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142 23 March 2017 Link
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1:13 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

(0:02) - Rene has a menu that does not refresh after a valid login when login is a popup. A new setting in build 9.22 "Refresh header on save"
(0:05) Warning - A Firefox update, a cookie from a secure address cannot be used on an unsecure site. No Session ID = cant login in.
(0:09) Parker - has an issue with JsonP to CORS - a "cross origin http" request, allows you to specify if a resource is from another page.
Bruce looks for AccessControlAllowOrigin - it requires a setting of p_web.GetHeaderField('Origin:') in CreateHeader
(0:20) Kurt - using the ODBC driver for MySqL. Has an app accessing a remote database generates error 90 - access violation.
(0:37) Roberto re ODBC says 3.51.23 version of odbc appears to work better.
(0:42) Pratik re ODBC says Oracle on 5.2.5 appears to work better, he makes a user account for each workstation to avoid the sql server Connection pool limit
(0:46) - Alajandro asks about SqlSync
(0:52) - PGM - has an email question, about breaking out of a email loop
(1:00) Wolfgang - has been screen scraping, how to manage a form with login and password.

Aside: An explanation of Salted Hashed Passwords happened in the ClarionLive Open Webinar for 22 March 2017.
141 16 March 2017 Link
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1:33 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

(0:01) CIDC 2017 registration is open
(0:08) Kurt - has a file open error
(0:15) Ted - why use p_web.Openfile() instead of
(0:17) Roberto - I need help configuring TLS on a web app. I notice it works fine on one server but does not work on the server that I want it to be. An explanation of
EV Extended Validation = expensive and  Company Name
DV Domain Validation
StartSSL is dead / untrusted
An in depth look at how to install TLS
(0:42) - Ted  when i add a signature control to a netweb form and run the app i get javascript error.
(0:44) Darin - when attempting to display an image on a netwebform, from a blob, displays as binary text, not an image. 
(0:49) David P - A question about sending emails using Nettalk - records per cycle -
(1:07) Bijan - how to use api's and how to document them - see the Friday webinar, #300 #302 #304 at ClarionLive
(1:12) Bijan - where to upload clients files - local vs dropbox -
(1:19) has anyone use Azure on Amazon
(1:27) Ted - still had a js error.
140 9 Mar 2017 Link
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1:40 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

(0:03) Peter wants to make his own html pages for the server rather than use those generated for a gymnastics scoring app. Tips for pushing data to all users from the server. The Watch options & Display a Host Value from Web
(0:38) Other Peter Re the error that Pratik found in 9.21 (return vars disappearing after the running of certain wizards)
(0:41) Alejandro - comments on Peter G needing cryptonite for web sockets as they require SHA1
(0:43) Alejandro - has a DLL that stays open after the EXE closes, needs NetCloseCallBackWindow in the exe when it closes.
(1:00) David - Sending pdfs - wants a progress
(1:07) David - how to preview the pdfs
(1:11) David - lookups & drop downs, a review of the options
(1:23) Ron - How to get the ip address of the caller p_web.GetSessionIp - how to lock people out from the server. Tricks to stop brute force like ds_sleep to put a thread to sleep.
(1:31) Pratik - Why does the extension sometimes show just NetTalk ().
(1:35) Ted -  enhancing the 'click here to download report' when progress get set to 100
139 2 Mar 2017 Link
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1:39 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

(0:02) Bruce talks about the 9-20 and 9.21 Builds - What's new.
(0:47) Pratik - Server is on 9.20 but web folder is on 9.18 - Where to look ?
(0:55) Wolfgang - RE Net:sslMethodMaxOnly So its a good habit to NOT store EQUATES into Data permanently, as they are subject of changes.
(0:56) Bram - Suggestion: a webinar about creating apps for mobile devices.
(0:57) Pratik - if your looking to help yourself identify the server info, we use a hidden URL say /myinfo with a paramter pin=..., then let it return what you need
(0:59) Roberto - I need to figure out how to change the theme on just a procedure, may even be just a popup. if that is not possible is there a way to change the colors of a whole bunch of radio control (like 80 of them) in one single point instead of having to go control by control. - ITS NOT EASY
(1:06) Robert - NetWebClient: Could not make the cookie work on a request - had to pass the session ID on the address line. Use OptionAutoCookie instead which works.
(1:12) Don - I'm new to NetTalk web stuff, I don't have Colors or Button Icon on the web page?
(1:19) Kurt - Is there anything special that needs to be done to run a Nettalk webservice as a service?  I looked in the Nettalk documentation and didn't find anything but wanted to check with the man behind the curtain. 
(1:30) David - cant type into fields after an import into his NT app
(1:33) Ted - has a login issue (same as last week.)
138 23 Feb 2017 Link
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1:32 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

The Hosts Edition...

(0:01) Kevin - takes a report from a desktop app and "dumps" it into NT web server, how not to do it.
(0:31) Brian - I have customers who are uploading 2-300mb files to my system - The application loads the files into a blob on the server side. I set the upload limit to 300mb but the customer files do not always make it to the server.  I'm not sure if the they just get tired of waiting and cancel or if they timeout.
(0:36) John - Has a login problem, my remember me does not work, and has a logout issue. An interesting and detailed walk through the login process.
(1:03) John would like to make his site secure, how to do this. A walk through SSL.
(1:17) Kevin - using a user token to maintain a logged in session for a device. It logs in, gets a token, then returns that token for subsequent pages rather than using a cookie.
137 16 Feb 2017 Link
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1:57 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

(0:03) Mike - problem sending emails from one (out of 3) of his pc's -
use debug statements to check the settings on both pcs
(0:10) Robert - web client connections, how do I keep a connection open for multiple requests. What triggers a page received.
Also look in netwww.clw .process to see "WorkOutIfFinished"
(0:19) Kevin - with the web client demo, where is "OptionAutoCookie" setting.
(0:26) Mike - continues with his issue and sending trace output.
(0:29) Kevin - plan 'B' when a cookie session does not work, use a token to set the session, it takes precedence over the cookie or header session.
(0:33) Kevin - What constitutes a timeout (both Connection timeouts, and Session timeouts)
(0:40) Kevin, how do you set Keep Connection Alive
(0:43) David - has a Web Client in a multiple DLL app, the client needs to be in the exe to load and unload the net talk object. Look at NetCloseCallBackWindow
(0:50) David - in a customer record on a form, there is another table for a customer type, when a change to the customer type occurs how do I make the browse update itself.
(0:56) Mike - continues, turn off "Suppress Error Messages"
(1:00) Alejandro - what is the best way to position something in a html frame. An explanation of what is a 'frame' vs what is a 'div' - how to "float" a div
(1:20) Ted - has a mem form with report filter options, including a start button. One of the string fields is marked 'required'.
It appears the Required field is NOT getting validated when start button  is clicked. - Yes, validation occurs on save, and you are not saving, so disable the button instead.
(1:24) Robert continues - the page content length is zero
(1:29) Pratik - missing some code.
(1:33) Pratik - wants an embed
(1:39) Mike - continues - how to log more information, where is the
code hanging.
136 9 Feb 2017 Link
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2:28 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

(0:03) Johan - using a local variable I need to filter invoice transactions for a customer (child table)  and the customer details
(0:23) Wolfgang - can you discuss the API changes (formatting and prefixes) introduced in NT 9.17
(0:31) Wolfgang - Re jFiles, a data transfer allowing receipt to skip/update existing records. Use "UpdateFileOnLoad=false" ie if the record already exists then don't update it.
(0:36) Alejandro - Disconnected Web, some bugs, fields that dont update in a sync, and some changes caused all records to be sent.
(0:49) Alejandro - is there a bug with phonegap?
(0:59) Alejandro - there is a problem loading on "KitKat" version of Android - a known bug
(1:07) David - Followup from last week where we were overriding the save, problem with deleting.
(1:15) David - if there is a browse on the form and the user changes something on the browse, if there was a total field on the form, can I trap the change and update the form?
(1:21) David - trying to get 2 columns - how do I line them up on the form
(1:26) Terry - web 44 soap and a web client client. Change the webclient call to a standard window with a netwebclient on it.
(1:38)Wolfgang - discusses a sort of state machine using the URL to pass the state.
(1:41) Terry - Disconnected Web - database.js  Bruce shows how to use firebug to view a sql database - database.table.View and .Nuke
There is also a Firefox addon that is a SqLite Manager
(1:49) Bijan - A chrome update now says our web server is not secure. Its if you have a password on a page, then it will complain.
(1:52) Bijan - can I run a secure server on port 80 - use of SNI server name indication to allow multiple certificates on one web server.
(2:01) Wolfgang - Internet vs intranet certificates
(2:11) Bijan - Have you done any work on creating a host name using an API? On a service such as no-ip.
(2:14) David - Are there any implications of the move towards SSL for creating programs using FTP ? (sftp, ftps, ftpes)
Do you need to detect whether or not the server is running securely and set the FTP accordingly ?
(2:17) Ted - is there a possibility of NetTalk to do SFTP using SSH  answer is "very unlikely".
135 2 Feb 2017 Link
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1:31 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

(0:01) David trying to override the action of a form that was fed from a view, to do my own save or delete on the real tables
(0:17) David wants to make a web call to post some json to "docusign" - How to construct a custom header
(0:22) David where is the wizard tab on a form, how to make a form a wizard.
(0:34) Mike  using a timer on the web server to send emails, can I move this to another proc. Yes, make another window to handle this, how to set its thread, how to make sure it only opens once.
(0:43) Alejandro - Disconnected Web - bug on inserting a new record, and a missing button, and a few more bugs...
(0:55) Alejandro - what is the settings table, what is it used for?
(1:10) Ted - How to call several reports from a mem form, new feature to auto click is coming soon.
(1:19) David - can I add a web client into a web app for emails.
134 26 Jan 2017 Link
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1:13 Australia Day edition - [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

(0:04) - Changes in the 9.18 build
(0:25) Kevin - why is the (jFiles) CascadeUp and CascadeDown methods now used in the server.
(0:30) Ted - on a drop control what is the Value Field vs the Description Field (which needs a key). Use of p_web.GetDescription - how Net Talk takes a name field from a drop box and tries to find the associated id field.
(0:42) Ashley - Parent Child form questions, Have a client that walks away from a parent child form and the session times out. How do I update the parent table when a certain field on the child form is updated.
(0:48) Ashley - on the browse, if someone adds or deletes a record, I want keep a total count, so I need a way to capture this as the form opens.
(0:57) Kevin - what is the device id and how do I use it
(1:04) Kevin - php support, is there a chance it will be revisited
(1:11) Wolfgang, with the settings table, is something like this possible to have for the NT-Server Edition? ie I want to identify all the pc's my program connects to so people can easily log on etc.
133 19 Jan 2017 Link
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1:43 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

(0:05) NT 9-18 SSL - Bruce talks about "Forward Security" a new feature that is in 9-18. Uses to show the effect.
(0:19) Wolfgang - SSL Intranet - We do not have to worry when you use a self-issued certificate for Clarion+Nettalk SOAP-Client/Server on an Intranet, I presume.
(0:12) Wolfgang, can I have the wdsl in http and the content as https ? Yes, it looks like it does that now.
(0:26) Ashley - Server Side Auto Numbering, problem with adding a new record in parent child, how to deal with orphans, ie adding invoice detail records, then the session breaks with no parent.
 see the Advanced tab / "Prime Auto inc if necessary" & "if not necessary". When using guids, you can make a guid for the parent, then make children relating to that parents guid, so orphans are not a problem.
(0:39) Mike - Progress bar on a report, adding more information, use a display field. With "Live via a web socket" you can set say a session value like "Whatever" and when this value changes it will be seen on the reports "display" on the progress bar.
(0:47) Ted - Can you use multiple progress bars
(0:42) Ken - Translating "Cannot be zero or blank" and other auto-comment text.
(0:53) Johan - talks to a web service. How to proceed when there are multiple requests and responses. Breaking the calls into steps.
(1:01) Koen - Using a remote app to pass a list of ID's to the server. Can I use a queue to send these back ? 
(1:19) Jesper - I need to communicate with a Linux-box on my local network, using Web Sockets, a request for a web sockets client.
(1:24) Lisa - Do you know about Amazon Lambda
(1:32) Kevin - how to make a popup in a web page which times out after a period of time.
132 12 Jan 2016 Link
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2:20 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

(0:01) - Bruce talks about update to WebServices example 77 in 9.17
(0:17) Wolfgang - questions the "action" for when sending a table from the client to the server.
(0:24) Wolfgang - a method belongs to multiple services
(0:27) Wolfgang - how to block someone trying to get certain document types like php files. Use the ValidateFilename method in the WebHandler.
Also how self.BAN(ip-address) works to ban the caller from making further connections for a period of time.
(0:40) Kevin - taking a table as a parameter.
(0:42) Merle - Emails using TLS. A detailed explanation and how to setup sending emails from any program.
(1:18) David on new way to get a free certificate from Let's Encrypt which offers a service to automatically get a certificate using "acme" protocol. See - and a hint that acme will probably be in NetTalk 10
(1:25) Francisco - Can you do a Demo for someone who doesn't have NetTalk? I am looking for a tool to convert my desktop app to a cloud base app. Bruce wizards a new app from a random dictionary.
(2:03) Ted - I have a large list of PDF's, can I generate a list of them to download, or am I breaking security. Use a mem table to show them.
(2:06) Ted - Is there a global setting for the default font
(2:10) David -  updating a table record after saving on form, Bruce shows the options.
(2:15) Phillip - I have a table that has a hyperlink - how do I make it open another tab on the browser and show the image.
131 5 Jan 2015 Link
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1:35 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

(0:01) Bruce talks about the new 9-17 build, memo and blobs support in api's, formatting of fields such as date & time, prefixes of tables are now off as default
(0:27) Alejandro - disconnected web, insert a record in a form, return to the browse, the inserted record is not there. Bug in refresh.
(0:37) Ashley - Why Browse less edit form will not show the data like it did before
(0:40) Wolfgang - A form question, I want to generate and display an image, based on the data applied to the form which might be thousands of records. How do I work with the time frame of its slow generation? Answer is in the pdf example, how to use progress bars.
(0:51) Lisa - sending email, gets an error message due to a relay
(1:04) Bruce shows a new method (Serialize) in StringTheory.
(1:08) Kevin - how to work with passwords that contain characters such as an ampersand - correct formatting of web client requests. URL, XML and JSON encoding
(1:11) Kevin - SQL injection question, consider the encoding of the sender, how to use StringTheory to check against a alphabet
(1:24) Kevin - ban list vs black list
(1:27) Kevin - logging on the server, what is useful
130 29 Dec 2016 Link
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1:49 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

(0:08) Pratik - wants to have a client to receive a download it requests, and can you make this into a class? Bruce does build a class derived from NetWebClient
(0:45) David - on a memory form that has a browse on it, when you click on a browse line it shows a photo. But when the page first opens the browse shows the first line as highlighted but no photo displays.
Discussion on how to know who is the first field, and what variable do you send ?
(0:59) David - a question on how to show the ban button, Bruce shows how to delete the log control and the performance control on the screen. Then by regenerating them, you will have the latest version which includes the ban button and list of banned ip's
(1:03) Bruce goes walkabout.... (silence...)
(1:12) a quick side step from David and John asks if Net Talk will support a camera taking images.
(1:20) Ashley - has a report that varies from 1 page to 500 pages, the pdf is generated before the report is finished. Discussion on how the web progress bar is taking its value from the "Clarion" progress bar.
(1:31) Pratik - has a bug
(1:32) Terry - has a browse with two child browses, one for sms, and one for email, I want to hide the sms browse when the parent line is sms and vica verca - put them all on a mem form
(1:36) Terry - how to get a print icon, Bruce shows how to locate them on ThemeRoller
(1:39) Terry - more on the report's progress bar and the creation of the report.
129 22 Dec 2016 Link
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2:09 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

