debug view to get an idea of where the server dies.
(0:15) Johan - is concerned about the invoice/lineitems problem when the user cancels the form and line items have already been added. Bruce goes on to discuss the dangers of Auto Numbering. Why do we hate it so much? Is there a better way?
(0:34) Dinko - problem with a simple lookup button, filtering browse on multi field key. Requires a unique key to retrieve the data.keywords = ValidateRecord - p_web.GetDescription -
(0:50) Michael - is updating to NT 11 - This is a problem you might find if you update from an earlier version. Error connecting  An error occurred during a connection to
Cannot communicate securely with peer: no common encryption algorithm(s). Error code: SSL_ERROR_NO_CYPHER_OVERLAP Bruce says in the Web Server - General Tab - make sure Host Names (CSL) = Set:Domains is set.
(0:52) Poul - once a long page is read in, when you hit next it locks up, could be invalid xml, you can tell because the buttons are not displayed, because when you hit next button, the buttons are initially disabled, so if they remain disabled you know you have a xml error.
Bruce goes on to show how Chrome Developer tools, Network tab will show you the xml response- it shows the <th> does not have a </th> to end it. This is the header on the top of the browse. maybe a bug in NT 11.11
(1:08) Casey - Server sockets keeps going up with every GET and POST until the server app is closed. What happens when the machine limit is reached?
(1:12) Don - Question about p_web.GetLocation().  May I use it in a desktop application?  I think the answer is yes but please remind me how.
(1:18) Mauricio - What I need is to create a remote app that can be updated from a local app using web services. The app will use TPS files. Please advise me how to start with this
NetTalk Server and using Json for communication. Bruce goes from a new dct and walks through the creation of a new API server. Also, this shows features of Ver 11 like "Try it Live" to test api calls. And see Clarion Live shows 513 & 514 and for basics shows 300 302
304 which explains what is json, xml, rest, etc. its the basics. 459 for consuming apis and 461 for Oauth.
237 30 May 2019 Link
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0:50 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

(0:04) Mike - Export to Excel (xml) - can the export from a browse be limited to a specific browse rather than all browses, and is there a way in the template to change the text on the export button? Yes on the browse, on the FORM tab, there is an export option, and yes you can change the text, both as an option, and in code
see GenerateUpdateButtons/Above = 'Your name goes here'
(0:09) Dinko - I have a Secwin Login form that does not go through ValidateUpdate routine and hence does not log me in - maybe due to logout does delete session. Also, there will be a new Secwin coming with exciting features.
(0:21) Arbra - How do I define the picture format of a number on a form (for example: @N$10.2) I can set the picture on the field in a browse, but don't see where to do that on a form. Basically the web is a bunch of strings. You can format the string.
(0:29) Alejandro - Sync question where multiple records come from some Json, but Alejandro is only seeing one record in his table. How to debug the sync on the server side.
236 23 May 2019 Link
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1:16 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

(0:02) New Build 11.11 is up and a new string theory that speeds up stripping html.
(0:10) Ashley - WebSockets question that will be continued later.
(0:17) Brent - How can I set login required on API server so that a login is required before any documentation can be seen
(0:20) Brent - how do you set the file location on the server when saving you can say CustomerFileName = p_web.GSV('UserFolder') & 'customer.tps' you can set in p_web.Authenticate the session value SSV('UserFolder', blah from user login)
(0:26) Kevin E - Can you do a SYSTEM(PROP:DataPath) for file locations (as above) answer is no, its not threaded.
(0:27) Darin - with a drop control, how to determine what items have been selected? Eg from a list of countries, user selects China and Japan, looks like a bug.
(0:38) Bruce shows a tagging version for multiple selections
(0:43) Rene - has a server that is not responding, perhaps a blocked port? I have tested with a port checking tool for port 443. Bruce notes that The error is "Open Command timed out", so its before any TLS happens. [turns out to be firewall issue]
1:08 Olu - please show me a JavaScript that I need to mimic what happens on a browse refresh after a popup update form is opened and closed, returning to the browse. In TakeEvent, of 'childupdated' try p_web.ntbrowse(loc:divname, 'enable')
235 16 May 2019 Link
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1:17 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

(0:04) Bruce walks through a new example for Andrew - Shows how to use NetRefresh (with WebSockets) to monitor a data table in a browse, with an audio notification when a new record appears in the browse.
(0:23) Mike - I want to receive a binary file and a status from the API server, how do I do it, and how do get both on the client side.
(0:36) Mark - a web client question of passing a group, how to do it in a more efficient manner. Bruce has made a change in 11.11 so you can pass a Group into SetValue() in NetWebClient.
(0:45) Don - Progressive Web Apps work on a desktop.
(0:48) Alejandro - how to synchronize email with imap - pop is MUCH easier to work with. mentions EmailsListQ
(1:00) John - has some CURL code, how do I interpret this so I can use it with NetTalk Server? Bruce shows how to send the request to yourself for testing (
234 2 May 2019 Link
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0:55 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

(0:06) Victor - converting my app from an old version (NetTalk7) does not work in NetTalk 11 with email. - its due to a string becoming a StringTheory object.
(0:08) Jeff - has a coin collection app, a recent version does not refresh the browse after a search when the clear button is pressed. Bruce shows how the js does its clear search function.
(0:18) Jeff - asks questions about forms.
(0:22) John asked for a mapping feature and its in 11.10, net.QuickMove=true - so when you drag a map with the mouse, the map moves while you move the mouse, but its a LOT of redraws.
(0:28) Bruce reviews 11.10, it requires jFiles 1.76, interesting change to Digest Authentication to cater for url's like which is the login and password.
(0:33) John shows his address auto complete on an entry field using mapQuest, Bruce uses trace to show how the suggestions are returned.
233 25 April 2019 Link
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0:59 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

(0:03) Greg - moving from Nettalk ? to 11 has a problem with calling p_web.Script.
(0:05) Rick - general chat
(0:07) Marc - Has a question about the changes to the progress bar control
(0:12) John - has a maps question, should I make customers get their own account to the map provider? Bruce discusses the options. Bijan weighs in.
(0:26) John - A question with address lookup, and more on maps and custom icons.
(0:42) Greg - still having a problem, so we look at his machine.
(0:47) Kurt - has a disk error, invalid file name.
232 18 April 2019 Link
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1:26 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

(0:04) Jeff - Continues this week with his coin collection app problem.  A memory form, if you turn on the "Generate <form> tag", the fields disappear - You see a blank form. Bruce jumps into jquery.nt-dialog.js to show the action that happens when the form opens, to not do the "show".
(0:21) Poul - In the PageHeaderTag, I want to show one thing if its large, but another if its large, remember there is no longer a concept of desktop mode. In nettalk-grid.css there are conditions for if medium / large / small
(0:32) Marc - has a server & a service - I want a landing page so I can ask the program a question (customer number) to make a decision, and show a progress bar. Bruce shows the importance of a start button with Auto Start to end one process and do another.
(0:47) Wolfgang - Using an old (NT9) version, Wolf has a list of products that cannot be changed by a user, once a supervisor makes a change to the master list, the users need to update. - Would be easy with the latest version of NT. A job for NetRefresh.
(1:00) Jeff returns, his browse four filters do not do what he wants when the form ends and returns to the browse with the filter fields at the top.
(1:12) Marc - When the progress completes, can I auto-activate the link to automatically move to the next page?
(1:14) Bruce shows build 11-08 changes.
231 11 April 2019 Link
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0:57 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

(0:02) Wolfgang - Question about API-KEY and "Try It Live" Test in the web service documentation. Bruce suggests Basic Authentication and shows how it works.
(0:14) Neil - Desktop to Net Talk - I have a control screen, drivers and vehicles with drag and drop.  but how can I select several rows to drag onto a single vehicle in Net Talk, like a rubber band in Excel? Bruce goes on to review the rubber band.  From column, To column etc. showing how to do this. Neil challenges Bruce on multiple browses, ie parent child, either a horizontal parent with css setting the selected parent, or a tag of  driver on the left and then children on the right.
(0:30) Ashley - has an error code -34 & -40 - so the client has closed, in  ThisWebServer.ErrorTrap you can consume the error and move on. They are common errors, a discussion follows.
(0:37) Victor - does a Get() and then gets an error code - might be a misplaced error check.
(0:39) Mike - I have 2 separate machines, but if a user signs in on A it should allow the user to then use machine B without having to login again.
230 4 April 2019 Link
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1:34 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

(0:01) Kevin - Wants an API for various customers, with various databases, so maybe the Multi-Site API. Bruce gives an overview of how the multi site works for, and goes on to show how to build this.
(0:30) Frank - has a mapping question, on getting longitude and latitude for each client. Bruce shows how to make an app, to add a NetMapsHere and use GetLocation to return the Lat & Long in net.LocationFound, for a batch resolve of hundreds of addresses.
(0:46) Rick - has a question about mobile in NT 10, Bruce shows how to delete local storage using the browser, but there a lot of changes in mobile since 10.
(0:57) back to Frank - has 300 dealers already with geo coding, when someone adds a new customer, their address gives a lat & long, how do I tell which dealer is the closest to that location? The Distance method gives as the crow flies distance, not the driving distance.
With waypoints, set the net.WaypointsQueue.position as blank to use the long and lat in net.WaypointsQueue.Latitude / Long
(1:13) Djordje - when customer logs in, I want to find the Active Directory, I have the name but not the password, can I find the group they are in? Bruce shows the LDAP demo, and shows in the docs that there is a link to YouTube that walks you through setting up a server etc. see NetTalkLdap.htm
(1:20) Ashley - one form has 3 tabs on it, initially it displays ok, but if I go back into it the tabs take up the entire vertical space. We visit Ashley's site and yes its a bug.
229 28 March 2019 Link
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0:48 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

(0:01) Don - wants to scan a doc (pdf) & upload it to specific folder per employee.  See p_web.SaveFile( - note it takes a full path. And use p_web.CreateFolder which can create a recursive path
(0:16) Brian - wants a progress bar when he loops through a file. Bruce shows the docs that explains how to do this.
(0:19) Brian - wants to show bullets in a text header.
(0:24) Jeff - has a form with an java script error that is fixed in the next build.
(0:33) Peter - a redirect question, when should I use a 301 for which the browser will remember the redirect. OR use a p_web.script.windowOpen(Url)
(0:37) John has an update problem, the NetTalk servers performance does not update when using sockets. Because it is not secure.
228 21 March 2019 Link
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1:10 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

(0:03)Marc - Looking for a concept for having a login - then a waiting page - then a working page
(0:04) Kevin E - has 200 dealers who can maintain their customers, they have their own database, and run noe of 2 software versions, so how do we do this with a NT web service. many options...
(0:35) Chuck - I am having trouble getting a browse on a mem form to refresh, this was an old bug in NT 10
(0:39) Roberto - wondering if you know how to take out the focus of all controls in a window with a jquery statement? So that no button is a default.
(0:47) Bruce reviews release 11-07, including the new "Net Refresh"
(0:55) Wolfgang asks if net refresh works with an API server.
(0:57) Arbra - I would like to provide a simple GUI interface to perform Network Diagnostic Testing for their Cisco Integrated Services Routers, Cisco Switches etc. The heart of the app is querying the routers and switches, interpreting the results. The current approach of connecting to the vice over SSH will not work as NetTalk does not support SSH.
227 14 March 2019 Link
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1:20 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

(0:06) Dinko - Using Netyear template for appointments, users from different time zones book appointments in available slots. The time obviously should be stored as UTC. I would like to see the times translated to my time zone, but also see the appointments in user local time. Bruce - in netweb.js is a function getUTCTime and one called GetUserTimeOffset which sets a session value.
(0:11) Mark - Multi site question, working with file (tps) paths in multiple dll's. Ultimately the dll's do not matter, the files are relative to the datapath property.
(0:19) Mark - getting a page not found for static pages. Question of the domain \ Web Folder.
(0:25) Mike - why do I get "Bad Session Id" - it pops up to prevent session hijacking.
(0:28) Mike - I copy one web server to another for a new app, but changes cause me problems, how to make a common core of code.
(0:32) Darin - I want to modify Redactor prior to the .init - as the local options is cleared - Bruce sees the issue, and adds an embed point that will be in 11-08 .
(0:39) Peter - app has projects, projects have docs, customer logs in and can see only their projects and their docs. BUT a customer found they could see ALL docs. Why ?
It was due to having many sessions on multiple tabs on a browser. Peter found that on a browser with one tab, its ok,  with multiple tabs customers could see all docs.
This was due to - on a browser, all tabs have the same session value.  The net talk server sees the browser page, not the tab. There is a setting on the server "Multi-Tab support" to give the tab a unique id, it shows on the server as the x-tabId. So a request can now be seen as coming from tab1 or tab2. See Multi-Tab Support in the docs, although the session Q is now unique, but not your login, that's for all the tabs. Peter recommends viewing webinar 105 for this.
(0:51) Peter - entry fields are defaulting to 25 em, where is this set. On the server - defaults tab is a new setting you can override this, and there are so many more, like "width"
(0:58) Ashley - login problems - using MS Sql - I have sessions that just hang, but I can access a log file ok. Bruce suggest a connection being lost.
(1:05) Rupert - how do I integrate mobile site with working desktop site? do I make one app or two. Bruce discusses the theory of mobile vs desktop.

226 28 Feb 2019 Link
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0:55 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

(0:04) Marc - Can you do a quick review on adding secure connection to a web service with web sockets? I cant get mine to work with TLS. Enjoy 5 mins of Bruce working out how to clear a browsers cache, this is interesting if you cant get your server to respond to a change in domain name. What to look for. A reminder on how to re install the performance control tab.  How to use the Netweb refresh function to allow a browse to refresh from a web socket. And how to invoke GZipAll, and why. To debug this, Bruce goes to nt-websockets.js, go to and add a console.log to debug your socket calls. VERY interesting tip. Bruce then adds a button to the server to invoke s_web.SetTableValue('mailboxes', clock()) to force the web socket to propagate the change to those listening to 'mailboxes'. AND then Bruce figures out Marc is using a desktop program - There is an issue where older OS's might not have TLS working, run OpenSsl.exe manually to see if you get an error "api-ms-win-crt-runtimel1-1-0.dll"
Note also not to use the NetTalk demo client BUT in Examples/Nettalk/WebSockets where there is a CLIENT folder to do this.

(0:35) Darin - Since upgrading from Nettalk 10.36 to 11.06. I have some tablets (Desktop) using Windows 10 version 1803 that will NOT connect to Internet, same applications running on win 10 ver 1803 all works fine. As with Marc, look for your TLS components, probably Visual Studio 2017 (x86) re distributable. (indeed it was.)

An interesting digression on how to debug communications with a server when it's only that specific server that doesn't want to work. See to hit your site. VERY interesting results on what ciphers are used and what ciphers are supported. Tested with NetTalk Demo.
225 21 Feb 2019 Link
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1:35 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

(0:01) Bijan - re landing page, for payments, Bruce suggested a NT Webpage on a memory form and store the values in session values.
(0:17) Roberto - Has a question on a landing page, what data is available upon receiving a post. via the p_web.get method. Specially a token Dashboard for a web , trying to centre the text,  Bruce created a custom.css example, have a look at css layouts with FLEX, at
(0:53) Wolfgang - has a Citrix question, How can I reliably identify my client program to the server when it runs under Citrix? WinEvent funtions ds_IsTermServer() = TRUE then ds_getUserName(), but the name is always the same.
(0:57) Jeff - has been building a pwa, during sync, data has been pushed up to the server, the browser was not updating. Its a bug fixed in 11-07, where a number was being used in the DCT but to the server it was being sent as a string, maybe since 11-05, so the server thought 'as' strings dont sync these fields. View the data types in the application pad of chrome.
(1:05) Jeff - I want a pwa for doctors, some data like the PHI (medical number) cannot remain on the device, as in the device's local database. Bruce discusses options.
(1:10) Jeff - if you put an image control on a tab, I cant set the image tag. In <Fields><display><Image> dont use a dct def like img:imageName, make it p_web.GSV(img:imageName) - But there is a bug, the file name as seen on the device only holds the path, not the filename as held in the table as img:imageName. Bruce shows how the off line device primes its fields in jquery-nt-ls.js (the ls means local storage)
(1:22) Jeff - problem with file uploading, the name of the file was not updating the display field. its the same problem, you are trying to update local data on the device, not the servers data.
(1:25) Jeff - now wants to filter his coin database, dont just show dollar coins, but in this date range, for this mint mark, ie filter across multiple columns on the browse. See doco at NetTalkApps.htm#ClientSideFiltering
(1:29) Bijan - please explain p_web.redirect - in netweb.clw see NetWebServer._redirect. Bruce discusses secure/insecure forcing to https:  - note if you put the protocol on as http: or https: it will be used, leaving it off triggers the automatic reposting. Goes on to comment on redirect 301 or 307
224 14 Feb 2019 Link
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0:44 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

(0:07) Mike H - has a barcode used as an id, and I want to pass several user generated to a server, as in the user might make a barcode with a comma in it as "123,abc"
(0:11) Mike S - How to determine the web browser that the user is logged into the site with? Yes, UserAgent as defined in NetWeb.Clw
(0:22) Ted - NTWS API server generating WSDSL, a REAL was being reported
as an INT
(0:25) Edvard - has a problem with øæå, Danish letters. If I rename a button to something like 'Læs', it shows l[something strange]s. How to do something about it?
There a couple of settings, in the server there is a setting "Advanced"  tab "Charset" = 'utf-8' which is the servers language, as in pages generated. But if Edvard names a button to display 'OK' or 'Læs', the create button routine takes this and its translated, so you must use ANSI characters.
(0:34) Dinko - is there a reliable way to display a pdf inside a media field of a form on Android
223 7 Feb 2019 Link
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0:41 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

(0:03) Brian - Technique for validating XML returned by the server.
(0:07) Jesper - Technique for validating HTML entered by users in Redactor etc.
(0:09) Kurt - Suggested fix for disabled browses does not seem to be working. Techniques to see if the changes have propagated to the browser.
(0:25) Jesper has continued problems with his header, how do I take my
html that something else generated and make it xHtml?  Technique for validating HTML entered by users in Redactor etc.
222 31 Jan 2019 Link
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2:21 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

(0:04 Mike) - How to have code call p_web.Script('window.location') for a report procedure to open in a new tab?
Bruce says use WindowOpen(URL, target) which offers a target, eg. p_web.WindowOpen('report1', '_blank')
(0:12) Michael - Customer moving site from cloud to office, can we have a page come up saying the site is down for maintenance. -- Go to PageHeader Tag, XHTML, and add something like <!-- Net:f:warning.htm -->  Then add the warning.htm to the web folder.
(0:13) Ashley - Can one stop the web server producing certs since I am using amazons elastic load balancer, upgrade to NT11 is forcing certs. Because the elb talks to "you" you can clear the "CA Account" settings
on the NT server.
(0:16) Ashley - I got an out of memory maloc, why? The server is 32 bit thus limited to the memory allocated (2G), every thread will have ram allocated to it. You might need to change the number of threads the server can open, and remember, when each thread is opened, it will have memory allocated to it for all your tables. On the advanced tab, look for Max Threads, normally set to 100, and how long are they open for? then look at the Session Timeout on the NT Servers "settings tab"
(0:27) Ashley - why do threads increase when sessions end?  Session deleting threads are spawned to delete a session, you will see lots of threads popup.
(0:32) Ted - A WSDL question. I cannot get a Dot Net (VB or C#) app to consume WSDL generated by NetTalk.
Have you tried SoapUI?  Bruce shows how to use SoapUI to test if the WSDL works.
(0:50) Version 11.05 is released, and Bruce discusses the changes.
(0:59) Victor - what source compare software do you use?
(1:00) Don - My CCS is not Showing up, Can you explain to me about the web Folder? Bruce generates an app and shows the folders it generates.
(1:09) John - when I have an API call that times out, eg client gives up, what happens?   It ends up as bits on the floor. Bruce then goes on to show how to generate an API which gives the client an idea of progress, and only fetches the result when it is ready. Good for API's that are going to take time to process.
(1:30) Bijan - needs to pull data from one system to a data warehouse. So use an api to control the data they get, when they want it. Bruce discusses a sync server, and issues. Bijan wants to change from tps tables, Bruce suggests do it in steps.
(1:39) Bijan - PWA questions
(1:49) Dinko - capture of a signature fails on the login form, but the NT example works. Send an example.
(1:56) Darin - How to redirect? calls to same domain to servers running on different ports? I have 8-12,000 sessions per day, some are big reports, how do I redirect from one port to another. Goes on about big databases and connections, Kevin talks about experiences syncing lots of users and millions of requests per day.
221 24 Jan 2019 Link
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0:55 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

(0:02)  There is an update of 11.05 tomorrow which requires StringTheory3
(0:050 Neil - A basic app captures orders with a report, I want the report to fire when the person goes to close the (popup) form, rather than have them use a print button.
In the Browse, there is a GotFocusBack routine when the form closes,  using p_web.script('ntd.push("blah,,,").  Don't forget you might want to do this on say insert mode, not change or delete. And on the browse, the print button on each line has a unique ID
(0:17) Dinko - how to show the report output in a field (like on Web13) with the signature field adjacent to it.
(0:23) Sukhendu - An old Web app (NT 8.41) giving "Error in site JavaScript". How to fix this? nothing has changed.
(0:28) Sukhendu - this is actually 2 apps, one desktop, one web, the desktop (in NT 10) makes a pdf for the server to serve. As they are both in the same location maybe the NTalk DLL is an issue as they are different for NT8 & NT10. Suggestion is to split the two apps into separate locations.
(0:36) Darin - Example 71, select say Australia, then click on DHL, then "Cancel" and select another country. I am not able to locate anything on my side and many many clients are beginning to complain.  Its a refresh bug.
(0:40) Michael - using web 26 file upload. there is a proc "HotImage", but I want text.
the image uses packet.SetValue(,,, p_web.CreateImage,,,) - so comment that line out and change the create image to HTML text like packet.SetValue(,,,"<br> HelloWorld")
(0:47) Pratik - A Cors setting. maybe X_Frame-Options setting, or Access control allow origin
220 17 Jan 2019 Link
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1:16 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

(0:01) Review of training at CIDC 2019, Noyantis, CapeSoft -
(0:04) 11.05 build has been delayed as it depends on string theory 3
(0:08) Mark D - has a problem with the menu, seems to show all menu options when going from screen to screen. Yes its a known bug, should be fixed in 11-06
(0:12) Michael T - Presenting large amounts of text intermixed with entry fields. Maybe have a display field, then pull some external html file in as <!-- Net:x:readme.htm -->
(0:18) Peter H - How to work an as per discussion on NetTalkCentral. Bruce shows two servers on one server for
(0:27) Brian - if you have XHtml then ensure you have the Allow xHTML in heading, or if you have "a" column fail not all columns, look for the "Allow xHTML in column". Bruce shows these characters are not allowed < > & ' " then shows a line of text will fail such as    I was at Brian O'Donnels house for < 5 minutes. 
(0:34) Olu - how can I change menu type depending on screen size. Eg. a taskpanel on desktop size and double-drop on mobile size. Put your CSS boots on.
(0:42) Edvard - I have problems with lookups on a full name. e.g a firstname & lastname.  Bruce shows how he has an extra field in the data table to hold both names.
(0:52) Carl - What would you do for addresses. Would you have to duplicate all the data in single columns ?
(1:03) Roberto - I'm trying to create a side menu, but I need different permissions for different users, I want to be able to add a permission that could change. Is it possible to bind a session variable so that I can use the variable  in a field for testing, so that I can change the validation at runtime? and use evaluate? Answer is NO. Bruce discusses ways to bind and evaluate variables such as evaluate( 'sessionlevel = p_web.GetSessionLevel()')

219 10 Jan 2019 Link
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1:19 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

(0:07) Mike S - a follow up on webinar 212 - I have a form on a form, a drop box sets and resets several checkboxes that are options. Once options are set by the user, the "new" value of the checkbox is not sent through. Add code to the "Value" routine of p_web.ntForm( var, value).
Bruce also shows how to set up say 5 variables to enable the save button.
(0:25) Mike H - how to wrap a browse in a form.
(0:28) Bruce tells there is a new String Theory coming out, that will be required for the next Net Talk release, 11-05
(0:32) Marc W - has a form, has overridden a TPS file's prop:name before the open, but I am not getting the expected data, its opening in the wrong folder. On the netwebform, the file is opening in the original (not overridden) location even though I have applied the prop:name override before the files are opened. - Go to ProcessLink, the incoming request, the tables are not open yet.
(0:37) Mike R - questions the checkboxes, setting the EIP to false.
(0:41) Mike R - questions how to make a form sizeable, what css is required?  Send me an example for next week.
(0:43) Mike R - some more funny things, how do you tell it what to print and what not to print. Look for a media query in netweb.css "@media print" and .nt-print-only{ } Eg, buttons dont print  (.ui-button{ })   and .nt-page-break{ } will control page breaks. So items can be set to ONLY print like doco, or only to NOT print, like buttons.
(0:50) Mike R - can you put a print button on a form to print it. See "JavaScript print"  - for a button, the OnCLick tab, onClick:[javascript]  type 'window.print();' Bruce shows how to put it on the header.
(0:54) Brian - Changed a few fields on a table, the FM3 comes up with the change (as expected) Bruce says try UPGView to view the UPG file.
(1:00) Michael - Security certificate problem. if its coming from a ip address like 50.123.etc you will get an error, but if you are coming from you will not.
(1:02) Wolfgang suggests, is your friend
(1:03) Wolfgang - A question about WebSockets. Since I install this MSFT runtime on the server-side, the server runs okay - on Windows 10 pro / home- but not on Server 2008 or 2012. Does anyone have any hint? There is a link, but don't copy the file from the link for other machines, hit the link from the server that needs it. Try that.
(1:08) Jesper - on a browse line - where is the conditional tab for the in-line buttons in NT 11 - Maybe not there. How do we have a button on a line that is conditionally not there. see CSS Class on the button try Choose(var=0, 'nt-hidden','')
BRUCE TIP - occasionally you should hit the "Reset to Defaults" option on tabs, if you have css errors.
(1:16) Ted - is there a way to have fields above a tab on a mem form ?   NO, but maybe use the sub header.

218 27 Dec 2018 Link
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1:39 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

(0:04) Mark - Hi Bruce I have some questions regarding nettalk 11 themes, firstly the submenus in nettalk 11 now open "below" rather than to the side, this is causing some issues. (you need to see this to get it)  Bruce indents the sub menus.
(0:16) Mark - Secondly what themes are compatible with nettalk 11 - a talk on the JQuery update from 1-10 to 1-12 which has an impact on the themes. A quick walk through jquery-ui.theme.css. a quick visit to themeroller.
(0:22) Roberto - Bruce, how do make content appear in a certain container or group. I'm trying to create a new layout for my web site where the left menu cannot "inform" the middle or right. - Bruce shows how to approach this from a different perspective, having a layout to start with that has a top menu and a left, middle and right panel, as in the
"Basic Layout" - which changes the problem that occurs when you hand code the html layout. This gets interesting with an explanation of the problems you might
encounter with left / middle / right
(0:42) Mike R - when is nettalk 11.05 out?  - Soon, I have problems.... NTLM
(0:45) Frank - how do I use lets encrypt to secure my own websites (non NT
(0:47) Wolfgang - Last week Bruce worked with Wolfgang to find the libcrypto-1_1.dll and libSSl-1_1.dll failed to load because the Visual Studio 2017 (x86) Redistributable failed to load, thus the dll's failed.
About WebSockets:  What is here the equivalent method of PageReceived ?,  net.ProcessMessage - Bruce continues with an explanation of how the sockets open and talk.
(0:58) Mike R - can we use nettalk 10 themes with nettalk 11 ?  No, you need to convert them.
(1:00) Kurt - I have an update on an issue we discussed last week - what went wrong.
(1:02 Donald - Reminder about Single Record Table question. Bruce goes through SyncmThisDev
(1:10) Mike - has an issue with a checkbox. Yes its do-able, but if you have to ask, then no. Bruce goes into it, adding a button that works with a browse on a page, but maybe you have multiple browses, and you don't want them all to respond.
(1:32) Marc - I want to control a conditional field - should I use a sessionValue? Yes.
(1:33) Marc - I have trouble of hiding fields, using session values that are set before the field needs to be hidden.

217 20 Dec 2018 Link
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1:33 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

(0:02) Kurt - Issues with Calendar template - and div vs table mode with browse
Bruce tells how a div has fixed widths, but that's adjustable, columns, buttons, and....
Test in table mode, then change to div mode. Html Method.
Mike Hanson chimes in with inefficient screen space.  Go Mike. Mike. Mike.  etc.
Bruce shows many places to change options for sizes.
(0:22) - how does a small screen work Vs a large screen.  Clarion Live - desktop vs mobile. Is your site "responsive"  its a thing....
(0:28) Ashley - MAPS - Flicker - I am getting "Error in JavaScript" on every menu item. it's just a flicker, but is annoying and unprofessional looking. The only thing that is different is that I am using maps on the site that this happens on. Is there a way to fix this?   
"NoJavascriptCheck" - If you have 'any' lines of JS that creates a problem, then this will
trigger this.  Its a test!  is there a file that does not exit? Interesting look into Login / Logout error issues - Don't do this...
(0:34) Brian - Same question as last week - CIDC like look for my news lines. And another form opening issue I'm having.  A CR LF is not being treating as I expected. Bruce shows Clarion Live and how to put a C/R in the Description. in a text field, if you use an editor like redactor, make sure you have it ticked on.
(0:39) - I have a big form, its about half the size it should be = Send an example........
(0:43) Mike Richards - if I want to do some batch processing, so if then dont go to that page, then.... So Bruce shows how to make a process. So how do I make it kick off at 10pm (whatever) then...  How to close off a thread in WebServer. even in the gracefull close.
(0:49) Roberto - in 11-04 there is a lot of problems with pop up screens opening in the top left corner.
(0:50) - I was looking at JScript for a phone number, it works initially but them when I enter a number it fails. Maybe GenerateForm?
(0:55) - In Clarion 11 the wider template screen and the refreshes is slower.
(0:57) - How to include a different menu in the program, and not have the CSS spill over.
(1:02) Mike again - its a plugin. Plugins, a drop down doesn't save?
(1:08) Edward - I would like to know more about WebServiceMethod login/logout. Some people can see the api documentation or the api - variations.
(1:17) Edward - Login allowing different procedures.
(1:18) Edward - Closing a thread when a program closes? No, Windows does not close ALL threads.
(1:22) Arnold - Jobs schedule app, how does the css fix the headers.
(1:23) Kurt - its not XML, if there is an ampersand in the "name" maybe
216 13 Dec 2018 Link
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1:56 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

(0:05) Brian- CSS question, I tried to make it like Bruce showed, with a news feature, but its a mess, help me.
(0:49) Edward - in the standard web service methods, there is a standard response queue
Is it possible to remove "ErrorPosition" and "ErrorRecordID" from the Web Service Response Queue?
(1:01) Bruce then shows how the service is shown during a print, and how it looks different, all done with CSS.
(1:11) Ashley - How to scrape a website from within a desktop app, they put data into the web form, then have to enter it again into the Clarion database. Also, can I use the desktop app to press the next button in the browser.
(1:17) Wolfgang - why both WebSockets examples (Web and Desktop) are not
working in Nettalk 11? [follow-up, because the VC 2018 redistributable was not installed on his machine.]
(1:27) Michael - Is there a way to use NT to capture the TCP data string sent from a 3rd party program to a device on the network, I have a sample exe from the supplier that tells the device to close a relay. It's called WireShark. (Or Fiddler)
(1:30) Arnold - has a Clarion error
(1:35) Donald - Mobile app - I want a 255 chr string in a put (idbWrite), for a device in the device table
(1:39) Greg - What is the best way to handle carriage return in multi line text messages. See LineEndings (in string theory) for Windows / Mac / Linux, and maybe UrlEncode
(1:45) Arnold has an assert issue in his app, needs AbcDefaults
215 22 Nov 2018
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1:07 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

0:00 Bruce discusses updates in 11.03 and 10.37 due to a leak when NetTalk uses Json.
(also update JFiles 1.72 - thanks Jane Flemming)
(0:07) John - In an API, I want to return a Queue in a Queue - Bruce thinks this should be a String Theory object, a good idea for a later build
(0:18) Don -  passing values to a form via JavaScript. About best practices, what if its a very long string.
(0:23) Mike H- Shows his toastmasters app looking to make a NT server version. Lots of "how to" ideas.
(0:49) Mike R - has a memory leak, one server has been up for 6 months, and another,,,,
(0:54) Bruce shows how to use multiple versions of Clarion.
214 15 Nov 2018 Link
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2:08 [Thanks to Ted for the show notes]

(0:05) Ted - Program flow calling a web service method with basic authentication
Bruce explained & suggested to set a value. p_web.setvalue('loginfailed') inside the
webhandler authenticate method , then check the value in the method at the top of primeparameters routine.
(0:29) Don issue with a setting form not displaying on a phone - looks like it maybe a template issue
(0:54) Brian question, browse filter locator . Using postgres backend not working .
(1:12) Nardus question - Re menu's not working , turns out web server was pointing to wrong .\web folder and styles were missing
(1:29) Bill is getting started with Net Talk , Bruce advised start with the book.
(1:30) Olu copy/paste into field in a NT Webpage. Bruce showed how to bind JavaScript to a field . And wrote some test JavaScript to paste into a field
(1:53) Rob single sign-in , via redirect , to a central login server, an does not want the redirected URL shown in the browser. Bruce suggested doing a post
(2:03) Roberto Dropdown control , with 26k+ items too slow. Bruce suggested to user a entry control file auto complete.
213 25 Oct 2018 Link
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1:01 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

NOTE: No User group webinar on Nov 1 or Nov 8.

