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At CapeSoft we pride ourselves on delivering a high level of support with our products. There are a number of ways which you can get support from us, and these are listed below.

Please note, that while much of our support is free, we do reserve the right to charge for support if we feel that it is necessary. We will let you know beforehand though if any support is chargeable.

Sometimes no amount of support will help, and for this reason we have a very forgiving refund policy.

You can get limited free support from us using one of the following methods; Try and include as much information as possible, including screen shots where appropriate. The more information you give us the easier it is for us to help you. NB: You must include product version numbers (for Clarion and the CapeSoft accessory) you are using.
Paid Support for Programmers

We recognize that some client support requirements fall outside the direct support of our accessories, and are more about support for a particular program or developer. Rather than simply ignore developers in this position we do have a paid-support program.

Note that if the problem does turn out to be a bug in one of our products then the support charge will be refunded.

Support is charged at $200 per hour, available in 30 minute increments. The following link allows you to order as many hours of support as you like - just adjust the quantity purchased. https://www.clarionshop.com/checkout.cfm?pid=106&q=1&

As it's impossible to determine in advance how long any request will take, the usual approach is to inform you when the purchased time has expired. You are then able to purchase further time if more time is required. Obviously there can be a delay caused by this though, so balance the amount of time purchased with the magnitude of the bug. Time is measured in 30 minute slices - the minimum time for a single bug is 30 minutes.

Time that is purchased, but not used, will be available to you to use in the future. In other words if you purchase 60 minutes, but only 30 minutes is used, then a 30 minute "credit" will be available to use when you next require support.

Note that if a bug is unresolved due to time running out then no refund of time already applied will be available. In other words there is no refund for an "incomplete" - the only refunds occur for the location of a bug.

All support advice is offered on a "good faith" basis. Since we are not familiar with your application it is impossible to categorically state that an answer is correct for all cases. Ultimately you are responsible for evaluating any advice and any time, or risk, associated with applying that advice to your program is completely to your own account.

In almost all cases we will attempt to minimize our involvement, and the time required, by requesting examples. Examples can shorten the time required for support enormously, and in many cases just creating an example can lead to a resolution of the problem. If examples are impossible then remote-access the developer machine is usually the fall-back approach.
Feature Prioritization

From time to time, people have valid and useful suggestions for additions to our tools. Many times we've thought of those features already and they are on the List of things to do, but they may not be at the top of the to-do list.

If you want to make a upcoming feature happen sooner, then Feature Prioritization support gives you the mechanism to move that feature up the priority list. Note that paid-for features will be included into the tools for use by all valid license holders of the tool. The payment is for the prioritization of the feature, not for the code. The code remains the property of CapeSoft and we retain the right to use/re-use/resell the code and/or market the feature implemented. The exact cost of the feature is determined on a case by case basis.

If you're not in a rush then there's at least some chance that your feature-request will be implemented anyway and be included in either a free update, or a paid-for upgrade. So don't hesitate to pass us your suggestions.