0:01 - Kevin Disconnected Desktop is not sending a tables memo field = bug
0:07 - Wolfgang Soap server to serve a normal HTML page - how to display it?
0:18 - Wolfgang on Google's Brotli compression algorithm
0:27 - David has a browse that links to a memory form that has another browse.  On browse 1 there is a button, how do I make a variable to pass multiple data variables to a mem form to show the item details.
Use of the parameters entry for a click event on the browse - sending row id - use of p_web.AddBrowseValue
0:46 - David making a mobile responsive using bootstrap, can I do it ? Bruce says watch this space, there is work progressing on this. A discussion on technique follows
0:58 - David - what is that little red screen that pops up - on Performance tab use the No JavaScript Check setting to stop this.
1:03 Don - How do I get into the web stuff - getting your feet wet.
1:16 Piet - Can you show how to find a 'field' in the webpage with Firebug
1:20 Ted I have a browse with a ‘export’ button, I want to intercept the call to create an xml file, call a source proc to create the Excel file (using office inside) and then make a link for the end user to download it. Use of the start button option "start automatically when from generates"
1:33 Wolfgang - Do I have to add this new PROCEDURE to the list of CALLS? - Declare Globally ?
1:40? Kevin asks people to bring his web server down - an example of disconnected desktop in Amazon, their mySql is case sensitive, its Linux based.
128 15 Dec 2016 Link
[Hits: 55]
1:49 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

(0:03) David - has a question about passing values to forms. Example of calling a form directly, how to use p_web.AddBrowseValue _bidv_
(0:27) David - on a browse, a row is clicked, I want to displaying some image from another table, and what if it is from a blob.
(0:57) David - now export it to Excel? looks like a bug
(1:03) Don - How to Connect to a service via web Sockets client. - The code is not there yet.
(1:06) Paul - Suggests that FAQ #W4 (calling a form directly) in Insert mode,  in the documentation does not work. (It seems to work ok though.)
(1:12) Phillip -  Eample from scratch of creating a browse, that requires a login first. Discussion about logins and passwords and the storing of passwords as  a Salted Hash.
(1:36) Carl - How can one limit an SSL connection to TLS 1.2 and how to restrict various cyphers?
127 24 Nov 2016 Link
[Hits: 76]
2:30 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

(0:05) - Mike - on a browse, edit in place, I want to have a numeric entry field that selects the whole text on focus. Leads to a quick lesson on javascript and using firebug to test your js.

(0:31) - Pete - form layout - how to use firebug to identify where the ugly space is coming from

(0:42) - David - Browse layout, how to control the width of columns, Eg. "no wrap", using firebug to find what element is controlling the size

(1:10) - David - How do I show a login screen without a menu

(1:15) - David - what is a good example to show photos

(1:19) - John - Twillio forwards a message from my phone to my NetTalk server, but my server does not respond correctly.

(1:43) - Pete - how do I get a horizontal line between two fields. Besides the easy way of using the display a line option, Bruce shows how to use a div to make a line where you can control the width, height, padding and color of the line.

(2:05) - Brian - wants to know how to implement a progress bar, where to find it in the docs.

(2:11) - Mike - How long should a client wait on a request? How to handle a process that takes a very long time. How to use a p_web.noop() in a loop in a http response

(2:22) - Gustavo - how to get started with Net Talk Server.
126 17 Nov 2016 Link
[Hits: 72]
2:12 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

(0:03) Alejandro - Get vs Post - using nettalk demo, vs to submit a form, Bruce shows how to analyze traffic using debug view. Alejandro wants to submit a form with OAuth 2. So look at the webinar that Dries did on submitting to a site that uses OAuth. see  show 352

(0:40) Chuck - on the security tab, what does the Private option do? Suggestion to add this at the Service level as well.

(0:46) Pratik - Some settings on the Security tab of the Web Server.
(1) what does "strict transport security" mean? - HSTS is a header thing that stops http from accessing your site, only allows https. That is, once you have been there, you cannot access that site on port 80 ever again.
(2) What is the Host Name (CSL) option ? In a SSL Certificate, the certificate is written for a host name or name(s) - (SNI) Server Name Indication
How to make a hidden location for certificates like C:\hidden\certificates

(1:03) Marc - Is there an example of a web form where a checkbox reveals a group of fields when check and hides them when unchecked? See Calculator (34) example

(1:07) David W - When you are doing the Host Names, what about multiple sub-domains? Do they have to be specified separately?
Is the "www" in the certificate important? - Sub domains -  the certificate normally will hold "" and ""
But you can get a wildcard certificate that will do or

(1:12) David P - I have a question about creating simple web app with login screen. Do I need SSL for my private company site?
Get a free one from  StartSSL.Com  -  Logging in, use salted and hash on passwords ( see show 74 & 118 ). 
Discussion on window design for beginners, and why a Visual Designer slows you down.

(2:00) Roberto - what is the pool procedure and maximum Pool threads for? Each thread you open will open every table in your Dct whether you use them or not, so it takes time to open them. the Tread Pool keeps threads open so they don't need to continually be created and destroyed.

125 10 Nov 2016 Link
[Hits: 75]
2:04 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

(0:02) Ruben - Wants a save button that returns back to the home page, setting the url for the button.
(0:12) John - has a mobile app that looks bad on a full screen browser - use of p_web.SetOptions with the dialog widget to control the popup width
(0:39) David Can I use Sql Lite with my mobile app on my phone?  = no   Bruce explains why.
(0:44) John wants help with his locator, and repositioning of his buttons
(1:21) Alejandro - Disconnected Web - how does the login work, if I have a device number 1234 that wants to logon -
Also what is the form action method fetch and post, discussion of post vs get, and the impact of SSL, what is the form action.
(1:45) Mark - On a form, wants additional information from an unrelated table. How to use fields without keys, and the use of "lookup settings" tab
(1:59) Edvard - Has a lookup that does not work, the lookup needs a key
124 27 Oct 2016 Link
[Hits: 94]
2:07 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

(0:02) Paul - Https site trying to "scrape" information, a detailed analysis using firebug, and the Weather client example, to see what is passed between the site and the client.

(0:15) David P - use NetTalk mapping on a desktop, Bruce goes through mapping options, VERY detailed examination. AND tomorrow night on Clarion Live, William was working with MS MapPoint which has died, so he has integrated Google maps into desktop. A must watch.

(1:09) Paul again, has no joy so far, its content type. How to install Firebug

(1:20) Ashley - How to clear search when entering a browse from the menu. How to pass parameters to a browse from the Menu
Use of p_web.IfExistsValue() and _refresh_= ClearLocator

(1:27) Ashley - How can one change header image programmatically when logging in. How to make the header a html file on disk, and how to bring a static file into the app
<!-- Net:f:filename -->
html vs Xhtml

(1:35) David W - When a page uses capture, how can I get around it to scrape the screen

(1:39) Simon renaming functions

(1:40) Bram a FM3 error

(1:42) Vince - When using Memory Table should I use Page or File load on Browse?

(1:47) Alejandro - when the url contains a hash tag, the end of the url (past this) is not received by the server.

(2:04) Paul again, Firebug question, how to see the response package.
123 20 Oct 2016 Link
[Hits: 73]
1:35 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

(0:04) Brian - redactor bug question -  sending one file or many files when your server sends the browser the js/css files. Due to the "Server pre-compressed" setting.

(0:11) Alejandro - has a calendar, in the associated form, entering a </br> causes the form to fail. All about xHTML.

(0:18) Alejandro - on a browse, how can I replace the <13,10> with <br/>

(0:28) Mike - on a simple browse form - on insert it never returns on the form.

(0:41) Ashley - on a form the buttons and tabs were not drawn correctly - Debugging JavaScript errors.

(0:52) Ashley - My server sometimes fails. Strategies for dealing with a server that fails.

(0:56) Ashley - I have a timer, when my page does a transaction to paypal, I need to refresh the clients page.

(0:59) Ashley - I have a problem when my Sql server connection is lost, I need to restart the NT server.

(1:02) Paul - How to "scrape" web sites. A client program called "Weather", contains a procedure called "Drive" which illustrates how to analyze what happens with say a a login page, the value fields and cookies.

(1:15) Davis asks about Client.OptionAutoCookie option

(1:18) Kevin - On a form - a string - can you explain the "Live via WebSockets", can I use this to get feedback from a server to a disconnected desktop on the servers progress. No, but use a web client to get a session value, then allow the upload to the server.
122 13 Oct 2016 Link
[Hits: 77]
2:12 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

(0:06) Kurt - Preventing Blobs being cached when serving from a Blob.
(0:13)  Wolfgang on _SendFile can we use procs that begin with an underscore?
(0:21)  Piet has a server which has a web folder out of sequence. It's a version problem, the version is in netweb.js in C:\Clarion\accessory\libsrc\win\NetWeb\web\scripts
(0:26) What is coming in build 9.14.
(0:28) The time stamp is sometimes 1 digit different from the server time stamp, a general talk about using REALs, are they safe?
(0:39) Edvard - mobile apps - tips on developing
(0:46) Edvard - in a browse, how to show the total number of records.
(0:51) Brian - calculating the number of minutes between two date/times.
(0:55) Brian has a browse on a browse that has eip issues.
(0:57) Alejandro - Hot Dates - calendar example, cant use a CR/LF (bug report)
(1:00) Alejandro in a browse, is there a limit to the number of characters that can be displayed,  Alajandro has a limit of 261 chrs. Has a picture set (which is too small). Also suggestion to "Abbreviate Length" option on the browse
(1:12) Kurt - Blobs, images still not showing, can they be in the web folder, or maybe a cache issue.
(1:19) Simon why use access:OpenFile and not the p_web.Openfile version
(1:23) Casey - popups - how a browse opens up a popup form, a walk through. Adding your own button to open a form.
(1:36) Allen - Getting Started. a library checkout, on a browser I scan a barcode to determine what records show on a browse. Use of a memory form to hold the entry fields that feeds the limits of the browse. How to hide the browse until there is data to show.
(1:59) Kevin on how can you get the IP address of the caller
(2:00) Kevin is there a way of making Clarion date time from a timestamp
121 6 Oct 2016 Link
[Hits: 88]
1:59 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

(0:03) David - how can I use a proxy with net talk. the CanUSeProxy setting with ProxyServer & ProxyPort. And how do I pass the proxy a password.
(0:09) Gordon building a mobile app, but using a browser to test the mobile app. It goes to one server, then it gets data from another server, ie across multiple domains. The login fails when the request comes back from the second server with no cookie. Answer, a cookie is tied to a host, so it gets lost when passing to a second server. Can I pass a session value in something rather than a cookie?  post vs get.
(0:21) Gordon has an employee portal application, under heavy use (700 users) the server is locking up,  don't know if its sql or the server.
By using a service manager in front of the server it restarts the server when there is a problem. Can we move the session queue into a database so the sessions are not lost when the server locks up? With x files the session state is restored when the server closes, use its methodology as a basis for moving the several queues saved. ie serverQ serverDataQ .  Look at memory usage, 100 tables = nk of ram per thread, try to keep it around 1 Gig of ram
The more threads, the slower the server gets. Use the <advanced tab> Max threads=100 setting. Have the app monitor its own mem usage with win event's ds_memory to find memory leakage. Task manager shows memory usage, but its misleading, Maybe use multiple instances with a proxy server in front (load balancing)
(0:55) - Wolfgang on lifetime of sessions in the xml saved when the server closes. Sessions here are not cleaned up if you don't leave the server on long enough to do garbage cleanup. Its because its a development machine.
(0:59) Wolfgang - connection does not exist error. How to suppress the error, and how to translate them into German. Use error trap to get errorStr, so it can be sent to the translator. NetAll  interpretError
(1:04) David - using JsonLint to understand json problems and layouts.
(1:10) Jeff  - has Parent / Child tables, but wants to have the child records on the same line as the parent. Jeff has a solution using dynamic xhtml, maybe this is the best way to do this.
(1:20) John has a problem using a calendar - [turns out to be data linked with multiple key fields - support for this added in 9.14]
(1:22) John on how to turn tool tips off - its in webHandler processLink,
- my browser does not show the calendar on the page.
A date range with a calendar lookup is not working, John is using @d17, this is not supported, use @d16 or lower. In date lookup picture setting - use
120 29 Sept 2016 Link
[Hits: 76]
1:55 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

Chuck - Load balancer for NT Server, having problems, using cookie persistence to send the session back to the same server. Good tip on setting the load balancer timeout three times the servers session timeout. (0:03)
Ashley - Have you had a chance to look at the problem I have with the AWS Load balancer. A view of Ashley's wire shark dump. (0:20)
Alan - All my web pages show an error for 9.14 (0:33)
Mike - What makes a disconnected app - settings - "Generate for Disconnected App" (0:34 )
Mike - How do make an online / offline app (0:36)
Roberto - Forum software, where is there a setting for another instance (0:41)
Mike - more on disconnected app / Disconnected Web (0:43)
Simon - how to set icons on a form or a browse line.- where do these come from, themeroller.- how to change the icon for a button. Here are the links ; (1:06)
Rick follow up on Blobs -  adding support for an image in the product table of the server/desktop NetTalk APPs example?   I tried to do that during last week's webinar but the server is crashing when it receives data. (1:17)
Alejandro - lookups on disconnected apps is broken. (1:22)
Alejandro - on a form the comments do not translate. Once a standard message has been translated, it stays translated, if you want to make the site completely Spanish then do it in the Server, get them (such as InsertPromptText) from NetWeb.clw and use s_web.SitesQueue.Defaults.InsertPromptText (1:23)
Robert - Is there a way to make the browse width the same as the browsers width? How to use firebug to find the setting to change, and where to change the css of the browse (1:29)
Roberto - how to locate the css file being used. (1:35 )
Robert - popup forms, can they all be made auto width (1:39)
Robert - on a form there is a display field with a choice of text / sessionValue / hostValue. SessionValues are per user, but a HostValue is for all users. Also, "Live via WebSocket" that will push the hostValue to all browsers without a refresh. (1:42)
Kurt - On the server/client example, if the client is a mobile app with a disconnected database, how is the data stored locally (like with an ios device)?
Kurt Does it handle blobs to store images? (1:48)
Mike - I don't want to generate a browse until a search value is entered, can I control that? (1:50)
119 22 Sept 2016 Link
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1:21 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

This show focuses on - are you north or south of the tropic of cancer?  ref to

Jesper - on a Memory form with a progress bar - when done I want to pass a message to the Memory form. Use of firebug to see the timer working in the browser. How the hyperlink message works. (0:06)