(0:04) Edward - How to define a group in a web service method that includes a few text fields and a file. Using Example 77, a description of Json and XML showing a difference in the boundary for the the list.
(0:19) How to put comments in the Web Service Documentation
(0:22) How to add a disk file as a parameter to a WebService Method. eg an image. Use Parmeter Type FILE and  StringTheory object.
(0:31) Julia - My it-support wanted to limit used TLS levels only to 1.2  How to do it and what is your current recommendation for TLS levels? A visit to - getting an "A" or a "B" - showing IE7 on Vista cant get to you on 1.2, etc...
(0:40) Mike - will I be blacklisted for spam. In one of my web apps the user can send predefined emails using my email server.
(0:45) One of my users said the data they entered is gone, a web record, Is there a way around the "changed by another workstation" scenario?
(0:51) Frank - multi site question, can't find the domain.
212 18 Oct 2018 Link
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1:05 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

(0:03) Chuck - how to update a web form (1) subtitle after child form (2) closes.
(0:16) Mike R - a media control has the url of a pdf, but I want it to fill the height and width of the page. Bruce shows how to locate the div that holds the media's container.
Its set to 100% but its small - how to make it bigger.
(0:26) Kurt - Question on nettalk server hanging when running as a service, it appears some procedures will not work when running as a service, like the planner, but work when running as an exe. Bruce shows the service settings for things like Dependencies (SQL) & run as "this account" for printers or network drives. And why is there a lot of 404's, but that can be for an image not found, or if someone is probing your server, for say something.php
(0:39) Mike S - Change browse field background color when form button clicked - Need an example.
(0:41) Mike S - a form has 2 tabs, on tab1 there is a child form with a browse on it. When a new row is clicked, I want the data on tab2 to change.
(0:45) Mike R - has a follow up question
(0:50) Casey - How do I force the browser to display a tab (Rounded) that may be out of the visible area on a form? - Need an example.
(0:59) Orlando talk.  CDIC Rock Paper Scissors champion discloses he goes into training camp 1st Jan for the next event, John joins him in the red corner as his second, to pick up broken scissors, tattered paper and crumbled rock.

211 11 Oct 2018 Link
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0:54 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

(0:02) Conchi - Can I produce a slide show from a list of files from disk?  Bruce reads a directory for the slides showing how to rotate them on a timer.
(0:27) Mike - revisiting the custom css for evenly spacing a browse with edit in place, the entry field is set by "settings" "Defaults" "Browse" "Entry Default Width"
(0:31) Mike - In table mode - On browse boxes, the child, has [no] buttons.
(0:35) Mike - If you change an image on your server, it doesn't update on your browser.
(0:37) Kurt - revisiting an issue with calendar not refreshing correctly as shown in the demo he sent. Using a schedule date (loc:scheduleDate) to set the 3 months the screen shows, when you move "back" a few months, the loc:scheduleDate needs also to be updated as it controls (sets) the children.
(0:42) Mike - shows his screen 
210 4 Oct 2018 Link
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1:39 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

(0:03) Mike - I have a mem form that has a browse, how do I load local variables when row on browse is single clicked? - The CallClicked Routine, set a session Value from GetValue, like p_web.SSV('cusId', p_web.GetValue(cus:id))
(0:14) Ashley - doing an export from a browse that has a large tracking number that is formatted as scientific. Try ExcelExport.setCell()
(0:21) Edward - Could you show us how to make a website adjust to different screen size. Bruce shows in depth, things like use divs not tables, why, pinch-to-zoom, an in depth explanation.
(0:46) Edward - As your screen size reduces can you group the buttons together, you guessed it, custom css. Also Bruce shows that shows things like flex-flow.
(0:58) Edward - I have trouble finding where to put css code, Bruce gives some hints.
(1:01) Frank - How did you colour the buttons on your Eco Time site.
(1:03) Mike - A setHostValue question, they are not happening for me, but it works for Bruce.
(1:09) Mike - Use of gallery / carousel
(1:11) Mike - how to use AWS images on a gallery / carousel.
(1:14) Mike - how to use a button to insert a paragraph of text as they type.
(1:15) Don - Using Ftp GetRemoteFile, downloading 2 Text Files. The first file's data gets merged into the Second file
(1:20) Merle - Suggestions / recommendations for emails with PDF statement attached that have worked previously now blocked by Yahoo and Gmail with message 'Block for Policy Reasons' with a link to see DMARC email validation rules
(1:21) Marc - I have a browse that is launched from an index page button or from a drop down button. I am getting a difference in the contentbody_div depending on which launch is used.  Yep, its a bug.
(1:32) Mike - how do I delete the 3 dots from the date lookup button.
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1:19 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

(0:07)   10.35 build is up, tweaks and fixes.
(0:13) Mike - on build 10-20 something - Form a and form b - has a text field so when it opens the field is there. Question about text filed getting truncated depending on the length of previously viewed text... Update and Delete your state file
(0:16) Darin - has a browse with multiple inline buttons, the receiving proc needs to know what the param is asking, which button, what question. On General tab / On Click / Parameters or Action - the id of the calling browse will be set.
Use p_web.StoreValue('bruce') to set a value
(0:21) was trying to use the "button name" but it was not delivering anything. What is not intuitive?
(0:30) Bijan - URL shorteners, have you used any of them? No, creating unique URL's in the server app directly is both trivial to do, and desirable.
(0:42)  Darin - I have a problem with html in email, having erroneous errors. A long standing problem, could be a encoding issue.
(0:48) Jim - A big question, so I quote it.. If you don't have a domain, but you can still generate a certificate for the server.  Just set the domain name to the server name, like DAISY or whatever it is. No periods in the domain name The connection will be secure, but "untrusted". So the first time the tablet goes there they'll get a warning and need to add an exception to the browser.  But then the connection is still secure after that (although more subject to man-in-the-middle attacks.) -- I've been away from NTWS for quite awhile.  Are you referring to a certificate that I create?
Bruce goes on to show - chrome issues, firefox, unknown issuer. For chrome you have to issue your own cert.
0:58 - Thanks.  What about using the IP?  Do I need to first assign a domain to that?
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1:17 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

(0:01) - NetTalk 10.34 release.
(0:07) Mike R - I want a web server needs to get the variables from another web server using web sockets. So how do I get browser B talking to server B, that can show its data on the form being displayed on browser A that is connected to server A Bruce offers an alternative approach.
(0:14) Mike - when I have a desktop app showing server values, I am having trouble when I use a group
(0:20) Don has an example of frames
(0:23) Mike S - Quick question about Lets Encrypt certificate auto renewals
(0:26) Tim - has a question about credit card processing, I understand how to initiate the transaction, but I get lost after after that.  I don't understand how to call an external javascript/npm module to let them handle the credit card processing and get the response back.  Bruce - npm is server side java script, he then shows how the pay process flow works. see
Then Bruce takes a DEEP dive into it. Very interesting.
(0:44) Kurt - Can you explain how the timer variable works when it is set in the advanced section of a browse? For a log of actions, if you set the timer to 1 sec, then as your user pages down, they will get reset to the top every second. Could you let users change this?
(1:04) Peter - An email question, basic considerations, how to send many emails, how to organize the log of them.
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1:00  [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

(0:04) Kurt - I have a insert/update form with an option to send an email, using the Post-Insert and Post-Update embeds on the form where I send the email. When adding a record it doesn’t run when the save button is selected but will run the next time the record is opened.  It seems to work the same for an updated record where the send email option is selected during the update. Sounds like a session value.
(0:07) Mike - Asking advice on selling a service.
(0:12) Mike - New release, my parent / children browses are no longer aligned, see last weeks show, table vs div.
(0:13) Frank - multi-site question, do the client programs still have to be dll's? - you betchya.
(0:16) Rich -I have a 3rd party IIS machine that needs access to Net Talk services inside the lan. How do I secure access from a local web server in a DMZ to a server on the LAN running a NT webserver with web services?
(0:20) Casey - an update to Mike earlier, I license by update access user ID on the assumption that most organizations want to trace user changes.
(0:35) Paul - How do I return an array of strings from my SOAP server? - XML
(0:43) Johan - There is a missing "restore defaults" in Settings / Styles / Tables = sorry Johan.
(0:50) John - Twillio is posting a page to me, I want to see what its sending, in say debug view.
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1:03 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

(0:02) Darin - When using maps, how do you select an associated record in a browse (that is also on the form with the map), then "pop" up the description "bubble" for the selected location? (Without clicking on the map).  And/or change the description information in the marker queue then display the caption bubble? So, look in - but this will take a lot of time to resolve.
(0:13) Kurt - How to change spacing between parent and child browse when a child browse is assigned to be placed to the right of the parent browse? As of the last update it is now moved over to the right side of the window as opposed to being positioned immediately after the parent. Bruce shows - Look in the nt-child-grid
(0:23) Bijan - In mobile mode  - Upgrade notes - Browses and forms for mobile apps are now div based not table based.For Bijan a recent build of NT has changed his form, he has Span/Value comment checked on the form fields. After upgrading the prompts are
being centred on Mobile devices, not Left.Are you using table or div mode? - its a simple setting change. But Bruce goes on to discuss the issues with mobile "spacing" and how
table data is auto sized, but in div mode its not, a discussion of sizes, and more importantly, spaces between things.
(0:47) Bijan - Multi Site question. Where are dll's located ?  The exe is one folder and your site is in another folder, so where does the EXE look for dll's? ie the exe starts up and at sometime a dll call is made, its the exe that asks Windows to load the dll. It doesn't know that a dll in another folder (the site) is asking for a dll, you cant specify the dll is
somewhere else, the multi site exe will look into its own folder for the DLL.
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1:18 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

(0:01)  Bruce talks about build 10.31 and 10.32
(0:09) Mark - can you globally set all forms only to allow access to logged in users - Yes but don't.
(0:11) Flint - How do I create a secure server in NT10? I'm struggling to reconcile the way we did things in NT8 - Bruce discusses TLS settings with NT10 and summarizes why they are done that way now. Bruce goes on to show how to get NT10 tabs onto your server window from an old (NT8) version - regenerating template
settings. Then a talk on certificates, how to apply them, and the folders required. Domains that use a internet certificate and for local domains like for Bruce's machine "hulk". Also, what is the testing checkbox, how not to run out of lets encrypt certificates. - Where the hosts file is, how to set it. Plus MANY interesting in depth questions. Eg. if you click the "testing" check box, that deletes the existing certificates.
(1:03) Jesper - why do we have 2 buttons icons after date fields - On the buttons tab, date lookup button, notice it has some dots, delete it and it regenerates the new default.
(1:07) Flint - if I want to download 100 Meg, how do I do that. Does it stream to disk or bring it into memory. - Page is now a StringTheory object, but it does bring it into memory first.
(1:11) Flint - can I check if they have a license or something before I send it. Yes, its in _SendFile
(1:13) Brian - Date Picker, when you hover over the corners you get next/previous month - but should show anyway. Its a bug.
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1:00 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

(0:03) Mike - Filter question about case sensitivity and also matching keys on a 60k record file, making the key "NOCASE" took it from 10s of seconds to seconds. Can Bruce explain why?
(0:10) Ashley - has a form with text boxes and a map, I would like a button to print it. Bruce tells how he removed things like the menu buttons by using CSS media queries to make the printing of the map pretty. (.nt-noprint). Bruce goes on to show a form with two tabs, - Can we get the map on tab one, plus put the data from tab 2 under it. - Yes, using CSS.
(0:26) Peter - Can you have to much CSS ?
(0:32) Kurt - Re a calendar issue - no resolution
(0:37) Ashley continues.
(0:43) Paul - Loading from a string into Json -  I have a queue I want to send to my app. The web server part is working. I'd like an example of how to consume the result and put it into a queue. - Loading from a string into Json - Json.loadString(pReply)
(0:48) Ashley - has an error, ntmap is not a function - needs to run GzipAll.
(0:50) Kurt - returns with his calendar issue.
(0:53) Bijan - gets slapped for using a stop in debugging. But there is code not being shipped.
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1:08 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

(0:02) Bruce reviews builds. 10.27, 10.28, 10.29
(0:19) Rich - Need a little help sending email using Amazon SES, name difference between the site name and the certificate name - use "don't verify remote certificate common name"
(0:23) Carl - I declared a new class using NetWebClient instead of NetWebClient_  is that correct or incorrect?
(0:26) Bruce shows the new Clarion Live site
(0:32) Brian - Bruce, you like to use div instead of table, please explain.
(0:34) Robert - is there an example how to upload/download from/to google drive?
(0:40) Rich updates us on Amazon SES
(0:51) Kurt - has a calendar buttons issue that appears to work with topspeed files but not when the app is converted to sql
(0:53) Kurt - Calendar, date issue, how can I find where it inserts, what date was it.
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1:35 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

(0:02) Mike - Question about adding a Redactor plug in for font color.
(0:20) Mike - has a form, depending on an result (a session value) I want to go to a different proc. Bruce goes to SetFormAction and makes a link to Page1.htm and Page2.htm, then sets a test on GetSesionValue to determine it.
(0:27) Paul - is reading / scraping webpages on a site, but I and am having trouble when I encounter two 'redirections', a 302 and a 301 Moved Permanently
Bruce shows the OptionDontRedirect to see what is happening after the first redirect.
(0:46) Ashley - What does the Private checkbox do in Web Services ? - do not "advertise"
(0:47) Ashley - I am trying to upload 3 files, but I get many errors - due to the "file" being a string not a StringTheory object.
(0:53) Sukhendu - How to change the path of pdf files from web folder to some other folder - No ! its a security thing, you can do it, but don't.
(1:01) Sukhendu - General Clarion question, how do I set Release or Debug mode.
(1:03) Mike - My sever app is consuming memory, I think its SecWin, the Secwin login using memory tables, its generating many auto increment errors.
(1:10) Mark - If I do an export of a table to XML, numerics are causing an error. - Maybe forgot to add XFiles Globally.
(1:13) Mark - on the new logging system, where do you find the queries that take longer then 5 seconds
(1:15) Wolfgang - Question about Multi-Site-Host with multiple 443 secure ports simultaneously - Yes
(1:20) Johan - Making a local variable as a string theory object
(1:21) Paul - I've upgraded from NT 9.0 to the latest 10. Mobile is not quite the same. Looking for pointers.
(1:24) Bijan - HERE Maps are reducing costs at, whereas Google maps have gone up. Bijan claims their routes are very good.
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0:48 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

Unfortunately GotoWebinar had an Audio Outage for the first 30 mins, so the webinar was abandoned. A retry later worked, with a small group of attendees.

(0:01) Mike - the longer my web server runs, the more memory it uses up.
(0:04) Mike - I have a problem with auto incrementing keys in SQL, Bruce discusses critical sections, and how to implement them in the server.
(0:18) Bram - I have a popup form, when I hit the cross instead of the cancel button I get a different result. - Its an auto increment issue, the auto number has already been done, there is already a blank record.
(0:22) Bruce shows us his homework, a web site for Clarion Live using divs
(0:38) Donald - with a disconnected "javascript" app I want to access the local storage, indexedDB. After making the app in Phonegap, I loose the information on my index page when it first opens.
200 12 July 2018 Link
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1:22 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

0:04 Bijan - Query re multi host NT Web Server using wild card certificates. Bruce, the server entries in the example app need to be deleted.
(0:18) Kurt - I have questions about a planner window based on the NetYear template.  Is it possible that when the navigation button are selected that the left and right side don't both update, only one, instead of all the data being reset, to speed it up. Bruce sees that a BUFFER command  would speed the process up.
(0:31) Bruce goes on to show the difference between a server side filter and a local filter, and case sensitivity in the key. Also, remember there is a server setting of "send filter, Order to DebugView" which sends the filter to Debug View.
(0:36) Kurt asks about making the date visible when scrolling.
(0:47) Rene - Browse contains string fields, position the string left or right justified depending on where it comes from in the database. On the css tab put something in the "contents" & "cell" to see where that shows, make a local variable, set it to 'RightJustify'
(0:54) a question on wrapping, as with nt-nowrap, or for a header that says "Receipt Number" you can use "Receipt<br/>Number"
(0:580 Bram - How can I hide the delete button (conditionally) on a form?  Net:Web:DeleteButton
(1:02) Bruce shows a new feature "rubber band" selection on a browse.
(1:14) Johan - has an email question on upgrading code from old NT to NT10.
(1:24) Rene - Can I use String Theory in a global way.
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0:59 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

(0:02) Ted - intermittently I get a bug where, I have a login screen that does not submit, and the only thing I can do is to wizard up a new app and txa all my procs into it.
Its probably the session is being lost when you restart the server.
(0:19) Rick = Lets encrypt question, if I have other sites not being run by Net Talk, a discussion on how you can get a SSL certificate for any of them, If you can receive the response from lets encrypt. ie the certificate is not bound to Net Talk, in fact Net Talk can request a certificate for your IIS server. Sometimes IIS serves its certificates out of Certificate Manager, and you will need Cryptonite to import the certificate into that.
(0:31) Donald - please go over disconnected web servers / apps and the single record table and how it is implemented? 
(0:43) Walter - please run through SecWin, web51,  so you've given some users some rights on the desktop, how do I do this on the web?
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1:28 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

(0:01) Bruce discusses build 10.25, email and maps mainly, browse scroll bars, WebHandler object name automatically renamed to be p_web
(0:11) Ted - a question on email (fix of regression) in 10.24.
(0:12) Mike - I have one user who successfully logs in, but not displaying the next form, it goes back to the login form. Bruce expects cookies and shows how to use the server log to test this.
(0:18) Donald - Has a question about displaying an empty row in a browse, how to see a parent with no children.
(0:24) Wolfgang - how to pause service errors in a service method. - see AddServiceError, Bruce shows how.
(0:28) Ted - A question of timers on a server to cater for a very long process
(0:36) David - I have a CSS question, how to work with a web developer, what CSS do I give them.  Hint - How to NOT include custom CSS in a theme so it is shipped separately and thus is accessible. Also maybe a custom themes. Bruce shows how (in CSS) to make a custom color for individual pages.
(0:50) David - How do I enable them to upload the new CSS, and even the images on the page. Donald shows how to serve a static page with net talk components.
(1:21) Kevin asks about the NetTalkCentral site.
197 14 June 2018 Link
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1:24 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

(0:01) Version 10.24 goes live, taking care of a few regressions, and ability to set default entry fields width.
(0:13) Mike - I want a button on a form to run code and then call another form. How do I do it?  Really interesting debug when Bruce tries a redirect from the server, but when that fails to work, tried a p_web.windowOpen, but realized it should be
(0:23) Darin - My customers want scroll bars on the browses instead of buttons on the bottom of the list. Maybe CSS? Bruce does CSS without a net. Also see 0:50 for an update of hiding the scrollbar.
(0:33) Rich - Needs to process JSON queue within a queue in and out of service. Oh Joy!
An interesting talk about Json doing a queue within a queue
(0:40) Darin - Creating new sprites with associated CSS, a question on those little icon images for buttons, Bruce shows how to pull one from the png of 100 icons and how to create your own.
(0:50) Marc - Best way to adjust the width of the top level header to match what by body builds? Bruce shows in CSS, how to use flex, and shows the Flexbox site.
(1:03) Marc - Host values on the server are slowing down. A follow on from last week. A suggestion is _connection.NotifyEvent
(1:14) Don - has a tip for a tool to scan your site -
(1:18) Brian - can you help me with a webservice. Bruce shows some old shows that explain the basics on getting started.
196 7 June 2018 Link
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1:23 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

(0:02) Bruce announces 10.22 - What's new ? potential problems when upgrading - if you use a div name in a parent child table form situation - and multi-dll apps, and email.
You can now see errors as p_web Error, Errorcode, FileError and  FileErrorCode.
(0:23) John - has a example of making a "card" that needed to call a form, should be easy..
Bruce shows how to make a browse show not a vertical list, but a horizontal list (of cards)  and put your custom CSS boots on.
(0:55) Ted - has a web server receiving a group as a parameter when using a web service, I can see the group arrive at the server, but can't access the group.
(1:02) marc - a question on web sockets, responses are initially good, then lag up to 30 seconds. If I disconnect my client then reconnect, they happen quickly again.  Bruce goes fishing through the code on a hunch.
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1:26 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

(0:03) Graham - updating a C6 to C10 - if you wizard a new app, you will see the parameter list that the new generation will build. But maybe you don't want the prototypes.
(0:05) Bruce talks about the updated email class that coming out soon. Strings must now be converted to use string theory
Eg. self.WholeMessage  can be replaced with  self.WholeMessageST.GetValue()  - There is also an update for stringTheory - IsAscii
(0:11) Nardus - has a Quick Books problem, similar to a Friday show using oAuth using Dropbox. In the oAuth example - Bruce shows the construction of the redirection URL.
If we look at the redirection, how do we build the url when testing on local host. When you use oAuth for (say) Dropbox, you have to register the url with them.
For a local host on port 88 the problem is here, as localhost on http,
loc:oautParms:Dropbox.pRedirectURL = http:// & clip( p_web.RequestHost ) & ':88/' & 'OAuthLoginWeb'
Bruce continues to show how to debug this.
(0:29) Johan - Hi Bruce , would love some tips or how to handle filter strings? Hoping there are easier ways to do it than I am doing it currently.  = NO
Bruce shows how to use a variable for the filter, and shows how to construct a more complex filter.
(0:37) Ted asks if the filter needs to be BINDed. Bruce explains why not.
(0:40) John - on a form, I have a cancel and a save. I want to remove the buttons and just save. Bruce suggest saving each field to the server as they are entered
(0:53) Marc - How about a tip on sending a notify from a login form to the webserver (main frame) so it can send a broadcast message. Also - reference to strings across threads = danger
I want a p_web.RequestData.WebServer.NotifyMe
Bruce shows how to derive a new class in the WebServer to do this.
Dangers of working in the WebServer as it is not threaded, but can be called from other threads.
And take care with critical sections within the WebServer.
Interesting point to notice. Incoming packets require a window, but outgoing packets do NOT need a window.
(1:13) on a browse I have some items on the top line and more on the second line. I want to take some items away when in mobile mode.  Use loc:columns in span columns
(1:14) Robert - Is there a method in net talk to use Microsoft Exchange for email? Its not a SMTP or IMAP.  There is a lot of info on the web on how to connect various devices to Microsoft Exchange. But not the protocol.
(1:20) Darin - What is the best way to keep a site from timing out when, I have two sites, where I login to site 1 then access site 2 via site 1. As long as I am active on site 2 I do not want Site 1 timing out.
Bruce shows how to embed a resource found on site 1 in the page header of site 2, this will keep the connection alive, as long as request periodically arrive on site 2.
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1:46 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

(0:01) Weather around the world
(0:06) Kurt  - Schedule - the planner not displaying correctly when the resolution is very high and Enlarged Text is active (150%). The text shows over the boxes, looks bad. Yes, its a bug....
(0:12) Johan - I loaded an upload button on a form but no action. BUT what triggers the start and stop buttons?
(0:14) Bruce - 10.22 build - on generate js - hints for the latest build.
(0:18) Darin - When the only allow 1 upload is ticked, what enables the end user to upload again?
(0:19) Johan - I dont see all those options at the bottom of the upload settings tab?  add/start/clear/remove etc..
(0:20) John - quips in.... updating avatars.  don't show the box of images.
(0:27) Ashley - I am using a queue for a map and the points are not showing. This is a bug, lets fix it. [fixed for the 10.22 build]
(0:49) Ashley - Is routing available in web maps? (no not yet.)
(0:50) Ashely - I am missing the icon for the upper menu on my map.
(0:54) Ashley - how do I print what I see ?
(1:03) Bruce on Selectors, css
(1:05) Johan - would these css class' be settable sometime or is NT working reliant on that these classes are used? eg. these appear to be hardcoded and not template options.   look in <styles><browses><tables>
(1:08) John is getting weird requests on his web server. John vs the internet.......... GetSessionIp()  lets go for it.. log the internet.
(1:17) John - AWS time - when is their time.  The world is a BIG place, and everyone has a time zone.
1:22 Kevin discusses deep learning with deeplens and aws offerings.
193 17 May 2018 Link
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1:00 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

(0:02) Rich - With web services, for JSON parameters and returns is it possible to eliminate the record boundary? Bruce will tweek jFiles to make it happen.
(0:08) Ted - has a customer who wants an api where there is a hyphen in the name
(0:11) Wolfgang - Re websockets, some pages updating a page with live sports results, how, Bruce shows the example for web sockets (82). Wolfgang asks about secure and insecure sockets coming from Net Talk 9
(0:36) Marc - I need a discussion on the server side of a web socket server. What is the best approach when the server finds something to send to a client? Bruce explains Host Values, SetHostValue
(0:42) - you can send anything, see s_web.SetHostValue('the time is', clock()) and s_web.WebSocketServer.SendText(socketId, Text)
(0:48) Wolfgang - Can a SOAP-API-Server/Client combo use Websockets also? Like sending a message about "maintenance downtime of 20 Minutes- please log off" like the old NetAuto?
(0:52) Don - has a demo to show, a Clarion "Apple Certificates Generator", Don did not want to buy an apple pc to make his apple p12 file etc, so he wrote an app in Clarion to do it all for him, ask nicely and Don will share this with us see
192 10 May Link
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1:50 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

(0:04) Kurt - Re the Planner object, the header of the calendar is very  small, cant see the dates. And how do I make a drag and drop to copy an item. ALSO - how to lose the date lookup button having dots  "..-"
(0:18) Mike - An IDE question - How to find the code for a declaration?  Bruce shows how to find something using the redirection search.
(0:23) Mike - How do I tell the app to use Mike.INC - how to add an INC file to the APP
(0:30) Don - How to make a desktop app that is responsive in all sizes of device, layout tips. JS vs CSS.
(0:42) Rich - How to use a JSON string as an input parameter to a web service. Make sure of prefixes and being case sensitive.
(0:54) Rich - What is the "Generate List Boundary Tag"
(0:56) Rich - net.setAccept('json')   net.SetContentType('json')
(0:59) Pratik - I have a server with multiple databases for multiple clients. Where would be the best place to force a specific response when an app's database is busy/not available
In Web server - Start new thread - If condition, then send a 503 error.
(1:07) Alejandro - Browse called from menu not working in Table mode.
(1:13) Alejandro - On a form, I have a pdf, but it does not show.
(1:30) Alejandro - I have a lookup on an alias table of Products. Use Description not value does not work - is missing a key on the description field.
(1:40) Nardus - I have a browse based on a table (SQL view). But when user clicks on delete I want to delete an entry in a different table (the actual SQL table not the View).
191 3 May Link
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1:20 [Thanks to Ted for the show notes]

(0:03)  Mike , Multi-site, multi connections not working, turns out port 443 - was not setup to port forwarding - Bruce showed multi host setup screen enhancements, the acme host
entry is now removed for Multi-Site hosts.
(0:20)  Roberto, re LetsEncrypt wild card certificates, support for these is planned, but will require a different Domain Validation technique.
(0:28)  John re abbreviate, NTWS uses approx 50 chrs , before chopping off the txt and displaying - more. Also question , jQuery on button click event
(0:38) Roberto, re thread pooling and what is a good number to set thread pooling to, refer max thread that you server is running at.
(0:??) Roberto - Question re compiling app in lib mode, not recommended, at the end of the day you are still going to have other dll's required by NT.
(0:53), Nardus, re dates not displaying, correctly .
    SECWIN . not logging in , suggest make sure delete session on logout is not turned on.
(1:02)  Darin - would like a separate URL template entry for Select and Cancel buttons on Browse in select mode. (added in build 10.21). 
(1:16)  Ted, running NTWS as service using SelfService , recommend referring  to SelfService documentation for common setting and faults, recommend running service as specific user account
190 26 April Link
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1:40 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

(0:04) Johan - what can you do or not do with a NetWebSource - its important to understand what is a available from the list - a page - cannot be on another page.
- a control, which can be called by a form, like calendar, it CAN be on another page.
- a NetWebSource can only be included on a page. Use of a mem-Form, which is a container. A new item in version 10-20 "File Tag" which pulls in a block of html
(0:18) Johan - can I have rotating content, like for advertising.
(0:22) Mike S - has a multi host, was going to use Lets Encrypt, but the folder I expected did not work.
(0:30) Mike T - Still having problem with getting an image to refresh when I do a file upload of the image file.
(0:33) Rob - One of my apps that redirects (a Net Talk Server) incoming requests has been flagged by the security folks as allowing possible cross-site scripting.  Try a redirect with a 301
(0:41) Don - I have a question about a popup login form and refreshing the body
(0:43) Don - update on the use of roadside cameras, found a way of using an i frame
Bruce looks at the code, review the submit( ) of the form. - use JQuery remove  ie submit( ).remove( )
(0:50) Don - back to the login issue,
(0:53) Nardus - Just wanted to know if you had time to look at my Maps problem?
(0:59) Mark - I have a login page with a drop control. When I change the select, the page refresh fires but the drop list goes empty. The list is populated based on the contents of another entry field on the form. 
(1:11) Mark R - easiest way to discard *.php requests by bad people - do we put it in the Web Server at the cost of other threads, or the Handler, where we already filter out .exe etc.
(1:21) Darin - Can you change the text on the Insert, Change, Delete buttons of a browse at the procedure level not globally. Try = 'Add Invoice'
(1:29) Andrew - Is there a sample site out there with a net talk app I can see to see how things work?

