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Translator Plus represents the next generation of internationalization development tools from Prodomus. It consists of a set of mostly source code class libraries and utility components which may be purchased individually or in sets.

Class libraries are designed work with both ABC and Clarion Chain applications.

The classes extend the Translator Class built into the ABC chain to include many more necessary features and time saving utilities. One of the most important of these utilities is the Source Manager which can extract all strings to be translated from source code and convert the source string files into various formats including the built-in ABC translator class formats and Translator Plus default types.

It includes methods for modifying string ENTRY controls at run time to handle Chinese, Japanese, and other languages using double-byte characters and changing all window and report font properties at run time.. Utilities are also designed to handle these character sets. Also available for all purchasers in a Translation Dictionary containing basic multi-language translations. The Translation Assistant includes a translation dictionary synchronizer.

The Class Components consist of ABC compliant classes. All classes include source code except for the Picture Translation Class. These components can be implemented with a single global setup extension template that covers all classes.


Customization Class

A customization class has been added with this version of Translator Plus. It is installed with the TPStr class and is therefore available to all editions of Translator Plus. This class displays a list of properties for windows and reports that can then be edited with both Global and Procedure level changes. Main features are:

Editing window and control properties at run-time. By default, a list of properties is displayed using the CTRL+SHIFT+F7 when any window is open.

Reports may be edited from a pre-screen with a global column (check box) or by adding a control template to a report progress window with a pause button.

All changes are displayed immediately on any open window including mutjiple instances of the window being edited.

In the case of multi-language applications, languages may be changed at run-time and all open windows will be changed immediately without having to reopen the application.

Access to customization windows may be limited. This can include, for example, limits by security door and a global setup option specific to your program.

If the Picture Class is instantiated in the application, pictures will be automatically translated as shown above. These may be overwritten with an alternative global or local translation.

Because the Customization Class maintains a queue of all open windows, it also has two useful functions for posting events and notifications to other windows. This uses the Procedure Name as the first parameter, making it easy to post. The class may also be used for thread limiting. Other things may be added such as checking for Modal windows or closing all windows as might be required by certain procedures.

This tool is available for Clarion 8 and Clarion 9 only. It is compatible with both the ABC and CLARION legacy versions of Translator Plus.

Picture Translation Class

Use Windows Registry information to auto translate Clarion picture tokens. Includes more than 90 locales.

String Property Translation Class

Consolidate source and replacement properties into a single database file for easy translation and maintenance.

Environment Class

Use the string class and API functions to set Clarion’s International Environment variables -- Collating, Case, Message Buttons, Digraphs, AP/PM text, full and abbreviated Month Names, Character Set, and Error Messages..

Includes a method for setting and restoring the text of any individual message button text.

Character Class

Provides extended character support utilizing API character functions to overcome limitations in the standard Clarion functions.

Include a simple Proper method (capitalization of the first letter in a word).


Type Class

Better organize controls and properties by Type.

This class encapsulates the previous PD Translator in a new class library with added flexibility that allows users to group controls in different ways and to derive their own methods.
Translator Plus