Peter - a discussion, whether or not to maintain both jQuery ui & jQuery mobile & bootstrap (0:24 )
Kevin - With a WebService, how do I set it to return json instead of xml (0:35 )
Kevin - can I have a new embed to allow me to put a version in WebServiceMethod document (0:46)
Kevin - When I add a service method, it asks me which service to assign this to, why would I want more than one service on my net talk server? (0:47)
Roberto - CSS problem, With the CapeSoft Forums, bug with long forum names. (0:54)
David - jFiles into a queue, discussion of SetTagCase upper/ lower/ asis. The difference between a LABEL and a NAME (1:02)
Simon - comments on jFiles options, such as setting a default for a missing field, and setting a value for NULL (1:14)
118 1 Sept 2016 Link
[Hits: 95]
2:32 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

Mike - Id like you to explain the mechanics of logging on to a nettalk webservice  AND Edward -please show an example of how to use a cookie to keep a mobile device automatically logged in for a secured access.
Answer includes, How to turn cookies ON, and what to set a session timeout to, use of p_web.Authenticate / Basic authentication /, net.optionautocookie=true, how to make a login proc to authenticate a user, how to set cookies that expire after say 24 hours on with SSL, use of ProcessLink method in webHandler, use of Set/Get SessionLoggedIn(), Use of a GUID as the cookie instead of a username/password, Remember to use a salted hash on user/password, basic vs digest authentication [whew] (0:03)
Kevin how to set cookie date time in GMT/UTC (1:02)
Kevin - re login using a post on the url - how does this apply to a service, such as disconnected desktop (1:12)
David - Can you show how to read a cookie via Nettalk? Is it available in Nettalk Desktop? There is a _CookieQueue / how to read the queue (1:15)
Casey - Would like to go over the process of adding and deploying css files. Having some inconsistencies getting changes recognized.
Remember to GzipAll (1:21)
David.P - FileExplorer, how to hide fields when tabbing through fields.  David.W helps with a javascript "Changed" vs "Blur" (1:26)
Arnold - smtp question in GPF reporter (1:36)
Bijan - a long discussion on Disconnected Desktop (1:40)
117 25 Aug 2016 Link
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2:10 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

Mike reports a bug when refreshing a form which contains multiple browses (0:03)
Bijan - Distributed architecture - parent / child databases, how to use Disconnected Desktop to achieve this. (0:44)
Kevin - Disconnected Desktop, name attribute of a field, and setting the server timestamp  (1:05)
Robert - Is it possible to check the text field length when you paste info from clipboard (1:44)
Mike - Can you set the order of tables that get sync'd, and how to deal with deletions when syncing (1:50)
Mike - has a form with many tabs, how to set filters on or off so the tabs don't load when the form opens (2:06)

116 18 Aug 2016 Link
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1:52 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

Roberto is sending an email and some clients do not display Spanish characters in the subject line. Use String Theory's "Encoded Word Encoding" to fix this. And don't forget to Clip the text. (0:02)
David - JFiles - json has 30 fields, but I only want 2 of them, how to approach this (0:06)
Wolfgang - Web Server wants to backup some tps files, but its not good to copy when the table is open - how to proceed? (0:12)
Alejandro - Is it possible change the fillcolour of polygon in a map? (0:30)
David has a File Explorer question, Using FE Browser and wonder how I get access to contents of DIVs Ps etc. Also has jScript errors on some sites (0:32)
Ashley - how to refresh a table on a form after a file upload, the upload is on tab 1 of a multi tab form, and the table is on tab 2 (0:38)
Ashley - refreshing a field after different selections are selected. (0:55)
Roberto - says the subject line shows up really strangely in Thunderbird. Try clipping the string. (it works) (1:00)
Bijan - How can make one of my NT browses (users) autorefresh and not logout the session? Eg. the dispatch screen. (1:03)
Mike - In a browse I have a delete and copy buttons, when I use them and the browse gains focus, the buttons are greyed out. When to refresh. (1:10)
Robert - I have a text field with "Send every keypress to server" checked, so I can update one field from another - count the characters being typed into a text field. Use of JScript to determine length of string. (1:19)
Ted - has a page loaded browse that shows a tps table of 80k records, its very slow (40- secs). How to make keys "server friendly" - Sort Order - and Send Filter Order to DebugView. (1:36)
Mike - can you tell the records in a browse on tabs to only get data from the database when the tab is clicked, like Active Invisible (1:47)
115 11 Aug 2016 Link
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1:47 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

Chuck found a bug in the Planner, but it's already fixed in a later build. (Yay! Wish all were this easy!) (0:01)
Mike wants to add a button to a browse to go to the form of another table. A long-winded reply ends by showing the FAQ where the correct answer existed all along. Includes a discussion on seeing the flow through browses and forms, and an explanation of the _bidv_ system. (0:06)
Paul wants to set the focus on a browse EIP field, depending on the contents of the current EIP field. Includes an explanation of how browse EIP fields are named. (1:09)
Alejandro wants to override the URL used when a user clicks on a Marker on the map. (1:30)
114 4 Aug 2016 Link
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2:16 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

Bram on choosing the mobile framework (jQueryMobile) or the desktop framework (jQueryUI) when developing the app. (0:04)
Bram reports a couple bugs in the calendar (0:18)
Arnold wants to know the best way to send emails so they have the greatest possibility of getting delivered (0:24)
Flint mentions an error with one email server returning a line-too-long message (1:00)
David continues his work to login to another site via WebClient (1:06)
Victor wants to change the text on a radio button at runtime (1:19)
Dinko wants to validate an email address (ie know that it is genuine) without sending an email (2:02)
Ted wants to know common reasons for a SOAP request to fail. (2:10)
113 28 July 2016 Link
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1:32 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

David continues with his login-to-web-site project (0:02)
Alejandro wants to tell the browser a link is an attachment, not a file to be opened. (0:18)
Bijan discusses breaking an app into Multi-DLL, and then hosting it under Multihost. Good tip on saving user sessions when the exe is stopped and updated. (0:27)
Ted wants to know about generating barcodes (0:34)
John is see a red JavaScript flash when opening his web page (0:40)
Kevin / Ted on serving image files from outside the web folder (0:42)
Bijan on Multihost, and when to use it or not (0:54)
Scott mentions that MapQuest have changed their API - use ESRI in the meantime instead (1:04)
Ashley has some problems with the AWS load balancer (1:12)

112 14 July 2016 Link
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2:12 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

Bijan with Dave Bratovich has developed auto-complete of an addresses on a form using Google. Allows lookup of distance, or time to destination. (0:03 )
Dan - General talk on the use of NetTalk server - taking a photo of cars for inspection, uploading it. Demo of using the wizard to generate an app. (0:18)
David - a question about using NetTalk to automate web forms, capturing images for a site. (0:32)
Hein - How to set the size of Radio buttons in CSS to a fixed size. (0:39)
John gives a tip on where to put custom CSS in the solution explorer pad. (0:53)
Bruce more CSS tips. How to override a property set in the shipping classes. (0:57)
Pratik - what do you recommend for stress testing a WebServer? - An example that ships with NetTalk called Web Strain (0:59)
Wolfgang - Problem constructing xml, making a group that holds strings and numbers. (1:08)
Arnold - creating a browse that scrolls the body of the table, leaving the header and buttons fixed  (1:17)
Roberto Wants a browse that has several rows per record. Use of "Multi-Record Rows" on the advance tab. Shows 3 lines per record. (1:20)
Mark - Rest - How best to make a Webclient which makes multiple calls to a server. Discussion of state machines and a look at the mBuild app (1:35)
David - What is the difference between using Local Class or Local Procedures (2:07)
David - Where can we find the mbuild example? (2:08)
John - Where is the setting of the screen size found. See _ScreenWidth_ & _ScreenHeight_ session values (2:09)
111 7 July 2016 Link
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2:10 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

Flint - how to capture X-forward-for in the header - use GetHeaderField (0:01)
David - connect to a web site and send a file which was slow, so should I use multiple threads to speed it up? (0:06)
David - concept of "being" a browser, Simulating someone filling a form. I set the fields and check boxes then submit, but if there is a "next" button on the form, can I submit it and then do the same for the next page?  Use of Net Talk Web Client. (0:11)
Brian - On a form there is a browse that has edit in place, should I expect the database to instantly update? ANs=Yes, how can I debug it? (0:41)
Bijan - an entry field needs to run JavaScript on the "on focus" property (0:48)
Gustavo - questions the cost of NetTalk, and help with promoting it in Uruguay (0:55)
Alejandro - can I hide an Insert button on a NT Browse (1:08)
Alejandro - can I disable a Save button in a form (1:22)
Mike - would like to see how a webservice can receive a file as an input, and send a file as an output (1:26)
Robert - when a timer elapses I want to run some code, or if user hits refresh on the browser it will refresh. (1:34)
Robert - on refresh, how do you control tabs when you are coming from a browse that was updated (1:40 )
Robert - if you have 3 or 4 tabs, on each tab you have a browse with a refresh timer, how to stop refreshing all the browses (1:44)
Robert - how to wrap a text field on a browse so its not really wide on the screen. (1:46)
John - with web handler set to "mobile",  how to change themes, and layout of the screen for mobile. - Do we really want "Mobile" (1:48)

110 30 June 2016 Link
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1:09 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

Kurt - desktop app using secwin, problems adding secwin to a net talk server. (0:03)
Lisa - a String Theory question on a GPF (0:08)
Bijan - problems with a browse that has big drop downs. Cause = browse line is exceeding 16k bytes - tweeked in next build (0:11)
Bijan - multi host, FM3 is not rebuilding files. (0:23)
Bijan offers to share a google address lookup, possibly for the next webinar. (0:27)
David - Oddjob question, using an alternate input for batch processing (0:30)
Lisa - A GPF - String Theory - space monkeys use Lisa's keyboard whilst she slept. (0:40)
Peter - wants to upload pictures taken on a mobile. Mobile mode will not allow for file uploads, so stay in desktop mode. (0:56)
Bruce comparison of TS Plus / H5 / Net talk (1:04)
109 16 June 2016 Link
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1:38 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

Bruce on NetTalk 9.10 / 9.11 release. (0:01)
Ashley is using the Amazon SSL Terminating service - how to know if the user is using SSL?  (0:22)
Bijan has a lookup field on a form (a drop), how to get another field from the lookup - use "lookup settings" tab to set "more assignments" (0:36)
Casey has an external script in the header of the page, how to access the
variables the external script generates. (0:41)
John on using a reflector to avoid opening incoming ports. (1:02)
Robert - customer has a service, how do I tell if I can use compressed requests. (1:17)
Robert - has a service, how to use authentication for every request (1:22)
108 2 June 2016 Link
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1:55 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

Chuck on manipulating the locator of a browse - ultimately probably better to embed the browse on a form (0:02)
Marcos on handling Ajax requests from a 3rd party JavaScript component (0:24)
Wolfgang on Network architecture including security, DMZ's, firewalls, cloud servers and so on (0:39)
Kurt on a child popup window, what session values are in scope? Hint to use WatchSessionValue as a debug technique. (1:09)
Bijan has a question about the Smoothwall.Org Firewall (1:15)
Bijan on using Google's Auto-complete on a form to enter addresses. (1:19)
Marcos on whether WebServices require Web Sockets from JavaScript (They don't) (1:24)
Marcos on secure web sockets. wss: vs ws: (https: vs http:) (1:31)
Kevin on Disconnected Desktop - method naming conventions so the client and server use the same names. Bruce shows how not to use the Wizard. (1:38)
107 26 May 2016 Link
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2:12 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

Kevin is promoted to Webinar co-host (0:01)
Kevin on disconnected desktop, where does the Sync extension come from (0:02)
Alejandro has a question on Json to Queue. Hint on and some sample code (0:12)
Wolfgang on utf-16 (little endian or big endian) and how to create and use it (0:19)
Olu on making a new class which includes a NetWebClient object (0:30)
Bijan on users being able to customize forms by deciding what fields to have (0:48)
Would they be slower if layout stored in TPS table? (0:54)
Bijan on customizing forms using @Media (Media Sensing) in CSS. (0:57)
Kevin on using Media Sensing to alter the layout of a NetWebForm (1:06)
Kevin on debugging CSS (1:11)
Bijan on iOS debugging (1:20)
Gustavo would like to see some examples of sites currently deployed (1:21)
Gustaco on support for HL7 ver 2 protocol. (1.31)
Sarah needs to embed JavaScript on a control (1:33)
Kevin on adding Placeholders to form fields (2:05)
106 19 May 2016 Link
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1:41 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

Kurt serves images from a blob. Includes a method for preventing the images from being cached by the browser.  (0:01)
Mike wants to return data from multiple tables in the same response to a web service method call. Includes a discussion on hand-coded JOIN's in the VIEW. (0:45)
Alejandro needs to pass p_web to a normal Clarion window procedure (1:00)
Alejandro on disabling and enabling the Save button on a form (1:07)
Alejandro on what is "Disable IF" on layout tab of form settings (1:10)
Marius on passing messages from one program to another on a LAN, using NetAuto (1:15)
Ashley wants to detect idle time on the server so prop:disconnect can be called (1:27)
Kevin on defaultfavicon.ico vs favicon.ico and refreshing the icon cache in a browser. (1:35)

Todays show was brought to you by (and not limited to) Winnie the Pooh, Eeyore, Piglet, Christopher Robin, Tigger, Owl, Rabbit, Kanga & Roo and a swarm of bees. Heffalump was heard passing through, but not seen.
105 12 May 2016 Link
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1:42 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

kevin - OddJob question, can you kill the processes that Net Talk Server starts through Oddjob - Task manager shows 3000 rouge instances running. Turns out not to be Oddjob. (0:04)
Edward - has a bug in 9.07 & 9.08 in the weekly planner, only day one was showing, fixed in 909 (0:20)
Phillip - requires an app that will use Google maps with an Android to take photos and then update a database. What is recommended? Can we evaluate Net Talk vs WinDev mobile? (0:24)
David - can we use native Android apps to talk to Net Talk Server. (0:48)
Edward - Explanation of the difference between Session Values and Values, and when you use one and not the other. Includes StoreValue, Different sessions on different Tabs, how sessions are cleaned up(0:52)
104 5 May 2016 Link
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1:38 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

Kevin on what is new in the 9-08 build. (0:01)
Fred - on use of Web Client to send a login to a clients web site. Use of firebug to show how to see what is sent when user logs in - sending cookies - option auto cookie. Modify Web Client to "Get Login"  "Post Login" and "Get Page" to simulate someone logging in. (0:09)
Marcus - on a form (first form) say a login, a record is selected (customer=5), then on login goto form for
that record of customer=5, use of "default form action" and "set key field 1" to prime the second form. (0:42)
Chuck - NT9 apps uses fields in all tables (TimeStamp etc) they require external names, in Chucks Postgress
database he uses these. Bruce will look to make external names NOT mandatory.  (1:07)
Chuck - GUID's should I use more than 16 characters? (1:14)
Chuck - Would like Mobile apps to have one theme and the main (web) pages to have another theme, should I use 2 apps? (1:16)
Ashley - Web Services - use of session variables when each call sends the login and password. (1:22)
Bijan - nt8 worked but since nt9 upgrade Kendo UI does not work in ios in iphone/ipad, probably javascript
error. Also Problem seen when setting compressed data files / static files. (1:26)
103 28 April 2016 Link
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1:35 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