189 19 April 2018 Link
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1:40 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

(0:07) Darin - Struggling with basic flow?  An explanation of how the basics of a table and form work on the net talk server. A walk through Debugview to see how a parent and child browse communicate. ie when a parent table is clicked, what events get triggered to tell the child to update. - Variables, scope, and how they work.
(0:46) Casey - A new problem for me. Getting the error 10013 trying to use port 80, unable to listen on tcp port 80, permission denied. is it the Firewall ?  What do you look for?
(0:58) Michael - Should I use a NetWeb Service Method instead of a Source procedure?
(1:04) John - problems uploading an image. What is the mechanism of saving an image from a form to a blob? and in change mode, how do we serve it? When is a blob not a blob. And saving an image to disk when the form is saved. - Images, why are they so hard to deal with?  Why cant I see my image when I upload it (refresh) (save to disk) etc.
(1:25) Darin - I am having similar problem, with changing image, viewing it before saving.  (in change mode)
(1:28) John - Disconnected desktop - some users might have access to more tables than others. How do I limit some and not others.
(1:30) Ted - J Files - Groups and arrays, Ted has a queue of queues, and grandchildren, ie a q of q's of q's   - issues?  it sounds so straight forward.... ahem.. Take care to ensure dispose.
(1:39) Kevin - re J Files, can I change a json type from an array to a group, ie I build a collection of json objects based on views, even though there is only one record.
But the client sees a table or a view or a queue as an array "[ { x } ]", where they demand a group with "{ x }" boundary.  Yes there is a json.SetType(json:object)
188 12 April 2018 Link
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1:47 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

(0:05) Don - Has a web site that shows a video, And can I bypass the login ? can I embed this web site into another? Yes on the form of the second site, you will have a field of type "Media"  But it turns out a question of iFrames.
(0:36) Kurt - (revisit) Hi Bruce, Checking in on the status of the issue with the Planner and Login form not working when "combine files" is on.
(0:39) Nardus - I Added Map on tab on a form and the form is not  displaying correctly. When tabs do not look like tabs.
(0:44) Nardus - where do I set the app id for the maps
(0:47) Alejandro - When I go to a form from a browse from a double click, I get record not found, but I can use the change button and the record is found and shows in the form.
(1:00) Alejandro - has a login problem, could be a cookie
(1:06) Mike - Can you talk about basic authentication.
(1:16) Mike - I have a page, I want to put a map on it and have the initial location
(1:23) Peter - How do you use the 'new' authenticate method if the user logs in with a customer no in addition to user and password? (multi-tenant app)
(1:25) Johan - A discussion on values and session values, StoreValue, session Q
(1:32) Johan - A discussion on local variables
(1:35) Johan - SMS - how do I get the response from the person I sent the sms to?
187 29 March 2018 Link
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2:09 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

(0:03) Michael - I am trying to understand more about NT Server, I have questions about the parameters in p_web.Message() - like message class & send
(0:15) Michael - How do I stop the red error on the top of a message? - On a form, there is a setting "Show invalid message on top of form"
(0:17) Tim - I have a NT server - I want to query an api on another web server, get the results back and display them to the user. I don't know where to start to do this.
(0:22) Tim - If I build a memory table, how do I kill it? - In WebHandler NotifyDeleteSession use self.SessionID
(0:24) Mike - A question about settings in Multi Host, settings using XML, settings tab, settings ini, are they for the host or the DLL
(0:31) Mike - Multi Host and Lets encrypt, "Bind to ip address" one for www.capesoft, one for
(0:36) Darin - Where can I put code when a session ends? Like Tim above, its in WebHandler NotifyDeleteSession
(0:38) Darin - was using a session value in a header in the XHTML to bold some text. Eg <b>Some text</b>
Bruce's tip, the difference between <<b> vs <0b>  and for Darin, dont use <!-- net:s:darin --> which shows the "<b>" on the page as its ascii is converted - so use <!-- net:x:darin --> instead
(0:48) Bruce shows how to put this on a form, use the Display Tab - set Display drop to SessionValue, not Text. and click on Allow XHTML
(0:50) Darin - what if I want to embed a PDF or a video from youtube (use the YouTube Tab on the form)
(0:54) Darin - has a question on multiple divisions on a page - there is a Basic layout for "top", "on left", "on right" or on both.
(0:59) Darin - Tiny MCE, how do I override the init method. Bruce shows how to put your code before the parent method.
Bruce shows how to edit NetWebServerWorkerBase._TinyMCEInit / p_web._TinyMCEInit  - CustomOptions - use Spanish
(1:06) Mark - was wondering about the performance tab, it tells you how many processes take longer then 5 seconds, is there a way to find out which ones they are?
Bruce shows how to add a log entry to PerfEndThreadTime in the handler, self.AddLog('Slow Request' & t & self.WholeURl
(1:15) Mike - question on showing the performance tab - its showing zeros
(1:19) Kevin - how do I get more information to know what parameters were sent with the request that slowed the report down to 5 seconds? Eg Report1/2000-2018/AllCustomers/etc - Its Requestdata.DataString
(1:24) Casey - The responsive CSS works well in the FireFox device simulator but only displays full width in actual Android phones and Iphone. Any way to force the device browser to display with fewer pixels and use the CSS for narrow width? = YES = On General "WebAPps" tab use the "Turn off Pinch-to-zoom"
(1:27) Nardus - Using variable for a Heading on a form and adding code to the Heading Routine displays wrong heading before displaying correct heading.
(1:34) Robert - With Hotdates example, there is a workaround to update username when you select on vertical week and day planner? - It needs a tweak.
(1:37) Greg - Is there an example app which uses the carousel? - Bruce shows Web26
(1:47) Mike - I am not a robot. How can we use it.
(1:51) Mike - Graphs - how to use them with a server.
(1:55) Mike - Maps, my example shows me in the ocean west of Africa. Its showing co-ordinates 0 North & 0 East, which is in the ocean.
186 22 March 2018 Link
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1:51 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

(0:04) Keith - how do I add a JavaScript countdown timer, "12 days 14hrs
28mins 52secs" as per
Bruce shows how to take the example from w3Schools and how to add your own custom JavaScript file in your NT server, ie how to add a js function.
(0:34) Darin - how to add a background image to a page, or to a form, or the global settings for ALL forms.
(0:44) Nardus - How do I change the green bar effect.
(0:46) Nardus - I have EIP on a browse, but when the text box is disabled it is not shown as disabled - try using the "EIP Condition"
(0:500 Nardus - What is the status of a Tree control
(0:52_ Nardus - a bug with an intermittent filter ? Getting no records.
(0:55) Michael - on Validate Update - when I send a message to the user, using DO SendMessage, the font size of the screen changes, slightly larger.
(0:58) Greg - an email question - AOL is giving an error -69 - SSL - try ticking the Dont verify remote certificate with ca root / common name options. ooks like they changed their certificate recently, and the person who signed that certificate is not on our list - CaRoot.Pem. Bruce shows how to update your CaRoot.Pem, and how to get the list from
(1:06) Roberto - Lets Encrypt - how can I update a lets encrypt certificate if my site is working on say port 16000 using https.?
(1:21) Roberto - on a popup form, people can click a button multiple times.
(1:22) Kurt - having a problem with the Planner window where adding an appointment window doesn't open when selecting a date cell for a project.
(1:24) Rick - Net talk / secwin, how to get the password. Bruce discusses the problem of authenticating a client with the server and how to make a public / private key, and what the conversation would look like.
(1:36) Nardus - If hiding a field with last on line is set, sequence of  fields is out of order
(1:38) Brian - Could you explain where I put code to capture the auto increment number?  (1:41) Review of NetTalk 10-19 - NetDrive class - What if you want to send
a report straight to the cloud, say OneDrive / Dropbox. = COOL
185 8 March 2018 Link
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2:12 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

(0:07) Bruce shows NetTalk build 10.18
(0:08) Oauth Client_Credentials grant type added.
(0:12) How to repopulate Settings Control template.
(0:15) How to make a website never fall back to http from https - Strict Transport Security
(0:17) Bruce rants explains why falling back to HTTP is so terrible.
(0:23) Chuck - Login with password on a URL is bad form, sending your login (password) in text file using a https POST is better.
(0:33) Pete - Basic explanation of how to talk to a server, Example 77, ref webinar 300, 302, 304 showing how web services work. How to extract data from PageReceived.
(0:51) Richard - has a login form, when it fails the message is in red, can we change the colour for success or failed ?
(1:05) Jeff - how to use Net Talk server to get a LetsEncrypt certificate for the IIS server, where he has 2 servers
  IIS secure port 444 -
   NT secure port 443 -
   NT / IIS insecure port 80
This includes a look at Windows certificate manager,  and will be in the 10.19build
(1:12) Roberto - has moved over to SQL 2017 - error (Lock request time out period exceeded) etc. A discussion on driver strings, MARS, Number of retries, use of Sql
driver string builder in the DCT to set options.
(1:29) Donald - using threaded global variables as a file path and using them in a Multi-DLL solution - putting file names in your DCT as Global variables
(1:38) Mike - has a bug when using Twillio
(1:42) Alejandro - xFiles question - how to read in a text dump of a DCT
(1:51) John - has a compile error with the maps, with legacy.
(2:03) Lisa - with send mail I have 2 attachments, but only the second one is sent. Semi colon error - use a comma. Thanks Ted...
184 1 March 2018 Link
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1:27 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

0:01 Bruce discusses NT build 10.17  
0:08 Kurt - With a map route, is it possible to put that image in a process that emails it without bringing up the map?
0:20 David S - Do you have a webinar your can refer me to, to demonstrate how to create a mobile application from nettalk.
0:34 Kurt - I have a customer who enlarges their text by 175%. It really makes nettalk screens look ugly and hard to work with. Any way to handle that so the screens are still readable?
0:38 Kurt - can you adjust the cell width? - Yes
0:46 Kurt - Can you change the cell size ? - Yes
0:55 Kurt - more changes
1:01 Ted - is there an example of a NT webservice using basic authentication, ie user & password base64 encode in header ?
1:09 - explanation of authentication
1:11 Nardus - Progress control not updating if the source procedure calls another source procedure
1:21 Ashley - how can one select the entire text in a field when selected ? - its JScript, and its browser dependent, so beware.
183 22 Feb 2018 Link
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1:32 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

(0:03) Dinko - Multi host site, mine GPF's - set the web handler name in the prototype.
(0:28) Wolfgang - what is the sequence of resolving server-urls, a local symbolic name (like HULK) or an ip address.
(0:35) Wolfgang - really, "What is a proxy" ?  IE had a setting of use a proxy, but I have a self signed certificate and it did not work, until I turned the IE setting OFF. The Net Talk client has a setting "Can use proxy server" and it will read the IE proxy settings.
Bruce shows the principal of a proxy, showing how to avoid the proxy denying the client as the proxy does not understand the self signed certificate.
(0:46) Paul - Site scraping, there is one site I cannot get past the login, I have traced in Fiddler but can't see what the problem is. There is a large hidden field being returned on the form with an under bar, which is being changed by Url Encoding.
(1:00) Paul - can the fields being returned as parameters be longer than 255 chrs.
(1:07) Ashley - Is there a way to display a image after it has been downloaded? maybe content disposition = inline
(1:10) Donald - File upload of server as an exe vs as a dll in multi host, is different, as a dll the path of the image is different to when as an exe. MakeWebRelative setting looks to be using the host path, not the dll path.
(1:15) Donald - Acme 2.0 is coming.
(1:17) Kurt - I'm using the Horizontal Planner (from the demo Web12) - for me the form to update the assignment record is not getting called.   Bruce debugs in the browser to see if the form gets called from the calendar click.
182 15 Feb 2018 Link
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2:10 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

(0:01) Review of updates in the Net Talk 10.16 build.
(0:34) Stan - on a form how do I make two columns - use "Last on Line"
(0:39) Kurt - My customer wants to be able to do drag and drop from an employee list
(0:45) Kurt - Could you explain how to resolve the Update of Web Folder Required error? - was a browser holding old version
(0:56) Mike - How could you process a "do not contact me" link in an email so the NT database for that person is updated to flag it for no future emails?
(1:00) Jeff - When a form changes, how can I trap that in a parent proc like a browse.
Bruce shows how the option "Send stage to Debug View" and walks through the debug trace to show when a proc calls another proc. finding the event=gainfocus, plus other enhancements
(1:41) Michael - how do I monitor the performance of the WebServer "Performance tab" when its a service ?
(1:46) Michael - my server is running out of memory, how do I find where it is.
(1:56) Bijan - question on performance tab, why does it work in debug, and not in web.
(2:03) Ted - re webservices, are there embed points prior to the creating the json that would get returned, to 'setcolumnType('xxxxxx') = jf:Reference.
How to generate more embed points, as only a minimal amount are generated by default.
181 8 Feb 2018 Link
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1:16 [Thanks to Ted for the show notes]

(0:05) Nardus Question re inserting images onto Tab headings and text and colors,
(0:17) Ashley, Question re Dashboards, and tree control with check boxes. - coming in the future
(0:24) Mike , Question re saving the form record prior to user clicking Ok.
(0:30) Kurt, Question re sorting and locators
(0:36) Ashley, Question Re login page which times out when the session ends.
(0:43) Nardus, Question re reports with a busy indictor , bruce suggested to use a progress control
(0:49) Vincent, question re Certificates,seems there is max limit of ten (10) [bumped to 100 in build 10.16 and later.]
(1:00) Kurt, question re custom and default column sorting
(1:15) Ted Question Re Jfiles example
180 1 Feb 2018 Link
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1:00 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

(0:03) Michael - More questions about using the file upload, the required tick box does not appear to work. - Oh yes it does
(0:08) Michael - a questions about validation, if a condition exists, then don't show some fields on the form.
(0:13) Michael - can I save the form before the save button is pressed?
(0:20) Greg - I am logged in, I see my menu, but my menu doesn't contract when I log out, until I repeat the logout.
(0:29) Mark - Question around a credit card submission in a desktop app with callback URL. See the OAuthDemo app as an example. I need help with EventNavigateComplete2 to intercept something being sent to a url that I name in my app.
(0:41) Casey - My email send functions have stopped working, when I debugged I see I am not getting any error in results.
(0:55) Kurt - I can't login with an iPhone, even with the app set to desktop mode.
179 26 Jan 2018 Link
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1:30 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

(0:01) Happy Australia day edition.
(0:04) Michael T - a question on renaming a file when its uploaded. A look at
(0:28) Kurt - filtering browses on non-sort fields.
(0:41) Kurt - an issue sending email - did you ship the dlls or ca root file ?
(0:43) - error time out 53 - look at your firewall, or on Amazon, your security group or firewall in Amazon.
(0:50) Donald - How does open form as Popup conditionally work ? Regarding running "responsive" site on small screens. Say =< 600px. - pop width setting - a look into css, netweb.css to make your custom.css
(1:00) Kurt - With my Login window (using the default one), it works fine on a desktop or tablet but on an iPhone the Login button is missing. looks like the app has jumped into JQuery mobile mode
(1:03) Ted - has an interesting issue with an Hondas api server, how to resolve an error that they send - a real world example...
(1:18) Brad - Is there a way to format a date that is exported from a Browse to XML, using the standard Export button - Y-M-D format ?
(1:28) Kevin - when traffic becomes large on Amazon, how do we deal with it, an interesting look at load balancing.
178 18 Jan 2018 Link
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1:21 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

(0:03) Michael T - Wants a button on a browse to allow person to register for a course, if they have already then you stop them on the form. Bruce says no, have you had kids Mike?  Don't put the chocolate on the table in the first place. ie its better to not show them in the first place.  Bruce suggests having two buttons (register & Cant register) in the same cell and use nt-hidden to hide one of the buttons.
(0:15) Mike R - problem with the latest Firefox 57.4 fires off a report twice - Sure does, I will look into it.
(0:20) Sukhendu - Lets encrypt,  will it really renew itself with 30 days to go? - Yes, but check the first time to be sure.
(0:24) Casey - From last week. How to control last on line condition with browser width. See @media (max-width: 640px)
(0:46) David P - has compile errors after updating to 10-15 with legacy code. Due to there being 2 MakeCookies, a trick that works with ABC.
(0:56) Dinko - has many apps that use a single security file, the docs state that secwin should be avoided in multisite environment. Could you please elaborate? There is a major update in the winds.
(1:03) Mike has an update, all the first columns in the list are now moved out of the list
(1:17) Darin - How to incorporate RTF controls on web forms - You can't.
177 11 Jan 2018 Link
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1:29 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

(0:04) Peter - wants to embed images in html email - Bruce talks about local (to the server) files vs the tag <img src-"xx" />
(0:13) Donald - What if a site DLL in a Multi-Site Host is a Multi-DLL application?  - I'm thinking of breaking up a large, single EXE type project into a multi DLL project.
(0:19) Frank - Maps - reverse geolocation, how to get lat and long when on a form ie from a customer address they just typed in, to allow a route on a map when a person visits several customers on a delivery run. Use net.GetLocation
(1:03) Mike - On a form, the SAVE button should save and then redirect to a report that shows on a separate browser tab as the form closes.
(1:14) Casey - How can you force a new line for a control on a form like the default Div layout does when the browser width is very narrow. Somewhere in CSS but where and how.
(1:19) Peter - Sometimes you put the embed code before the parent, sometimes after. When do you type it before the parent, when should you do it after the parent? 
(1:25) Kevin - SSL redirection - I have an api server with hundreds of users, old users cannot use ssl, new users do. When an old user connects it sends a redirect back to the user saying use port 443 which the old user does not understand as a response. (thats fine for a browser) - So how do I serve both users?
176 14 Dec 2017 Link
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2:25 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

(0:01) New builds 10.13 and 10.15.   A big warning, if you had table prefixes greater than 3 characters like time: instead of tim: - You could have SYNC issues. (now fixed)
(0:20) Kevin - I generate a string for a page redirect to a html page that is generated, it does not work as loc:FileName, but does work with "$$$yourNameHere.Htm" - Bruce suggests turning on the compiler option NetShowSend to see the string being sent.
(0:26) Kevin - On a Browse there is the usual Delete button, how do I  change it from a generic message to something like "Are you sure you want to delete Bruce" ie pick up data from the line you are about to delete as part of the popup warning screen. = No, you cant.
(0:30) Mike - has a training app, the browse button for the training class you are enrolling for. Each line in the browse has a custom button, that writes a record in table 'B', but its not working. The redirect is not working for ajax. Alternative approach suggested.
(0:50) Mike - Adding User Instructions to popup browse (lookup)
(0:57) Greg - How to move the busy gif from the bottom right corner of the screen to the centre. Also a look at the AjaxLoad.Info site where you can get free busy gifs,
and how to apply them.
(1:11) Kurt - Can you go over how to change a NetForm window from Insert mode to Change mode? Use the "Prime Auto Inc even if not necessary" option on the form. With Sql be careful, you need the id field - see Clarion help "AutoIncUsesScopeIdentity"
(1:20) Stan - I am new to guid's - how to make relational tables that use them instead of autonumbering.
(1:26) Brad - Is there a way to display a message while the nettalk  webserver is processing a request made from a button, OR maybe change the button to disabled while it processes the request? (and maybe change the text on the button). Something to let the user know it is processing and not allow them to continue to re-click the button.
And for long processes use a progress bar, here you can see where to find it in the doco.
(1:34) Mike - Sorts and Filters, (QBE) like in Magenta
(1:39) Alejandro - example 74, media, the browser sets this in a iframe, and some servers don't like this - a paypal example - security - X-Frame Options -
(1:51) - Note - If you could do this you could get someone's login and password to PayPal as its on my page.
(1:56) Graham - Desktop Maps - I added a Timer on Window in the Map procedure which checks a file for Events/Notifications and updates the map, but it doesn't put a Marker on the Map through this mechanism. - Check your maker ID.
(2:11) Kevin shows some performance stats for his server.
175 7 Dec 2017 Link
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1:43 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

0:00 - A view of Camps Bay
0:04 - Bruce explains build 10.12
0:09 - Pratik - can you elaborate on the deletion setting that enables deletions and sync / no sync
0:13 - Kurt - How do I open an Netform window from another Netform window and update a specific record with a key created by the first window?  The first window creates a job number and then inserts a record with that number in the Job database.  The second window is for updating the record just created.
0:18 - Mark - can we send a read receipt on an email - Well yes, but, try sending an image with a unique file name so you possibly know that was served from the server.
0:21 - Mike - When I copy an app to another then compile it, it cant find the "newApp.Clw"
0:26 - Pratik - has errors with exclamation marks on the Browse and Form after changing dictionary
0:27 - Koen - A login problem, if the user connects with or without a session id. I have a question how to prevent cookies being set when using WebServiceMethod procedures. Killing a session when they logout. A question of testing GetSessionLoggedIn ? what option must be ticked on or off?
0:34 - Ashley - How can I put grayed out text into a string field. -  on the Form, go to the field, then on the string tab there is a check box, "Place Holder" type your prompt in here, like "Enter your name here"
0:36 - Ashley - how do I save the form as each field is entered.
0:41 - Scott - json beautyfier on maps in Clarion Live
0:45 - Michael - On two threads, I have browse and form, so when the first is finished I don't see the details on the second. - take out the URL and put a redirect in the button.
0:48 - Greg B - Can you get a radio button to complete a page ?
1:06  - A hint on the date lookup button, default text is three dots.
1:08 - Greg B - has email - uses AOL - cant get "send email" in the Net Demo to work. AOL says "no dns or reverse dns" [continued later]
1:11 - Sukhendu - Lets Encrypt - can you explain some of the fields, like bind to ip address
A discussion on what ip addresses can a pc listen to, ie wifi and two network cards with different sub nets.
1:28 - Sukhendu - if they do not want Lets Encrypt, what docs do I follow?
1:32 - jump back to GREG - shows his AOL output, there was no StartTls - But I get an error -65 SSL failed to load a certificate on port 587 - on the Secure SSL Options tab leave these fields blank, certificate file & private key file
1:38 - Kurt - re previous example, can I change the primary key - yes
174 23 Nov 2017 Link
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1:38 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

(0:01) - Bruce reviews release 10-11
(0:16) Mark - Issue the webservices not functioning correctly after updating to XFiles2.94 - Update to NT 10-11 which addresses some XML issues
(0:18) Mark - Issue with the WSDL created by my app - need an example.
(0:20) Michael - NetWebForm questions: image placement and date format issue - how to align things on a form.
(0:32) Mike - getting an unexpected name space for the tag
(0:34) Mike - having trouble opening an app
(0:35) Mike - I want a button on every form.
(0:40) Wolfgang - changed the "ThisWebServer" name, which broke his app
(0:41) Peter - wants a refresh button for a browse
(0:49) Peter - does the page header and the page footer know what page they are on ?
(0:52) Wolfgang - a question re self signed certificates using the symbolic name
(1:05) Jesper - a question on responsive web design
(1:11) Mike - What is a Graceful Close
(1:14) Kevin - NT server doing Sync, with MsSql performance tip with clustered / non-clustered indexes, guid vs timestamp
(1:25) Alejandro - WebCam issue with example 79 with Firefox
173 16 Nov 2017 Link
[Hits: 219]
1:56 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

(0:02) Michael - when the image uploads, I want to show it before the user clicks save.
(0:22) Michael  - talking to a soap service, a look at the headers.
(0:26) Michael  - Has a form in a form. On the second form, when a field is entered, I need to create a session variable that the "parent" form can access.
(0:37) Carl - re NetOAuth - Is there an example of OpenID Connect?
(0:39) Greg - Is system prop:DataPath global? Is it threaded? - No.
(0:42) Greg  - a performance question with a large database. A question of keys.
(0:52) Peter - The server I am working on displays data that is frequently updated by a non-web program. - Bruce suggests web sockets, but its not in browses yet.
(1:00) Marc - talking to a rest service, but I get a gpf from JFiles
(1:02) Wolter - a soap question regarding a post - Bruce dives into xml
(1:24) Wolter - can we consume wsdl files? - Not yet
(1:28) Marc again, shows his example. Bruce digs into Json.
(1:44) Merle - an email question, how do I know if there is NULL character in my SMTP command.
(1:51) there is a new skype channel for "Clarion Server Chat" for people running a VPS
(1:53) Jesper - I want a background image on my index page.
172 9 Nov 2017 Link
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1:35 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

(0:02) John - logging, can we default to log to disk -  yes change the variable enableLogging which has a default of 1. Bruce then shows the log file, what it holds, its format and upcoming changes.
(0:13) Michael - How do I go to different URLs or procedures when clicking SAVE on a form, say use a variable that sets where the save goes to
(0:37) Michael - when I embed on a page, I want my text to be the same colour and font as the rest of the page, how do I use browser devtools to find this.
(0:40) Wolfgang - Question about Soap / WebClient.POST( URL, data) - Does the string in the URL have to have the protocol (http/https) included or does the server know how to handle it? - Bruce shows how a redirect works from the netTalk webClient
(0:58) Carl -I’m struggling with the child update on the right of a Browse, when first opening the browse, the first row is highlighted, but the Child Update form has no data until I also select a row in the Browse.
(1:02) Roberto - has a question about CSS on browse headers and how to change divs that are not accessible from the column css in nettalk.
(1:09) Ted - follow up on the log file, it holds the user names and passwords, this is bad.
(1:11) Merle - Can you show me where in the Nettalk docs the list of DLLs for deploying the SendEmail app
(1:12) Merle - in my send mail app I get a 501 error - Bad Recipient - Capesoft SendEmail Demo app test works.
(1:18) Sukhendu - I have multiple webservers on one computer, can I use LetsEncrypt? - yes use multi host, and put the LetsEncrypt in multi host.
(1:29) Kevin - on recent updates to J Files
171 2 Nov 2017 Link
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2:04  [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

(0:02) Edvard - has trouble updating a table from a form.
(0:12) Wolter - a customer is sending an array in XML data, Bruce shows how to think about the data layout, and tips on using X Files, like where are the missing XFiles methods?
(0:50) Carl - Anyway to determine the screen width of the browser? And can I hide the child table on a small screen. - In the performance tab there is a setting "No Screensize Check", set this false and you get session variables p_web.GSV('_ScreenWidth_') and _ScreenHeight_
Another (better) approach is to use Media Queries in CSS.
Also in the server there is a setting to change child to be in a div
(1:09) Frank - can you show in CSS how to make the child record or other browses alongside or below the main browse no matter the screen size. Brief introduction to CSS "Flex"  - use the web site
(1:15) Frank - I have 4 browses on a mem form, when I add a record the screen jumps around, can I control that?
(1:27) Greg - is there an example of using a pattern entry in a form field? - basically no, let the client type anything they want and fix it on the server.
(1:34) Roberto - on a nettalk browse, what is the easiest way to change the font size, like maybe +2 or +4 points, and what sizing do you recommend... px. ems, etc.
(1:47) Mike - My webserver needs to consume from a soap server, Do I need a netweb client? - Its like the example send mail & Example 77 shows a client
(1:52) Peter - I have a form with embeded browses, I can't get a Cancel or Close button to show up. How do I make my form read only? On the forms security tab you can set
if you want the end user to make changes on the form.
(1:59) Dinko - I am getting an Unknown identifier: GSELFSERVICE in a
wizard generated app
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1:30 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

(0:01) Build 10.09 is up
(0:11) Wolfgang - has a JavaScript error in redactor.
(0:19) Marty - an API question, how the client could take a screen shot and send it to the server, Bruce shows how a client can send a file to the server. Also how to return a stringtheory object for the api call to send a file, Eg. st.loadfile(blah) / base64encode it, and send it.
(0:36) Ted - when NT web server is running as a service, work fine when NTweb server is running as exe on server console. I am unable to generate report to Excel using Office Inside 4. Bruce suggests its not a good idea to run excel on a server, maybe use xfiles that has a the ability to make a spread sheet. Or tomorrow night on Clarion Live Paul will show an open office wrapper that makes xlsx files
(0:43) Steve wants a peer to peer messaging system like office messenger, and how do I know how many people are online?
(1:06) Bill - I want to sent the message to a person on the lan. In netOptions there is a netDescription that can be used to identify a person.
(1:14) Stan - comments the server was being hammered with the use of the close down / network message function. In our program but the system administrator made us remove it because of excessive traffic to the server - try the setting SetMaxInstance to 1
(1:19) Nardus -jquery question, how do I change the icons on the accordion menu?
169 19 Oct 2017 Link
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1:16 [Thanks to Ted for the show notes]

() Bruce, ted and john chatted about CIDC 2017

() Alejandro demo and more information about disconnected web app.
() Richard on web sockets - work around to chat string requiring to be wrapped in double quotes.
() Scot, asked how long will CIDC recording be available.- no plans to remove recording anytime soon.
() Brian, has huge document data stored in blobs, and wants to export data to folders.
() Brian also asked about the Soft Velocity Rest server that was demonstrated at CIDC
() Francisco, re adding NT to a multi DLL System. Why is NT required to be in the data DLL? Because NT is
an ABC Compliant class.
() Marc, re NT Web client talking to other web API's. Bruce show how to use NetWebClient to test API's
and how to set the accept type.
() David, re webclient talking to NT web server which in turn makes a request to some other server. The NT web server, creates a thread to process this request/response, remembering this is all asynchronous.
() Greg asked about the CapeSoft SMS server, a work in progress
168 28 Sept 2017 Link
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2:00 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

(0:07) Mark - a problem with file upload with a disconnected app.
(0:11) David - Can I take over the complete generation of the HTML/JS output? just have NetTalk handling the requests and returning the responses.
How to make static pages with dynamic content, like <!-- Net:PageHeaderTag -->
(0:31) Michael - Fields do not align on a row when using custom CCS for labels, ie the form aligned perfectly, then I added custom css, when I took it out, the fields are no longer aligned vertically. Problem is no leading space in the css setting, so it over rides all the existing settings.
(0:38) Michael - can I make prompts on the form wrap so they are not so long? - Yes set the width.
(0:41) Michael - how do I make a hyperlink open on another tab - "OnClick" tab, set the target frame as '_blank'
(0:43) Michael - question on field and form validation.
(0:48) Greg - what does the testing switch do? Its for Lets Encrypt's staging server to test your certificate settings
(0:55) Greg - how can I use the webstrain app to open something past the login page. - How to do authentication and set pages to require session to be logged in.
(1:03) Greg - Global variables slowing down when threaded.
(1:06) Greg - can I get the session expires in: all on the same line (in the page footer) Bruce has fun with CSS. (David suggests the actual solution a bit later.)
(1:17) Kurt - Is there a way to enable a user to locate a file on the server in a location other than the web folder
(1:24) Dinko - Multi host, I still cant compile my test web server in dll mode as I am getting a number of errors, export name - It works as an exe.
(1:37) review of Net Talk 10-07
167 21 Sept 2017 Link
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2:11 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

(0:01) Bruce announces 10-07 with new items on the settings tab of the server.
(0:10) Kevin - tells how his server has dropped from 300 gpfs a day to zero, the bug was a global p_web and a sql server that could not cope with the sql requests.
When Amazon stops showing you the stats, the sql server is not working very well.
Bruce follows up with the use of the CapeSoft product FastMem and the use of thread pooling to improve server performance.
(0:27) Mike R - a question on restore files when I have a report that I want to run from several places. Bruce discusses the difference between the web and ABC.
(0:38) Mike asks about the ban button on the server.
(0:40) Kevin asks about php attacks on a server, is it worth automatically detecting the name of the resource and auto banning them.
(0:49) Nardus - Where is the "Session expires in" - Its in the footer proc, the text is in the div, and there is a p_web.script(countdown)
(0:54) Kurt - last week I asked about how table lookups should be setup in Nettalk, Bruce discusses database design (RI) to help with id and description.
(1:05) Mike T - I have a browse with a button on each row, when I click on the button, how do I know what row of the browse I was on.
(1:16) David W - asks about the NT server, where are the bottlenecks? How does a NetTalk web server monitor for incoming traffic? A timer or something like that? - Bruce gets his crayons out (mspaint)
(1:33) Pratik - when I call a mem form from a form, how do I pass values back to the calling form, use of session values.
(1:43) Don - can you select or deselect which tables to sync - Bruce says soon.
(1:47) Don - a question on traffic, if I have multiple mobile, and two people sell 10 items, when they sync what qty do you show.
(1:58) Casey - Trying to use  second web server and web server worker objects to do unit testing in a tab on the main web server procedure before any normal WebHandler calls are made
(2:04) Edward - SQL Browse Locator Causes Record not found (-2)
(2:09) Greg - wants a setting for the timeout.
166 7 Sept 2017 Link
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2:05 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

