PD Version Notes and Command Line Utility
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ProDomus Version Notes and Command Line Utility

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Work Smarter with the PD Version Notes and Command Line Utility!

The PD Version Notes and Command Line Utility (PDCL) is really two programs in one -- a version work log and a command line utility for changing elements of the clarion environment. It can be used with Clarion 2 and later versions. With this, you can work faster and smarter:

Version and Work Log

Add it to Programs to Execute at the end of your project file and use this simple program to keep of log of changes with each compile by entering a note on the popup screen. This text log file will contain date/time-stamped notes and a version equate that you can use in your application. The utility can also increment the version number or build number - just follow the prompts on the screen. Including the file in your application adds a version equate. Note that this screen opens only when there are no command line parameters.

Change ABC Include File Directory

If you're tired of waiting for ABC include files to load or are having your resources consumed by unnecessary classes, you use the LIBSRC command line to look to a alternative ABC include file directory limited to those files you need. Simple create an icon with the right command line and click it to start Clarion. The location will be set automatically.

Command Line Options

Use PD Commandline to add your favorate utilities and help files to your clarion environment. It may be run from an icon, the DOS prompt, the Windows Run dialog, or from a program such as Wise InstallBuilder. Current options include the following:

Sample log/version File:

!Version EQUATE('1.00 0000') ! 4/18/99 1112 -- Compile in 5.1 cr2
!Version EQUATE('1.00 0001') ! 11/11/99 1312 -- Compile in C55
!Version EQUATE('1.01 0002') ! 11/13/99 1726 -- Added path to notes screen
!Version EQUATE('1.01 0003') ! 11/13/99 2355 -- Add quote (") delimiter option to parameter list.
!Version EQUATE('1.01 0004') ! 11/13/99 2356 -- Change local ini file to PDCL.ini (was MakeVer.ini)
!Version EQUATE('1.01 0004') ! 11/13/99 2357 -- Change ini files to PDCL55.ini/PDCL5.ini
!Version EQUATE('1.01 0005') ! 11/14/99 019 -- Change note size from 80 to 180 chrs

30 Oct 2006
PD Version Notes and Command Line Utility