Kevin - with a disconnected desktop where several offices sync to the cloud. How can you limit the dataset that the cloud server will send to the red office, and not send red data to the green office. (0:01)
Koen - disconnected mobile - when a mobile gets back in internet range, how do I authenticate the user? And what about Sessions? (0:11)
Kurt - can you send login information as part of the url?  (0:38)
Alejandro - String Theory, how to do a split on a space <32> (0:42)
Bijan - Performance tab of WebServer, in NT9 the "Web" and "Mobile" stopped Kendo working. (1:48)
Bijan - Feature request - can we create a browse and form from a description in a tps file instead of using the template. (0:54)
Parker - can we move items between tabs on a form. (1:01)
Jim - getting error 73, could not load SSL Dll's  Use the dlls from accessory\bin folder, check the DLL's date as the MSVCRxxx.dll will change. (1:04)
Alejandro still has trouble with CountWords (fixed in StringTheory build 2.44) (1:08)
Kevin - Json - how does the error trap work in Json - use of jf:error (1:29)
102 21 April 2016 Link
[Hits: 99]
2:20 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

Kevin on Disconnected Desktop, how to add a table to the dct and get the sync to act on this new table. (0:02)
Wolfgang on desktop app inactive time out question. (0:38)
David on use of guids instead of an id like "InvoiceId", discussion of a mobile device generating an auto-numbered invoice in the field, how to assign the invoice number. Discussion of Capesoft 16 chr string vs SQL guid of 37 characters. (0:44)
Kurt - added a net form, when adding a new field the list of tables did not show (1:15)
Bijan - changes to Multi-Host SSL settings - site is not verified, changed to allow 3 fields to be set in the host program for SSL. How to use multiple certificates, keys and host names in their comma separated list. Use of a wildcard certificate. (1:19)
Bijan - use of secwin in the web to allow users to view certain fields on a net web form. (1:31)
Bijan - login form generates an email with a security number for a new user. (1:33)
Bruce shows off the web forum software (1:38)
Johan on different header and footer for a form or browse, go to actions, advanced tab. (1:41)
Marcus - javascript error on a login when a button is pressed several times. Several threads can set session values (for this single user) and change values that the other threads depend on. Use of debug view to check which thread was active.
use of p_web.WatchSessionValue( p_name p_watch ) to alert you when a  session value changes in DebugView (1:43)
Marcus - how could i detect if its a form or a browse that I came from? Use of  RequestReferer (2:11)
101 14 April 2016 Link
[Hits: 153]
1:50 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

Mike - makes a xml file of type xlsx using office inside to the web\reports folder but is served to the browser as a .xls not as a .xlsx - updated mime time for the next build (0:02)
Brian wants a login screen dependent on the device accessing the application, Eg. iphone / desktop.  (0:13)
Mike - When a user logs in how to select a different database for that user. Covers TPS and SQL possibilities. (0:22)
Marcus - Having a problem with session vars. Walk thorugh of supplied example looking at the code. (0:33)
Roberto - on a multi tab form with a single browse each browse sets a different filter. You cannot use the same browse on each tab as each browse has unique id. (0:46)
Brian - on a form a button launches a process, how do I refresh the browse when I return. (0:53)
Marcus - a red JavaScript error message blinks when the site opens - can turn this off on Performance tab (1:05)
Roberto - why do time pictures not fully show? (1:09)
Kevin - On the Performance tabs, what do the various buttons do (1:17)
Kevin - on a browse can you make columns conditional - Eg. discount  can be one of two fields ($) or (%) (1:20)
Mike - Can a control template be created for adding a Settings tab to the WebServer window. (1:32)
Robert - BUG in Example 77 - Web Services Client - how do I read the data when you press the "Get" (1:39)
100 7 April 2016 Link
[Hits: 94]
1:22 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

Kurt - inserting a blob fails using a MsSql db, but not if using TPS - will require more research (0:02)
Terry - update from last week - text under a media control. Caused by Span Rows being set. What is Span rows and when to use it (0:06)
Robert - Web service responds with json where the content name:value pair has a variable for the name.
How to loop through multiple levels (objects) of json using json.records and jsonItem. Also the undocumented method WalkNames for debugging. (0:11)
Wolfgang comments on using json.Load of a boundary (0:23)
Marcus - session value on a login form changes in debug view. Because both DeleteSessionOnLogout, and logging out when opening the LoginForm window are both in use (stage) (0:26)
Marcus - Be careful of "Multi-Tab support", it will hold a session on one tab on the browser. (0:33)
Marcus - NetWebForm is calling a window procedure from the Web handler. Tips and tricks.  (0:36)
Roberto lobbies for span columns (0:45)
Roberto - putting conditional colors on a single cell in a browse and having it update after EIP (0:47)
Victor - converting C9 to C10 - a date time group problem, and DCT conversion issues. (0:53)
Marcus - Login is working, how do we refresh the menu, using the Logout(html) to force the page to refresh. Also discusses "Change Session ID on login/logout" (1:02)
Marcus - can I trigger an event in the login form - How to send an event to a field, use of Firebug (console) to demonstrate JavaScript which could be added to a page.  (1:09)
99 31 March 2016 Link
[Hits: 98]
1:33 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

Terry - How do I know which line item I have highlighted in a browse, so I can attach something to that selected record. (0:04)
Terry - Layout of a form, how to get text under a media control (0:08)
Terry - from an email Terry gets a .msg file, how can I use this? Bruce says it's email client dependent - .msg from Outlook, .eml from others. the file would need to be parsed (and massaged for embedded images) if you wanted to show it in a browser. If sent to the client to open there you need to set ContentType correctly. Use of Net Talk Demo to view the components of an email. - Mime types (0:13)
Mike - net web form, the use of tab type 'none' (0:24)
Mike - a bug in hiding a field on a form - use of 'choose' [updated for 9.07] (0:28)
Mike - Has a proc that opens a file, then calls a second proc that opens the same file again, when I return to proc 1 what happens - Use of SaveFiles & RestoreFiles (0:30)
Brad - a from goes to a browse then adds some records use of "Url on Save" on the form to go to the correct Browse proc. The adding records is in PostInsert. (0:35)
Brad - defaulting a form to always be in INSERT mode (0:36)
Marcus - Using the SetSessionValue JavaScript function requires that the value be URIEncoded (0:41)
Marcus - Saving image to a Blob in SQL fails but does not fail using TPS, looks like a bug (0:56)
Marcus - Json problem, use to test your json string. (1:01)
Marcus - Importing a JSON string into a Clarion GROUP using jFiles (1:02)
Djordje - when a login closes how to refresh the underlying page. Use of p_web.Redirect(indexpage) and p_web.WindowOpen(indexpage, _top) failed, Bruce will investigate. (1:14)
98 24 March 2016 Link
[Hits: 89]
1:15 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

Mike on clickable links in emails. How to update the server once the email has been sent (0:01)
Kurt on saving to Blobs (bug found!) (0:09)
Alejandro on debugging APK apps when installed on a mobile device. (0:22)
Wolfgang on Generate Open/Close routines setting in NetWebServiceMethod (0:39)
Wolfgang on returning an error if a NetWebServiceMethod fails
Kurt on the Possible Error In JavaScript message - check Firebug console (0:58)
97 10 March 2016 Link
[Hits: 74]
1:40 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

0:01 Kevin on Disconnected Desktop - has 3 offices that will Sync to the cloud - how does the cloud server know who is calling (red office) so to make a data set of red data from the cloud database.  Use of the BuildResultFields routine. (0:01)
Ashley on locator in browse not working - invalid <br/> in xHtml tab causing xml error. (0:40)
Brian on iPhone - when users get a screen it is blank - use the web handler to force desktop - requires an update in jquery mobile (0:44)
Brian on one user wants to do a process, can I lock the process so other users cannot update that process, how should I approach this if the web session is disconnected.  Use of a host variable of the user who last started the process. (0:49)
Kurt - Blob field  - a form displays pictures and downloads images to the server -
Kurt has code in the form - but this is a  common error as a form gets called many times for many events, so Kurts code gets run many times - discuss form events - the code should be in the webHandler as the send media is not part of the form its seen as a static file by the server - use Debugview to show the blob was saved - topscan does not show the blob - image not shown because no request was seen - How to pass session values on URL to then use GetValue in WebHandler Setting the GetContentType of the media being returned. (0:57)
96 3 March 2016 Link
[Hits: 103]
2:04 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

Johan on seeing the performance values when the server is running as a server. Discussion and example on using WebSockets and Host Values. (0:02)
Kevin  on serving php. The server communicates with the PGP-CGI using environment variables, what are they and what  do they do? (0:21)
Flint on how to know the number of bytes sent & received by a web client  - send method process- self packet bingdatalen() - show stats in Net Talk Demo - (0:38)
Robert on Host variables vs Global variable (0:44)
Lisa on environment variables - GetEnvironmentVars (0:47)
Andrea - on a window with a button, has a procedure that accepts some data or requires registration (0:49)
John Farmer - architecture question - should desktop and web apps share the same solution (0:58)
Johan revisited - session vars vs host vars. (1:02)
Pratik - upload a file -posting  large files >4Megs - it times out -  Log errors on save failed (1:10)
Kevin - disconnected web - how do we refresh a browser  that needs to see new data (1:29)
Flint - Net Talk - Net Options - get stats question (1:59)
Flint - Generating a HMAC with Cryptonite  (2:01)
95 25 February 2016 Link
[Hits: 127]
1:36 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

Scott on how to change the name in the header and the logo image on opening page. (0:03)
Scott - mapping sales of property - add pictures when screen opens up, should I use the gallery or carousel - layout of a large image on a screen = spanning columns (0:16)
Scott - Zooming in on some maps is not great, discussion of map suppliers, display of Nokia maps using a license. (0:21)
Juha - a drop list depends on conditions that can change due to other users, how do I validate that (0:36)
Alejandro - disconnected desktop, when I synchronize with a big database, a lot of memory is used (0:42)
Alejandro - how to create and set session variables  (0:46)
Robert can I open a report in a new browser window not a new tab - use of OpenWindow JavaScript might fail as it looks like a pop-up advert and may be blocked. (0:48)
Mike - net web sms class vs net web client (0:54)
Alejandro - how to stop double click a button - is it a bug? (0:57)
Kevin - very simple question re frames turns into explanation of responsive design, including panels left and right, the ability to hide columns in a browse using css, or to place a field underneath another field (1:02)
Kevin - how to position 2 menus, one left and right of the center panel. (1:28)
94 18 February 2016 Link
[Hits: 84]
1:38 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

David - is using fiddler with a mobile app - how to use net talk client "net simple" & "net web" connection to debug a login failure to someone else's site - reviewing the header components (0:02)
Johan - wants maps with boundary areas having different fill colors. (0:31)
Ashley - occasionally restarting server when a data table has an error - using message hook or CapeSoft MessageBox to suppress the error message. - maybe sql disconnecting ? (0:45)
Wolfgang - NT clients sends a field id to service with a full colon (:) - how do I handle sending a colon over http- with XML X files allows remove prefix (0:53)
John - an old server using frames, converted to use css, looks good on desktop, but is blank on a phone. - how to force server to desktop to see if mobile is a problem. ios 9 is forcing browsing to private mode.
John - had a screen that showed parent and then child details (1:12)
John - has a strange field appearing in the login, came from border setting in the frame days (1:14)
John - back to parent child, wants to fix the size of the child form. - use the forms "Layout" "Table Width" (1:15)
John - changing themes - "seven" theme is broken (1:24)
93 11 February 2016 Link
[Hits: 116]
2:02 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

Kevin on how would you debug your program in a real device? Eg. using ADB? (0:01)
After a fields validation on the server, a button is un-hidden, when pressed Chuck wants the mouse to  focus on a certain field but its not. -  Looks at  _SelectField in NetWeb.Clw (0:09)
Brad on MS SQL -  Browse (parent) with a child browse and child's form on a page. When I add a child with the form how do I know what the id is for the child?  Look at PreInsert  to see if PrimeField() is being called.  Look in Advanced options "prime auto inc even if not necessary" (0:18)
Peter - asks if a mem table would work for Brad (0:27)
Wolfgang on Internet Of Things, if an Arduino is sending temperatures via tcp/ip how do I show them on a page? (0:28)
Scott -  How to go about showing Geo locations in an area - Overview of the map example (0:46)
David - use of fiddler, and update from last week. Using your pc as a proxy you can see what is being passed from a mobile to the server. Using the cert from fiddler to the mobile device. (0:58)
Greg - How best to start learning NetTalk WebServer. (1:05)
Alejandro - Disconnected Desktop problem -  Debugging tips when the sync fails. (1:16)
Brad - Web folder - What steps to do to make sure your deployment has the correct files.  Look at GzipAll (1:37)
Lisa - after an update the server runs, but cant access it, gets an ssl error no cipher overlap. In net simple / security  you have a certificate (CSL) which is a .CRT extension - and a private key (CSL)  - The private key is a new field and needs a .KEY extension (1:44)
Mike - Storing documents in the web folder allows other users to access all documents, use of $$$ and a random string to anonymize the document. (1:51)
Pratik is there any one folder the $$$ files are checked = answer is no (2:01)
92 4 February 2016 Link
[Hits: 91]
1:46 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

Kevin on how do you sort on two columns in a browse (0:02)
Kevin on having trouble getting a Samsung phone recognized as a mobile device,  what is mobile. Setting Custom Meta Headers (0:17)
Peter on app layout - Having several web services or a single web service, suggest best practices. Do I split the app? Two URL's ? (0:28)
Victor on Clarion question regarding dates (0:33)
Mike has a  browse with an option of two forms - how to pass the identifier to the form when it can be in either of 2 fields? - Use "Prime for loading" and determine which of the parent id's is set on entry to the form using SetValue (0:37)
David has a json text file (a binary, a photo) from a web service into a sql blob field - Should I use base64 or not. Discussion of using String Theory to handle this. (0:50)
William on a good introduction to using the Wizard. (1:02)
Arnold questions the best way for William to use the training material (1:30)
Wolfgang says you can demo the server on a usb stick (1:31)
Alejandro - Totalling on a browse only works for the records shown, not the total for the table.  Use file load the browse not page loaded.  Or use "Custom Total" on the Totaling tab to call a source procedure.(1:32)
Mike - comments on passing  p_web  as a parameter in Alejandro's question (1:38)
91 29 January 2016 Link
[Hits: 95]
1:17 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

Bruce on the 9.03 build (0:01)
Wolfgang - Is it good or not - to have the server open up a window. Yes as long as you thread it. (0:04)
Mark on a web server behaving badly, starts falling over, any tips on how to trace which thread is the problem 0:09
Kevin with GUID's in our Apps Dct should he still use a Long for RI between tables - natural & surrogate keys (0:27)
Kevin on File cannot be converted in Dct if the table has a string primary key - but FM3 will convert it for you. (0:36)
Kevin on packaging up mobile app with a pre defined database (0:47)
Peter on a build problem in NT 9.03 (fixed in 9.04) (1:07)
John has a web server using frames, how to convert to pages. Its documented (1:09)
Kevin - known bug - Apps, when you insert a record, it is not showing when you return to the browse, you have to refresh  the browse(1:12)
90 21 January 2016 Link
[Hits: 120]
2:10 [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