(0:03) Mark - I have a client sending JSON to my API. The JSON has a group within a group and an array (a queue) of file names. Bruce explains how to parse the JSON and deal with the array.
(0:10) Mark - The client is sending 'Mark' not 'MARK', Bruce shows how to use the external name on the clarion variable
(0:12) Mark - Table Name is missing from the json, Bruce shows how to use the PrimeParameters routine to load the table record from the incoming json using json.load( record, json)
(0:22) Mark - The json contains a certain field "passKey" and the passkey must be validated by me - use the GetValueByName to pull a certain node out of the json so you can work on its value.
(0:24) Merle - I have an email problem with a status 555.5.5.2 syntax error, reported by customers using Gmail and Outlook when sending SMTP email with PDF attachment. Bruce shows how to use the NetTalk demo program "Email Send Demo" to mimic the customers email situation to generate the 555 error.
(0:39) David says there are email validation services to help with bulk email send like Amazon SES
(0:49) Greg - How to reset to default locator when calling a browse where the default locator needs to be changed to another. Bruce shows how to pass a parameter like "default", then in the Browse you could test like
if p_web.GetValue('default')=true then do something like how to clear the locator eg. p_web.SetValue(_refresh, clearlocate)
(0:50) Bruce shows a new feature in 10.05 that allows three servers to run, all listening to the same port, one has the connection and the other two wait a few seconds and retry. If the first server dies, one of the other two take the port and starts serving. (note it does not maintain the session queue)
(1:08) Greg P - How to over ride alert message when using locator field on browse so the message does not popup.
(1:15) Greg P - customer wants to see the ip address on the settings window of the web server - Use NetGetIpInfo
(1:18) Greg P - When I try to run an app as a service, I am not seeing my security certificates.
(1:20) Greg F - I have an existing MS SQL db where I want to move from IDs to GUIDs, can I use FM3 ? Do you need Server Guids or Client side Guids ? 
Bruce shows how to generate guids in the Dct using Glo:st.MakeGuid() for the primary key field.
(1:32) Greg F - a question on external names
(1:37) Greg F - a question on RI using Ints and Guids
(1:44) Mike - I have a question about performance netwebform, there are fields missing
(1:53) Mike - how to use host values using net:h to display host values in the header.
(1:58) Bruce on 10.05 release
165 31 Aug 2017 Link
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2:20 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

(0:09) Kevin - I have an API server with NO human interface (Amazon - MsSql) that GPF's many times per day, I don't understand why I have many connections, but not many threads, and can you please clear up some of the other items on the performance tab?
(0:47) David - Web Sockets - Are Web sockets are language independent? So, if I have an active internet connection, and have a Linux server that is running an application that "broadcasts" via web sockets, then my Clarion app enabled by NetTalk 10 desktop can communicate with it using web sockets - YES you can! The web sockets protocol will maintain a continuous connection between the server (linux or otherwise) and my Clarion APP ... and the server can thus notify my Clarion APP of anything at all, and my Clarion App can likewise notify the server of anything at all. - YES
So I could be sending chat messages, sales notifications, database error messages, notifications to start and/or stop processes, whatever, in fact almost anything my imagination  can dream up? - YES
There is a heartbeat - the ability of the clients to reconnect by themselves if the server dies or the connection is lost.
(1:05) Robert - Web Sockets question - Calc example showing the performance tab
(1:08) Robert - Help with the new css property nt-flex - a review of the new formatting of NT10 divs vs NT9 tables, AND lets look at FLEX. Better screen layouts. see
(1:38) Robert - New feature in 10-05 delete cache, and how to take an old server (NT9) and get the latest performance tabs like "Settings"
(1:42) Robert - Can we issue ssl certificates for localhost?
(1:45) Nardus - On a form, I want to adjust the padding, should I use a class?
(1:49) Casey - can I change the size of an HTML check box? NO
(1:50) Richard - I have a question about a NetBrowse procedure. Can I put a {PROP:SQL} filter on the file instead of using the filter field?  I'm working with a SQL Datetime field and clarion is not handling this very well.
(1:53) Sukhendu LetsEncrypt certificate on Dynamic DNS generated domain - is this possible? - YES is it the port?
(1:55) Mike - a question on p_web.Append
(1:560 Mike - can I change a page header with a web socket?  Should be do able.
(1:57) Mike - page layout
(2:00) Ted - I have a lookup that does not work in mobile (small screen) - do not use "detect".
(2:07) Bijan - Use of the Microsoft BOT ?
(2:11) Greg - on EDGE some layout looks funny
(2:12) Greg - how do I wait for a credit card procedure that will take time. - How to adjust a screen so it does not behave like a Jack Russell on crack.
(2:17) Greg - How to reset a field on a form. - is there a limit on the size of session variable.
164 24 Aug 2017 Link
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3:01 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

(0:01) Nardus - How do I create Tabs on a Tab - think of it as a form within a form, or a form within a tab. You make a form and set the "Generate <FORM> tag" option OFF
(0:10) Nardus - How to add security on export button? - If a person can see the page, they can save the page, so why do this ?
(0:13) Nardus - How to make a form view only except for one field
(0:16) David P - Getting Compiler Errors after upgrading to NetTalk 10. The change from self.Page to self.ThisPage
(0:18) David P - Question on using Google Calendar.
(0:21) Mark D - I am having an issue connecting to an API webservice from a client application - Is the problem that its not sending it, or not receiving it?
(0:40) Mark - Can the post be Json?
(0:42) Greg - I have a browse that the buttons cannot be at the beginning of the table.
(0:46) Greg - Net Talk Central question, how to join
(0:47) Greg - From a form, where do I go ?  UrlOnSave - how to make a conditional page to go to
(0:56) Ted - a problem with a Mem Form that GPF's after a lookup on a field. - Due to a memo being accessed.
(1:04) Koen - I have a server that takes Json from a mobile from a mobile device, how do I consume Json - We are missing an embed point.
(1:17) Koen - How do I put the json into a queue within a queue
(1:27) Sukhendu - I need help in deplying NT webserver in my customer's server with a Go Daddy certificate
(1:42) Kurt - I have some questions related to the Planner object. - A problem with non normalized data, not using the primary key
(1:53) Kurt - where do put server side code on a form
(1:54) David P follow up on Jfiles question
(1:55) David W - Would it be possible to add ability customer parameters to the Authorization URL so that we can customize the Oauth from service to service?
(2:00) David W - saving the token to an ini, its hard coded - so use OAuth.Save
(2:02) Casey - A problem wiht ReplyComplete.  Works great with popup forms  but not on pages.  Is there a work around?
(2:11) Pratik - an update broke my app
(2:12) Robert - Has remote access to a data acquisition system using nettalk to retrieve data from their file system - Bruce shows how to construct a Netsimple Client from scratch.
(2:46) Alejandro - a question regarding ""
(2:50) Frank - Having problems with a payment gateway, I need to add some login info fields to the xml between the root name and record name. See "Storing multiple things in the same XML file"
(2:55) Frank - I need to put an attribute on a root boundary
(3:00) Wolfgang - Is there a 16k limit on the Net Client send - not any more, its now a StringTheory object
163 17 Aug 2017 Link
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2:06 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

(0:07) David - Facebook issue with long tasks - Talks about a scheduler that would run long procedures. Bruce shows a NetMapClientsQueue
that would allow a queue of net web clients that could be used to run long processes at certain times of the day.
(0:20) Kevin asks about using WinEvent
(0:23) Nardus - has an issues with Double click for edit on a browse, should be fixed in NT 10:02
(0:27) Nardus - on a form, how to make individual field bold by changing its css settings
What are the blocks in a form, like what is a div, how do you use it.
(0:33) Nardus - On a Lookup, how do you display combined fields? The Lookup Field has a "Description Field", this is the field that is shown, use a variable here.
(0:34) Nardus - How do I stop a page from loading? say a user Calls a page but then wants to return to previous page?
The header holds the page you came from as the RequestReferer, so in ServeDocument use p_web.redirect( p_web.RequestReferer ) to return to the last page, Note - not valid for a popup.
(0:41) Greg - I need invoices to display in invoice number order but I need default locator on another field say the name
Use the "Contains" option on the locator tab of the browse. This shows up a problem the the name is being over ridden by a numeric field.
(0:48) Greg - how to make the buttons on a browse bigger. A discussion on way things will change when going to NetTalk 10, the departure from the table layout.
(1:01) Greg - Browser history question, On a lookup when clearing the history we get the correct page showing, but sometimes we get the wrong page.
(1:08) Greg - how do I set the minimum height on a form 
(1:12) Greg - can I clear the locator on entry to a browse, yes use the ClearLocator
(1:17) Kurt - problems with the planner, When I try to insert a record it appears to save and close the window however no database record is added.
1:22 Bruce says he will try to port as many of the fixes that is happening in 10 back to NT 9
(1:23) Alejandro - has a question about the login form
(1:27) Alejandro - has an error when re-compiling a version 9 to version 10
(1:30) Alejandro and Kevin, sometimes the server stops responding, you have the thread count max out at say 100 and the Too Busy count rises
A discussion on how to circumvent these problems.
(1:49) Casey - about adjusting an entry field and lookup button based on screen width, you mentioned it was easier in NT 10, can you show please
(1:56) David - OAuth question, how can I unauthorize a person so I can let a different person login
(1:58) Jesper - what themes are working with responsive layouts ?
(2:01) Ted - is there a way of using one themes for desktop and another theme for mobile ?
(2:03) Ted, there is an error (GPF) moving a memo into a session value
(2:07) Karl - what is the best menu for NT 10 - use the double drop, best for small screens
162 10 Aug 2017 Link
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1:33 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

(0:04) Nardus - Email send - Authentication error on port 587 trying to send smtp email
(0:09) Nardus - How do you reset tabs based on a field - use the "tab hide if", and make sure the tab as a Use equate.
(0:11) Greg - Children don't appear in popups, In example 71 if you change the Invoices menu to open as popup the child records will no longer show.
(0:16) Greg - Can you have a form with two browses
(0:17) Greg - On a popup browse there are no inline buttons for insert / change or delete
(0:20) Greg - Is there an easy way in css to scale the whole app larger.
(0:23) Mike - I have a problem with the wsdl generated for a webservice
(0:30) Kurt - I'm having a problem with a program based on the Scheduling example - when I click to add an appointment it doesn't bring up the popup window. - look at the server is the insert click being "heard"
(0:37) David - Is there a demo in the NetTalk demos showing how to download all the messages from a Gmail account?
(0:41) Merle - Net Talk 10 demo uses the Clarion FreeImage Template (ABC Only). Is support for the NetMap functions only going to be for ABC Template Apps ? 
(0:43) Merle - User wants to navigate to an exact location from which to view a rare endangered bird, I want a button to "Locate" - and direct me through the brush with a direction arrow and 'X' marks the spot map location - so many miles... --> this way... as you near  -->   so many meters or yards this direction --->    and finally so many Feet this way to the 'X' marks the spot
(0:52) Sukhendu - How Do I remove the green 9 on the webpage tab
(0:56) Sukhendu - How to make the webpage settings fixed for all users and make them users specific
(1:02) Michael - How to span, add HTML text between lines on a form.
(1:04) Michael - How to enclose several lines in a form in what is equivalent to a Clarion group control - Use of tabs
(1:07) Ted - calendar button missing when using app from ios mobile ie safari
(1:11) Kurt - follow up
(1:14) Kurt - tip information on multiple lines using the pipe symbol
(1:17) William - Sending a file via FTP where a space exists in the actual file name path. - Must use double quotes
(1:26) Robert - How do you make calculations when you open a form- the fields are not primed when the form opens - use the "Priming" tab
(1:30) Casey - When I upload an image for an entity I give it the entity ID as the image file name. But the image displayed does not change when you upload a different image for the entity. (same name) The record changes properly just the display doesn't refresh. - use a variable like clock()

161 3 Aug 2017 Link
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1:55 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

(0:03) Nardus - How to override duplicate check messages generated by template
(0:10) Nardus - how do I set status after duplicate message? - Use of loc:invalid
(0:21) Nardus - a form has a child browse, I make a change on the form, I want the child to update itself.
(0:25) Greg - question on pricing of NT10 upgrades.
(0:34) Greg - how to make buttons the same size on a popup form, different words make the buttons change sizes.
(0:46) Greg - on a popup a button is not showing
(0:53) Greg - whats the best way to make a popup question - p_web.popup('Hello Greg')
(0:59) Bryan - CDIC will NetTalk training the days before the conference be focused on Server or Desktop ?
(1:05) Mike - NetWebPage - how do I change the name of something I am downloading - use of ContentDisposition - Attachment; filename= p_web.GetValue( name )
(1:10) Mike - the "Page Title" doesn't change anything. or "Page Name"
(1:12) David - I still can't get a Facebook connection using the - there is a bug in the example - Bruce shows how the facebook site doco gives hints on logging in. where is the token.
(1:21) Ron - I updated from NT8 to NT10 and I am getting about 41 compile errors "No matching prototype" - missing StringTheory update.
(1:25) Casey - When the color picker is opened for an empty field value, the selector is at the bottom left corner, customer has trouble seeing it. It makes it a tiny quarter circle that is hard to see and use. - well,,, its defaulting to #000000 which forces the circle to the bottom, change the default maybe.
(1:30) Olu - what are the important settings in a disconnected to successfully create a mobile app
(1:34) David - OAuth Error : Can't load URL: The domain of this URL isn't included in the app's domains. To be able to load this URL, add all domains and sub-domains of your app to the App Domains field in your app settings. - its oAuthParms.pRedirectUrl = "http://localhost"
(1:36) Greg - follow up & how to hide fields on a child browse, how do I pass a parameter to the child- loc:parent
(1:41) Nardus - if I have multiple headings on a form depending on where it is called from. So heading is depended on a variable. Heading is an expression.
(1:46) Kevin - a question on timeouts - server with clients
160 27 July 2017 Link
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2:02 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

(0:00) Brian - I have a form Using ValidateRecord to set a field before saving the record but it isn't working. It was the wrong embed point.
(0:13) Nardus - how do I make a field display longer like email address? (With CSS) - An overview of adding custom css and firebug to check it.
(0:23) Nardus - can I do left right alignment with css ?
(0:26) Nardus - can I have a Hyperlink on a field in a Form ?
(0:32) Nardus - How do I skip a field on a form.
(0:34) Mike - how do I make a choice of forms from a browse based on some condition?
(1:08) Sean - how do I show a wait symbol when I press a button on a form that takes a while. Shows how to and how to position it centre screen.
(1:28) Greg - the locator does not show if I have a numeric picture for a string, eg. n14 when its a string field.
(1:32) Greg - a question about using a lookup button when the entry field is not fully filled so it passes it to a browse.
(1:36) Greg - when I go from a button to a browse, how can I force the browse to page one
(1:42) Greg - Can I validate fields not on a form
(1:43) Greg - on the server are the files themselves open all the time
(1:45) Alejandro - a button on a browse I set to go to another procedure on the "OnClick" tab AND I set the "send button click to server" = No, this will not work, one or the other. - But you can use the server side code to then redirect with p_web.redirect( url )
(1:53) Mike - Can I separate the sort from the filters - If user clicks on a column header but the locator works on another column
159 20 July 2017 Link
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2:20 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

(0:01) Nardus- on a form I want to populate a local variable with CreateDate & CreateTime- Bruce shows how to make a function to do this.
(0:12) Nardus- In a parent child browse / form, when the parent is customer or supplier how do I make a filter for the child tables on the two "screens"
ie customer to invoice or supplier to invoice - Bruce shows how to make a "WhateverId" from the two places where the child is called from. ie child form filter = child of "whateverId"
(0:24) Nardus - Resizing screens with large screen sizes (really long fields)
(0:29) Nardus - On a form, what does Span / Value / Prompt things mean ?
(0:39) Mike - Mike has a follow up from last week- how did Bruce find the problem? A review of what is on the "opening" page when you have Popup pages. What is in scope?
(0:48) Mike - has a table on a parent table, I want to have a button to several child forms (eg customer/invoice or customer/payment) . Bruce shows how to use a "Row override" so when condition1 exists the button goes to form/invoice, or on condition2 we go to form/payment
(0:58) Ted - using NtCloseApps, is there a way of getting each instance of the program to return the varaible datapath for displaying . Bruce explains the structure of NetAuto that NtCloseApps is based on, a server (frame) and a client (window) and how to pass a request to / and a response back to get the data path of the program that is running.
(1:17) Ted - how to display the data path on the server screen - how to extend the MyServers queue
(1:20) Alejandro - when I add a button to a browse that calls server side code, when I click on the button nothing happens = INTERESTING bug - DONT use a message on the server...
(1:35) Wolfgang - can I use ShellExecute in that. Yes
(1:37 Carl - Can I use CSS Grid ? - Bruce shows a great site called that shows what css methods are supported for what versions of what browsers. Bruce shows the support of Flexbox and Grid.
(1:43) Mike - Responsive CSS & flexbox in Net talk 10, does your browser suport grid? - responsive code vs tables.
(1:48) Mike - Is there a way to display a popup that is opened for a certain amount of time and then automatically closes? Eg this lookup takes 6 seconds, so show "this a world wide system that takes some seconds for your request."  Bruce discusses the payload of a droplist vs a lookup
(2:01) Bijan - A filter question where I am seeing other clients data on my session.- Bruce asks is the session timed out?
(2:12) Greg - I am trying to display more than one field in a browse cell. I can use the Display field or create a local variable to make it display correctly but after I do that the locators no longer work. I have tracked the problem down to when I use the Allow xHtml in column switch.  If I don't use it everything works correctly but the display of the field is not correct. Bruce says You get this effect if xHTML is invalid XML. Shows how to validate XML in the Clarion IDE.
(2:19) Bruce shows how to locate across multiple columns
(2:20) Greg - can I force only ascend only, not descending list = no (added to the wish list.)
158 14 July 2017 Link
[Hits: 164]
0:23 (0:00) Brian - Answer to question posted in #157.
Can I use barcode scanners with Nettalk? Project coming up that will need scanners to send data back to the SQL database.
157 13 July 2017 Link
[Hits: 177]
1:23 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

(0:01) Mike - My apps are broken, the buttons do not work, sounds like a js error. Bruce troubleshoots Mikes app looking for a global setting
(0:36) Ron - I just upgraded to NT9 from NT8. I get the error "Unresolved External NetGetBanned", looks like an old DLL - Bruce shows how to use the redirection trace to find where Clarion found the Lib / Dll
(0:44) Casey - I have a very time consuming process (sending emails) that has to run from PostInsert, PostUpdate. How do I send this process off to a new thread with access to all the current SessionValues? Bruce shows how to implement p_web.ReplyComplete at the end of the proc to send the reply back to the browser.
(0:50) Brian - Can I use barcode scanners with Nettalk? Project coming up that will need scanners to send data back to the SQL database. (Sort answer yes, but it's complicated. Will cover in an ad-hoc webinar when Brian has time.)
(0:54) Michael - has a drop field that has a different height that is not like the other fields, Bruce looks at the padding the css generates.
(1:03) Roberto - follow up on an old question in webinar #155.
(1:11) Michiel- how can I get a parent and a child that limits the hundreds of articles I need to show. Bruce shows example 31, a list of shippers pre country, how the shippers filter changes due to the country drop using the session value
(1:19) Michiel- after the login of a user I want them to got to certain page, use url on save or a redirect
156 6 July 2017 Link
[Hits: 168]
1:31 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

(0:06) Mike - Question about image folder location for a Report procedure
in an app running under the Multi-Host. The image has to be in the Host\image folder instead of the normal Webserver\image folder. Is a report with images is different if run under Host versus stand alone?
Bruce shows that shows the location of the DLL running under the host.
(0:19) Kurt - Question on the Nettalk Scheduling Example, on the Horizontal planner, when the calendar date selection tool is active, there is bleed through from the appointments underneath.  Is there a way to prevent that? Bruce shows how this is a Z index bug using firebug. Fixed for 9.31
(0:28) Wolfgang -  is there a list of NT-ERRORS, so that I can catch them in the WebClient.ErrorTrap and display user-friendly information? Like "Server has not responded within the defined timelimit". Bruce shows where the messages are in NetAll.clw
(0:30) Sukhendu - you said that in NT10 there will be a feature - Will there be TSL/SSL built into NT10 that would not require commercial certificate for HTTPS? Bruce - MITM - a CA or Trusted certificate - Who is Comodo or Thwate, why are THEY trusted ? EV certificates, how to get your name in green.Support for LetsEncrypt coming in NT 10.
(0:59) Carl - can I discuss ciphers real quick? Bruce discuses Cipherlist property, and shows  SSLScan.Exe which talks to the server to see what is supported. Example of changing the cipherlist from the default, and shows the improvements in NT9 over before with regard to the ciphers supported.
Bruce goes deep...  put your gum boots on.  Then very deep.
155 29 June 2017 Link
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1:24 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

(0:01) Mike - how to use p_web in a client-side trigger. Bruce shows how to instantiate a global pointer to NetWebServerWorker in web handler so that p_web is visible in the trigger ie a global threaded g_web
(0:16) Mike - How do I override a forms tab style at runtime, Bruce shows how to override the loc:tabStyle setting
(0:21) Sukhendu - How do I create a certificate from scratch that works for localhost?
Bruce shows how to make yourself into a certificate authority and make your certificates.
(0:54) Sukhendu - how to change a theme for each user
(1:04) Wolfgang - when I send a post for a large computation it times out, can I set the async timeout or inactive timeout ?  In build 9.29 the server side inactive timeout is now set to zero to allow large downloads that take over the default of one minute.
(1:10) Bruce talks about builds 9.29 and 9.30
(1:13) Roberto - I need help with the checkbox only sending to the server once, ie I set the checkbox, it sends an update to the server, but when you uncheck the box, this event is not sent to the server. (example required)
154 22 June 2017 Link
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1:45 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

(0:01) Bruce sets a date for the release of Net Talk 10 - July 28th
(0:08) Mike has a form that generates a pdf and a save button which should send an email with the pdf attached, but the pdf is showing on the browser, how do I stop it showing.
(0:15) Thys : When I do an insert (POST with content application/json in the body) for multiple records, it works fine. But I want to pass extra values to the method as well. When it's added to the header, it doesn't receive the value. Can extra values be added via the JSON in the body?
(0:28) Casey - Problems using OpenSSL to make self certifying authority. Keep getting usr/ssl/openssl.cnf not found error. Using SET with CMD didn't fix the problem. Hint type "SET" on the command prompt and look for an entry "OPENSSL_CNF" to see what folder it is pointing to.
(0:33) Sukhendu - How do I make my existing NT8.71 app to secure (from http to https).
Bruce walks through the settings in the server and goes to Comodo to show how to get a certificate.
(0:55) Sukhendu - can I get my customers certificate and test it on my test machine ? - Yes
(1:00) Rupert - as posted in the forum, if you can demonstrate how to include "tiles" on  a NetWebFrom via CSS. - Bruce constructs a working example
(1:15) Mike - Remind me of why you put a space before the css name in the template entry
(1:18) Marty - Just looking for a quick illustration of the code for a web service to handle a file upload, from a post from the web client.
(1:34) Bijan - would it be easy to use a wordpress theme with NT. (depends what you mean by "use")
153 15 June 2017 Link
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1:02 [Thanks to Ted and John for the show notes]

(0:03) Scott: Would like an example multi-tab wizard form where [Previous] and [Next] buttons are hidden and a single entry entry field on each tab will cause system to switch to the tab number entered. And have the standard [Save] button appear only when the last tab is selected.
(0:21) Mike: How to call a Nettalk memory form with yes/no buttons from a source procedure and return result to that procedure. Turns into How to Ask questions from a database to the user.
(0:42) Other Mike: Question about two buttons in a browse column, want to only show one button that does one of two things depending on a condition. Showing multiple fields in the same browse column.
(0:58) Pratik: Bruce, expanding on the threads hanging off WebServer procedure... Is it ok to add background task procs?
152 8 June 2017 Link
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0:54 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

(0:09) David S - has a question on uploading a file, wants to rename the file and also keep the original name the user uploaded it as.
(0:17) Kallie - Has trouble uploading a file to a (not nettalk) WebServer using a NetWebclient procedure.
(0:29) Scott - How to you dynamically change what is the next FORM that will be called after the SAVE button is called - Bruce explains a different way at looking at the problem, perhaps a wizard form.
(0:37) Scott - how to make a wizard form change tabs
(0:40) Scott - That red bar that says I have the wrong version of the JavaScript - where is that
(0:45) Roberto - in a multi dll set of nettalk apps, I added a table and a browse, but its blank, how do I get NT server to access the table? Declare it on the WebHandler.
151 25 May 2017 Link
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1:47 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

(0:01) Vic - with a disconnected app, I want a button to capture a start time, ie no server action.
Bruce shows how to create a JavaScript script to generate the time into an entry field of a form from a button click.
How to use Firebug Console to write and test JavaScript.
Also how to save the time into the database for every button click, ie save while still disconnected.
(0:24) Wolfgang - is there a comparable tool for building web apps like Microsoft products, VS, C, C# or C++?
(0:26) Wolfgang - re last week for Steve using example 77, I have broken my menu
(0:32) Scott - in NetWeb.clw - AddScript - why does one have one variable (?c=1) and the other has a different variable (?cc=1)
(0:35) Brian - How did you get that zoom window
(0:38) Pratik - Is 9.28 release on the radar soon? Needing the ability control the JSON response name/header
(0:40) Olu - can I do drag and drop between browses
(0:41) David - an old question (Dec-Jan) with web26 that has a form with a browse and a picture, when the form opens it shows a large picture like the thumbnail on each record, but was not showing the first image when the form initially opens.
(0:48) Frank & Alejandro - media sensing, In netweb.css - how to use css to change things due to screen size. ie what I am displaying based on screen size / hiding columns. And what about Bootstrap.
(1:27) Pratik - popup memory forms do not return values - form A calls form B to get a value, but does not return back the same way - appears in page mode you can only do Browse to form, browse to form, not browse to form to form in page mode.
(1:33) Paul - How to manually update a "comment" on a form when the entry field is manually filled in and completed.

150 18 May 2017 Link
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1:57 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

(0:00) Bruce explains the new StringTheory methods that pull a URL apart into its components.
(0:05) Wolfgang - do you know what zscalar is? Does it break the chain of trust?
(0:13) Olu - with Postgress, the Net Talk locator is not working, a look into the .SetView to see where the filter is constructed. [update: tweaked for 9.28 to accomodate Postgres.]
(0:23) Steve - Will we be able to see a quick demo of how to implement a NetWebClient calling an api and putting the results to a browse? Bruce starts from scratch making an app with a window, a netWebClient, showing the sent request, for a get, then a post, then show the received data.
How to set a cookie. How to set content type. How to set what content is accepted. Then run example 77 for an api server and lets see the json being returned. Now in the client make a queue to hold the returned json, put a list control on the client and see the list of customers appear. And do you want https ?
(1:18) Wolfgang asks Can the type of a Webserver be switched between regular (HTTP) and secure (HTTPS) with an entry in the INI? - Yes, here's how.
(1:20) Paul - Where can I check a entered value on a form after all of the validations are applied ?
(1:28) Pratik - how would I use a version number in the URL for an API server.
(1:39) Pratik - in set method - how do I catch the HTTP Verb (get / post / put / delete) -
(1:45) Mike - on a phone I don't get buttons on my menu - Its going into mobile mode. In the Web Handler and set site mode to desktop
(1:51) Flint - Can I use a password on a SSL key file ? and can you use a certificate and key from the windows store? = no and can I generate a csr and key file? yes in Net Talk 10
149 11 May 2017 Link
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1:35 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

(0:03) Bruce talks about NT 9.27 and it uses the latest jFiles
(0:08) Bijan - Bringing the NT Server down - or load balancing. Or how I brought it all down with the Web Strain app
(0:22) Merle - Still having trouble sending batch emails - it comes down to "don't look like spam". How to add digital signing to outgoing emails.
(0:36) Olu - I have a secure website and I wanted if users go to the unsecure site it redirects them to the secure one. So I added two webserver extension to application and got the one on port 80 to redirect to 443 - but now my performance data does not work. Bruce shows Example 8 with two servers, you can set which one to monitor one and not the other.
(0:40) Bijan - talks about Elastic Email to get over Merle's problem.
(0:42) Roberto - has other options to help Merle (SendGrid).
(0:43) Roberto - I have a question about translating buttons on netwebforms.
(0:53) Casey - Re: Button text. Why wouldn't you use the default button settings in the Web Server object?
(0:54) Roberto - is there any way to automatically ban an ip address? is there some kind a class set up to detect a DDOS attack?
(0:57) Brian - Uploading files and want to save to a different location than the Web Folder. The location is in a field in the customer table. You can save to anywhere, but be careful. Is it Web Folder relative? What does the save to upload folder option?
(1:03) David - Can we use Clarion FileCallbacks with NetTalk WebServer to Track Add/Changes/Deletes from WebForms? Bruce explains how to use Clarion for every thread creation and destruction. David asks how to implement this in multi DLL apps. Bruce explains how the Construct and Destruct are "automatic" methods.
(1:17) Dan - Can you check script errors in IE? Bruce explains how the default is IE7 but there is a registry setting, Feature_Browser_Emulation that allows you to set a different setting. See FE Docs, FAQ 2.17 and 2.18.
(1:24) Scott - What's the best way to increase the font size for a portion of the page header tag? Like <H2>text</H2> that leaves a space between this header and the next text line
Bruce shows how to make a div or span which can then be styled using CSS.
148 4 May 2017 Link
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2:13 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

(0:01) Bruce talks about changes in jFiles.
(0:03) kevin - I was asked about system{prop:messagehook} = Address( x )  how do I set this for one database or a databases per client.
(0:24) Bijan - multiple servers, high availability - discussion on what is important. Where are the issues. What is the delay in propagation across data centers?  Amazon, resources etc
(1:00) Bijan asks about screen sizes- what are the challenges.
This turns into a question of size and understanding how your application performs under load.
(1:10) Bruce shows WebStrain example app - how to kill your server. - and a long talk about ODBC vs MsSql databases, what are the limits and how do you find them?  1 hour of gems !
What does my net talk server need, how do I tailor it on Amazon or  for a database ?
Testing of single hits vs hits that take a lot of time to  complete ie threads that do not complete instantly - ie do not test with "I am logged in"  vs  "Report top clients for last 12 months that , , , , "  which holds  both server and db connection open for "x" seconds.
147 27 April 2017 Link
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1:53 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

(0:01) Kevin - I have a NTServer, client logs in and produces a pdf from a report. Is there any way to stop person 'x' from retrieving that pdf.?
(0:15) Scott - wants an embed in WebHandler for a file (table) open
(0:24) Bram - has a form that starts a very long sync proc periodically on a thread, and wants to set a host value, then send the user to another page.
(0:41) Merle - has issues when sending bulk emails. Different email service providers stop this (Gmail, Yahoo, Live etc.)  thinking its spam. Eg. too many per hour / per day etc.
ie How to send thousands of emails without looking like spam.
(0:55) Vincent - Can I Add Spell Checker plugin for TinyMCE Editor?
(1:01) Don - has an update from last week. Has a tls problem with a certificate "cannot load"
(1:06) Chris - Net Demo using NetSimple, what could the error be in a simple transmission.
(1:18) Scott - has an update from earlier. in the DCT, is you filename variable threaded ? Scott is using Table{prop:Owner} in the WebHandler. Bruce makes a template to set prop:owner.
(1:38) Casey - How to save and display the user's preferred currency symbol? Bruce shows how to make a one byte character.
146 20 April 2017 Link
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1:24 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

(0:00) Bruce - version 9-26 release
(0:04) Bijan - If forcing in Desktop mode all the time, then how to adapt the site for small screens?
(0:12) Bijan - Working with a parent child screen, should I save a child record when it is created ? ie do we create a parent then create the children, or create the children then the parent.
(0:21) Bijan - Seeing error in javascript message on page
(0:22) Bijan - export to xml is really cool, when you click on it, you have to associate the xml to view it in Excel - will vary from one browser to another.
(0:24) Don - I am a client talking to a web server that is updating to Sha-2 and TLS - How can i upgrade my Connection to Sha-2 and TLS V1.2 or Higher? They gave me a certificate, but Which Field can I put the Key for my .CER certificate. Bruce shows in the Nettalk demo program how to set it up.
If the file is updated annually how do I implement this?
(0:38) Don - what is the caroot.pem? - Its who do we trust, the chain of trust.
(0:42) Ashley - Reports using the Media control - page not found. Was fixed in todays build 9-26
(0:45) Scott - I press a button on tab one (that has a progress control) to generate records on tab two. Use of p_web.PushEvent and p_web.PopEvent
(0:54) Scott - how do I change tabs automatically when this process (progress control) is done
(1:05) how can I show how many records were found
(1:10) Scott - I send a client an email with a url in it like - This sets which database and go use, then go to the login screen. Shows use of .redirect in the webHandler
(1:17) Wolfgang [FE question] - In my WebClient I display a HTML document in a FE-object. Is it possible to prohibit highlighting, copy and pasting the contents of this HTML?

145 13 April 2017 Link
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1:06 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

(0:01) - Bruce reviews the changes in the 9.25 build
(0:08) Mike - has an app in separate folders for each customer, he sends each customer a link using a 301 to redirect to a different port. If it is converted to SLL how can I do this.  Answer is SSL does not
_have_ to run on port 443. (But there are other possible approaches as well.)
(0:25) Kevin - What is the 301 redirect? 
(0:30) Merle - Is there a Capesoft template that adds the  ability to also send SMS
messages to Smart Phones?
Merle - Will the NetTalk 'SendMail' function work with RTF Memo fields for the Message value ?
(0:37) Bijan - Re texting I recommend Zipwhip. its good and its cheap
(0:39) Kevin - I have an API that makes json for a web form with several drop list boxes (for state name and postcode etc.) Mobile app takes too long to load 5 api calls - one for the data set, the second for a list of states, the third for postcode etc. So I send out multiple datasets in the api results. Is this ok.
(0:44) Jack - has a big picture question - wants a screen with a web browser built in that uses web sockets so the screen will show text changes instantly.
(0:49) Bruce - how to feed a page from two servers, an example of using a small device to read a USB port that fills in a field on the web form - use form type External.
(0:56) Kevin - what is the type external field on a form and how to use it?
(1:00) Bruce talks about the on screen keyboard which is currently missing docs.

144 6 April 2017 Link
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1:40 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

(0:05) Kurt - I just wanted to give an update on an issue I was having with MySQL a few weeks ago. 
It was timing out at 15 minutes and then not reconnecting unless the service was restarted. 
Using the {PROP:Disconnect}statement on the first file opened at the end of the code doing the updates corrected the problem and it's been working with no issues up to this point.
(0:06) Roberto - can we have an easy way to store an table with xfiles to a variable?
the Json save method does, but with xfiles it does not [seem to] work. 
(0:17) Alejandro - A Question about media control - in the url I want to open a html like Its using the extension to determine the media type, but the URL I want to use does not have an extension.
(0:35) Wolfgang - When a NT-Webserver runs as a Windows Service (SelfService), is it then necessary to have a Server-Watchdog, that check whether the NTWS is running or needs to be re-started?
(0:45) Ivan - had a web client window from an example, there was a change from http 1.0 to http 1.1
An example of making a web client in an existing app from scratch where a url is passed in, and the result of the page is returned.
(1:14) - Bruce reviews builds 9.22 9.23 and 9.24
(1:34) Wolfgang - So when the Connections drop to zero, the TPS could be copied to another directory, as a backup?
(1:37) Peter - Suggested Basic Auth won't work if you've need to collect more Auth parms (eg CustNo)
143 30 March 2017  Link
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1:55 [Thanks to John and Ted for the show notes]

Build 9.23 is now available
(0:01) Edvard has a question about taking photos with a phone and saving them in a blob in the database
(0:18) David has a question on uploading multiple files. How to store the files in a blob of another table.
(0:30) Discussion about logging in and the server returns nothing, possible too many threads or Too Busy
(0:40) How to find out why a procedure is not exiting (threads never closing)
(0:48) Question on logging to screen and file
(0:54) Showed additional logging options/abilities in MultiSite6(59) example
(0:56) Be sure to hook your messagebox! so as not to stop your webserver when a message is displayed
(0:58) Paul has several questions about scraping websites
(1:16) Further explanation of Get and Post
(1:19) Olu looking for websocket example, which has just appeared in the newest build!
(1:23) Bijan has a question about sending emails as html only (Bruce says send both html and text)
(1:27) Bijan has a question about json and quotes. Quotes need to be encoded, there is a StringTheory method jsonEncode
(1:34) Casey is having trouble making modifications to the SEVEN theme, changing the background color
(1:47) David is not getting values back from start and length
142 23 March 2017 Link
[Hits: 196]
1:13 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

(0:02) - Rene has a menu that does not refresh after a valid login when login is a popup. A new setting in build 9.22 "Refresh header on save"
(0:05) Warning - A Firefox update, a cookie from a secure address cannot be used on an unsecure site. No Session ID = cant login in.
(0:09) Parker - has an issue with JsonP to CORS - a "cross origin http" request, allows you to specify if a resource is from another page.
Bruce looks for AccessControlAllowOrigin - it requires a setting of p_web.GetHeaderField('Origin:') in CreateHeader
(0:20) Kurt - using the ODBC driver for MySqL. Has an app accessing a remote database generates error 90 - access violation.
(0:37) Roberto re ODBC says 3.51.23 version of odbc appears to work better.
(0:42) Pratik re ODBC says Oracle on 5.2.5 appears to work better, he makes a user account for each workstation to avoid the sql server Connection pool limit
(0:46) - Alajandro asks about SqlSync
(0:52) - PGM - has an email question, about breaking out of a email loop
(1:00) Wolfgang - has been screen scraping, how to manage a form with login and password.

Aside: An explanation of Salted Hashed Passwords happened in the ClarionLive Open Webinar for 22 March 2017.
141 16 March 2017 Link
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1:33 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

(0:01) CIDC 2017 registration is open
(0:08) Kurt - has a file open error
(0:15) Ted - why use p_web.Openfile() instead of
(0:17) Roberto - I need help configuring TLS on a web app. I notice it works fine on one server but does not work on the server that I want it to be. An explanation of
EV Extended Validation = expensive and  Company Name
DV Domain Validation
StartSSL is dead / untrusted
An in depth look at how to install TLS
(0:42) - Ted  when i add a signature control to a netweb form and run the app i get javascript error.
(0:44) Darin - when attempting to display an image on a netwebform, from a blob, displays as binary text, not an image. 
(0:49) David P - A question about sending emails using Nettalk - records per cycle -
(1:07) Bijan - how to use api's and how to document them - see the Friday webinar, #300 #302 #304 at ClarionLive
(1:12) Bijan - where to upload clients files - local vs dropbox -
(1:19) has anyone use Azure on Amazon
(1:27) Ted - still had a js error.
140 9 Mar 2017 Link
[Hits: 182]
1:40 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

(0:03) Peter wants to make his own html pages for the server rather than use those generated for a gymnastics scoring app. Tips for pushing data to all users from the server. The Watch options & Display a Host Value from Web
(0:38) Other Peter Re the error that Pratik found in 9.21 (return vars disappearing after the running of certain wizards)
(0:41) Alejandro - comments on Peter G needing cryptonite for web sockets as they require SHA1
(0:43) Alejandro - has a DLL that stays open after the EXE closes, needs NetCloseCallBackWindow in the exe when it closes.
(1:00) David - Sending pdfs - wants a progress
(1:07) David - how to preview the pdfs
(1:11) David - lookups & drop downs, a review of the options
(1:23) Ron - How to get the ip address of the caller p_web.GetSessionIp - how to lock people out from the server. Tricks to stop brute force like ds_sleep to put a thread to sleep.
(1:31) Pratik - Why does the extension sometimes show just NetTalk ().
(1:35) Ted -  enhancing the 'click here to download report' when progress get set to 100
139 2 Mar 2017 Link
[Hits: 181]
1:39 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

(0:02) Bruce talks about the 9-20 and 9.21 Builds - What's new.
(0:47) Pratik - Server is on 9.20 but web folder is on 9.18 - Where to look ?
(0:55) Wolfgang - RE Net:sslMethodMaxOnly So its a good habit to NOT store EQUATES into Data permanently, as they are subject of changes.
(0:56) Bram - Suggestion: a webinar about creating apps for mobile devices.
(0:57) Pratik - if your looking to help yourself identify the server info, we use a hidden URL say /myinfo with a paramter pin=..., then let it return what you need
(0:59) Roberto - I need to figure out how to change the theme on just a procedure, may even be just a popup. if that is not possible is there a way to change the colors of a whole bunch of radio control (like 80 of them) in one single point instead of having to go control by control. - ITS NOT EASY
(1:06) Robert - NetWebClient: Could not make the cookie work on a request - had to pass the session ID on the address line. Use OptionAutoCookie instead which works.
(1:12) Don - I'm new to NetTalk web stuff, I don't have Colors or Button Icon on the web page?
(1:19) Kurt - Is there anything special that needs to be done to run a Nettalk webservice as a service?  I looked in the Nettalk documentation and didn't find anything but wanted to check with the man behind the curtain. 
(1:30) David - cant type into fields after an import into his NT app
(1:33) Ted - has a login issue (same as last week.)
138 23 Feb 2017 Link
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1:32 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

The Hosts Edition...

(0:01) Kevin - takes a report from a desktop app and "dumps" it into NT web server, how not to do it.
(0:31) Brian - I have customers who are uploading 2-300mb files to my system - The application loads the files into a blob on the server side. I set the upload limit to 300mb but the customer files do not always make it to the server.  I'm not sure if the they just get tired of waiting and cancel or if they timeout.
(0:36) John - Has a login problem, my remember me does not work, and has a logout issue. An interesting and detailed walk through the login process.
(1:03) John would like to make his site secure, how to do this. A walk through SSL.
(1:17) Kevin - using a user token to maintain a logged in session for a device. It logs in, gets a token, then returns that token for subsequent pages rather than using a cookie.
137 16 Feb 2017 Link
[Hits: 159]
1:57 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

(0:03) Mike - problem sending emails from one (out of 3) of his pc's -
use debug statements to check the settings on both pcs
(0:10) Robert - web client connections, how do I keep a connection open for multiple requests. What triggers a page received.
Also look in netwww.clw .process to see "WorkOutIfFinished"
(0:19) Kevin - with the web client demo, where is "OptionAutoCookie" setting.
(0:26) Mike - continues with his issue and sending trace output.
(0:29) Kevin - plan 'B' when a cookie session does not work, use a token to set the session, it takes precedence over the cookie or header session.
(0:33) Kevin - What constitutes a timeout (both Connection timeouts, and Session timeouts)
(0:40) Kevin, how do you set Keep Connection Alive
(0:43) David - has a Web Client in a multiple DLL app, the client needs to be in the exe to load and unload the net talk object. Look at NetCloseCallBackWindow
(0:50) David - in a customer record on a form, there is another table for a customer type, when a change to the customer type occurs how do I make the browse update itself.
(0:56) Mike - continues, turn off "Suppress Error Messages"
(1:00) Alejandro - what is the best way to position something in a html frame. An explanation of what is a 'frame' vs what is a 'div' - how to "float" a div
(1:20) Ted - has a mem form with report filter options, including a start button. One of the string fields is marked 'required'.
It appears the Required field is NOT getting validated when start button  is clicked. - Yes, validation occurs on save, and you are not saving, so disable the button instead.
(1:24) Robert continues - the page content length is zero
(1:29) Pratik - missing some code.
(1:33) Pratik - wants an embed
(1:39) Mike - continues - how to log more information, where is the
code hanging.
136 9 Feb 2017 Link
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2:28 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

(0:03) Johan - using a local variable I need to filter invoice transactions for a customer (child table)  and the customer details
(0:23) Wolfgang - can you discuss the API changes (formatting and prefixes) introduced in NT 9.17
(0:31) Wolfgang - Re jFiles, a data transfer allowing receipt to skip/update existing records. Use "UpdateFileOnLoad=false" ie if the record already exists then don't update it.
(0:36) Alejandro - Disconnected Web, some bugs, fields that dont update in a sync, and some changes caused all records to be sent.
(0:49) Alejandro - is there a bug with phonegap?
(0:59) Alejandro - there is a problem loading on "KitKat" version of Android - a known bug
(1:07) David - Followup from last week where we were overriding the save, problem with deleting.
(1:15) David - if there is a browse on the form and the user changes something on the browse, if there was a total field on the form, can I trap the change and update the form?
(1:21) David - trying to get 2 columns - how do I line them up on the form
(1:26) Terry - web 44 soap and a web client client. Change the webclient call to a standard window with a netwebclient on it.
(1:38)Wolfgang - discusses a sort of state machine using the URL to pass the state.
(1:41) Terry - Disconnected Web - database.js  Bruce shows how to use firebug to view a sql database - database.table.View and .Nuke
There is also a Firefox addon that is a SqLite Manager
(1:49) Bijan - A chrome update now says our web server is not secure. Its if you have a password on a page, then it will complain.
(1:52) Bijan - can I run a secure server on port 80 - use of SNI server name indication to allow multiple certificates on one web server.
(2:01) Wolfgang - Internet vs intranet certificates
(2:11) Bijan - Have you done any work on creating a host name using an API? On a service such as no-ip.
(2:14) David - Are there any implications of the move towards SSL for creating programs using FTP ? (sftp, ftps, ftpes)
Do you need to detect whether or not the server is running securely and set the FTP accordingly ?
(2:17) Ted - is there a possibility of NetTalk to do SFTP using SSH  answer is "very unlikely".
135 2 Feb 2017 Link
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1:31 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

(0:01) David trying to override the action of a form that was fed from a view, to do my own save or delete on the real tables
(0:17) David wants to make a web call to post some json to "docusign" - How to construct a custom header
(0:22) David where is the wizard tab on a form, how to make a form a wizard.
(0:34) Mike  using a timer on the web server to send emails, can I move this to another proc. Yes, make another window to handle this, how to set its thread, how to make sure it only opens once.
(0:43) Alejandro - Disconnected Web - bug on inserting a new record, and a missing button, and a few more bugs...
(0:55) Alejandro - what is the settings table, what is it used for?
(1:10) Ted - How to call several reports from a mem form, new feature to auto click is coming soon.
(1:19) David - can I add a web client into a web app for emails.
134 26 Jan 2017 Link
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1:13 Australia Day edition - [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

(0:04) - Changes in the 9.18 build
(0:25) Kevin - why is the (jFiles) CascadeUp and CascadeDown methods now used in the server.
(0:30) Ted - on a drop control what is the Value Field vs the Description Field (which needs a key). Use of p_web.GetDescription - how Net Talk takes a name field from a drop box and tries to find the associated id field.
(0:42) Ashley - Parent Child form questions, Have a client that walks away from a parent child form and the session times out. How do I update the parent table when a certain field on the child form is updated.
(0:48) Ashley - on the browse, if someone adds or deletes a record, I want keep a total count, so I need a way to capture this as the form opens.
(0:57) Kevin - what is the device id and how do I use it
(1:04) Kevin - php support, is there a chance it will be revisited
(1:11) Wolfgang, with the settings table, is something like this possible to have for the NT-Server Edition? ie I want to identify all the pc's my program connects to so people can easily log on etc.
133 19 Jan 2017 Link
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1:43 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

(0:05) NT 9-18 SSL - Bruce talks about "Forward Security" a new feature that is in 9-18. Uses to show the effect.
(0:19) Wolfgang - SSL Intranet - We do not have to worry when you use a self-issued certificate for Clarion+Nettalk SOAP-Client/Server on an Intranet, I presume.
(0:12) Wolfgang, can I have the wdsl in http and the content as https ? Yes, it looks like it does that now.
(0:26) Ashley - Server Side Auto Numbering, problem with adding a new record in parent child, how to deal with orphans, ie adding invoice detail records, then the session breaks with no parent.
 see the Advanced tab / "Prime Auto inc if necessary" & "if not necessary". When using guids, you can make a guid for the parent, then make children relating to that parents guid, so orphans are not a problem.
(0:39) Mike - Progress bar on a report, adding more information, use a display field. With "Live via a web socket" you can set say a session value like "Whatever" and when this value changes it will be seen on the reports "display" on the progress bar.
(0:47) Ted - Can you use multiple progress bars
(0:42) Ken - Translating "Cannot be zero or blank" and other auto-comment text.
(0:53) Johan - talks to a web service. How to proceed when there are multiple requests and responses. Breaking the calls into steps.
(1:01) Koen - Using a remote app to pass a list of ID's to the server. Can I use a queue to send these back ? 
(1:19) Jesper - I need to communicate with a Linux-box on my local network, using Web Sockets, a request for a web sockets client.
(1:24) Lisa - Do you know about Amazon Lambda
(1:32) Kevin - how to make a popup in a web page which times out after a period of time.
132 12 Jan 2016 Link
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2:20 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

(0:01) - Bruce talks about update to WebServices example 77 in 9.17
(0:17) Wolfgang - questions the "action" for when sending a table from the client to the server.
(0:24) Wolfgang - a method belongs to multiple services
(0:27) Wolfgang - how to block someone trying to get certain document types like php files. Use the ValidateFilename method in the WebHandler.
Also how self.BAN(ip-address) works to ban the caller from making further connections for a period of time.
(0:40) Kevin - taking a table as a parameter.
(0:42) Merle - Emails using TLS. A detailed explanation and how to setup sending emails from any program.
(1:18) David on new way to get a free certificate from Let's Encrypt which offers a service to automatically get a certificate using "acme" protocol. See - and a hint that acme will probably be in NetTalk 10
(1:25) Francisco - Can you do a Demo for someone who doesn't have NetTalk? I am looking for a tool to convert my desktop app to a cloud base app. Bruce wizards a new app from a random dictionary.
(2:03) Ted - I have a large list of PDF's, can I generate a list of them to download, or am I breaking security. Use a mem table to show them.
(2:06) Ted - Is there a global setting for the default font
(2:10) David -  updating a table record after saving on form, Bruce shows the options.
(2:15) Phillip - I have a table that has a hyperlink - how do I make it open another tab on the browser and show the image.
131 5 Jan 2015 Link
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1:35 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

(0:01) Bruce talks about the new 9-17 build, memo and blobs support in api's, formatting of fields such as date & time, prefixes of tables are now off as default
(0:27) Alejandro - disconnected web, insert a record in a form, return to the browse, the inserted record is not there. Bug in refresh.
(0:37) Ashley - Why Browse less edit form will not show the data like it did before
(0:40) Wolfgang - A form question, I want to generate and display an image, based on the data applied to the form which might be thousands of records. How do I work with the time frame of its slow generation? Answer is in the pdf example, how to use progress bars.
(0:51) Lisa - sending email, gets an error message due to a relay
(1:04) Bruce shows a new method (Serialize) in StringTheory.
(1:08) Kevin - how to work with passwords that contain characters such as an ampersand - correct formatting of web client requests. URL, XML and JSON encoding
(1:11) Kevin - SQL injection question, consider the encoding of the sender, how to use StringTheory to check against a alphabet
(1:24) Kevin - ban list vs black list
(1:27) Kevin - logging on the server, what is useful
130 29 Dec 2016 Link
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1:49 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

(0:08) Pratik - wants to have a client to receive a download it requests, and can you make this into a class? Bruce does build a class derived from NetWebClient
(0:45) David - on a memory form that has a browse on it, when you click on a browse line it shows a photo. But when the page first opens the browse shows the first line as highlighted but no photo displays.
Discussion on how to know who is the first field, and what variable do you send ?
(0:59) David - a question on how to show the ban button, Bruce shows how to delete the log control and the performance control on the screen. Then by regenerating them, you will have the latest version which includes the ban button and list of banned ip's
(1:03) Bruce goes walkabout.... (silence...)
(1:12) a quick side step from David and John asks if Net Talk will support a camera taking images.
(1:20) Ashley - has a report that varies from 1 page to 500 pages, the pdf is generated before the report is finished. Discussion on how the web progress bar is taking its value from the "Clarion" progress bar.
(1:31) Pratik - has a bug
(1:32) Terry - has a browse with two child browses, one for sms, and one for email, I want to hide the sms browse when the parent line is sms and vica verca - put them all on a mem form
(1:36) Terry - how to get a print icon, Bruce shows how to locate them on ThemeRoller
(1:39) Terry - more on the report's progress bar and the creation of the report.
129 22 Dec 2016 Link
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2:09 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

0:01 - Kevin Disconnected Desktop is not sending a tables memo field = bug
0:07 - Wolfgang Soap server to serve a normal HTML page - how to display it?
0:18 - Wolfgang on Google's Brotli compression algorithm
0:27 - David has a browse that links to a memory form that has another browse.  On browse 1 there is a button, how do I make a variable to pass multiple data variables to a mem form to show the item details.
Use of the parameters entry for a click event on the browse - sending row id - use of p_web.AddBrowseValue
0:46 - David making a mobile responsive using bootstrap, can I do it ? Bruce says watch this space, there is work progressing on this. A discussion on technique follows
0:58 - David - what is that little red screen that pops up - on Performance tab use the No JavaScript Check setting to stop this.
1:03 Don - How do I get into the web stuff - getting your feet wet.
1:16 Piet - Can you show how to find a 'field' in the webpage with Firebug
1:20 Ted I have a browse with a ‘export’ button, I want to intercept the call to create an xml file, call a source proc to create the Excel file (using office inside) and then make a link for the end user to download it. Use of the start button option "start automatically when from generates"
1:33 Wolfgang - Do I have to add this new PROCEDURE to the list of CALLS? - Declare Globally ?
1:40? Kevin asks people to bring his web server down - an example of disconnected desktop in Amazon, their mySql is case sensitive, its Linux based.
128 15 Dec 2016 Link
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1:49 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

(0:03) David - has a question about passing values to forms. Example of calling a form directly, how to use p_web.AddBrowseValue _bidv_
(0:27) David - on a browse, a row is clicked, I want to displaying some image from another table, and what if it is from a blob.
(0:57) David - now export it to Excel? looks like a bug
(1:03) Don - How to Connect to a service via web Sockets client. - The code is not there yet.
(1:06) Paul - Suggests that FAQ #W4 (calling a form directly) in Insert mode,  in the documentation does not work. (It seems to work ok though.)
(1:12) Phillip -  Eample from scratch of creating a browse, that requires a login first. Discussion about logins and passwords and the storing of passwords as  a Salted Hash.
(1:36) Carl - How can one limit an SSL connection to TLS 1.2 and how to restrict various cyphers?
127 24 Nov 2016 Link
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2:30 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

(0:05) - Mike - on a browse, edit in place, I want to have a numeric entry field that selects the whole text on focus. Leads to a quick lesson on javascript and using firebug to test your js.

(0:31) - Pete - form layout - how to use firebug to identify where the ugly space is coming from

(0:42) - David - Browse layout, how to control the width of columns, Eg. "no wrap", using firebug to find what element is controlling the size

(1:10) - David - How do I show a login screen without a menu

(1:15) - David - what is a good example to show photos

(1:19) - John - Twillio forwards a message from my phone to my NetTalk server, but my server does not respond correctly.

(1:43) - Pete - how do I get a horizontal line between two fields. Besides the easy way of using the display a line option, Bruce shows how to use a div to make a line where you can control the width, height, padding and color of the line.

(2:05) - Brian - wants to know how to implement a progress bar, where to find it in the docs.

(2:11) - Mike - How long should a client wait on a request? How to handle a process that takes a very long time. How to use a p_web.noop() in a loop in a http response

(2:22) - Gustavo - how to get started with Net Talk Server.
126 17 Nov 2016 Link
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2:12 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

(0:03) Alejandro - Get vs Post - using nettalk demo, vs to submit a form, Bruce shows how to analyze traffic using debug view. Alejandro wants to submit a form with OAuth 2. So look at the webinar that Dries did on submitting to a site that uses OAuth. see  show 352

(0:40) Chuck - on the security tab, what does the Private option do? Suggestion to add this at the Service level as well.

(0:46) Pratik - Some settings on the Security tab of the Web Server.
(1) what does "strict transport security" mean? - HSTS is a header thing that stops http from accessing your site, only allows https. That is, once you have been there, you cannot access that site on port 80 ever again.
(2) What is the Host Name (CSL) option ? In a SSL Certificate, the certificate is written for a host name or name(s) - (SNI) Server Name Indication
How to make a hidden location for certificates like C:\hidden\certificates

(1:03) Marc - Is there an example of a web form where a checkbox reveals a group of fields when check and hides them when unchecked? See Calculator (34) example

(1:07) David W - When you are doing the Host Names, what about multiple sub-domains? Do they have to be specified separately?
Is the "www" in the certificate important? - Sub domains -  the certificate normally will hold "" and ""
But you can get a wildcard certificate that will do or

(1:12) David P - I have a question about creating simple web app with login screen. Do I need SSL for my private company site?
Get a free one from  StartSSL.Com  -  Logging in, use salted and hash on passwords ( see show 74 & 118 ). 
Discussion on window design for beginners, and why a Visual Designer slows you down.

(2:00) Roberto - what is the pool procedure and maximum Pool threads for? Each thread you open will open every table in your Dct whether you use them or not, so it takes time to open them. the Tread Pool keeps threads open so they don't need to continually be created and destroyed.

125 10 Nov 2016 Link
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2:04 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

(0:02) Ruben - Wants a save button that returns back to the home page, setting the url for the button.
(0:12) John - has a mobile app that looks bad on a full screen browser - use of p_web.SetOptions with the dialog widget to control the popup width
(0:39) David Can I use Sql Lite with my mobile app on my phone?  = no   Bruce explains why.
(0:44) John wants help with his locator, and repositioning of his buttons
(1:21) Alejandro - Disconnected Web - how does the login work, if I have a device number 1234 that wants to logon -
Also what is the form action method fetch and post, discussion of post vs get, and the impact of SSL, what is the form action.
(1:45) Mark - On a form, wants additional information from an unrelated table. How to use fields without keys, and the use of "lookup settings" tab
(1:59) Edvard - Has a lookup that does not work, the lookup needs a key
124 27 Oct 2016 Link
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2:07 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

(0:02) Paul - Https site trying to "scrape" information, a detailed analysis using firebug, and the Weather client example, to see what is passed between the site and the client.

(0:15) David P - use NetTalk mapping on a desktop, Bruce goes through mapping options, VERY detailed examination. AND tomorrow night on Clarion Live, William was working with MS MapPoint which has died, so he has integrated Google maps into desktop. A must watch.

(1:09) Paul again, has no joy so far, its content type. How to install Firebug

(1:20) Ashley - How to clear search when entering a browse from the menu. How to pass parameters to a browse from the Menu
Use of p_web.IfExistsValue() and _refresh_= ClearLocator

(1:27) Ashley - How can one change header image programmatically when logging in. How to make the header a html file on disk, and how to bring a static file into the app
<!-- Net:f:filename -->
html vs Xhtml

(1:35) David W - When a page uses capture, how can I get around it to scrape the screen

(1:39) Simon renaming functions

(1:40) Bram a FM3 error

(1:42) Vince - When using Memory Table should I use Page or File load on Browse?

(1:47) Alejandro - when the url contains a hash tag, the end of the url (past this) is not received by the server.

(2:04) Paul again, Firebug question, how to see the response package.
123 20 Oct 2016 Link
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1:35 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

(0:04) Brian - redactor bug question -  sending one file or many files when your server sends the browser the js/css files. Due to the "Server pre-compressed" setting.

(0:11) Alejandro - has a calendar, in the associated form, entering a </br> causes the form to fail. All about xHTML.

(0:18) Alejandro - on a browse, how can I replace the <13,10> with <br/>

(0:28) Mike - on a simple browse form - on insert it never returns on the form.

(0:41) Ashley - on a form the buttons and tabs were not drawn correctly - Debugging JavaScript errors.

(0:52) Ashley - My server sometimes fails. Strategies for dealing with a server that fails.

(0:56) Ashley - I have a timer, when my page does a transaction to paypal, I need to refresh the clients page.

(0:59) Ashley - I have a problem when my Sql server connection is lost, I need to restart the NT server.

(1:02) Paul - How to "scrape" web sites. A client program called "Weather", contains a procedure called "Drive" which illustrates how to analyze what happens with say a a login page, the value fields and cookies.