Kevin on identifying the highlighted row in a browse, before the user clicks on it (0:01)
David on how to reverse engineer the protocol between an existing mobile app and server so that a desktop app, mimicking the server, can be written (0:18)
Wolfgang on monitoring a service, and if necessary stopping and restarting the service (0:35)
Chuck on using Postgres under load and techniques for reducing possible problems with the Postgres connection under load (0:52)
Bram on handing a URL in a mail, which then redirects to a server not his own. (1:05)
Allan on creating browses and forms that include other browses. Typical Invoice/LineItems layout. (1:37)
Kevin on controlling the sync frequency of a disconnected mobile app (1:45)
Roberto on setting x-frame-options header for one page, not all of them (1:52)
Bijan on using PhoneGap Build (free) replacing the one free app with another app (1:57)
Bijan on Multi-Host using a different folder for each user, but maintaining a common web folder (2:02)
89 7 January 2016 Link
[Hits: 209]
1:30 [Thanks to Terry for the show notes]

Wolfgang on implementing a jQuery slider in NetTalk using it to control peripherals.(0:02)
John on using WebClient with REST and receiving a JSON result. Not getting the same result in NetTalk that he receives by dropping the command in a webbrowser. TIP Use or John suggested to prettify the JSON result.(0:10)
Alejandro on Mobile App. When installed on Android device is not connecting to his webserver. Check setting on Global Extensions Activate Nettalk webserver/Apps tab(0:28)
Peter on adding multiple js scripts easily. It can be done but definitely preferable to add to JavaScript list.(0:33)
Peter on whether you can store JavaScript in a session variable.(0:39)
Mark on best way to prompt user to change password before continuing. TIP Use p_web.Redirect()(0:46)
Bruce on new security feature in 902 build. Adding Banned IP Addresses. Requires reinstallation of controls on the Webserver. Follow the instructions CAREFULLY. Wolfgang says Ban Them All. David asks if it may be possible to autoadd a ban if certain criteria for site abuse is found. Yes use s_web_Ban()(0:53)
Bruce reprising Marks question from (0:46)
Robert on xCell class in xfiles. Requests a wrapText parameter in xcell.SetCellAlignment. Bruce demonstrates how to amend it while waiting for the changes.(1:18)
88 17 December 2015 Link
[Hits: 187]
1:15 [Thanks to Terry for the show notes]

Bruce on running  mBuild. Also link to (0:01)
Chuck on signatures not working in webapp. Why can't he see the signature js files he only sees all.js(0:02)
Ashley on whether there is a template or method to import a WSDL file in Nettalk. Plus1 vote from Terry with John for WSDLImport function.(0:16)
Wolfgang on overview of available netwebservice methods(0:26)
Peter on what new in latest Nettalk8 since the docs referred to Nettalk9.(0:29)
Rodney on mBuild interface with PhoneGap.(0:31)
Ashley on what changes can he expect between Nettalk8 and Nettalk9 other than Apps. Refer to the Upgrading from Nettalk8 to Nettalk9 in the NetTalk Documentation Index.(0:37)
Scott on interfacing a BarCode reader storing data into an entry field (0:43)
Wolfgand on LetsEncrypt free certificates. Bruce will be investigating and probably create an example.(01:04)
Vincent expanding on the Barcode reader question above.(01:05)
Mike on finding a bug. Mike will build an example to show the effect.(01:06)
8710 December 2015 Link
[Hits: 148]
1:33 [Thanks to Terry for the show notes]

Ashley on WSDL. Firefox does not display it but Chrome and IE11 do. Bruce will do some research.(0:01)
Ashley on creating a Webservice where the client sends data to be cleaned up and gets returned the data plus a PDF file. Use type StringTheory to return the file.(0:05)
Chuck on saving a parent form once any child records of the form are created but not to close the parent form.(0:09)
Mike on GotFocusBack from last week on a form with many tabs where the original form is still not being refreshed. PushEvent. (0:36)
Mike on normal browse with a popup. Changing a status in a form does not refresh the record in the browse. On the browse Form tab check the Refresh whole browse after change button.(0:46)
Mike on doubleclick allows change even though view is set as read only [bug].(0:48)
Peter on UI for mobile apps. Will Seven theme ship. Answer yes but did not with 9.01. Discussion using Disconnected app set as not disconnected.
You can now set animation for opening/closing browses/forms (all server apps). Refer to
Mike on why p_web.popup() sometimes works and sometimes does not.(01:04)
Lisa on new SendEmail. Stops any processing on the computer. Bruce demonstrates pHide which be in the next build to stop the screen flashing as each email is sent.(01:07)
Tom on webservices. Bruce to check on allowing to override the list tag for parameters.(01:17)
Mike on display fields. Class on CSS.(01:23)
863 December 2015 Link
[Hits: 157]
1:39 [Thanks to Terry for the show notes]

Vic on the proper way to set an image for a button field on a form in the generate form embed based on a value read from a file.(0:02)
Mike on aliased tables not handling the relationship. Mike to supply example(0:16)
Mike on problem with p_web.PageName. Bruce suggested possibly moving loc:procedure before checking the security. (0:18)
Mike on how to handle changes in status of a browse and form. Discussing strategies to stop updating fields after a record is set to be Readonly but before saving the record. (0:27)
Bruce on calling widget methods from clarion code -  demonstrated clickSave, disableSave and enablesave ntForm methods. (0:32)
Robert on how to set focus on a specified field after an action(39:00)
Robert on does the negative return value mean anything when returned from GetSessionLoggedIn() = 0 (42:50)
Robert on adjusting the page after it has been constructed (0:45)
Robert on will duplicated template extensions be a problem. Normally not.(0:49)
Mike on how to refresh line items on a form if he pops to another form and inserts something there and returns. Routine to use is GotFocusBack(0:51)
Lisa is there a way to display formatted HTML in a Windows browse. Bruce suggests using File Explorer LoadFromStream method. Lisa will give feedback at a later stage(0:58)
Mike on where to prime data when calling a form from a Browse. Not in the Rowclick of the browse but in the form in the PreUpdate or PreInsert routines. Tips create a routine and call the routine from these 2 routines. Also using p_web.FileToSessionQueue(filename) which will load all the fields in the file into session variables) (01:07)
Mike on changing a browse from PageLoad to FileLoad (so he can display totals) (01:17)
Alejandro on reading a value from Html in a NetwebPage. Bruce suggests use a form since a lot of code to manage this is already there.(01:19)
Mike on overriding cache when serving a file to stop an old image of a file from being displayed. Use .SendFile in WebHandler self.ForceNoCache = true.(01:27)
8519 November 2015 Link
[Hits: 158]
1:36 [Thanks to Terry for the show notes]

Robert on changing the background of a Tab using CSS (0:02)
Robert on External Server example (0:17)
Mike on forcing the browser to close [hint: mostly no] (0:29)
Mike on using p_web.Redirect (0:31)
Lisa on selecting a theme at runtime, creating a new theme in ThemeRoller (0:43)
Mike revisits Redirect in the case of a page not a popup (0:57)
Robert on setting background themes (1:06)
Greg on the Calendar and Planner NetWebYear templates (1:13)
Alejandro on using Maps (1:25)
Bruce, Lisa and company advise that they are going to be slacking off next week for some obscure holiday celebrated in Hawaii, Alaska and where Clarion presenters live (1:32)
8412 November 2015 Link
[Hits: 128]
1:15 [Thanks to Terry for the show notes]

Bruce on Distributed Data Synchronization (0:01)
Bruce Demo of disconnected Desktop program (0:09)
Mike on synchronizing between different data stores (0:20)
Robert on Deleting records in a distributed environment (0:27)
Mike on filtering data to specific users (0:40)
Bruce on Server Name Indication (0:48)
Johan on MultiHost using multiple certificates (0:59)
Brad on long timeout when using WebService (1:00)
Dan on sharing dictionary between multiple locations (1:08)
835 November 2015 Link
[Hits: 129]
1:30 [Thanks to Terry for the show notes]
[change in time, so a smaller group, so some discussions of a Clarion, but not NetTalk, nature]

Dan on SSL problem missing msvcr120.dll. Where to find it if it is missing. (0:01)
Lisa on keys with mixed ascending and descending components and how keys are not used for sorting (0:12)
Lisa on using a View to loop through records and should one create lots of or fewer of keys in SQL (0:20)
Peter on where USEFILE should go (0:29)
Lisa on using tokens in HTML to create bulk emails (0:33)
Ashley on setting the width of a form (0:56)
Olu on a FOUC (Flash Of Unstyled Content) (1:03)
Robert on limiting the number of files that can be uploaded (1:12)
Olu Testing various performance settings (1:15)
Olu on Diverting access to a Podcast via JavaScript (1:18)
Olu on embed point for refreshing a browse when it gets the focus back. (1:23)
8229 October 2015 Link
[Hits: 178]
1:40 Mike on using template Filter setting rather than embed code (0:04)
Bijan on using a variable to hold the filter itself (0:09)
Bijan on strategy to convert from desktop to web (0:16)
Wolfgang clarifies the use of the terms Server and Client (0:22)
Brian on displaying a conditional image in a browse (0:30)
Lisa on doing HTML in email (0:37)
Using NetDemo as a tool to determine correct email settings (0:55)
Connecting to Gmail to send mail (0:58)
Ashley on Browse Advanced Tab, Session Variables setting (1:01)
Edwin on centering browses and forms in a page (1:04)
Edwin on how to learn CSS (1:13)
Robert on NT9 update (1:17)
Djordje on conditionally disabling forms, browse buttons and so on (1:18)
Robert on NT9 update (1:31)
8123 October 2015 Link
[Hits: 112]
1:44 Lisa on Sending Emails - Extending the EmailParametersGroup (0:04)
Mike on NetWebClient receiving "chunked" replies (0:15)
Bijan on sharing a scripts folder between multiple sites under multi-host (0:47)
Bijan on suppressing the header and footer from a browse or form. (0:52)
Bijan on SEO (0:57)
Mike on making an image clickable to go to another page (1:06)
Rob on accessing p_web from code where it can't be passed as a parameter (1:09)
Rob on why the object in WebHandler is best called p_web (1:09)
Rob on omitting the code for the Export button if the button does not exist (1:17)
Rob on possible partial sync'ing in NT9 (1:29)
Mike on understanding, and suppressing errors in an Email procedure (1:39)
8015 October 2015 Link
[Hits: 131]
1:26 [thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

Bruce on 8.62 release (0:03)
Brian on encrypting of data while storing it in various places (0:04) [** see special offer below]
Wolfgang on naming strategies for NetWebServiceMethods (0:16)
Mike on architecture for sending bulk emails (0:18)
Other Mike on allowing the user to manually switch between mobile mode and desktop mode (0:45)
Mike on using the same browse on multiple tabs of the same form (0:54)
Brian on best place to do field validation (1:03)
Ted on adding a print button to a Browse procedure (not in-row) (1:08)
Lisa with a StringTheory question on viewing errors from ErrorTrap (1:16)
Robert reporting that the Export code is generated, even if there isn't an Export button on a browse. (1:17)

** Brian and Daria Roche are operating a B & B and Cafe (Chez Odette) in Mael-Carhaix, France. If you say the magic word (Clarion) you can get a free night's stay, and a free Irish Breakfast. Phone: 01133296246390 (From the USA), 0296246390 (From France), +33 29 624 6390 from everywhere else. Or email

793 September 2015 Link
[Hits: 194]
1:39 [thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

Bruce on Next Webinar (October 15) (0:00)
Bruce on NetTalk 9 (0:01)
Kevin on ntAlert with a timer (0:14)
Kevin on making a custom button to do a Browse Lookup. (0:17)
Chuck on making a browse Insert Only (0:54)
Marc on getting a directory listing from an FTP server (1:02)
Ashley on using a Timer on a browse (1:11)
Robert on new Authenticate method (1:18)
Kevin on an app that has forgotten to confirm deletes (1:30)
7827 August 2015 Link
[Hits: 171]
1:30 [thanks to Kevin for the show notes]

Bruce shows how to debug using the NetDemo program - special tip for SSL 3 users (0:01)
Djordje on refreshing a browse when an Other button calls another browse. (0:04)
Mike on a SQL HSTMT Error (0:21)
Hector needs to return a pre-created file from a WebServiceMethod - using NetDemo as the client(0:30)
Roberto points out that the NetDemo POST is missing support for TLS1.1 and TLS1.2. (fixed in 8.60) (0:52)
Mike asks about the MARS setting in FM3 (0:53)
Wolfgang on how to change the Theme for a server / webservice (0:54)
Arbra wants to see something cool (we take a look at the CIDC Calendar) (0:58)
Carl on a bug in Chrome which means the Export does not get opened in Excel (embed added in 8.60) (1:03)
Brent on the dangers of using Clarion 6 and servers disabling SSL v3 (1:12)
Dave on what properties are inside a certificate (1:24)
7720 August 2015 Link
[Hits: 127]
1:30 [thanks to Kevin for the show notes]
-- special note : my microphone was on mute for the first 2-3 minutes, so expect no sound at the beginning. --]