(1:15) Davis asks about Client.OptionAutoCookie option

(1:18) Kevin - On a form - a string - can you explain the "Live via WebSockets", can I use this to get feedback from a server to a disconnected desktop on the servers progress. No, but use a web client to get a session value, then allow the upload to the server.
122 13 Oct 2016 Link
[Hits: 217]
2:12 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

(0:06) Kurt - Preventing Blobs being cached when serving from a Blob.
(0:13)  Wolfgang on _SendFile can we use procs that begin with an underscore?
(0:21)  Piet has a server which has a web folder out of sequence. It's a version problem, the version is in netweb.js in C:\Clarion\accessory\libsrc\win\NetWeb\web\scripts
(0:26) What is coming in build 9.14.
(0:28) The time stamp is sometimes 1 digit different from the server time stamp, a general talk about using REALs, are they safe?
(0:39) Edvard - mobile apps - tips on developing
(0:46) Edvard - in a browse, how to show the total number of records.
(0:51) Brian - calculating the number of minutes between two date/times.
(0:55) Brian has a browse on a browse that has eip issues.
(0:57) Alejandro - Hot Dates - calendar example, cant use a CR/LF (bug report)
(1:00) Alejandro in a browse, is there a limit to the number of characters that can be displayed,  Alajandro has a limit of 261 chrs. Has a picture set (which is too small). Also suggestion to "Abbreviate Length" option on the browse
(1:12) Kurt - Blobs, images still not showing, can they be in the web folder, or maybe a cache issue.
(1:19) Simon why use access:OpenFile and not the p_web.Openfile version
(1:23) Casey - popups - how a browse opens up a popup form, a walk through. Adding your own button to open a form.
(1:36) Allen - Getting Started. a library checkout, on a browser I scan a barcode to determine what records show on a browse. Use of a memory form to hold the entry fields that feeds the limits of the browse. How to hide the browse until there is data to show.
(1:59) Kevin on how can you get the IP address of the caller
(2:00) Kevin is there a way of making Clarion date time from a timestamp
121 6 Oct 2016 Link
[Hits: 202]
1:59 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

(0:03) David - how can I use a proxy with net talk. the CanUSeProxy setting with ProxyServer & ProxyPort. And how do I pass the proxy a password.
(0:09) Gordon building a mobile app, but using a browser to test the mobile app. It goes to one server, then it gets data from another server, ie across multiple domains. The login fails when the request comes back from the second server with no cookie. Answer, a cookie is tied to a host, so it gets lost when passing to a second server. Can I pass a session value in something rather than a cookie?  post vs get.
(0:21) Gordon has an employee portal application, under heavy use (700 users) the server is locking up,  don't know if its sql or the server.
By using a service manager in front of the server it restarts the server when there is a problem. Can we move the session queue into a database so the sessions are not lost when the server locks up? With x files the session state is restored when the server closes, use its methodology as a basis for moving the several queues saved. ie serverQ serverDataQ .  Look at memory usage, 100 tables = nk of ram per thread, try to keep it around 1 Gig of ram
The more threads, the slower the server gets. Use the <advanced tab> Max threads=100 setting. Have the app monitor its own mem usage with win event's ds_memory to find memory leakage. Task manager shows memory usage, but its misleading, Maybe use multiple instances with a proxy server in front (load balancing)
(0:55) - Wolfgang on lifetime of sessions in the xml saved when the server closes. Sessions here are not cleaned up if you don't leave the server on long enough to do garbage cleanup. Its because its a development machine.
(0:59) Wolfgang - connection does not exist error. How to suppress the error, and how to translate them into German. Use error trap to get errorStr, so it can be sent to the translator. NetAll  interpretError
(1:04) David - using JsonLint to understand json problems and layouts.
(1:10) Jeff  - has Parent / Child tables, but wants to have the child records on the same line as the parent. Jeff has a solution using dynamic xhtml, maybe this is the best way to do this.
(1:20) John has a problem using a calendar - [turns out to be data linked with multiple key fields - support for this added in 9.14]
(1:22) John on how to turn tool tips off - its in webHandler processLink,
- my browser does not show the calendar on the page.
A date range with a calendar lookup is not working, John is using @d17, this is not supported, use @d16 or lower. In date lookup picture setting - use
120 29 Sept 2016 Link
[Hits: 211]
1:55 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

Chuck - Load balancer for NT Server, having problems, using cookie persistence to send the session back to the same server. Good tip on setting the load balancer timeout three times the servers session timeout. (0:03)
Ashley - Have you had a chance to look at the problem I have with the AWS Load balancer. A view of Ashley's wire shark dump. (0:20)
Alan - All my web pages show an error for 9.14 (0:33)
Mike - What makes a disconnected app - settings - "Generate for Disconnected App" (0:34 )
Mike - How do make an online / offline app (0:36)
Roberto - Forum software, where is there a setting for another instance (0:41)
Mike - more on disconnected app / Disconnected Web (0:43)
Simon - how to set icons on a form or a browse line.- where do these come from, themeroller.- how to change the icon for a button. Here are the links ; (1:06)
Rick follow up on Blobs -  adding support for an image in the product table of the server/desktop NetTalk APPs example?   I tried to do that during last week's webinar but the server is crashing when it receives data. (1:17)
Alejandro - lookups on disconnected apps is broken. (1:22)
Alejandro - on a form the comments do not translate. Once a standard message has been translated, it stays translated, if you want to make the site completely Spanish then do it in the Server, get them (such as InsertPromptText) from NetWeb.clw and use s_web.SitesQueue.Defaults.InsertPromptText (1:23)
Robert - Is there a way to make the browse width the same as the browsers width? How to use firebug to find the setting to change, and where to change the css of the browse (1:29)
Roberto - how to locate the css file being used. (1:35 )
Robert - popup forms, can they all be made auto width (1:39)
Robert - on a form there is a display field with a choice of text / sessionValue / hostValue. SessionValues are per user, but a HostValue is for all users. Also, "Live via WebSocket" that will push the hostValue to all browsers without a refresh. (1:42)
Kurt - On the server/client example, if the client is a mobile app with a disconnected database, how is the data stored locally (like with an ios device)?
Kurt Does it handle blobs to store images? (1:48)
Mike - I don't want to generate a browse until a search value is entered, can I control that? (1:50)
119 22 Sept 2016 Link
[Hits: 165]
1:21 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

This show focuses on - are you north or south of the tropic of cancer?  ref to

Jesper - on a Memory form with a progress bar - when done I want to pass a message to the Memory form. Use of firebug to see the timer working in the browser. How the hyperlink message works. (0:06)

Peter - a discussion, whether or not to maintain both jQuery ui & jQuery mobile & bootstrap (0:24 )
Kevin - With a WebService, how do I set it to return json instead of xml (0:35 )
Kevin - can I have a new embed to allow me to put a version in WebServiceMethod document (0:46)
Kevin - When I add a service method, it asks me which service to assign this to, why would I want more than one service on my net talk server? (0:47)
Roberto - CSS problem, With the CapeSoft Forums, bug with long forum names. (0:54)
David - jFiles into a queue, discussion of SetTagCase upper/ lower/ asis. The difference between a LABEL and a NAME (1:02)
Simon - comments on jFiles options, such as setting a default for a missing field, and setting a value for NULL (1:14)
118 1 Sept 2016 Link
[Hits: 236]
2:32 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

Mike - Id like you to explain the mechanics of logging on to a nettalk webservice  AND Edward -please show an example of how to use a cookie to keep a mobile device automatically logged in for a secured access.
Answer includes, How to turn cookies ON, and what to set a session timeout to, use of p_web.Authenticate / Basic authentication /, net.optionautocookie=true, how to make a login proc to authenticate a user, how to set cookies that expire after say 24 hours on with SSL, use of ProcessLink method in webHandler, use of Set/Get SessionLoggedIn(), Use of a GUID as the cookie instead of a username/password, Remember to use a salted hash on user/password, basic vs digest authentication [whew] (0:03)
Kevin how to set cookie date time in GMT/UTC (1:02)
Kevin - re login using a post on the url - how does this apply to a service, such as disconnected desktop (1:12)
David - Can you show how to read a cookie via Nettalk? Is it available in Nettalk Desktop? There is a _CookieQueue / how to read the queue (1:15)
Casey - Would like to go over the process of adding and deploying css files. Having some inconsistencies getting changes recognized.
Remember to GzipAll (1:21)
David.P - FileExplorer, how to hide fields when tabbing through fields.  David.W helps with a javascript "Changed" vs "Blur" (1:26)
Arnold - smtp question in GPF reporter (1:36)
Bijan - a long discussion on Disconnected Desktop (1:40)
117 25 Aug 2016 Link
[Hits: 171]
2:10 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

Mike reports a bug when refreshing a form which contains multiple browses (0:03)
Bijan - Distributed architecture - parent / child databases, how to use Disconnected Desktop to achieve this. (0:44)
Kevin - Disconnected Desktop, name attribute of a field, and setting the server timestamp  (1:05)
Robert - Is it possible to check the text field length when you paste info from clipboard (1:44)
Mike - Can you set the order of tables that get sync'd, and how to deal with deletions when syncing (1:50)
Mike - has a form with many tabs, how to set filters on or off so the tabs don't load when the form opens (2:06)

116 18 Aug 2016 Link
[Hits: 187]
1:52 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

Roberto is sending an email and some clients do not display Spanish characters in the subject line. Use String Theory's "Encoded Word Encoding" to fix this. And don't forget to Clip the text. (0:02)
David - JFiles - json has 30 fields, but I only want 2 of them, how to approach this (0:06)
Wolfgang - Web Server wants to backup some tps files, but its not good to copy when the table is open - how to proceed? (0:12)
Alejandro - Is it possible change the fillcolour of polygon in a map? (0:30)
David has a File Explorer question, Using FE Browser and wonder how I get access to contents of DIVs Ps etc. Also has jScript errors on some sites (0:32)
Ashley - how to refresh a table on a form after a file upload, the upload is on tab 1 of a multi tab form, and the table is on tab 2 (0:38)
Ashley - refreshing a field after different selections are selected. (0:55)
Roberto - says the subject line shows up really strangely in Thunderbird. Try clipping the string. (it works) (1:00)
Bijan - How can make one of my NT browses (users) autorefresh and not logout the session? Eg. the dispatch screen. (1:03)
Mike - In a browse I have a delete and copy buttons, when I use them and the browse gains focus, the buttons are greyed out. When to refresh. (1:10)
Robert - I have a text field with "Send every keypress to server" checked, so I can update one field from another - count the characters being typed into a text field. Use of JScript to determine length of string. (1:19)
Ted - has a page loaded browse that shows a tps table of 80k records, its very slow (40- secs). How to make keys "server friendly" - Sort Order - and Send Filter Order to DebugView. (1:36)
Mike - can you tell the records in a browse on tabs to only get data from the database when the tab is clicked, like Active Invisible (1:47)
115 11 Aug 2016 Link
[Hits: 180]
1:47 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

Chuck found a bug in the Planner, but it's already fixed in a later build. (Yay! Wish all were this easy!) (0:01)
Mike wants to add a button to a browse to go to the form of another table. A long-winded reply ends by showing the FAQ where the correct answer existed all along. Includes a discussion on seeing the flow through browses and forms, and an explanation of the _bidv_ system. (0:06)
Paul wants to set the focus on a browse EIP field, depending on the contents of the current EIP field. Includes an explanation of how browse EIP fields are named. (1:09)
Alejandro wants to override the URL used when a user clicks on a Marker on the map. (1:30)
114 4 Aug 2016 Link
[Hits: 191]
2:16 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

Bram on choosing the mobile framework (jQueryMobile) or the desktop framework (jQueryUI) when developing the app. (0:04)
Bram reports a couple bugs in the calendar (0:18)
Arnold wants to know the best way to send emails so they have the greatest possibility of getting delivered (0:24)
Flint mentions an error with one email server returning a line-too-long message (1:00)
David continues his work to login to another site via WebClient (1:06)
Victor wants to change the text on a radio button at runtime (1:19)
Dinko wants to validate an email address (ie know that it is genuine) without sending an email (2:02)
Ted wants to know common reasons for a SOAP request to fail. (2:10)
113 28 July 2016 Link
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1:32 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

David continues with his login-to-web-site project (0:02)
Alejandro wants to tell the browser a link is an attachment, not a file to be opened. (0:18)
Bijan discusses breaking an app into Multi-DLL, and then hosting it under Multihost. Good tip on saving user sessions when the exe is stopped and updated. (0:27)
Ted wants to know about generating barcodes (0:34)
John is see a red JavaScript flash when opening his web page (0:40)
Kevin / Ted on serving image files from outside the web folder (0:42)
Bijan on Multihost, and when to use it or not (0:54)
Scott mentions that MapQuest have changed their API - use ESRI in the meantime instead (1:04)
Ashley has some problems with the AWS load balancer (1:12)

112 14 July 2016 Link
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2:12 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

Bijan with Dave Bratovich has developed auto-complete of an addresses on a form using Google. Allows lookup of distance, or time to destination. (0:03 )
Dan - General talk on the use of NetTalk server - taking a photo of cars for inspection, uploading it. Demo of using the wizard to generate an app. (0:18)
David - a question about using NetTalk to automate web forms, capturing images for a site. (0:32)
Hein - How to set the size of Radio buttons in CSS to a fixed size. (0:39)
John gives a tip on where to put custom CSS in the solution explorer pad. (0:53)
Bruce more CSS tips. How to override a property set in the shipping classes. (0:57)
Pratik - what do you recommend for stress testing a WebServer? - An example that ships with NetTalk called Web Strain (0:59)
Wolfgang - Problem constructing xml, making a group that holds strings and numbers. (1:08)
Arnold - creating a browse that scrolls the body of the table, leaving the header and buttons fixed  (1:17)
Roberto Wants a browse that has several rows per record. Use of "Multi-Record Rows" on the advance tab. Shows 3 lines per record. (1:20)
Mark - Rest - How best to make a Webclient which makes multiple calls to a server. Discussion of state machines and a look at the mBuild app (1:35)
David - What is the difference between using Local Class or Local Procedures (2:07)
David - Where can we find the mbuild example? (2:08)
John - Where is the setting of the screen size found. See _ScreenWidth_ & _ScreenHeight_ session values (2:09)
111 7 July 2016 Link
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2:10 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

Flint - how to capture X-forward-for in the header - use GetHeaderField (0:01)
David - connect to a web site and send a file which was slow, so should I use multiple threads to speed it up? (0:06)
David - concept of "being" a browser, Simulating someone filling a form. I set the fields and check boxes then submit, but if there is a "next" button on the form, can I submit it and then do the same for the next page?  Use of Net Talk Web Client. (0:11)
Brian - On a form there is a browse that has edit in place, should I expect the database to instantly update? ANs=Yes, how can I debug it? (0:41)
Bijan - an entry field needs to run JavaScript on the "on focus" property (0:48)
Gustavo - questions the cost of NetTalk, and help with promoting it in Uruguay (0:55)
Alejandro - can I hide an Insert button on a NT Browse (1:08)
Alejandro - can I disable a Save button in a form (1:22)
Mike - would like to see how a webservice can receive a file as an input, and send a file as an output (1:26)
Robert - when a timer elapses I want to run some code, or if user hits refresh on the browser it will refresh. (1:34)
Robert - on refresh, how do you control tabs when you are coming from a browse that was updated (1:40 )
Robert - if you have 3 or 4 tabs, on each tab you have a browse with a refresh timer, how to stop refreshing all the browses (1:44)
Robert - how to wrap a text field on a browse so its not really wide on the screen. (1:46)
John - with web handler set to "mobile",  how to change themes, and layout of the screen for mobile. - Do we really want "Mobile" (1:48)

110 30 June 2016 Link
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1:09 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

Kurt - desktop app using secwin, problems adding secwin to a net talk server. (0:03)
Lisa - a String Theory question on a GPF (0:08)
Bijan - problems with a browse that has big drop downs. Cause = browse line is exceeding 16k bytes - tweeked in next build (0:11)
Bijan - multi host, FM3 is not rebuilding files. (0:23)
Bijan offers to share a google address lookup, possibly for the next webinar. (0:27)
David - Oddjob question, using an alternate input for batch processing (0:30)
Lisa - A GPF - String Theory - space monkeys use Lisa's keyboard whilst she slept. (0:40)
Peter - wants to upload pictures taken on a mobile. Mobile mode will not allow for file uploads, so stay in desktop mode. (0:56)
Bruce comparison of TS Plus / H5 / Net talk (1:04)
109 16 June 2016 Link
[Hits: 224]
1:38 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

Bruce on NetTalk 9.10 / 9.11 release. (0:01)
Ashley is using the Amazon SSL Terminating service - how to know if the user is using SSL?  (0:22)
Bijan has a lookup field on a form (a drop), how to get another field from the lookup - use "lookup settings" tab to set "more assignments" (0:36)
Casey has an external script in the header of the page, how to access the
variables the external script generates. (0:41)
John on using a reflector to avoid opening incoming ports. (1:02)
Robert - customer has a service, how do I tell if I can use compressed requests. (1:17)
Robert - has a service, how to use authentication for every request (1:22)
108 2 June 2016 Link
[Hits: 235]
1:55 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

Chuck on manipulating the locator of a browse - ultimately probably better to embed the browse on a form (0:02)
Marcos on handling Ajax requests from a 3rd party JavaScript component (0:24)
Wolfgang on Network architecture including security, DMZ's, firewalls, cloud servers and so on (0:39)
Kurt on a child popup window, what session values are in scope? Hint to use WatchSessionValue as a debug technique. (1:09)
Bijan has a question about the Smoothwall.Org Firewall (1:15)
Bijan on using Google's Auto-complete on a form to enter addresses. (1:19)
Marcos on whether WebServices require Web Sockets from JavaScript (They don't) (1:24)
Marcos on secure web sockets. wss: vs ws: (https: vs http:) (1:31)
Kevin on Disconnected Desktop - method naming conventions so the client and server use the same names. Bruce shows how not to use the Wizard. (1:38)
107 26 May 2016 Link
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2:12 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

Kevin is promoted to Webinar co-host (0:01)
Kevin on disconnected desktop, where does the Sync extension come from (0:02)
Alejandro has a question on Json to Queue. Hint on and some sample code (0:12)
Wolfgang on utf-16 (little endian or big endian) and how to create and use it (0:19)
Olu on making a new class which includes a NetWebClient object (0:30)
Bijan on users being able to customize forms by deciding what fields to have (0:48)
Would they be slower if layout stored in TPS table? (0:54)
Bijan on customizing forms using @Media (Media Sensing) in CSS. (0:57)
Kevin on using Media Sensing to alter the layout of a NetWebForm (1:06)
Kevin on debugging CSS (1:11)
Bijan on iOS debugging (1:20)
Gustavo would like to see some examples of sites currently deployed (1:21)
Gustaco on support for HL7 ver 2 protocol. (1.31)
Sarah needs to embed JavaScript on a control (1:33)
Kevin on adding Placeholders to form fields (2:05)
106 19 May 2016 Link
[Hits: 212]
1:41 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

Kurt serves images from a blob. Includes a method for preventing the images from being cached by the browser.  (0:01)
Mike wants to return data from multiple tables in the same response to a web service method call. Includes a discussion on hand-coded JOIN's in the VIEW. (0:45)
Alejandro needs to pass p_web to a normal Clarion window procedure (1:00)
Alejandro on disabling and enabling the Save button on a form (1:07)
Alejandro on what is "Disable IF" on layout tab of form settings (1:10)
Marius on passing messages from one program to another on a LAN, using NetAuto (1:15)
Ashley wants to detect idle time on the server so prop:disconnect can be called (1:27)
Kevin on defaultfavicon.ico vs favicon.ico and refreshing the icon cache in a browser. (1:35)

Todays show was brought to you by (and not limited to) Winnie the Pooh, Eeyore, Piglet, Christopher Robin, Tigger, Owl, Rabbit, Kanga & Roo and a swarm of bees. Heffalump was heard passing through, but not seen.
105 12 May 2016 Link
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1:42 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

kevin - OddJob question, can you kill the processes that Net Talk Server starts through Oddjob - Task manager shows 3000 rouge instances running. Turns out not to be Oddjob. (0:04)
Edward - has a bug in 9.07 & 9.08 in the weekly planner, only day one was showing, fixed in 909 (0:20)
Phillip - requires an app that will use Google maps with an Android to take photos and then update a database. What is recommended? Can we evaluate Net Talk vs WinDev mobile? (0:24)
David - can we use native Android apps to talk to Net Talk Server. (0:48)
Edward - Explanation of the difference between Session Values and Values, and when you use one and not the other. Includes StoreValue, Different sessions on different Tabs, how sessions are cleaned up(0:52)
104 5 May 2016 Link
[Hits: 213]
1:38 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

Kevin on what is new in the 9-08 build. (0:01)
Fred - on use of Web Client to send a login to a clients web site. Use of firebug to show how to see what is sent when user logs in - sending cookies - option auto cookie. Modify Web Client to "Get Login"  "Post Login" and "Get Page" to simulate someone logging in. (0:09)
Marcus - on a form (first form) say a login, a record is selected (customer=5), then on login goto form for
that record of customer=5, use of "default form action" and "set key field 1" to prime the second form. (0:42)
Chuck - NT9 apps uses fields in all tables (TimeStamp etc) they require external names, in Chucks Postgress
database he uses these. Bruce will look to make external names NOT mandatory.  (1:07)
Chuck - GUID's should I use more than 16 characters? (1:14)
Chuck - Would like Mobile apps to have one theme and the main (web) pages to have another theme, should I use 2 apps? (1:16)
Ashley - Web Services - use of session variables when each call sends the login and password. (1:22)
Bijan - nt8 worked but since nt9 upgrade Kendo UI does not work in ios in iphone/ipad, probably javascript
error. Also Problem seen when setting compressed data files / static files. (1:26)
103 28 April 2016 Link
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1:35 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

Kevin - with a disconnected desktop where several offices sync to the cloud. How can you limit the dataset that the cloud server will send to the red office, and not send red data to the green office. (0:01)
Koen - disconnected mobile - when a mobile gets back in internet range, how do I authenticate the user? And what about Sessions? (0:11)
Kurt - can you send login information as part of the url?  (0:38)
Alejandro - String Theory, how to do a split on a space <32> (0:42)
Bijan - Performance tab of WebServer, in NT9 the "Web" and "Mobile" stopped Kendo working. (1:48)
Bijan - Feature request - can we create a browse and form from a description in a tps file instead of using the template. (0:54)
Parker - can we move items between tabs on a form. (1:01)
Jim - getting error 73, could not load SSL Dll's  Use the dlls from accessory\bin folder, check the DLL's date as the MSVCRxxx.dll will change. (1:04)
Alejandro still has trouble with CountWords (fixed in StringTheory build 2.44) (1:08)
Kevin - Json - how does the error trap work in Json - use of jf:error (1:29)
102 21 April 2016 Link
[Hits: 219]
2:20 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

Kevin on Disconnected Desktop, how to add a table to the dct and get the sync to act on this new table. (0:02)
Wolfgang on desktop app inactive time out question. (0:38)
David on use of guids instead of an id like "InvoiceId", discussion of a mobile device generating an auto-numbered invoice in the field, how to assign the invoice number. Discussion of Capesoft 16 chr string vs SQL guid of 37 characters. (0:44)
Kurt - added a net form, when adding a new field the list of tables did not show (1:15)
Bijan - changes to Multi-Host SSL settings - site is not verified, changed to allow 3 fields to be set in the host program for SSL. How to use multiple certificates, keys and host names in their comma separated list. Use of a wildcard certificate. (1:19)
Bijan - use of secwin in the web to allow users to view certain fields on a net web form. (1:31)
Bijan - login form generates an email with a security number for a new user. (1:33)
Bruce shows off the web forum software (1:38)
Johan on different header and footer for a form or browse, go to actions, advanced tab. (1:41)
Marcus - javascript error on a login when a button is pressed several times. Several threads can set session values (for this single user) and change values that the other threads depend on. Use of debug view to check which thread was active.
use of p_web.WatchSessionValue( p_name p_watch ) to alert you when a  session value changes in DebugView (1:43)
Marcus - how could i detect if its a form or a browse that I came from? Use of  RequestReferer (2:11)
101 14 April 2016 Link
[Hits: 260]
1:50 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

Mike - makes a xml file of type xlsx using office inside to the web\reports folder but is served to the browser as a .xls not as a .xlsx - updated mime time for the next build (0:02)
Brian wants a login screen dependent on the device accessing the application, Eg. iphone / desktop.  (0:13)
Mike - When a user logs in how to select a different database for that user. Covers TPS and SQL possibilities. (0:22)
Marcus - Having a problem with session vars. Walk thorugh of supplied example looking at the code. (0:33)
Roberto - on a multi tab form with a single browse each browse sets a different filter. You cannot use the same browse on each tab as each browse has unique id. (0:46)
Brian - on a form a button launches a process, how do I refresh the browse when I return. (0:53)
Marcus - a red JavaScript error message blinks when the site opens - can turn this off on Performance tab (1:05)
Roberto - why do time pictures not fully show? (1:09)
Kevin - On the Performance tabs, what do the various buttons do (1:17)
Kevin - on a browse can you make columns conditional - Eg. discount  can be one of two fields ($) or (%) (1:20)
Mike - Can a control template be created for adding a Settings tab to the WebServer window. (1:32)
Robert - BUG in Example 77 - Web Services Client - how do I read the data when you press the "Get" (1:39)
100 7 April 2016 Link
[Hits: 220]
1:22 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

Kurt - inserting a blob fails using a MsSql db, but not if using TPS - will require more research (0:02)
Terry - update from last week - text under a media control. Caused by Span Rows being set. What is Span rows and when to use it (0:06)
Robert - Web service responds with json where the content name:value pair has a variable for the name.
How to loop through multiple levels (objects) of json using json.records and jsonItem. Also the undocumented method WalkNames for debugging. (0:11)
Wolfgang comments on using json.Load of a boundary (0:23)
Marcus - session value on a login form changes in debug view. Because both DeleteSessionOnLogout, and logging out when opening the LoginForm window are both in use (stage) (0:26)
Marcus - Be careful of "Multi-Tab support", it will hold a session on one tab on the browser. (0:33)
Marcus - NetWebForm is calling a window procedure from the Web handler. Tips and tricks.  (0:36)
Roberto lobbies for span columns (0:45)
Roberto - putting conditional colors on a single cell in a browse and having it update after EIP (0:47)
Victor - converting C9 to C10 - a date time group problem, and DCT conversion issues. (0:53)
Marcus - Login is working, how do we refresh the menu, using the Logout(html) to force the page to refresh. Also discusses "Change Session ID on login/logout" (1:02)
Marcus - can I trigger an event in the login form - How to send an event to a field, use of Firebug (console) to demonstrate JavaScript which could be added to a page.  (1:09)
99 31 March 2016 Link
[Hits: 223]
1:33 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

Terry - How do I know which line item I have highlighted in a browse, so I can attach something to that selected record. (0:04)
Terry - Layout of a form, how to get text under a media control (0:08)
Terry - from an email Terry gets a .msg file, how can I use this? Bruce says it's email client dependent - .msg from Outlook, .eml from others. the file would need to be parsed (and massaged for embedded images) if you wanted to show it in a browser. If sent to the client to open there you need to set ContentType correctly. Use of Net Talk Demo to view the components of an email. - Mime types (0:13)
Mike - net web form, the use of tab type 'none' (0:24)
Mike - a bug in hiding a field on a form - use of 'choose' [updated for 9.07] (0:28)
Mike - Has a proc that opens a file, then calls a second proc that opens the same file again, when I return to proc 1 what happens - Use of SaveFiles & RestoreFiles (0:30)
Brad - a from goes to a browse then adds some records use of "Url on Save" on the form to go to the correct Browse proc. The adding records is in PostInsert. (0:35)
Brad - defaulting a form to always be in INSERT mode (0:36)
Marcus - Using the SetSessionValue JavaScript function requires that the value be URIEncoded (0:41)
Marcus - Saving image to a Blob in SQL fails but does not fail using TPS, looks like a bug (0:56)
Marcus - Json problem, use to test your json string. (1:01)
Marcus - Importing a JSON string into a Clarion GROUP using jFiles (1:02)
Djordje - when a login closes how to refresh the underlying page. Use of p_web.Redirect(indexpage) and p_web.WindowOpen(indexpage, _top) failed, Bruce will investigate. (1:14)
98 24 March 2016 Link
[Hits: 193]
1:15 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

Mike on clickable links in emails. How to update the server once the email has been sent (0:01)
Kurt on saving to Blobs (bug found!) (0:09)
Alejandro on debugging APK apps when installed on a mobile device. (0:22)
Wolfgang on Generate Open/Close routines setting in NetWebServiceMethod (0:39)
Wolfgang on returning an error if a NetWebServiceMethod fails
Kurt on the Possible Error In JavaScript message - check Firebug console (0:58)
97 10 March 2016 Link
[Hits: 186]
1:40 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

0:01 Kevin on Disconnected Desktop - has 3 offices that will Sync to the cloud - how does the cloud server know who is calling (red office) so to make a data set of red data from the cloud database.  Use of the BuildResultFields routine. (0:01)
Ashley on locator in browse not working - invalid <br/> in xHtml tab causing xml error. (0:40)
Brian on iPhone - when users get a screen it is blank - use the web handler to force desktop - requires an update in jquery mobile (0:44)
Brian on one user wants to do a process, can I lock the process so other users cannot update that process, how should I approach this if the web session is disconnected.  Use of a host variable of the user who last started the process. (0:49)
Kurt - Blob field  - a form displays pictures and downloads images to the server -
Kurt has code in the form - but this is a  common error as a form gets called many times for many events, so Kurts code gets run many times - discuss form events - the code should be in the webHandler as the send media is not part of the form its seen as a static file by the server - use Debugview to show the blob was saved - topscan does not show the blob - image not shown because no request was seen - How to pass session values on URL to then use GetValue in WebHandler Setting the GetContentType of the media being returned. (0:57)
96 3 March 2016 Link
[Hits: 270]
2:04 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

Johan on seeing the performance values when the server is running as a server. Discussion and example on using WebSockets and Host Values. (0:02)
Kevin  on serving php. The server communicates with the PGP-CGI using environment variables, what are they and what  do they do? (0:21)
Flint on how to know the number of bytes sent & received by a web client  - send method process- self packet bingdatalen() - show stats in Net Talk Demo - (0:38)
Robert on Host variables vs Global variable (0:44)
Lisa on environment variables - GetEnvironmentVars (0:47)
Andrea - on a window with a button, has a procedure that accepts some data or requires registration (0:49)
John Farmer - architecture question - should desktop and web apps share the same solution (0:58)
Johan revisited - session vars vs host vars. (1:02)
Pratik - upload a file -posting  large files >4Megs - it times out -  Log errors on save failed (1:10)
Kevin - disconnected web - how do we refresh a browser  that needs to see new data (1:29)
Flint - Net Talk - Net Options - get stats question (1:59)
Flint - Generating a HMAC with Cryptonite  (2:01)
95 25 February 2016 Link
[Hits: 266]
1:36 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

Scott on how to change the name in the header and the logo image on opening page. (0:03)
Scott - mapping sales of property - add pictures when screen opens up, should I use the gallery or carousel - layout of a large image on a screen = spanning columns (0:16)
Scott - Zooming in on some maps is not great, discussion of map suppliers, display of Nokia maps using a license. (0:21)
Juha - a drop list depends on conditions that can change due to other users, how do I validate that (0:36)
Alejandro - disconnected desktop, when I synchronize with a big database, a lot of memory is used (0:42)
Alejandro - how to create and set session variables  (0:46)
Robert can I open a report in a new browser window not a new tab - use of OpenWindow JavaScript might fail as it looks like a pop-up advert and may be blocked. (0:48)
Mike - net web sms class vs net web client (0:54)
Alejandro - how to stop double click a button - is it a bug? (0:57)
Kevin - very simple question re frames turns into explanation of responsive design, including panels left and right, the ability to hide columns in a browse using css, or to place a field underneath another field (1:02)
Kevin - how to position 2 menus, one left and right of the center panel. (1:28)
94 18 February 2016 Link
[Hits: 190]
1:38 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

David - is using fiddler with a mobile app - how to use net talk client "net simple" & "net web" connection to debug a login failure to someone else's site - reviewing the header components (0:02)
Johan - wants maps with boundary areas having different fill colors. (0:31)
Ashley - occasionally restarting server when a data table has an error - using message hook or CapeSoft MessageBox to suppress the error message. - maybe sql disconnecting ? (0:45)
Wolfgang - NT clients sends a field id to service with a full colon (:) - how do I handle sending a colon over http- with XML X files allows remove prefix (0:53)
John - an old server using frames, converted to use css, looks good on desktop, but is blank on a phone. - how to force server to desktop to see if mobile is a problem. ios 9 is forcing browsing to private mode.
John - had a screen that showed parent and then child details (1:12)
John - has a strange field appearing in the login, came from border setting in the frame days (1:14)
John - back to parent child, wants to fix the size of the child form. - use the forms "Layout" "Table Width" (1:15)
John - changing themes - "seven" theme is broken (1:24)
93 11 February 2016 Link
[Hits: 240]
2:02 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

Kevin on how would you debug your program in a real device? Eg. using ADB? (0:01)
After a fields validation on the server, a button is un-hidden, when pressed Chuck wants the mouse to  focus on a certain field but its not. -  Looks at  _SelectField in NetWeb.Clw (0:09)
Brad on MS SQL -  Browse (parent) with a child browse and child's form on a page. When I add a child with the form how do I know what the id is for the child?  Look at PreInsert  to see if PrimeField() is being called.  Look in Advanced options "prime auto inc even if not necessary" (0:18)
Peter - asks if a mem table would work for Brad (0:27)
Wolfgang on Internet Of Things, if an Arduino is sending temperatures via tcp/ip how do I show them on a page? (0:28)
Scott -  How to go about showing Geo locations in an area - Overview of the map example (0:46)
David - use of fiddler, and update from last week. Using your pc as a proxy you can see what is being passed from a mobile to the server. Using the cert from fiddler to the mobile device. (0:58)
Greg - How best to start learning NetTalk WebServer. (1:05)
Alejandro - Disconnected Desktop problem -  Debugging tips when the sync fails. (1:16)
Brad - Web folder - What steps to do to make sure your deployment has the correct files.  Look at GzipAll (1:37)
Lisa - after an update the server runs, but cant access it, gets an ssl error no cipher overlap. In net simple / security  you have a certificate (CSL) which is a .CRT extension - and a private key (CSL)  - The private key is a new field and needs a .KEY extension (1:44)
Mike - Storing documents in the web folder allows other users to access all documents, use of $$$ and a random string to anonymize the document. (1:51)
Pratik is there any one folder the $$$ files are checked = answer is no (2:01)
92 4 February 2016 Link
[Hits: 214]
1:46 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

Kevin on how do you sort on two columns in a browse (0:02)
Kevin on having trouble getting a Samsung phone recognized as a mobile device,  what is mobile. Setting Custom Meta Headers (0:17)
Peter on app layout - Having several web services or a single web service, suggest best practices. Do I split the app? Two URL's ? (0:28)
Victor on Clarion question regarding dates (0:33)
Mike has a  browse with an option of two forms - how to pass the identifier to the form when it can be in either of 2 fields? - Use "Prime for loading" and determine which of the parent id's is set on entry to the form using SetValue (0:37)
David has a json text file (a binary, a photo) from a web service into a sql blob field - Should I use base64 or not. Discussion of using String Theory to handle this. (0:50)
William on a good introduction to using the Wizard. (1:02)
Arnold questions the best way for William to use the training material (1:30)
Wolfgang says you can demo the server on a usb stick (1:31)
Alejandro - Totalling on a browse only works for the records shown, not the total for the table.  Use file load the browse not page loaded.  Or use "Custom Total" on the Totaling tab to call a source procedure.(1:32)
Mike - comments on passing  p_web  as a parameter in Alejandro's question (1:38)
91 29 January 2016 Link
[Hits: 207]
1:17 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

Bruce on the 9.03 build (0:01)
Wolfgang - Is it good or not - to have the server open up a window. Yes as long as you thread it. (0:04)
Mark on a web server behaving badly, starts falling over, any tips on how to trace which thread is the problem 0:09
Kevin with GUID's in our Apps Dct should he still use a Long for RI between tables - natural & surrogate keys (0:27)
Kevin on File cannot be converted in Dct if the table has a string primary key - but FM3 will convert it for you. (0:36)
Kevin on packaging up mobile app with a pre defined database (0:47)
Peter on a build problem in NT 9.03 (fixed in 9.04) (1:07)
John has a web server using frames, how to convert to pages. Its documented (1:09)
Kevin - known bug - Apps, when you insert a record, it is not showing when you return to the browse, you have to refresh  the browse(1:12)
90 21 January 2016 Link
[Hits: 228]
2:10 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

Kevin on identifying the highlighted row in a browse, before the user clicks on it (0:01)
David on how to reverse engineer the protocol between an existing mobile app and server so that a desktop app, mimicking the server, can be written (0:18)
Wolfgang on monitoring a service, and if necessary stopping and restarting the service (0:35)
Chuck on using Postgres under load and techniques for reducing possible problems with the Postgres connection under load (0:52)
Bram on handing a URL in a mail, which then redirects to a server not his own. (1:05)
Allan on creating browses and forms that include other browses. Typical Invoice/LineItems layout. (1:37)
Kevin on controlling the sync frequency of a disconnected mobile app (1:45)
Roberto on setting x-frame-options header for one page, not all of them (1:52)
Bijan on using PhoneGap Build (free) replacing the one free app with another app (1:57)
Bijan on Multi-Host using a different folder for each user, but maintaining a common web folder (2:02)
89 7 January 2016 Link
[Hits: 320]
1:30 [Thanks to Terry for the show notes]

Wolfgang on implementing a jQuery slider in NetTalk using it to control peripherals.(0:02)
John on using WebClient with REST and receiving a JSON result. Not getting the same result in NetTalk that he receives by dropping the command in a webbrowser. TIP Use or John suggested to prettify the JSON result.(0:10)
Alejandro on Mobile App. When installed on Android device is not connecting to his webserver. Check setting on Global Extensions Activate Nettalk webserver/Apps tab(0:28)
Peter on adding multiple js scripts easily. It can be done but definitely preferable to add to JavaScript list.(0:33)
Peter on whether you can store JavaScript in a session variable.(0:39)
Mark on best way to prompt user to change password before continuing. TIP Use p_web.Redirect()(0:46)
Bruce on new security feature in 902 build. Adding Banned IP Addresses. Requires reinstallation of controls on the Webserver. Follow the instructions CAREFULLY. Wolfgang says Ban Them All. David asks if it may be possible to autoadd a ban if certain criteria for site abuse is found. Yes use s_web_Ban()(0:53)
Bruce reprising Marks question from (0:46)
Robert on xCell class in xfiles. Requests a wrapText parameter in xcell.SetCellAlignment. Bruce demonstrates how to amend it while waiting for the changes.(1:18)
88 17 December 2015 Link
[Hits: 312]
1:15 [Thanks to Terry for the show notes]

Bruce on running  mBuild. Also link to (0:01)
Chuck on signatures not working in webapp. Why can't he see the signature js files he only sees all.js(0:02)
Ashley on whether there is a template or method to import a WSDL file in Nettalk. Plus1 vote from Terry with John for WSDLImport function.(0:16)
Wolfgang on overview of available netwebservice methods(0:26)
Peter on what new in latest Nettalk8 since the docs referred to Nettalk9.(0:29)
Rodney on mBuild interface with PhoneGap.(0:31)
Ashley on what changes can he expect between Nettalk8 and Nettalk9 other than Apps. Refer to the Upgrading from Nettalk8 to Nettalk9 in the NetTalk Documentation Index.(0:37)
Scott on interfacing a BarCode reader storing data into an entry field (0:43)
Wolfgand on LetsEncrypt free certificates. Bruce will be investigating and probably create an example.(01:04)
Vincent expanding on the Barcode reader question above.(01:05)
Mike on finding a bug. Mike will build an example to show the effect.(01:06)
87 10 December 2015 Link
[Hits: 260]
1:33 [Thanks to Terry for the show notes]

Ashley on WSDL. Firefox does not display it but Chrome and IE11 do. Bruce will do some research.(0:01)
Ashley on creating a Webservice where the client sends data to be cleaned up and gets returned the data plus a PDF file. Use type StringTheory to return the file.(0:05)
Chuck on saving a parent form once any child records of the form are created but not to close the parent form.(0:09)
Mike on GotFocusBack from last week on a form with many tabs where the original form is still not being refreshed. PushEvent. (0:36)
Mike on normal browse with a popup. Changing a status in a form does not refresh the record in the browse. On the browse Form tab check the Refresh whole browse after change button.(0:46)
Mike on doubleclick allows change even though view is set as read only [bug].(0:48)
Peter on UI for mobile apps. Will Seven theme ship. Answer yes but did not with 9.01. Discussion using Disconnected app set as not disconnected.
You can now set animation for opening/closing browses/forms (all server apps). Refer to
Mike on why p_web.popup() sometimes works and sometimes does not.(01:04)
Lisa on new SendEmail. Stops any processing on the computer. Bruce demonstrates pHide which be in the next build to stop the screen flashing as each email is sent.(01:07)
Tom on webservices. Bruce to check on allowing to override the list tag for parameters.(01:17)
Mike on display fields. Class on CSS.(01:23)
86 3 December 2015 Link
[Hits: 307]
1:39 [Thanks to Terry for the show notes]

Vic on the proper way to set an image for a button field on a form in the generate form embed based on a value read from a file.(0:02)
Mike on aliased tables not handling the relationship. Mike to supply example(0:16)
Mike on problem with p_web.PageName. Bruce suggested possibly moving loc:procedure before checking the security. (0:18)
Mike on how to handle changes in status of a browse and form. Discussing strategies to stop updating fields after a record is set to be Readonly but before saving the record. (0:27)
Bruce on calling widget methods from clarion code -  demonstrated clickSave, disableSave and enablesave ntForm methods. (0:32)
Robert on how to set focus on a specified field after an action(39:00)
Robert on does the negative return value mean anything when returned from GetSessionLoggedIn() = 0 (42:50)
Robert on adjusting the page after it has been constructed (0:45)
Robert on will duplicated template extensions be a problem. Normally not.(0:49)
Mike on how to refresh line items on a form if he pops to another form and inserts something there and returns. Routine to use is GotFocusBack(0:51)
Lisa is there a way to display formatted HTML in a Windows browse. Bruce suggests using File Explorer LoadFromStream method. Lisa will give feedback at a later stage(0:58)
Mike on where to prime data when calling a form from a Browse. Not in the Rowclick of the browse but in the form in the PreUpdate or PreInsert routines. Tips create a routine and call the routine from these 2 routines. Also using p_web.FileToSessionQueue(filename) which will load all the fields in the file into session variables) (01:07)
Mike on changing a browse from PageLoad to FileLoad (so he can display totals) (01:17)
Alejandro on reading a value from Html in a NetwebPage. Bruce suggests use a form since a lot of code to manage this is already there.(01:19)
Mike on overriding cache when serving a file to stop an old image of a file from being displayed. Use .SendFile in WebHandler self.ForceNoCache = true.(01:27)
85 19 November 2015 Link
[Hits: 278]
1:36 [Thanks to Terry for the show notes]

Robert on changing the background of a Tab using CSS (0:02)
Robert on External Server example (0:17)
Mike on forcing the browser to close [hint: mostly no] (0:29)
Mike on using p_web.Redirect (0:31)
Lisa on selecting a theme at runtime, creating a new theme in ThemeRoller (0:43)
Mike revisits Redirect in the case of a page not a popup (0:57)
Robert on setting background themes (1:06)
Greg on the Calendar and Planner NetWebYear templates (1:13)
Alejandro on using Maps (1:25)
Bruce, Lisa and company advise that they are going to be slacking off next week for some obscure holiday celebrated in Hawaii, Alaska and where Clarion presenters live (1:32)
84 12 November 2015 Link
[Hits: 256]
1:15 [Thanks to Terry for the show notes]

Bruce on Distributed Data Synchronization (0:01)
Bruce Demo of disconnected Desktop program (0:09)
Mike on synchronizing between different data stores (0:20)
Robert on Deleting records in a distributed environment (0:27)
Mike on filtering data to specific users (0:40)
Bruce on Server Name Indication (0:48)
Johan on MultiHost using multiple certificates (0:59)
Brad on long timeout when using WebService (1:00)
Dan on sharing dictionary between multiple locations (1:08)
83 5 November 2015 Link
[Hits: 277]
1:30 [Thanks to Terry for the show notes]
[change in time, so a smaller group, so some discussions of a Clarion, but not NetTalk, nature]

Dan on SSL problem missing msvcr120.dll. Where to find it if it is missing. (0:01)
Lisa on keys with mixed ascending and descending components and how keys are not used for sorting (0:12)
Lisa on using a View to loop through records and should one create lots of or fewer of keys in SQL (0:20)
Peter on where USEFILE should go (0:29)
Lisa on using tokens in HTML to create bulk emails (0:33)
Ashley on setting the width of a form (0:56)
Olu on a FOUC (Flash Of Unstyled Content) (1:03)
Robert on limiting the number of files that can be uploaded (1:12)
Olu Testing various performance settings (1:15)
Olu on Diverting access to a Podcast via JavaScript (1:18)
Olu on embed point for refreshing a browse when it gets the focus back. (1:23)
82 29 October 2015 Link
[Hits: 301]
1:40 Mike on using template Filter setting rather than embed code (0:04)
Bijan on using a variable to hold the filter itself (0:09)
Bijan on strategy to convert from desktop to web (0:16)
Wolfgang clarifies the use of the terms Server and Client (0:22)
Brian on displaying a conditional image in a browse (0:30)
Lisa on doing HTML in email (0:37)
Using NetDemo as a tool to determine correct email settings (0:55)
Connecting to Gmail to send mail (0:58)
Ashley on Browse Advanced Tab, Session Variables setting (1:01)
Edwin on centering browses and forms in a page (1:04)
Edwin on how to learn CSS (1:13)
Robert on NT9 update (1:17)
Djordje on conditionally disabling forms, browse buttons and so on (1:18)
Robert on NT9 update (1:31)
81 23 October 2015 Link
[Hits: 224]
1:44 Lisa on Sending Emails - Extending the EmailParametersGroup (0:04)
Mike on NetWebClient receiving "chunked" replies (0:15)
Bijan on sharing a scripts folder between multiple sites under multi-host (0:47)
Bijan on suppressing the header and footer from a browse or form. (0:52)
Bijan on SEO (0:57)
Mike on making an image clickable to go to another page (1:06)
Rob on accessing p_web from code where it can't be passed as a parameter (1:09)
Rob on why the object in WebHandler is best called p_web (1:09)
Rob on omitting the code for the Export button if the button does not exist (1:17)
Rob on possible partial sync'ing in NT9 (1:29)
Mike on understanding, and suppressing errors in an Email procedure (1:39)
80 15 October 2015 Link
[Hits: 233]
1:26 [thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

Bruce on 8.62 release (0:03)
Brian on encrypting of data while storing it in various places (0:04) [** see special offer below]
Wolfgang on naming strategies for NetWebServiceMethods (0:16)
Mike on architecture for sending bulk emails (0:18)
Other Mike on allowing the user to manually switch between mobile mode and desktop mode (0:45)
Mike on using the same browse on multiple tabs of the same form (0:54)
Brian on best place to do field validation (1:03)
Ted on adding a print button to a Browse procedure (not in-row) (1:08)
Lisa with a StringTheory question on viewing errors from ErrorTrap (1:16)
Robert reporting that the Export code is generated, even if there isn't an Export button on a browse. (1:17)

** Brian and Daria Roche are operating a B & B and Cafe (Chez Odette) in Mael-Carhaix, France. If you say the magic word (Clarion) you can get a free night's stay, and a free Irish Breakfast. Phone: 01133296246390 (From the USA), 0296246390 (From France), +33 29 624 6390 from everywhere else. Or email

79 3 September 2015 Link
[Hits: 323]
1:39 [thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

Bruce on Next Webinar (October 15) (0:00)
Bruce on NetTalk 9 (0:01)
Kevin on ntAlert with a timer (0:14)
Kevin on making a custom button to do a Browse Lookup. (0:17)
Chuck on making a browse Insert Only (0:54)
Marc on getting a directory listing from an FTP server (1:02)
Ashley on using a Timer on a browse (1:11)
Robert on new Authenticate method (1:18)
Kevin on an app that has forgotten to confirm deletes (1:30)
78 27 August 2015 Link
[Hits: 287]
1:30 [thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

Bruce shows how to debug using the NetDemo program - special tip for SSL 3 users (0:01)
Djordje on refreshing a browse when an Other button calls another browse. (0:04)
Mike on a SQL HSTMT Error (0:21)
Hector needs to return a pre-created file from a WebServiceMethod - using NetDemo as the client(0:30)
Roberto points out that the NetDemo POST is missing support for TLS1.1 and TLS1.2. (fixed in 8.60) (0:52)
Mike asks about the MARS setting in FM3 (0:53)
Wolfgang on how to change the Theme for a server / webservice (0:54)
Arbra wants to see something cool (we take a look at the CIDC Calendar) (0:58)
Carl on a bug in Chrome which means the Export does not get opened in Excel (embed added in 8.60) (1:03)
Brent on the dangers of using Clarion 6 and servers disabling SSL v3 (1:12)
Dave on what properties are inside a certificate (1:24)
77 20 August 2015 Link
[Hits: 232]
1:30 [thanks to Kevin for the show notes]
-- special note : my microphone was on mute for the first 2-3 minutes, so expect no sound at the beginning. --]

Casey on uploading files and  debugging Save File (0:02)
Ashley on "Remove web folder path from incoming file name" setting (0:18)
Ashley on using String Theory to upload then parse a long csv file showing a progress bar (0:21)
Olu with a feature request, scrolling pages on tables (1:20)
Paul on enable / disable buttons on form for a browse with EIP on a form (1:20)
76 13 August 2015 Link
[Hits: 261]
1:19 [thanks to Kevin for the show notes]
Robert on size limits for web service methods (0:01)
Bruce on building an API for distributed data and how this might be used with the Web Service method (0:11)
Mike on logging in automatically (0:39)
Robert on new Authenticate method (0:55)
Ashley on cleaning up side-effects of a form on Save or Cancel (1:01)
Chuck on a Browse timer bug (1:13)
75 30 July 2015 Link
[Hits: 273]
2:10 [thanks to Kevin for the show notes]
Trent on Login screen design when there is extra material required for the login (0:02)
Heinz on editing css on browse columns (0:29)
Ashley on hiding/unhiding form fields when the embedded browse changes (0:52)
Ashley on searching across multiple columns, and changing the sort order of the result set. (0:59)
Ashley on a bug uploading files (fixed in 8.58) (1:07)
Chuck on knowing where a procedure is called from, and taking action based on that (1:20)
Chuck on including html and css in display fields, using the <span> tab (1:30)
Juha on detecting which column was selected when the user selects a row in a  browse (1:38)
Mike on the inclusion of a browse twice on a page, even when it's only there once (1:43)
Mike on changing the locator prompt (1:57)
Jeff on an ISL error (2:03)
74 23 July 2015 Link
[Hits: 253]
1:32 [thanks to Kevin for the show notes]
Chuck on translating messages and buttons (0:01)
Chuck on injecting code immediately after all <body> statements (0:12)
Chuck on what happens when a Session times out (0:25)
Bruce on Page Footers showing the Session time left (0:28)
Bruce on using the Wizard to generate just the Footer of the app (0:34)
Vincent on returning the focus to the same entry field (0:46)
David on using the Map control in a desktop app (0:56)
Pratik on generating passwords and sending them to the user (1:03)
Bruce on salting, and hashing a password for storing (1:07)
Russ on creating child browses with dependent filters (1:12)
73 9 July 2015 Link
[Hits: 269]
1:22 Chuck on plans to create offline access to web apps using client side storage (0:02)
Mike on Send New Value to Server (0:07)
Jeff on embedding forms on forms on forms (0:17)
David on using Maps on a form (0:31)
Djordje on AnguarlJS (0:50)
Bruce on the 8.53 release (0:57)
Peter on report back about Save Server State errors (0:59)
Ranier on putting data into the clipboard (1:00)
Robert on logging out sessions from the server side, not the client side (1:05)
Olu on NetWebMethod authentication (1:12)
Olu on Priming values in a NetWebMethod (1:17)
Rob on adding jQuery plugins (success story feedback) (1:19)
72 2 July 2015 Link
[Hits: 236]
1:01 Mike on adding a button to a form, outside the sheet control (0:01)
Chuck on forcing the text in a browse column to not wrap (nt-nowrap) (0:08)
Chuck on going back to a row when returning from a form on another table (0:15)
Ashley on adding embed points to OpenFilesB and CloseFilesB routines [added in 8.53] (0:22)
Roberto on copying from Excel to clipboard to text field to program (0:29)
Bijan on intermediate certificate error on mobile devices (0:45)
Bruce on using to test your secure server (0:50)
Ashley on Replace (StringTheory.clw) (0:56)
71 25 June 2015 Link
[Hits: 229]
0:52 [thanks to Kevin for the show notes]
Richard - how to debug a connection to a service, using Curl, using Net Talk Web Client, changing POST to "PUT" (0:01)
David on an update to #70 (0:16)
Chuck on forcing a server to SSL (0:18)
Wolfgang on the "Table" parameter when inserting with a SOAP server. (0:24)
Feedback to Juha on finding out what column is being clicked on in a browse (0:33)
Bruce on 8.52 updates (0:46)
70 18 June 2015 Link
[Hits: 272]
1:17 [thanks to Kevin for the show notes]
David on various frameworks, including Meteor (0:01)
David question on login and file download (0:12)
Greg on bootstrap (0:15)
Juha on identifying which column a user clicked on when selecting a browse row (0:17)
David on Cookies and the Cookie Queue and using a Desktop client to login to a WebServer (0:28)
Ashley on tagging a list to print (0:46)
Greg using xFiles to send XML - time containing colons is not handled well (0:52)
Chuck on Duplicate errors being generated for keys other than the primary key (1:00)
Chuck on using MessageBox to prevent stuck threads (1:12)
69 11 June 2015 Link
[Hits: 281]
2:09 Olu on visible screen updates as a page loads (0:01)
Mike on Session number remaining after Threads goes to 0 (0:12)
Mike on manually deleting sessions (0:15)
Wolfgang on authenticating with a API server and dealing with errors (0:23)
David on connecting to a web site and downloading a file (0:34)
Bijan on PDF's being displayed differently in different browsers. (0:56)
Bijan on a detailed analysis of the code generated into a report by NetTalk and how it works. (1:09)
Chuck on progress controls and start buttons calling source procedures resetting the browse (1:23)
68 4 June 2015 Link
[Hits: 254]
1:32 Chuck on introduction to CSS (0:01)
Mike on adding style names to HTML (0:29)
Mike on response handling in the NetWebMethod (0:33)
Gordon on new sessions on Login (0:46)
Johan on hiding the File Uploaded message after a file upload (0:57)
Bijan on a scheduling widget in a web app (1:03)
Bijan on designing for small interfaces (1:14)
Robert on multi-line com contraction update (1:24)
67 28 May 2015 Link
[Hits: 220]
0:54 Bruce on SSL/TLS (build 8.51) (0:01)
Mike on getting a GPF (because of a nettalk bug - fixed in 8.52) in a WebServiceMethod using a StringTheory Rest ID. (0:03)
Olu on using thread pools under the Multi-Host (0:33)
Mike on the CIDC training days (0:34)
Johan on how to feedback to the original browse from another thread (0:43)
66 21 May 2015 Link
[Hits: 255]
1:32 Bruce on SSL GPF on thread 2 (0:01)
Bruce on Logjam SSL vulnerability (0:02)
Wolfgang on going from a form to a page, and getting the values from the form fields when processing the code on the page (0:05)
Vincent on creating cross-tab session values (0:30)
David on reading pages from web sites and then scraping data from the html (0:37)
Bijan on integrating an external JS widget with the web server - specifically sending updated data (1:00)
Bijan on choosing a widget (1:08)
Olu on Temporary Resource URL's (1:11)
Gordon on choosing a widget (with reference to ExtJS) (1:18)
65 14 May 2015 Link
[Hits: 328]
1:22 Peter on Save server State between sessions (0:03)
Peter on problem with Lookup field (0:05)
Bruce on new Twilio example for SMS'ing (0:12)
Olu on changing Images on the standard buttons (0:35)
Johan on setting the File-Upload mask for the File-Upload form field (0:40)
Peter on ShowInfo / HideInfo (0:49)
Robert on "Connections" setting on Performance tab (0:54)
Robert on a GPF on shutdown (0:59)
Johan on getting progress information from Worker threads to the WebServer (1:05)
Bijan on using a (non NetTalk) Calendar widget on a page (1:06)
Robert on how to save Performance Values from the web server procedure (1:14)
64 7 May 2015 Link
[Hits: 235]
0:58 Bruce on SSL updates (0:01)
Mark on text in the notification bar without a popup [made a lot easier in the 8.48 build] (0:04)
Djordje on going to a form from a browse using an Other button and getting the right record (0:19)
Djordje on how to debug a form when the Save button won't work (0:30)
Bruce on the Save Server State additions to the template (0:34)
Casey on Icons in web sites (0:38)
Djordje on translating the date lookup calendar (0:48)
Bruce on controlling what the date lookup does (0:50)
Olu on how to not-remember the sort order on a browse (0:51)
63 30 April 2015 Link
[Hits: 228]
1:17 Bruce on the 8.45 build (0:01)
Wolfgang on how are release notes created (0:08)
Bruce on SSL changes (0:15)
Mike on Form layout (0:17)
Mike on deploying new CSS after changing it (0:35)
Mike on Detect Guid Duplicate StingTheory example (0:37)
Johan on updates to FTP changes (0:45)
Jim on SSL - setting SSLMethod property and resolving problems with SSL (1:03)
62 23 April 2015 Link
[Hits: 289]
1:20 Rainer on saving and restoring the Server state when stopping and starting the server (0:02)
Olu on adding a Login method to a Web Services API (0:25)
Mike on a problem with lookups (0:49)
Greg has nice things to say about the ABC book (1:10)
Lew on how to debug templates (1:13)
Olu on replacing the images on standard buttons with non-jquery icons. (1:14)
61 16 April 2015 Link
[Hits: 382]
1:32 Mike on validating report options before the user Starts the report (0:03)
Mike on adding links to emails to take a user to a specific page, with a specific filter (0:16)
Wolfgang on passing parameters to a NetWebPage from a NetWebForm (0:28)
Mike on displaying images on a form (0:47)
Mark on connecting to a web service, using one object or multiple objects? (0:50)
Carl on the difference between SOAP and REST pro's and con's (1:00)
Flint on feedback on a Office365 email problem he was having [#58] (1:05)
Rodney on filtering reports based on the row clicked on a browse (1:10)
Greg on getting a JavaScript errors in an example (1:16)
Robert on thread Pools possibly leaving files open (1:22)
60 9 April 2015 Link
[Hits: 289]
1:10 Mike on uploading files as a web service (0:01)
Mike on Capture=Camera (0:21)
Bruce on using the WebCam form field (0:26)
Bruce on Spanning Prompt/Value columns (0:31)
John on how to access incoming JSON post data in a NetWebPage (0:37)
Pratik on merging two apps together (0:42)
Brent on tools for testing web services (0:57)
59  2 April 2015 Link
[Hits: 276]
1:05 [first 3 minutes I had a problem with my headset so the webinar only starts 2 minutes in)
Carl on Print Button options appearing in a popup (0:03)
David on filtering records in a browse - client-side filters and server-side filters (0:10)
Russ on feedback about SALted passwords.(0:20)
Kevin on Images on a Form (0:23)
Vince on formatting the date in exporting to Excel (0:39)
Greg on using Link tables to create a many to many relationship (0:50)
Carl on putting HTML into a PDF document (0:56)
Mark on controlling where the web folder gets copied to [feature added in 8.45] (1:00)
58 26 March 2015 Link
[Hits: 289]
1:25 Terry on a program working as a EXE but not as a service (0:02)
Mike on extending web server logging (0:09)
Mike on Parsing a PageReceived for 404 or 500 or some other HTTP return code (0:32)
Bill on renaming of uploaded files (0:40)
Flint sending mail via [feedback in#61] (0:54)
Roberto getting a GPF when exporting to Excel [fixed in xFiles 2.64] (1:02)
Ubaidulah on using TLS 1.1 in NetTalk 6 [hint: you can't] (1:22)
57 20 March 2015 Link
[Hits: 263]
1:14 Robert on flattening the interface for Linking tables (0:02)
Bruce (tip) on Assigning on Save (0:17)
Vince on Changing a session when a user logs in or out (0:21)
Bruce (tip) on Browser multi-tab support. (0:26)
Russ on Logins (0:27)
Bruce (tip) on storing Passwords as SALTed HASHes (0:32)
Robert on Multi-Tab with regard to Logins (0:52)
Robert on licensing requirements for your shipping programs (1:00)
Wolfgang on how long does it take to do a Hash (hint: It's pretty much instant) (1:05)
Bill on whether Session Values are indeed global when multi-tab support is on (1:08)
56 12 March 2015 Link
[Hits: 351]
1:44 Mike on Load Balancing (0:01)
Robert on Thread Pools [hint: it's a bug fixed in 8.42] (0:08)
Robert on setting options for Redactor (0:14)
Bill on Variable text on a button (specifically using a non-ASCII character) (0:25)
Mike on replacing the Common Header and Common Footer for a specific Browse or Form (0:35)
Wolfgang on embedding text files into a header and footer (0:43)
Peter on setting higher-key components when doing a lookup (0:46)
Mike on Include in Mobile and an introduction to Mobile (0:52)
Bijan on What Determines Mobile (1:11)
Rob reformatting and refreshing based on a screen resolution change (1:15)
Rob on menus when in Mobile Mode (1:24)
Bill on getting the parameters passed with a request (1:29)
Djordje on putting a button on a sub-form (1:35)
55 5 March 2015 Link
[Hits: 378]
1:44 Bruce on Carousel updates (0:02)
Ian on hiding and unhiding Display fields based on the completion of a Progress bar (0:08)
Mike on ThreadPool threads and Threads counter (does one include the other?)  [spotted a couple bugs, fixed in the 8.40 release] (0:27)
Mike on fetching a range of records using a WebService (0:43)
Pratik on getting a GPF compiling one of the examples (0:50)
Mike on the difference between GetValue and GetSessionValue and using SetValue to pass parameters to procedures. (0:55)
Bill on renaming incoming images - also saving to a blob (1:10)
Bijan on using SSL and StartTLS with email (1:24)
Pratik on logging out and deleting sessions (1:29)
Bill on posting to PayPal using their <form> API (1:32)
54 26 Feb 2015 Link
[Hits: 300]
1:55 Bruce on WatchSessionValue (0:01)
Bruce on Thread-Pooling (0:07)
Bruce on new layout feature on Form to span Value / Comment. (0:41)
Chuck on limiting the File Size of uploaded files. (0:42)
Chuck on limiting the File Type of uploaded files (0:51)
Chuck on returning a "Failed" message to the user if you reject the upload (0:53)
Chuck on renaming incoming file names (0:59)
Ashley on a problem posting a file to a WebService (1:02)
Paul on Edit in Place - filtering the lookup based on. (1:11)
Jeff with a  browse highlighter-row selection (1:36)
53 19 Feb 2015 Link
[Hits: 290]
1:34 Jim on Deployment of a site serving Static Pages (0:02)
Casey on deploying multiple databases - one per client (0:11)
Robert on problems with a browse button refreshing other hidden items on the parent form. (0:21)
Dan on using the NT Wizard (0:33)
Dan on sharing a dictionary between a Legacy Windows app and an ABC Webserver app. (0:40)
Mike on updating his note from last week on Redirect (0:52)
Bruce on embedding Dans code, but into an ABC data DLL. (ie code that runs on every thread.) (1:00)
Mike on setting the default page for an app (1:05)
Mike on placing a button in a form (1:07)
Mike on calling different reports depending on user options (1:07)
Mike on accessing the Performance tab variables so they can be added to a web page (1:13)
Mike of figuring out if threads did not complete correctly.  (1:15)
Mike on some tips for upgrading from NetTalk 7 to NetTalk 8 (1:20)
52 12 Feb 2015 Link
[Hits: 290]
1:58 Mike on a problem with a call to .Redirect (0:03)
Mike on Comment column layout on a Form (0:05)
Mike on not executing his own code when validation fails (by testing loc:invalid) (0:14).
Bill on deploying apps (0:18)
Robert on how auto-numbering in NetTalk works (and when does it happen?) (0:41)
Brian on using the IMAGE form-field type. (0:57)
Brian on an issue using an iMac to access the server with a saved login password (1:04)
Mike on debugging performance issues on the server. (1:10)
Ashley on using prop:disconnect to force a SQL reconnect (1:34)
Robert on SSL connection problems (1:36)
Paul on Edit-In-Place in browses - updating other fields in the row (1:42)
51 5 Feb 2015 Link
[Hits: 262]
1:33 Mike on positioning a browse to a specific entry, using anchors (0:02)
Kevin on why the NT Wizard failed to do a lookup correctly on his dictionary. (0:29)
Robert - feature request - vertically contracting multiple rows (0:49)
Robert - feature request - better control over what is cached and what is not cached (0:54)
Kevin on What is NetTalk 9 (1:00)
Roberto on using a UID instead of an auto-numbered field (1:01)
Robert on a problem with Internet Explorer using HEAD (fixed in 8.35) (1:25)
50 22 January 2015 Link
[Hits: 284]
0:59 (Sorry for the big black border in the recording  - I blame Mike <g>)