Casey on uploading files and  debugging Save File (0:02)
Ashley on "Remove web folder path from incoming file name" setting (0:18)
Ashley on using String Theory to upload then parse a long csv file showing a progress bar (0:21)
Olu with a feature request, scrolling pages on tables (1:20)
Paul on enable / disable buttons on form for a browse with EIP on a form (1:20)
7613 August 2015 Link
[Hits: 132]
1:19 [thanks to Kevin for the show notes]
Robert on size limits for web service methods (0:01)
Bruce on building an API for distributed data and how this might be used with the Web Service method (0:11)
Mike on logging in automatically (0:39)
Robert on new Authenticate method (0:55)
Ashley on cleaning up side-effects of a form on Save or Cancel (1:01)
Chuck on a Browse timer bug (1:13)
7530 July 2015 Link
[Hits: 158]
2:10 [thanks to Kevin for the show notes]
Trent on Login screen design when there is extra material required for the login (0:02)
Heinz on editing css on browse columns (0:29)
Ashley on hiding/unhiding form fields when the embedded browse changes (0:52)
Ashley on searching across multiple columns, and changing the sort order of the result set. (0:59)
Ashley on a bug uploading files (fixed in 8.58) (1:07)
Chuck on knowing where a procedure is called from, and taking action based on that (1:20)
Chuck on including html and css in display fields, using the <span> tab (1:30)
Juha on detecting which column was selected when the user selects a row in a  browse (1:38)
Mike on the inclusion of a browse twice on a page, even when it's only there once (1:43)
Mike on changing the locator prompt (1:57)
Jeff on an ISL error (2:03)
7423 July 2015 Link
[Hits: 137]
1:32 [thanks to Kevin for the show notes]
Chuck on translating messages and buttons (0:01)
Chuck on injecting code immediately after all <body> statements (0:12)
Chuck on what happens when a Session times out (0:25)
Bruce on Page Footers showing the Session time left (0:28)
Bruce on using the Wizard to generate just the Footer of the app (0:34)
Vincent on returning the focus to the same entry field (0:46)
David on using the Map control in a desktop app (0:56)
Pratik on generating passwords and sending them to the user (1:03)
Bruce on salting, and hashing a password for storing (1:07)
Russ on creating child browses with dependent filters (1:12)
739 July 2015 Link
[Hits: 158]
1:22 Chuck on plans to create offline access to web apps using client side storage (0:02)
Mike on Send New Value to Server (0:07)
Jeff on embedding forms on forms on forms (0:17)
David on using Maps on a form (0:31)
Djordje on AnguarlJS (0:50)
Bruce on the 8.53 release (0:57)
Peter on report back about Save Server State errors (0:59)
Ranier on putting data into the clipboard (1:00)
Robert on logging out sessions from the server side, not the client side (1:05)
Olu on NetWebMethod authentication (1:12)
Olu on Priming values in a NetWebMethod (1:17)
Rob on adding jQuery plugins (success story feedback) (1:19)
722 July 2015 Link
[Hits: 139]
1:01 Mike on adding a button to a form, outside the sheet control (0:01)
Chuck on forcing the text in a browse column to not wrap (nt-nowrap) (0:08)
Chuck on going back to a row when returning from a form on another table (0:15)
Ashley on adding embed points to OpenFilesB and CloseFilesB routines [added in 8.53] (0:22)
Roberto on copying from Excel to clipboard to text field to program (0:29)
Bijan on intermediate certificate error on mobile devices (0:45)
Bruce on using to test your secure server (0:50)
Ashley on Replace (StringTheory.clw) (0:56)
7125 June 2015 Link
[Hits: 129]
0:52 [thanks to Kevin for the show notes]
Richard - how to debug a connection to a service, using Curl, using Net Talk Web Client, changing POST to "PUT" (0:01)
David on an update to #70 (0:16)
Chuck on forcing a server to SSL (0:18)
Wolfgang on the "Table" parameter when inserting with a SOAP server. (0:24)
Feedback to Juha on finding out what column is being clicked on in a browse (0:33)
Bruce on 8.52 updates (0:46)
7018 June 2015 Link
[Hits: 164]
1:17 [thanks to Kevin for the show notes]
David on various frameworks, including Meteor (0:01)
David question on login and file download (0:12)
Greg on bootstrap (0:15)
Juha on identifying which column a user clicked on when selecting a browse row (0:17)
David on Cookies and the Cookie Queue and using a Desktop client to login to a WebServer (0:28)
Ashley on tagging a list to print (0:46)
Greg using xFiles to send XML - time containing colons is not handled well (0:52)
Chuck on Duplicate errors being generated for keys other than the primary key (1:00)
Chuck on using MessageBox to prevent stuck threads (1:12)
6911 June 2015 Link
[Hits: 173]
2:09 Olu on visible screen updates as a page loads (0:01)
Mike on Session number remaining after Threads goes to 0 (0:12)
Mike on manually deleting sessions (0:15)
Wolfgang on authenticating with a API server and dealing with errors (0:23)
David on connecting to a web site and downloading a file (0:34)
Bijan on PDF's being displayed differently in different browsers. (0:56)
Bijan on a detailed analysis of the code generated into a report by NetTalk and how it works. (1:09)
Chuck on progress controls and start buttons calling source procedures resetting the browse (1:23)
684 June 2015 Link
[Hits: 142]
1:32 Chuck on introduction to CSS (0:01)
Mike on adding style names to HTML (0:29)
Mike on response handling in the NetWebMethod (0:33)
Gordon on new sessions on Login (0:46)
Johan on hiding the File Uploaded message after a file upload (0:57)
Bijan on a scheduling widget in a web app (1:03)
Bijan on designing for small interfaces (1:14)
Robert on multi-line com contraction update (1:24)
6728 May 2015 Link
[Hits: 115]
0:54 Bruce on SSL/TLS (build 8.51) (0:01)
Mike on getting a GPF (because of a nettalk bug - fixed in 8.52) in a WebServiceMethod using a StringTheory Rest ID. (0:03)
Olu on using thread pools under the Multi-Host (0:33)
Mike on the CIDC training days (0:34)
Johan on how to feedback to the original browse from another thread (0:43)
6621 May 2015 Link
[Hits: 151]
1:32 Bruce on SSL GPF on thread 2 (0:01)
Bruce on Logjam SSL vulnerability (0:02)
Wolfgang on going from a form to a page, and getting the values from the form fields when processing the code on the page (0:05)
Vincent on creating cross-tab session values (0:30)
David on reading pages from web sites and then scraping data from the html (0:37)
Bijan on integrating an external JS widget with the web server - specifically sending updated data (1:00)
Bijan on choosing a widget (1:08)
Olu on Temporary Resource URL's (1:11)
Gordon on choosing a widget (with reference to ExtJS) (1:18)
6514 May 2015 Link
[Hits: 164]
1:22 Peter on Save server State between sessions (0:03)
Peter on problem with Lookup field (0:05)
Bruce on new Twilio example for SMS'ing (0:12)
Olu on changing Images on the standard buttons (0:35)
Johan on setting the File-Upload mask for the File-Upload form field (0:40)
Peter on ShowInfo / HideInfo (0:49)
Robert on "Connections" setting on Performance tab (0:54)
Robert on a GPF on shutdown (0:59)
Johan on getting progress information from Worker threads to the WebServer (1:05)
Bijan on using a (non NetTalk) Calendar widget on a page (1:06)
Robert on how to save Performance Values from the web server procedure (1:14)
647 May 2015 Link
[Hits: 123]
0:58 Bruce on SSL updates (0:01)
Mark on text in the notification bar without a popup [made a lot easier in the 8.48 build] (0:04)
Djordje on going to a form from a browse using an Other button and getting the right record (0:19)
Djordje on how to debug a form when the Save button won't work (0:30)
Bruce on the Save Server State additions to the template (0:34)
Casey on Icons in web sites (0:38)
Djordje on translating the date lookup calendar (0:48)
Bruce on controlling what the date lookup does (0:50)
Olu on how to not-remember the sort order on a browse (0:51)
6330 April 2015 Link
[Hits: 137]
1:17 Bruce on the 8.45 build (0:01)
Wolfgang on how are release notes created (0:08)
Bruce on SSL changes (0:15)
Mike on Form layout (0:17)
Mike on deploying new CSS after changing it (0:35)
Mike on Detect Guid Duplicate StingTheory example (0:37)
Johan on updates to FTP changes (0:45)
Jim on SSL - setting SSLMethod property and resolving problems with SSL (1:03)
6223 April 2015 Link
[Hits: 187]
1:20 Rainer on saving and restoring the Server state when stopping and starting the server (0:02)
Olu on adding a Login method to a Web Services API (0:25)
Mike on a problem with lookups (0:49)
Greg has nice things to say about the ABC book (1:10)
Lew on how to debug templates (1:13)
Olu on replacing the images on standard buttons with non-jquery icons. (1:14)
6116 April 2015 Link
[Hits: 234]
1:32 Mike on validating report options before the user Starts the report (0:03)
Mike on adding links to emails to take a user to a specific page, with a specific filter (0:16)
Wolfgang on passing parameters to a NetWebPage from a NetWebForm (0:28)
Mike on displaying images on a form (0:47)
Mark on connecting to a web service, using one object or multiple objects? (0:50)
Carl on the difference between SOAP and REST pro's and con's (1:00)
Flint on feedback on a Office365 email problem he was having [#58] (1:05)
Rodney on filtering reports based on the row clicked on a browse (1:10)
Greg on getting a JavaScript errors in an example (1:16)
Robert on thread Pools possibly leaving files open (1:22)
609 April 2015 Link
[Hits: 171]
1:10 Mike on uploading files as a web service (0:01)
Mike on Capture=Camera (0:21)
Bruce on using the WebCam form field (0:26)
Bruce on Spanning Prompt/Value columns (0:31)
John on how to access incoming JSON post data in a NetWebPage (0:37)
Pratik on merging two apps together (0:42)
Brent on tools for testing web services (0:57)
59 2 April 2015 Link
[Hits: 169]
1:05 [first 3 minutes I had a problem with my headset so the webinar only starts 2 minutes in)
Carl on Print Button options appearing in a popup (0:03)
David on filtering records in a browse - client-side filters and server-side filters (0:10)
Russ on feedback about SALted passwords.(0:20)
Kevin on Images on a Form (0:23)
Vince on formatting the date in exporting to Excel (0:39)
Greg on using Link tables to create a many to many relationship (0:50)
Carl on putting HTML into a PDF document (0:56)
Mark on controlling where the web folder gets copied to [feature added in 8.45] (1:00)
5826 March 2015 Link
[Hits: 164]
1:25 Terry on a program working as a EXE but not as a service (0:02)
Mike on extending web server logging (0:09)
Mike on Parsing a PageReceived for 404 or 500 or some other HTTP return code (0:32)
Bill on renaming of uploaded files (0:40)
Flint sending mail via [feedback in#61] (0:54)
Roberto getting a GPF when exporting to Excel [fixed in xFiles 2.64] (1:02)
Ubaidulah on using TLS 1.1 in NetTalk 6 [hint: you can't] (1:22)
5720 March 2015 Link
[Hits: 168]
1:14 Robert on flattening the interface for Linking tables (0:02)
Bruce (tip) on Assigning on Save (0:17)
Vince on Changing a session when a user logs in or out (0:21)
Bruce (tip) on Browser multi-tab support. (0:26)
Russ on Logins (0:27)
Bruce (tip) on storing Passwords as SALTed HASHes (0:32)
Robert on Multi-Tab with regard to Logins (0:52)
Robert on licensing requirements for your shipping programs (1:00)
Wolfgang on how long does it take to do a Hash (hint: It's pretty much instant) (1:05)
Bill on whether Session Values are indeed global when multi-tab support is on (1:08)
5612 March 2015 Link
[Hits: 240]
1:44 Mike on Load Balancing (0:01)
Robert on Thread Pools [hint: it's a bug fixed in 8.42] (0:08)
Robert on setting options for Redactor (0:14)
Bill on Variable text on a button (specifically using a non-ASCII character) (0:25)
Mike on replacing the Common Header and Common Footer for a specific Browse or Form (0:35)
Wolfgang on embedding text files into a header and footer (0:43)
Peter on setting higher-key components when doing a lookup (0:46)
Mike on Include in Mobile and an introduction to Mobile (0:52)
Bijan on What Determines Mobile (1:11)
Rob reformatting and refreshing based on a screen resolution change (1:15)
Rob on menus when in Mobile Mode (1:24)
Bill on getting the parameters passed with a request (1:29)
Djordje on putting a button on a sub-form (1:35)
555 March 2015 Link
[Hits: 231]
1:44 Bruce on Carousel updates (0:02)
Ian on hiding and unhiding Display fields based on the completion of a Progress bar (0:08)
Mike on ThreadPool threads and Threads counter (does one include the other?)  [spotted a couple bugs, fixed in the 8.40 release] (0:27)
Mike on fetching a range of records using a WebService (0:43)
Pratik on getting a GPF compiling one of the examples (0:50)
Mike on the difference between GetValue and GetSessionValue and using SetValue to pass parameters to procedures. (0:55)
Bill on renaming incoming images - also saving to a blob (1:10)
Bijan on using SSL and StartTLS with email (1:24)
Pratik on logging out and deleting sessions (1:29)
Bill on posting to PayPal using their <form> API (1:32)
5426 Feb 2015 Link
[Hits: 193]
1:55 Bruce on WatchSessionValue (0:01)
Bruce on Thread-Pooling (0:07)
Bruce on new layout feature on Form to span Value / Comment. (0:41)
Chuck on limiting the File Size of uploaded files. (0:42)
Chuck on limiting the File Type of uploaded files (0:51)
Chuck on returning a "Failed" message to the user if you reject the upload (0:53)
Chuck on renaming incoming file names (0:59)
Ashley on a problem posting a file to a WebService (1:02)
Paul on Edit in Place - filtering the lookup based on. (1:11)
Jeff with a  browse highlighter-row selection (1:36)
5319 Feb 2015 Link
[Hits: 181]
1:34 Jim on Deployment of a site serving Static Pages (0:02)
Casey on deploying multiple databases - one per client (0:11)
Robert on problems with a browse button refreshing other hidden items on the parent form. (0:21)
Dan on using the NT Wizard (0:33)
Dan on sharing a dictionary between a Legacy Windows app and an ABC Webserver app. (0:40)
Mike on updating his note from last week on Redirect (0:52)
Bruce on embedding Dans code, but into an ABC data DLL. (ie code that runs on every thread.) (1:00)
Mike on setting the default page for an app (1:05)
Mike on placing a button in a form (1:07)
Mike on calling different reports depending on user options (1:07)
Mike on accessing the Performance tab variables so they can be added to a web page (1:13)
Mike of figuring out if threads did not complete correctly.  (1:15)
Mike on some tips for upgrading from NetTalk 7 to NetTalk 8 (1:20)
5212 Feb 2015 Link
[Hits: 177]
1:58 Mike on a problem with a call to .Redirect (0:03)
Mike on Comment column layout on a Form (0:05)
Mike on not executing his own code when validation fails (by testing loc:invalid) (0:14).
Bill on deploying apps (0:18)
Robert on how auto-numbering in NetTalk works (and when does it happen?) (0:41)
Brian on using the IMAGE form-field type. (0:57)
Brian on an issue using an iMac to access the server with a saved login password (1:04)
Mike on debugging performance issues on the server. (1:10)
Ashley on using prop:disconnect to force a SQL reconnect (1:34)
Robert on SSL connection problems (1:36)
Paul on Edit-In-Place in browses - updating other fields in the row (1:42)
515 Feb 2015 Link
[Hits: 162]
1:33 Mike on positioning a browse to a specific entry, using anchors (0:02)
Kevin on why the NT Wizard failed to do a lookup correctly on his dictionary. (0:29)
Robert - feature request - vertically contracting multiple rows (0:49)
Robert - feature request - better control over what is cached and what is not cached (0:54)
Kevin on What is NetTalk 9 (1:00)
Roberto on using a UID instead of an auto-numbered field (1:01)
Robert on a problem with Internet Explorer using HEAD (fixed in 8.35) (1:25)
5022 January 2015 Link
[Hits: 169]
0:59 (Sorry for the big black border in the recording  - I blame Mike <g>)