Mike on adding a link to a browse (0:01)
Mike on adding a "more" link at the end of a block of text (0:08)
Leon on archiving, or preserving reports before they are deleted (0:12)
Other Mike on connecting to Twilio SMS Service. Using NetDemo, WebClient to experiment with various properties and settings. (0:20)
49 15 January 2015 Link
[Hits: 288]
1:16 John on Creating a Web Services Server (0:01)
Peter on  using the Carousel (hint - it doesn't end well) (0:04)
Kevin on updating Parent Browses when child browses change(0:24)
Kevin on creating custom delete buttons. (0:29)
Kevin on Column conditions versus Cell conditions (0:51)
Russ on good use case for a web server (1:07)
48 8 January 2015 Link
[Hits: 379]
1:08 Update on the Carousel (0:01)
Mike on various Calendar related questions (0:07)
Bruce on a Client WSDL delivery schedule (0:22)
Peter on using one app to serve both HTML to humans, and WebServices to other programs. (0:26)
Kevin on closing two forms with a single click (0:31)
Bruce on the new ClarionShop (0:39)
Ashley on responsive layouts (0:41)
Greg on using HTML templates (ie "web site templates") (0:49)
Robert on assigning a color to a browse cell (not a style, but a custom color) (0:54)
Mark on including a popup form on a static web page (1:01)
47 18 December 2014 Link
[Hits: 288]
2:11 A User Group special - Bruce works through the process of adding a new widget to NetTalk as a "first class fully supported" widget. Completely unprepared it's a real-world look into what goes in to adding a widget - albeit in this case a pretty simple one ("Slick Carousel")
46 11 December 2014 Link
[Hits: 341]
1:36 Ian on why Browses can't have button controls added to them (0:01)
Ian on how to set the CSS for a Form container when it contains a browse. (0:04)
Ian on getting events from the browse to apply to other controls on the form (0:13)
Robert on keeping the cache on, but disable it for some specific files (at this time you can't) (0:19)
Mike on the order of messages coming into his web service (0:22)
Mike on Previous and Next buttons on Mobile (0:34)
Kevin on using jQuery commands in the app (using p_web.script) (0:38)
Bruce on using vTip (0:42)
Kevin on adding a client-side widget into the whole NetTalk environment. (0:52)
Carl on getting an Error 30 on a browse (1:00)
Ashley on a link behaving badly (ie not at all) on a browse (1:01)
Ivo on creating a button to link to a PHP page (1:07)
Ashley feeds back (1:11)
Ivo on Validating time fields to limit the user to a specific time window (1:13)
Bruce (tip) on why some columns in a browse are not sortable (1:20)
Ivo on a browse total not being set (1:25)
45 4 December 2014 Link
[Hits: 308]
0:52  A shortened webinar this week as I lost the internet connection at around the 0:40 mark.
Peter on locating DLL's for the Host Exe, if the app is a multi-DLL system. (0:01)
Bruce on doing Inter-Process-Communication between two applications (0:07)
Bruce on NetRefresh (0:17)
Ashley wonders if this will work in a web app (0:24)
Robert on what happens in the WebServer when a session expires (0:29)
Rick on using a Variable as the NetAuto Service Name. (0:32)
Rick on Port-Scanning errors with NetAuto (0:35)
Robert on naming memory tables instead of adding a Session ID field (0:36)
Mike on problems encountered in Mobile mode (0:42)
44 20 November 2014 Link
[Hits: 378]
1:41 John on Port-Scanning being identified as a threat when using NetAuto. corrected using NetOptions and SetMaxInstances. (0:02)
Peter on staying on the form after pressing Save so as to allow header & children on a single form (0:09)
Robert has a problem sending email (because authuser is being set incorrectly.) error is "HELO not valid" (0:24)
Ashley on running IIS on the same machine as a NetTalk server (0:28)
Ashley on redirecting connections from port 80 to port 443 for HTTPS. (0:29)
Kevin on can you use wildcard certificates with the host program (0:36)
Kevin on when is mobile support coming? (0:43)
Bijan on using external scripts (like ExtJs) in a web app (0:48)
Robert on when adding a Tree control to NetTalk (0:58)
Kevin on IP2Country (1:01)
Kevin on SEO and Google Analytics. (1:06)
Wolfgang on blocking incoming scripts from scripts trying to find PHP vulnerabilities. (1:11)
Kevin on processes (exe's) versus threads (1:23)
Djordje on refreshing the menu when a person logs out. Tip on using logout_btn (1:30)
43 13 November 2014 Link
[Hits: 367]
1:51 Johan on calling a form, from a mail, without a browse, authenticating the user on the form. (0:01)
Kevin on why wizard tabs don't hide / unhide (0:14)
Kevin on refreshing fields (browse's) on a tab (0:23)
Kevin on how to debug GPF's in the Host program. Includes an exploration on AppPath and DataPath properties (and how to use them in DLL apps) (0:25)
Debra on How to Detect browse is "mobile" (0:42)
Debra on how to do a redirection (0:47)
(another gap from 0:52:30 to 0:54:00)
Mike on adding a child browse, to the right of some fields, on a form (0:54)
Mike on how to make a form Read-Only (0:59)
(gap from 1:01:50 to 1:05:00)
Bruce on using NetDemo as a testing tool to figure out what settings to use for Email, FTP, WebClient etc. (1:05)
(?) on getting QBE features in a web app(1:16)
Wolfgang on adding Google-like search features to a browse (1:20)
42 6 November 2014 Link
[Hits: 346]
1:39 [note that video part only "starts" once stuff starts happening in Wolfgang's question]

Wolfgang on the building a client-side web client program talking to a web server which is providing the data as a web service. Also a question about the case of XML strings (0:04)
Chuck on turning off the "Error in JavaScript" test. Some tips on FOUC (Flash on Unstyled Content) (0:27)
Rick on How to get Started - A look at the Wizard (0:36)
[ small bit of waffle between 0:58 and 1:03 got lost]
Ashley on what a POST of a File Upload should look like, so that other languages can post to our server (1:03)
Recording seems to die at the 1:20 minute mark.
41 30 October 2014 Link
[Hits: 316]
1:25 Bruce on The new 8.31 build [not 8.32] with the new FTP class. (0:01)
Bruce and Mike on Logging incoming requests and how the logging system works (0:04)
Peter on translating the Alert word in popup alerts triggered with ntAlert (0:36)
Gordon on splitting NetWeb Procedures across multiple DLL's (0:44)
Bruce on the gap in NetTalkCentral Posts - which seem to be gone forever (0:54)
Ray on GetValue, StoreValue and SessionValues (0:57)
Brian on saving incoming files into a BLOB not to the disk (1:11)
Also explains what Remove WebFolderPath from incoming file name template setting means.
40 23 October 2014 Link
[Hits: 563]
1:40 Kevin on sub-domains (what are they, how to test them, multi-site host etc.) Also a discussion with Wolfgang on routing to multiple servers on different ports etc. (0:01)
Bruce on POODLE causing servers to turn off SSLv3 and how this affects our programs (SSL Error 16.) Fix by setting SSLMethod property. (0:18)
Robert on creating an Excel file, but not from a browse. Good look at the generated code which uses xFiles to create the XML file. (0:22)
Marcel on having multiple Save buttons (with different behaviors) on a Form (0:40)
Kevin on the position of the new Save button on the form (0:50)
Update on Chuck hiding the Insert Button (from webinar #38). Example of calling ntBrowse method (0:53)
Mike on refreshing a browse from a Timer (0:57)
Paul on pre-populating Line Items on an Invoice form and then using EIP. Where to create, where to tidy up and so on(0:59)
Johan on putting progress bars into a Browse procedure (1:13)
Debra on a form-inside-a-form problem (example needed I think.) (1:18)
Ashley on his server not responding after long periods of inactivity. Mention of the IDE "versions" to assist with identifying what caused a change (1:23)
Paul on adding a button to a form to add "Insert in place" one row at a time (1:31)
  16 October 2014     No webinar this week - Bruce was away
39 9 October 2014 Link
[Hits: 293]
1:50 Mike hosts as Bruce is off sick.
Mike on changing the text on a Save button on one form  (0:01)
Mike on clearing a comment when the form is first opened (0:21) [answer finally at 0:52]
Mike on invalidating a field (0:30)
Kevin on showing the Session Value Queue on the WebServer window (0:39)
Mike on using a Display field (0:55)
Mike on adding a menu item to refresh the browse (1:11) [we'll review this one this week]
 Mike on using a Timer on a browse (1:40)
38 2 October 2014 Link
[Hits: 306]
1:36 Chuck on hiding Insert buttons so the user can only add 1 record (0:02) [updated in webinar #40]
Mike on having to restart his browser (0:45)
Kevin on moving (animating) mapping points on a map and various other map questions (0:53)
Paul on priming fields on a form, based on values on a parent form (1:24)
37 (not 38!) 25 September 2014 Link
[Hits: 435]
1:37 Kevin on renaming incoming files uploaded via Redactor (0:03)
Kevin on embedding images in emails sent from a web server (0:28)
Chuck on adding Files to a POST from a NetWebClient (0:33)
Peter on what does Form Target in Browse Settings do? (0:45)
Alex on calling forms from places other than a browse. (0:51)
Alex on when files are open, and when they are closed (0:51)
Paul on disallowing the user entering codes in lookups (0:59)
Kevin on Start Button Set and End Button Set (1:02)
Wolfgang on the ShellShock bug and whether it affects NetTalk (hint: it doesn't) (1:10)
Mark on Button sets in a browse (1:15)
Kevin lobbies Debra to do a session on OAuth (1:18)
Kevin on SSL Certificates (1:20)
Alex on keeping a program in desktop mode, and then adapting based on screen resolution. (1:31)
36 18 September 2014 Link
[Hits: 294]
1:44 Mike on allowing users to "self register" on a login screen. [recording starts a few seconds into the answer.] (0:00)
Greg on an explanation of what Virtual Methods are (0:11)
Dinko on using the Canvas HTML element, followed up with a generic discussion of including an "external" JavaScript widget in a NetTalk program. (0:27)
Ashley on knowing which tab the user is looking at (0:53)
Ashley on using the same browse multiple times on the same form (0:54)
Bijan on using iFrames, and why they stopped working when upgrading to NT8(1:00)
John on NetAuto - detecting if a message fails (1:06)
John on restricting the program to a single instance. (hint: try RunOnce) (1:08)
On receiving a UDP message from an MsSql Trigger (1:42)
Brian on the CapeSoft Email Server configuration (1:25)
Mark on an error that occurs when checkboxes are clicked rapidly (1:36)
Mark reporting a bug on Tooltips on Checkboxes (1:38)
35 11 September 2014 Link
[Hits: 334]
1:39 Bruce on upgrading email to NetTalk 8.20+ (0:01)
Bruce on how to debug email settings and connections (0:08)
Brian on his file uploads being duplicated. Good discussion on Form embed points. (0:13)
Wolfgang on using SSL on a LAN (0:34)
Peter on handling Parent/Child records on a form if the user adds children before creating the parent. Shows how to change the form action. (0:56)
Brian with a follow-up on the changes to his code (1:19)
John on refreshing the servers in NetAuto if a server or clients starts or ends. (1:24)
Dan on some FTP troubles with a connection timing-out (1:27)

34 4 September 2014 Link
[Hits: 321]
1:38 Brian (bug report on Locators) (0:02)
Brian on using NetTalk to send email (0:06)
Ashley on moving comments closer to the entry field on a form (css) (0:26)
Ashley on changing the icon on the Lookup button (jquery icons) (0:50)
Peter on CPCS report update (0:57)
Roberto on Slider bar color update (0:58)
Robert on Alignment of prompts (1:00)
John on update for his inter-app-notification example(1:08)
Johan on how to include Google Graphs in an app - where to start? (1:10)
Peter on displaying related table data on a form (1:18)
Lew on mimicking a web browser using the NetWebClient (1:27)
33 28 August 2014 Link
[Hits: 336]
1:29 Robert has a problem on a browse (turns out the "resize" option is on) (0:02)
Mark on resetting the default value of a drop between calls to the form (0:38)
John on using NetOptions to change the NetAuto name for a program instance. (0:47)
Brent on using JSON with NetTalk (1:02)
Debra on how to debug a browse refresh problem (1:05)
Robert on code inside the LoginForm procedure (1:19)
32 21 August 2014 Link
[Hits: 337]
1:23 Bruce on using Images combined into "sprites" to improve performance (0:00)
Mike on using the "Page 1,2,3,4" navigation (0:25)
Roberto suggests (0:32)
Mike on creating "grids" of browse records (0:34)
Debra on detecting if any errors exist when building a web service method (0:48)
Debra on getting a custom (or standard) header from a request (0:54)
Gordon on downloading lots of or big files. (0:56)
Debra on parsing parameters for incoming Service requests (1:07)
Bruce on sending emails from a Web Server (1:14)
31 14 August 2014 Link
[Hits: 313]
1:40 Dinko on using a hand-coded form in a NetWebPage (0:01)
Ken on implementing NetAutoClose (0:24)
John on setting the default font for new windows (not pages.) (0:36)
David on using AutoClose on Terminal Server via NetOptions and MaxInstances(0:38)
Wolfgang on getting a list of IP addresses for the machine (0:50)
Mike on using @K pictures in a web app. (0:52)
30 7 August 2014 Link
[Hits: 544]
1:27 Bruce on the Multi-Site Host (0:01)
Bruce on Load Balancing (0:48)
Wolfgang on WebServices Login and authentication (0:55)
Casey how to pass an action to a Memory Form (1:09)
Paul on Google's idea to prioritize SLL. (1:19)
Carl on how to add a Print button to a Browse which calls a report (1:23)
29 31 July 2014 Link
[Hits: 327]
1:37 Bruce on ReplyComplete for doing work on a WebHandler thread after replying to the browser (0:01)
Brian on Parent/Child/Orphaned/Incomplete records if user doesn't Cancel (0:10)
Scott on displaying the same field on multiple tabs. (0:30 - answer at 0:31)
Scott on displaying an Image on a form (0:30 - answer at 0:36)
Bruce on Multi-Tab support in browsers. (0:47)
Mark on Multiple Save Buttons on the same form, telling them apart (1:00)
Mike on suppressing Ctrl-Click (1:10)
Robert on customizing Messages (1:14)
Robert on keeping vtip Tips open (1:21))
28 24 July 2014 Link
[Hits: 337]
1:09 Bruce on the new WebServices client app (0:02)
Mike on the use of WSDL from the server, and how the client might consume a WSDL file. (0:36)
Bruce on the progress bar for Excel Export button. (0:43)
Alan on adding SelfService to the Host app (0:55)
27 17 July 2014 Link
[Hits: 310]
1:10 Scott on how to serve a JPG file from the disk, when the location of the JPG is in the data table. (0:01)
John on sending emails from the server via MS Exchange server (0:06)
Wolfgang on creating a Web-Services-Client and how to specify the specific request type. (0:13)
Alan on GPFs in a Multi-Site host (0:33)
Robert on updating OpenSSL DLL's to the latest version (0:44)
Jesper on how to debug WebClient activity and how to control the header (0:47)
Luis on changing the name of incoming files which is being uploaded via the File Upload field type (0:55)
Mark on cascading events between embedded components (no resolution yet.) (0:59)
Bruce on updating last weeks answer to Vincent (1:03)
26 10 July 2014 Link
[Hits: 370]
1:40 Piet (update) on what we did wrong last week - and why it wasn't a bug. (0:01)
Gordon (update) HTTP Header when page type Other fixed (0:04)
Gordon on a delay when serving multiple files in a rush (0:06)
Gordon on using GetValueFormat to "massage" incoming values (0:10)
Mark (update) on using a empty form container, cascading messages to the Procedure fields (0:22)
Bruce on the Send-To button to send browse contents to Excel (0:27)
Bruce on single-clicking on a browse row (0:28)
Wolfgang where to set the prop:name of a table - or using a Memory table with /ThreadedContent (0:30)
Rob on using GetLocation and then jumping to a page only after the result is received (0:35)
Carl where is the Export file named (0:58)
Debra on generating the XML method in a WebServiceMethod (1:02)
Brian on Tagging records in a browse (1:05)
Alan on getting an SSL certificate (1:11)
Vincent / Neil on getting the app to go to another page when the session times out (1:17)
Lois on GeoTagging (when are we doing it) (1:29)
Wolfgang on using certificates on a LAN (1:30)
25 3 July 2014 Link
[Hits: 312]
1:33 Piet on hiding and unhiding tabs based on a variable changing in "More Assignments" (turns out to be a bug of some sort. Turns out, I did it wrong see update at start of webinar 26.) (0:01)
Roberto with a feature request for form fields to span columns. (0:14)
Gordon on the HTTP Header being sent from a NetWebPage (also a bug somewhere) (0:19)
Mark on updating something outside the form as they update the form (0:34)
Robert on Users being timed out unexpectedly (1:00)
Debra on uploading files to a WebService (1:08)
Bijan on Data Type XCELL in maps example (1:28)
Mark on HTTP PUT and HTTP DELETE in the WebClient for REST purposes (1:28)
Robert on "Sending every keypress to Server" in an Entry field (1:31)
24 26 June 2014 Link
[Hits: 326]
1:16 Debra on where to set the Owner setting for a table - even if the authentication is passed in with the request. (0:02)
Alan on forcing a user to change the password when they log in (0:05)
Wolfgang on how to document a service so that other programmers can use it (0:22)
Debra on how to debug a VIEW which is returning incorrect results. (0:38)
Carl how to right justify a total on a browse (0:45)
Robert on changing themes at runtime (0:50)
Mike on processing credit cards (or otherwise collecting money) (0:58)
Mike on a screen that does login / new registration / forgotten password (1:06)
Paul on refreshing a browse inside a form when a form field changes (1:09)
23 19 June 2014 Link
[Hits: 356]
1:36 Bruce on the new form field type "Image" (0:03)
Bruce on Use Equates being required (0:04)
Bruce on serving "files" from a BLOB (0:08)
Bruce on Initial Values for local variables (0:15)
Russ on Prime for Loading (0:16)
Jeff on positioning Form controls over an image (0:32)
Mike on opening files in his application (0:48)
Mike on compile warnings in his app [label duplicated] (0:50)
Bruce on why there are lots of groups used in the web server classes (0:55)
Wolfgang on adding parameters to a NetWebPage (1:01)
Wolfgang on another program using port 80 on his machine (1:14)
Peter on Opening a Table to use the BLOB (1:22)
Roberto on tracking who is logged in (and using NotifyDeleteSession) (1:29)
22 12 June 2014 Link
[Hits: 321]
1:31 Rob on the perils of using relative pathnames for images in css (0:01)
Mike on turning a server into a Service (0:10)
Robert on using a scheduled task instead of a service (0:19)
Wolfgang on some experiences installing and removing services (0:22)
George on why the webinar emails have the wrong time (0:31)
Kelvin on mobile apps update (0:32)
Robert on replacing the default NT8 icon in the browser (0:35)
[at this point there was a power failure on my side, so my participation ended - after a brief interlude Mike and John bravely carried on with a little help from the community]
John on the future of restaurant payments (0:46)
Ashley on including an image in a NetWebPage [and NetWebForm / NetWebBrowse] (0:54)
Wolfgang on getting an image from a Blob (1:23)
[fantastic job guys...]
21 5 June 2014 Link
[Hits: 332]
1:12 Wolfgang on creating an interface to a Service (0:01)
Roberto on using expressions and settings for global web server behavior (0:37)
Debra feedback on Server freezing - regarding Wait and Release calls (0:39)
Debra on long URL's. (0:48)
Brian on getting a JavaScript error [solved by updating NetTalk] (0:50)
Brian on default mail settings (0:56)
Dominique on serving a file (PDF) and controlling if it is opened in the browser, or offered to the user for saving. (1:02)
20 29 May 2014 Link
[Hits: 362]
1:25 Wolfgang on creating dynamic file names (0:01)
Mike on hosting multiple servers on the same server - all 3 approaches (0:09)
(Other) Mike on integrating extJS into a WebServer app. (0:30)
Debra on her server crashing once a day (more or less at the same time. (0:40)
[correction: In the example trace call I typed p_web.trace. If you are in the NetWeb.Clw use self.trace instead]
Peter on integrating Desktop and Web apps (0:57)
Gordon updates some information on extJS and a StringTheory suggestion(1:01)
Bruce on uploading files into a Blob field (1:09)
Wolfgang on renaming incoming files to a unique name(1:17)
19 22 May 2014 Link
[Hits: 339]
1:05 Bruce on why Brian's "part 2" to the question in Webinar 17 has been moved to webinar 20. (0:01)
Pratik on Performance improvements since NT6 (0:02)
Pratik on the upgrade path from NT6 to NT8 (0:09)
Mike on when NOT to use Keep-alive on (0:14)
John on apps that are working, and so not being upgraded (0:15)
Bruce on the state of the WSDL client (0:18)
Bruce on using Chrome in Kiosk mode (0:19)
Scott on linking tables in the database (or TPS files on the disk) to the specific logged in user (0:26)
Mike on form Layout to float a browse to the right of a number of form fields (0:36)
Debra on preventing the button from tabbing to the next control (0:47)
Bijan on how to get feedback from drivers on the road (0:51)
Roberto on what does "Thread 0" mean on the Web Server log on some POST requests. (0:57)
18 15 May 2014 Link
[Hits: 329]
1:05 Bruce on using the new Webcam form field type. (0:01)
Bruce on the new External form field type. (0:21)
17 8 May Link
[Hits: 340]
1:16 Mike on using "XP Tabs" styles. (turns out to be a bug) Bit of CSS explanation (0:02)
Brian on displaying large strings in a browse, and showing a truncated pre-string [Part 1] (0:07)
Russ on using Memory Driver to hold Temporary Tables and when to populate (and depopulate them) (0:37)
Mike on showing different menu items when the user is on the login screen. (0:56)
Johan on including images in Form headings (or any headings) (1:05)
Terry on calling a Source procedure from a button on a form. (1:13)
16 1 May 2014 Link
[Hits: 375]
1:33 Johan on aligning columns (prompt / value / comment) on Forms (an intro to CSS). (0:03)
Brian on the difference between fields, Values and SessionValues (0:30)
Bruce Rants about how to post support questions (0:40)
Mike on Mobile mode (0:59)
15 17 April 2014 Link
[Hits: 353]
1:02 Bruce on Double-Clicking on a Browse Row (0:01)
Bruce on Heartbleed update (0:05)
Djordje on receiving a request using chunked encoding (0:08)
Joep on Saving incoming files to a Blob (0:10)
John on using NetAuto to allow all the machines on a LAN to share a program which is being a Webclient. (0:14)
14 10 April 2014 Link
[Hits: 349]
1:19 (Sorry the start of the recording is chopped off - Alehandro's question is about the performance of a View in a browse.)
Alehandro on Browse performance (0:00)
Roberto on debugging to find a thread which is blocking the server at some point (0:10)
Roberto on updating an app from NT7 to NT8 doesn't respond on the server (works locally but not on the server) (0:24) [Debra gives a hint at 1:00] and Roberto confirms that was the cause.]
Terry on Maps (0:26)
Bijan on How SSL Mail works [with yahoo mail] (0:41)
Marius on Logging error messages and not displaying them - so it can be used in a service (0:55)
Debra on Maps removing markers rather than refreshing them when refreshing the map field. (1:00)
Debra on calling an "unrelated" form from a Map (1:04)
Debra on missing one of the map images from her map (1:06)
Robert on whether the DLL's posted are missing a file (1:12)

13 27 March 2014 Link
[Hits: 374]
1:33 Jari on Calendars and displaying multiple amounts of information on the same day. (0:03)
Hint to Roberto about HTML entities conversion now in StringTheory (0:20)
Mike on adding Save buttons to tabs, inside the tab (0:27)
Mike on including a form inside another form (0:31)
Debra on selecting Map markers based on variables in the table (0:42)
Debra on refreshing the map, and the markers on the map (0:44)
Roberto on finding uncompleted threads (0:51)
Brian on displaying a browse as text (recent announcements etc) (0:54)
Mike on nesting a form inside a browse (1:00)
Mike on Mobile Mode (1:02)
John and Arnold on creation of web services (1:05)
Mike on showing that multiple fields are invalid at the same time (1:10)
Peter on displaying a text string above the wizard tab telling the user how far they've come (1:13)
Peter on limiting file uploads based on extension (feature request) (1:19).
Jon on Hotdates functionality in a desktop app (1:22)
Roberto on Multi-Host doc
Wolfgang on using RDP in place of a web app if the look needs to be the same(1:25)
12 20 March 2014 Link
[Hits: 494]
1:30 Bruce and John on creating Web Services Servers using NetTalk 8. Walked through some concepts, some features, and an example or two.
11 13 March 2014 Link
[Hits: 614]
1:55 Mike on adding Text to small-inrow Browse Buttons (0:02)
Mike on the difference between SessionValues, Values, StoreValue and so on (0:13)
Mike on what is passed from a Browse to a Form (0:18)
Brian on embedding a Session Value in the Header using a tag (0:19)
Mike on remembering the remember option on Logins (0:25)
Wolfgang on OAuth (0:28)
Gordon on communicating between users that are logged in  (0:30)
Robert on using Code-Completion instead of searching NetWeb.Inc (0:34)
Olu on creating Button to run server side code and then Save the form (0:35)
Paul on hand-coded Validation in a form (0:41)
Brian on the Layout options on the Header procedure (0:47)
Allan on why 404 errors are showing up on his performance tab - and what to do about them (0:51)
Greg on passing a Session variable to a PHP Page (0:54)
Paul on follow up to validation question - doing a file lookup (0:56)
Mike on the use of OpenFile using Legacy file driver functions (which they don't) which leads to an explanation of WebHandler (0:56)
Mike on creating a global reference variable to p_web, called say g_web (1:02)
Johan following up some more on validation (1:04)
Roberto on the encoding of extended HTML characters to make them xHTML compliant (1:05)
Roberto on ABC File access being faster - which leads to "what is p_web" (1:09)
Russ on changing a site to be Secure - served over SSL (1:13)
Olu on how to record  Logins and Logouts (1:22)
Mike on menus misbehaving under IE10 (1:23)
Jim on using a purchased theme with NetTalk (1:27)
Debra on embedding GeoLocation timer in the header for mobile users (1:29)
Robert on converting certificates from one format to another (1:33)
Andy on using to get free certificates (1:34)
Wolfgang on using a WebClient over SSL with unauthenticated certificates (1:36)
Bijan on SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) (1:37)
Bruce on NetTalk 8 release (1:51)
10 6 March 2014 Link
[Hits: 498]
1:22 Bryce on displaying "number of items in cart" in the header (0:01)
Devan on updating a NetWebSource using a timer (16:00)
Paul on downloading and saving a file using the NetWebClient silently (19:00) and again at (0:41)
Another Paul on manually validating a form field entry (0:36)
Devan on changing the date format depending on the user viewing the site (0:52)
Carl on Deleting a record, with a lot of related records taking a lot of time (1:00)
John on NetRefresh (1:02)
Juha on opening a form with the Save button disabled, then enabling it later on (1:11)
9 27 Feb 2014 Link
[Hits: 581]
1:31 Bruce (tip) on what is xHTML and Unsafe xHTML(0:02)
John on changing a server from HTTP to HTTPS (0:19)
Wolfgang on running multiple SSL sites under the host (0:34)
Greg on PCI compliance (0:37)
Bijan on using wildcard certificates on multiple machines (0:37)
Debra on using Google Places JavaScript API (0:38)
Juha on giving feedback to a user when clicking on Save (0:42)
Bijan on using menu / mouse / touch events under Windows 8 (0:52)
Alejandro on translating text generated by the NetTalk template (0:53)
Bruce (tip) on using utf-8 characters on your web page (0:58)
Mark on refreshing browses from a timer (1:03)
Mark on refreshing a part of the screen (not a browse) (1:15)
Mike on browsing temporary data (ie Queues / Mem tables etc) (1:17)
Mike on cleaning up unused temporary files (1:27)
8 20 Feb 2014 Link
[Hits: 709]
1:29 Bruce (tip) Using Google Fonts (0:02)
Carl on adding a Submit button to go to a payment site includes the possibility
adding a WebClient to your web server to interact with a remote server (0:32)
Stu on NetTalk 8 release (0:52)
Bryce on managing extra user fields when a user logs in (0:56)
John on using NetSimple to connect one program to another (1:04)
7 13 Feb 2014 Link
[Hits: 696]
1:33 Bruce (tip) Default sorting on a browse (0:02)
Russ on Setting the Login to be the default page (0:11)
Russ on How to check if a Login/Password is valid (0:13)
Russ on How to go to a Form without a Browse (0:16)
Russ on What are Session Variables (0:20)
Mike on How long to Sessions Last (0:23)
Peter on How to have Conditional Menu Extensions(0:27)
Peter on How to set a session value from a menu item (0:35)
Bruce on Using the StoreValue call (36:00)
Ashley on Customizing a site based on the customer using the site (0:38)
Bruce on using the HOST header property (0:42)
Olumide on Running code just before a Form closes (0:50)
Paul on Hiding and unhiding form fields dynamically (0:52)
Bruce (security tip) Turning off Automatic Validation on Login Forms (0:59)
John on extending browser timeouts for reports that take a long time to generate (1:05)
Mike on Difference between GetSessionValue and GetValue etc (1:08)
Mike on Handling the browser BACK Button (1:12)
Carl on Changing the Button Icons (1:15)
Carl on Adding conditional images to a browse (1:20)
Russ on Filtering a browse embedded on a form (1:24)
6 6 Feb 2014 Link
[Hits: 518]
0:45 Bruce (tip) Adding Anchors to browses (0:03)
Bruce (tip) How to monitor communications between a client and a server (0:18)
Trent on the Performance Controls template (0:29)
Stu on a feature Request: Locators on a Form (0:32)
5 30 Jan 2014 Link
[Hits: 592]
1:16 Bruce (template settings) Combine and Compress (0:03)
Mike on Batch files (Gzipall.bat / CopyAll.bat) (0:10)
Bruce on NetTalk 8 release date (0:15)
Debra on automatic logins sing cookies(0:22)
Scott on updating caroot.pem file (0:32) []
Carl on accessing parameters passed as part of the URL (0:36)
Robert on accessing a site on multiple tabs, with multiple logins (0:39)
Mike on program state (0:47)
Jim on HTML formatting in emails (0:57)
Mike on the differences between Desktop and Mobile (1:02)
Mike on using hardware attached to phones to read barcodes (1:10)
Bijan on including variables in xHTML (1:14)
4 23 Jan 2014 Link
[Hits: 646]
0:57 Bruce (tip) Adding Custom.Css file to WebServer procedure (0:01)
Bruce (tip) Creating a custom css file with a sample class. (0:06)
Bruce (tip) Getting and Using Firebug (0:10)
Paul on changing a file record before saving on a form (0:19)
Robert on new NetWebProcedureExtension (0:22)
Bruce (tip) RSS Feeds and Clarion News page on (0:28)
Paul on validating and limiting numeric entry fields (0:30)
Stephen on Emailing a Report without displaying the report in the browser (0:42)
John on DevExpress possibilities (0:53)
Stephen on learning on NT6 or NT7 (0:55)
3 16 Jan 2014 Link
[Hits: 612]
1:31 Bruce (tip) on Sending Files via the WebClient and Receiving Files via the Web Server (0:02)
John on Logins, Security Levels and integration with custom security systems (0:22)
Debra on Disabling the page when the busy indicator is visible (0:38 --0:49 with some distractions)
Bruce on Windows Firewall (0:44)
Rob on Tree Controls (0:49)
Jeff on multiple related browses on a a form (1:04:00)
2 9 Jan 2014 Link
[Hits: 669]
1:20 John on counting records or pages in a browse. (0:02)
Brian on including a process on a browse initiated by the user. (0:36)
Bruce (tip) on including a procedure manually in WebHandler (0:51)
Djordje on Ajax (58:30)
Bijan on Designing Forms for Mobile (1:15)
1 16 Nov 2013 Link   Notes to follow...
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