Mike on adding a link to a browse (0:01)
Mike on adding a "more" link at the end of a block of text (0:08)
Leon on archiving, or preserving reports before they are deleted (0:12)
Other Mike on connecting to Twilio SMS Service. Using NetDemo, WebClient to experiment with various properties and settings. (0:20)
4915 January 2015 Link
[Hits: 193]
1:16 John on Creating a Web Services Server (0:01)
Peter on  using the Carousel (hint - it doesn't end well) (0:04)
Kevin on updating Parent Browses when child browses change(0:24)
Kevin on creating custom delete buttons. (0:29)
Kevin on Column conditions versus Cell conditions (0:51)
Russ on good use case for a web server (1:07)
488 January 2015 Link
[Hits: 243]
1:08 Update on the Carousel (0:01)
Mike on various Calendar related questions (0:07)
Bruce on a Client WSDL delivery schedule (0:22)
Peter on using one app to serve both HTML to humans, and WebServices to other programs. (0:26)
Kevin on closing two forms with a single click (0:31)
Bruce on the new ClarionShop (0:39)
Ashley on responsive layouts (0:41)
Greg on using HTML templates (ie "web site templates") (0:49)
Robert on assigning a color to a browse cell (not a style, but a custom color) (0:54)
Mark on including a popup form on a static web page (1:01)
4718 December 2014 Link
[Hits: 191]
2:11 A User Group special - Bruce works through the process of adding a new widget to NetTalk as a "first class fully supported" widget. Completely unprepared it's a real-world look into what goes in to adding a widget - albeit in this case a pretty simple one ("Slick Carousel")
4611 December 2014 Link
[Hits: 215]
1:36 Ian on why Browses can't have button controls added to them (0:01)
Ian on how to set the CSS for a Form container when it contains a browse. (0:04)
Ian on getting events from the browse to apply to other controls on the form (0:13)
Robert on keeping the cache on, but disable it for some specific files (at this time you can't) (0:19)
Mike on the order of messages coming into his web service (0:22)
Mike on Previous and Next buttons on Mobile (0:34)
Kevin on using jQuery commands in the app (using p_web.script) (0:38)
Bruce on using vTip (0:42)
Kevin on adding a client-side widget into the whole NetTalk environment. (0:52)
Carl on getting an Error 30 on a browse (1:00)
Ashley on a link behaving badly (ie not at all) on a browse (1:01)
Ivo on creating a button to link to a PHP page (1:07)
Ashley feeds back (1:11)
Ivo on Validating time fields to limit the user to a specific time window (1:13)
Bruce (tip) on why some columns in a browse are not sortable (1:20)
Ivo on a browse total not being set (1:25)
454 December 2014 Link
[Hits: 163]
0:52  A shortened webinar this week as I lost the internet connection at around the 0:40 mark.
Peter on locating DLL's for the Host Exe, if the app is a multi-DLL system. (0:01)
Bruce on doing Inter-Process-Communication between two applications (0:07)
Bruce on NetRefresh (0:17)
Ashley wonders if this will work in a web app (0:24)
Robert on what happens in the WebServer when a session expires (0:29)
Rick on using a Variable as the NetAuto Service Name. (0:32)
Rick on Port-Scanning errors with NetAuto (0:35)
Robert on naming memory tables instead of adding a Session ID field (0:36)
Mike on problems encountered in Mobile mode (0:42)
4420 November 2014 Link
[Hits: 260]
1:41 John on Port-Scanning being identified as a threat when using NetAuto. corrected using NetOptions and SetMaxInstances. (0:02)
Peter on staying on the form after pressing Save so as to allow header & children on a single form (0:09)
Robert has a problem sending email (because authuser is being set incorrectly.) error is "HELO not valid" (0:24)
Ashley on running IIS on the same machine as a NetTalk server (0:28)
Ashley on redirecting connections from port 80 to port 443 for HTTPS. (0:29)
Kevin on can you use wildcard certificates with the host program (0:36)
Kevin on when is mobile support coming? (0:43)
Bijan on using external scripts (like ExtJs) in a web app (0:48)
Robert on when adding a Tree control to NetTalk (0:58)
Kevin on IP2Country (1:01)
Kevin on SEO and Google Analytics. (1:06)
Wolfgang on blocking incoming scripts from scripts trying to find PHP vulnerabilities. (1:11)
Kevin on processes (exe's) versus threads (1:23)
Djordje on refreshing the menu when a person logs out. Tip on using logout_btn (1:30)
4313 November 2014 Link
[Hits: 248]
1:51 Johan on calling a form, from a mail, without a browse, authenticating the user on the form. (0:01)
Kevin on why wizard tabs don't hide / unhide (0:14)
Kevin on refreshing fields (browse's) on a tab (0:23)
Kevin on how to debug GPF's in the Host program. Includes an exploration on AppPath and DataPath properties (and how to use them in DLL apps) (0:25)
Debra on How to Detect browse is "mobile" (0:42)
Debra on how to do a redirection (0:47)
(another gap from 0:52:30 to 0:54:00)
Mike on adding a child browse, to the right of some fields, on a form (0:54)
Mike on how to make a form Read-Only (0:59)
(gap from 1:01:50 to 1:05:00)
Bruce on using NetDemo as a testing tool to figure out what settings to use for Email, FTP, WebClient etc. (1:05)
(?) on getting QBE features in a web app(1:16)
Wolfgang on adding Google-like search features to a browse (1:20)
426 November 2014 Link
[Hits: 249]
1:39 [note that video part only "starts" once stuff starts happening in Wolfgang's question]

Wolfgang on the building a client-side web client program talking to a web server which is providing the data as a web service. Also a question about the case of XML strings (0:04)
Chuck on turning off the "Error in JavaScript" test. Some tips on FOUC (Flash on Unstyled Content) (0:27)
Rick on How to get Started - A look at the Wizard (0:36)
[ small bit of waffle between 0:58 and 1:03 got lost]
Ashley on what a POST of a File Upload should look like, so that other languages can post to our server (1:03)
Recording seems to die at the 1:20 minute mark.
4130 October 2014 Link
[Hits: 217]
1:25 Bruce on The new 8.31 build [not 8.32] with the new FTP class. (0:01)
Bruce and Mike on Logging incoming requests and how the logging system works (0:04)
Peter on translating the Alert word in popup alerts triggered with ntAlert (0:36)
Gordon on splitting NetWeb Procedures across multiple DLL's (0:44)
Bruce on the gap in NetTalkCentral Posts - which seem to be gone forever (0:54)
Ray on GetValue, StoreValue and SessionValues (0:57)
Brian on saving incoming files into a BLOB not to the disk (1:11)
Also explains what Remove WebFolderPath from incoming file name template setting means.
4023 October 2014 Link
[Hits: 448]
1:40 Kevin on sub-domains (what are they, how to test them, multi-site host etc.) Also a discussion with Wolfgang on routing to multiple servers on different ports etc. (0:01)
Bruce on POODLE causing servers to turn off SSLv3 and how this affects our programs (SSL Error 16.) Fix by setting SSLMethod property. (0:18)
Robert on creating an Excel file, but not from a browse. Good look at the generated code which uses xFiles to create the XML file. (0:22)
Marcel on having multiple Save buttons (with different behaviors) on a Form (0:40)
Kevin on the position of the new Save button on the form (0:50)
Update on Chuck hiding the Insert Button (from webinar #38). Example of calling ntBrowse method (0:53)
Mike on refreshing a browse from a Timer (0:57)
Paul on pre-populating Line Items on an Invoice form and then using EIP. Where to create, where to tidy up and so on(0:59)
Johan on putting progress bars into a Browse procedure (1:13)
Debra on a form-inside-a-form problem (example needed I think.) (1:18)
Ashley on his server not responding after long periods of inactivity. Mention of the IDE "versions" to assist with identifying what caused a change (1:23)
Paul on adding a button to a form to add "Insert in place" one row at a time (1:31)
 16 October 2014     No webinar this week - Bruce was away
399 October 2014 Link
[Hits: 178]
1:50 Mike hosts as Bruce is off sick.
Mike on changing the text on a Save button on one form  (0:01)
Mike on clearing a comment when the form is first opened (0:21) [answer finally at 0:52]
Mike on invalidating a field (0:30)
Kevin on showing the Session Value Queue on the WebServer window (0:39)
Mike on using a Display field (0:55)
Mike on adding a menu item to refresh the browse (1:11) [we'll review this one this week]
 Mike on using a Timer on a browse (1:40)
382 October 2014 Link
[Hits: 206]
1:36 Chuck on hiding Insert buttons so the user can only add 1 record (0:02) [updated in webinar #40]
Mike on having to restart his browser (0:45)
Kevin on moving (animating) mapping points on a map and various other map questions (0:53)
Paul on priming fields on a form, based on values on a parent form (1:24)
37 (not 38!)25 September 2014 Link
[Hits: 288]
1:37 Kevin on renaming incoming files uploaded via Redactor (0:03)
Kevin on embedding images in emails sent from a web server (0:28)
Chuck on adding Files to a POST from a NetWebClient (0:33)
Peter on what does Form Target in Browse Settings do? (0:45)
Alex on calling forms from places other than a browse. (0:51)
Alex on when files are open, and when they are closed (0:51)
Paul on disallowing the user entering codes in lookups (0:59)
Kevin on Start Button Set and End Button Set (1:02)
Wolfgang on the ShellShock bug and whether it affects NetTalk (hint: it doesn't) (1:10)
Mark on Button sets in a browse (1:15)
Kevin lobbies Debra to do a session on OAuth (1:18)
Kevin on SSL Certificates (1:20)
Alex on keeping a program in desktop mode, and then adapting based on screen resolution. (1:31)
3618 September 2014 Link
[Hits: 180]
1:44 Mike on allowing users to "self register" on a login screen. [recording starts a few seconds into the answer.] (0:00)
Greg on an explanation of what Virtual Methods are (0:11)
Dinko on using the Canvas HTML element, followed up with a generic discussion of including an "external" JavaScript widget in a NetTalk program. (0:27)
Ashley on knowing which tab the user is looking at (0:53)
Ashley on using the same browse multiple times on the same form (0:54)
Bijan on using iFrames, and why they stopped working when upgrading to NT8(1:00)
John on NetAuto - detecting if a message fails (1:06)
John on restricting the program to a single instance. (hint: try RunOnce) (1:08)
On receiving a UDP message from an MsSql Trigger (1:42)
Brian on the CapeSoft Email Server configuration (1:25)
Mark on an error that occurs when checkboxes are clicked rapidly (1:36)
Mark reporting a bug on Tooltips on Checkboxes (1:38)
3511 September 2014 Link
[Hits: 218]
1:39 Bruce on upgrading email to NetTalk 8.20+ (0:01)
Bruce on how to debug email settings and connections (0:08)
Brian on his file uploads being duplicated. Good discussion on Form embed points. (0:13)
Wolfgang on using SSL on a LAN (0:34)
Peter on handling Parent/Child records on a form if the user adds children before creating the parent. Shows how to change the form action. (0:56)
Brian with a follow-up on the changes to his code (1:19)
John on refreshing the servers in NetAuto if a server or clients starts or ends. (1:24)
Dan on some FTP troubles with a connection timing-out (1:27)

344 September 2014 Link
[Hits: 197]
1:38 Brian (bug report on Locators) (0:02)
Brian on using NetTalk to send email (0:06)
Ashley on moving comments closer to the entry field on a form (css) (0:26)
Ashley on changing the icon on the Lookup button (jquery icons) (0:50)
Peter on CPCS report update (0:57)
Roberto on Slider bar color update (0:58)
Robert on Alignment of prompts (1:00)
John on update for his inter-app-notification example(1:08)
Johan on how to include Google Graphs in an app - where to start? (1:10)
Peter on displaying related table data on a form (1:18)
Lew on mimicking a web browser using the NetWebClient (1:27)
3328 August 2014 Link
[Hits: 231]
1:29 Robert has a problem on a browse (turns out the "resize" option is on) (0:02)
Mark on resetting the default value of a drop between calls to the form (0:38)
John on using NetOptions to change the NetAuto name for a program instance. (0:47)
Brent on using JSON with NetTalk (1:02)
Debra on how to debug a browse refresh problem (1:05)
Robert on code inside the LoginForm procedure (1:19)
3221 August 2014 Link
[Hits: 219]
1:23 Bruce on using Images combined into "sprites" to improve performance (0:00)
Mike on using the "Page 1,2,3,4" navigation (0:25)
Roberto suggests (0:32)
Mike on creating "grids" of browse records (0:34)
Debra on detecting if any errors exist when building a web service method (0:48)
Debra on getting a custom (or standard) header from a request (0:54)
Gordon on downloading lots of or big files. (0:56)
Debra on parsing parameters for incoming Service requests (1:07)
Bruce on sending emails from a Web Server (1:14)
3114 August 2014 Link
[Hits: 213]
1:40 Dinko on using a hand-coded form in a NetWebPage (0:01)
Ken on implementing NetAutoClose (0:24)
John on setting the default font for new windows (not pages.) (0:36)
David on using AutoClose on Terminal Server via NetOptions and MaxInstances(0:38)
Wolfgang on getting a list of IP addresses for the machine (0:50)
Mike on using @K pictures in a web app. (0:52)
307 August 2014 Link
[Hits: 395]
1:27 Bruce on the Multi-Site Host (0:01)
Bruce on Load Balancing (0:48)
Wolfgang on WebServices Login and authentication (0:55)
Casey how to pass an action to a Memory Form (1:09)
Paul on Google's idea to prioritize SLL. (1:19)
Carl on how to add a Print button to a Browse which calls a report (1:23)
2931 July 2014 Link
[Hits: 225]
1:37 Bruce on ReplyComplete for doing work on a WebHandler thread after replying to the browser (0:01)
Brian on Parent/Child/Orphaned/Incomplete records if user doesn't Cancel (0:10)
Scott on displaying the same field on multiple tabs. (0:30 - answer at 0:31)
Scott on displaying an Image on a form (0:30 - answer at 0:36)
Bruce on Multi-Tab support in browsers. (0:47)
Mark on Multiple Save Buttons on the same form, telling them apart (1:00)
Mike on suppressing Ctrl-Click (1:10)
Robert on customizing Messages (1:14)
Robert on keeping vtip Tips open (1:21))
2824 July 2014 Link
[Hits: 226]
1:09 Bruce on the new WebServices client app (0:02)
Mike on the use of WSDL from the server, and how the client might consume a WSDL file. (0:36)
Bruce on the progress bar for Excel Export button. (0:43)
Alan on adding SelfService to the Host app (0:55)
2717 July 2014 Link
[Hits: 200]
1:10 Scott on how to serve a JPG file from the disk, when the location of the JPG is in the data table. (0:01)
John on sending emails from the server via MS Exchange server (0:06)
Wolfgang on creating a Web-Services-Client and how to specify the specific request type. (0:13)
Alan on GPFs in a Multi-Site host (0:33)
Robert on updating OpenSSL DLL's to the latest version (0:44)
Jesper on how to debug WebClient activity and how to control the header (0:47)
Luis on changing the name of incoming files which is being uploaded via the File Upload field type (0:55)
Mark on cascading events between embedded components (no resolution yet.) (0:59)
Bruce on updating last weeks answer to Vincent (1:03)
2610 July 2014 Link
[Hits: 241]
1:40 Piet (update) on what we did wrong last week - and why it wasn't a bug. (0:01)
Gordon (update) HTTP Header when page type Other fixed (0:04)
Gordon on a delay when serving multiple files in a rush (0:06)
Gordon on using GetValueFormat to "massage" incoming values (0:10)
Mark (update) on using a empty form container, cascading messages to the Procedure fields (0:22)
Bruce on the Send-To button to send browse contents to Excel (0:27)
Bruce on single-clicking on a browse row (0:28)
Wolfgang where to set the prop:name of a table - or using a Memory table with /ThreadedContent (0:30)
Rob on using GetLocation and then jumping to a page only after the result is received (0:35)
Carl where is the Export file named (0:58)
Debra on generating the XML method in a WebServiceMethod (1:02)
Brian on Tagging records in a browse (1:05)
Alan on getting an SSL certificate (1:11)
Vincent / Neil on getting the app to go to another page when the session times out (1:17)
Lois on GeoTagging (when are we doing it) (1:29)
Wolfgang on using certificates on a LAN (1:30)
253 July 2014 Link
[Hits: 218]
1:33 Piet on hiding and unhiding tabs based on a variable changing in "More Assignments" (turns out to be a bug of some sort. Turns out, I did it wrong see update at start of webinar 26.) (0:01)
Roberto with a feature request for form fields to span columns. (0:14)
Gordon on the HTTP Header being sent from a NetWebPage (also a bug somewhere) (0:19)
Mark on updating something outside the form as they update the form (0:34)
Robert on Users being timed out unexpectedly (1:00)
Debra on uploading files to a WebService (1:08)
Bijan on Data Type XCELL in maps example (1:28)
Mark on HTTP PUT and HTTP DELETE in the WebClient for REST purposes (1:28)
Robert on "Sending every keypress to Server" in an Entry field (1:31)
2426 June 2014 Link
[Hits: 208]
1:16 Debra on where to set the Owner setting for a table - even if the authentication is passed in with the request. (0:02)
Alan on forcing a user to change the password when they log in (0:05)
Wolfgang on how to document a service so that other programmers can use it (0:22)
Debra on how to debug a VIEW which is returning incorrect results. (0:38)
Carl how to right justify a total on a browse (0:45)
Robert on changing themes at runtime (0:50)
Mike on processing credit cards (or otherwise collecting money) (0:58)
Mike on a screen that does login / new registration / forgotten password (1:06)
Paul on refreshing a browse inside a form when a form field changes (1:09)
2319 June 2014 Link
[Hits: 223]
1:36 Bruce on the new form field type "Image" (0:03)
Bruce on Use Equates being required (0:04)
Bruce on serving "files" from a BLOB (0:08)
Bruce on Initial Values for local variables (0:15)
Russ on Prime for Loading (0:16)
Jeff on positioning Form controls over an image (0:32)
Mike on opening files in his application (0:48)
Mike on compile warnings in his app [label duplicated] (0:50)
Bruce on why there are lots of groups used in the web server classes (0:55)
Wolfgang on adding parameters to a NetWebPage (1:01)
Wolfgang on another program using port 80 on his machine (1:14)
Peter on Opening a Table to use the BLOB (1:22)
Roberto on tracking who is logged in (and using NotifyDeleteSession) (1:29)
2212 June 2014 Link
[Hits: 209]
1:31 Rob on the perils of using relative pathnames for images in css (0:01)
Mike on turning a server into a Service (0:10)
Robert on using a scheduled task instead of a service (0:19)
Wolfgang on some experiences installing and removing services (0:22)
George on why the webinar emails have the wrong time (0:31)
Kelvin on mobile apps update (0:32)
Robert on replacing the default NT8 icon in the browser (0:35)
[at this point there was a power failure on my side, so my participation ended - after a brief interlude Mike and John bravely carried on with a little help from the community]
John on the future of restaurant payments (0:46)
Ashley on including an image in a NetWebPage [and NetWebForm / NetWebBrowse] (0:54)
Wolfgang on getting an image from a Blob (1:23)
[fantastic job guys...]
215 June 2014 Link
[Hits: 230]
1:12 Wolfgang on creating an interface to a Service (0:01)
Roberto on using expressions and settings for global web server behavior (0:37)
Debra feedback on Server freezing - regarding Wait and Release calls (0:39)
Debra on long URL's. (0:48)
Brian on getting a JavaScript error [solved by updating NetTalk] (0:50)
Brian on default mail settings (0:56)
Dominique on serving a file (PDF) and controlling if it is opened in the browser, or offered to the user for saving. (1:02)
2029 May 2014 Link
[Hits: 250]
1:25 Wolfgang on creating dynamic file names (0:01)
Mike on hosting multiple servers on the same server - all 3 approaches (0:09)
(Other) Mike on integrating extJS into a WebServer app. (0:30)
Debra on her server crashing once a day (more or less at the same time. (0:40)
[correction: In the example trace call I typed p_web.trace. If you are in the NetWeb.Clw use self.trace instead]
Peter on integrating Desktop and Web apps (0:57)
Gordon updates some information on extJS and a StringTheory suggestion(1:01)
Bruce on uploading files into a Blob field (1:09)
Wolfgang on renaming incoming files to a unique name(1:17)
1922 May 2014 Link
[Hits: 223]
1:05 Bruce on why Brian's "part 2" to the question in Webinar 17 has been moved to webinar 20. (0:01)
Pratik on Performance improvements since NT6 (0:02)
Pratik on the upgrade path from NT6 to NT8 (0:09)
Mike on when NOT to use Keep-alive on (0:14)
John on apps that are working, and so not being upgraded (0:15)
Bruce on the state of the WSDL client (0:18)
Bruce on using Chrome in Kiosk mode (0:19)
Scott on linking tables in the database (or TPS files on the disk) to the specific logged in user (0:26)
Mike on form Layout to float a browse to the right of a number of form fields (0:36)
Debra on preventing the button from tabbing to the next control (0:47)
Bijan on how to get feedback from drivers on the road (0:51)
Roberto on what does "Thread 0" mean on the Web Server log on some POST requests. (0:57)
1815 May 2014 Link
[Hits: 213]
1:05 Bruce on using the new Webcam form field type. (0:01)
Bruce on the new External form field type. (0:21)
178 May Link
[Hits: 227]
1:16 Mike on using "XP Tabs" styles. (turns out to be a bug) Bit of CSS explanation (0:02)
Brian on displaying large strings in a browse, and showing a truncated pre-string [Part 1] (0:07)
Russ on using Memory Driver to hold Temporary Tables and when to populate (and depopulate them) (0:37)
Mike on showing different menu items when the user is on the login screen. (0:56)
Johan on including images in Form headings (or any headings) (1:05)
Terry on calling a Source procedure from a button on a form. (1:13)
161 May 2014 Link
[Hits: 257]
1:33 Johan on aligning columns (prompt / value / comment) on Forms (an intro to CSS). (0:03)
Brian on the difference between fields, Values and SessionValues (0:30)
Bruce Rants about how to post support questions (0:40)
Mike on Mobile mode (0:59)
1517 April 2014 Link
[Hits: 238]
1:02 Bruce on Double-Clicking on a Browse Row (0:01)
Bruce on Heartbleed update (0:05)
Djordje on receiving a request using chunked encoding (0:08)
Joep on Saving incoming files to a Blob (0:10)
John on using NetAuto to allow all the machines on a LAN to share a program which is being a Webclient. (0:14)
1410 April 2014 Link
[Hits: 230]
1:19 (Sorry the start of the recording is chopped off - Alehandro's question is about the performance of a View in a browse.)
Alehandro on Browse performance (0:00)
Roberto on debugging to find a thread which is blocking the server at some point (0:10)
Roberto on updating an app from NT7 to NT8 doesn't respond on the server (works locally but not on the server) (0:24) [Debra gives a hint at 1:00] and Roberto confirms that was the cause.]
Terry on Maps (0:26)
Bijan on How SSL Mail works [with yahoo mail] (0:41)
Marius on Logging error messages and not displaying them - so it can be used in a service (0:55)
Debra on Maps removing markers rather than refreshing them when refreshing the map field. (1:00)
Debra on calling an "unrelated" form from a Map (1:04)
Debra on missing one of the map images from her map (1:06)
Robert on whether the DLL's posted are missing a file (1:12)

1327 March 2014 Link
[Hits: 252]
1:33 Jari on Calendars and displaying multiple amounts of information on the same day. (0:03)
Hint to Roberto about HTML entities conversion now in StringTheory (0:20)
Mike on adding Save buttons to tabs, inside the tab (0:27)
Mike on including a form inside another form (0:31)
Debra on selecting Map markers based on variables in the table (0:42)
Debra on refreshing the map, and the markers on the map (0:44)
Roberto on finding uncompleted threads (0:51)
Brian on displaying a browse as text (recent announcements etc) (0:54)
Mike on nesting a form inside a browse (1:00)
Mike on Mobile Mode (1:02)
John and Arnold on creation of web services (1:05)
Mike on showing that multiple fields are invalid at the same time (1:10)
Peter on displaying a text string above the wizard tab telling the user how far they've come (1:13)
Peter on limiting file uploads based on extension (feature request) (1:19).
Jon on Hotdates functionality in a desktop app (1:22)
Roberto on Multi-Host doc
Wolfgang on using RDP in place of a web app if the look needs to be the same(1:25)
1220 March 2014 Link
[Hits: 343]
1:30 Bruce and John on creating Web Services Servers using NetTalk 8. Walked through some concepts, some features, and an example or two.
1113 March 2014 Link
[Hits: 432]
1:55 Mike on adding Text to small-inrow Browse Buttons (0:02)
Mike on the difference between SessionValues, Values, StoreValue and so on (0:13)
Mike on what is passed from a Browse to a Form (0:18)
Brian on embedding a Session Value in the Header using a tag (0:19)
Mike on remembering the remember option on Logins (0:25)
Wolfgang on OAuth (0:28)
Gordon on communicating between users that are logged in  (0:30)
Robert on using Code-Completion instead of searching NetWeb.Inc (0:34)
Olu on creating Button to run server side code and then Save the form (0:35)
Paul on hand-coded Validation in a form (0:41)
Brian on the Layout options on the Header procedure (0:47)
Allan on why 404 errors are showing up on his performance tab - and what to do about them (0:51)
Greg on passing a Session variable to a PHP Page (0:54)
Paul on follow up to validation question - doing a file lookup (0:56)
Mike on the use of OpenFile using Legacy file driver functions (which they don't) which leads to an explanation of WebHandler (0:56)
Mike on creating a global reference variable to p_web, called say g_web (1:02)
Johan following up some more on validation (1:04)
Roberto on the encoding of extended HTML characters to make them xHTML compliant (1:05)
Roberto on ABC File access being faster - which leads to "what is p_web" (1:09)
Russ on changing a site to be Secure - served over SSL (1:13)
Olu on how to record  Logins and Logouts (1:22)
Mike on menus misbehaving under IE10 (1:23)
Jim on using a purchased theme with NetTalk (1:27)
Debra on embedding GeoLocation timer in the header for mobile users (1:29)
Robert on converting certificates from one format to another (1:33)
Andy on using to get free certificates (1:34)
Wolfgang on using a WebClient over SSL with unauthenticated certificates (1:36)
Bijan on SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) (1:37)
Bruce on NetTalk 8 release (1:51)
106 March 2014 Link
[Hits: 329]
1:22 Bryce on displaying "number of items in cart" in the header (0:01)
Devan on updating a NetWebSource using a timer (16:00)
Paul on downloading and saving a file using the NetWebClient silently (19:00) and again at (0:41)
Another Paul on manually validating a form field entry (0:36)
Devan on changing the date format depending on the user viewing the site (0:52)
Carl on Deleting a record, with a lot of related records taking a lot of time (1:00)
John on NetRefresh (1:02)
Juha on opening a form with the Save button disabled, then enabling it later on (1:11)
927 Feb 2014 Link
[Hits: 374]
1:31 Bruce (tip) on what is xHTML and Unsafe xHTML(0:02)
John on changing a server from HTTP to HTTPS (0:19)
Wolfgang on running multiple SSL sites under the host (0:34)
Greg on PCI compliance (0:37)
Bijan on using wildcard certificates on multiple machines (0:37)
Debra on using Google Places JavaScript API (0:38)
Juha on giving feedback to a user when clicking on Save (0:42)
Bijan on using menu / mouse / touch events under Windows 8 (0:52)
Alejandro on translating text generated by the NetTalk template (0:53)
Bruce (tip) on using utf-8 characters on your web page (0:58)
Mark on refreshing browses from a timer (1:03)
Mark on refreshing a part of the screen (not a browse) (1:15)
Mike on browsing temporary data (ie Queues / Mem tables etc) (1:17)
Mike on cleaning up unused temporary files (1:27)
820 Feb 2014 Link
[Hits: 523]
1:29 Bruce (tip) Using Google Fonts (0:02)
Carl on adding a Submit button to go to a payment site includes the possibility
adding a WebClient to your web server to interact with a remote server (0:32)
Stu on NetTalk 8 release (0:52)
Bryce on managing extra user fields when a user logs in (0:56)
John on using NetSimple to connect one program to another (1:04)
713 Feb 2014 Link
[Hits: 465]
1:33 Bruce (tip) Default sorting on a browse (0:02)
Russ on Setting the Login to be the default page (0:11)
Russ on How to check if a Login/Password is valid (0:13)
Russ on How to go to a Form without a Browse (0:16)
Russ on What are Session Variables (0:20)
Mike on How long to Sessions Last (0:23)
Peter on How to have Conditional Menu Extensions(0:27)
Peter on How to set a session value from a menu item (0:35)
Bruce on Using the StoreValue call (36:00)
Ashley on Customizing a site based on the customer using the site (0:38)
Bruce on using the HOST header property (0:42)
Olumide on Running code just before a Form closes (0:50)
Paul on Hiding and unhiding form fields dynamically (0:52)
Bruce (security tip) Turning off Automatic Validation on Login Forms (0:59)
John on extending browser timeouts for reports that take a long time to generate (1:05)
Mike on Difference between GetSessionValue and GetValue etc (1:08)
Mike on Handling the browser BACK Button (1:12)
Carl on Changing the Button Icons (1:15)
Carl on Adding conditional images to a browse (1:20)
Russ on Filtering a browse embedded on a form (1:24)
66 Feb 2014 Link
[Hits: 348]
0:45 Bruce (tip) Adding Anchors to browses (0:03)
Bruce (tip) How to monitor communications between a client and a server (0:18)
Trent on the Performance Controls template (0:29)
Stu on a feature Request: Locators on a Form (0:32)
530 Jan 2014 Link
[Hits: 424]
1:16 Bruce (template settings) Combine and Compress (0:03)
Mike on Batch files (Gzipall.bat / CopyAll.bat) (0:10)
Bruce on NetTalk 8 release date (0:15)
Debra on automatic logins sing cookies(0:22)
Scott on updating caroot.pem file (0:32) []
Carl on accessing parameters passed as part of the URL (0:36)
Robert on accessing a site on multiple tabs, with multiple logins (0:39)
Mike on program state (0:47)
Jim on HTML formatting in emails (0:57)
Mike on the differences between Desktop and Mobile (1:02)
Mike on using hardware attached to phones to read barcodes (1:10)
Bijan on including variables in xHTML (1:14)
423 Jan 2014 Link
[Hits: 455]
0:57 Bruce (tip) Adding Custom.Css file to WebServer procedure (0:01)
Bruce (tip) Creating a custom css file with a sample class. (0:06)
Bruce (tip) Getting and Using Firebug (0:10)
Paul on changing a file record before saving on a form (0:19)
Robert on new NetWebProcedureExtension (0:22)
Bruce (tip) RSS Feeds and Clarion News page on (0:28)
Paul on validating and limiting numeric entry fields (0:30)
Stephen on Emailing a Report without displaying the report in the browser (0:42)
John on DevExpress possibilities (0:53)
Stephen on learning on NT6 or NT7 (0:55)
316 Jan 2014 Link
[Hits: 386]
1:31Bruce (tip) on Sending Files via the WebClient and Receiving Files via the Web Server (0:02)
John on Logins, Security Levels and integration with custom security systems (0:22)
Debra on Disabling the page when the busy indicator is visible (0:38 --0:49 with some distractions)
Bruce on Windows Firewall (0:44)
Rob on Tree Controls (0:49)
Jeff on multiple related browses on a a form (1:04:00)
29 Jan 2014 Link
[Hits: 530]
1:20John on counting records or pages in a browse. (0:02)
Brian on including a process on a browse initiated by the user. (0:36)
Bruce (tip) on including a procedure manually in WebHandler (0:51)
Djordje on Ajax (58:30)
Bijan on Designing Forms for Mobile (1:15)
116 Nov 2013 Link Notes to follow...
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