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Please Note: NetTalk requires StringTheory 2.36 or higher and Clarion 8 or Higher

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NetTalk is a TCP/IP communications library for Clarion. It allows your program to interact with other programs over TCP/IP.

It doesn't matter what language the other side is written in - the programs you are talking to may also be written in Clarion, but are likely written in some other language.

NetTalk provides a huge amount of functionality, built on top of this basic TCP/IP layer which allows you to easily make use of many common network systems and protocols.

As NetTalk has grown over the years it has become desirable to segment it into multiple parts to allow ir to be cheaper for those developers only wanting to make use of some basic functionality. To this end there are now three NetTalk Levels - NetTalk Desktop, NetTalk Server and NetTalk Apps. Each of these three is discussed in more detail below.

It is easy to move from one level of NetTalk to the next with no financial penalty - For comparative pricing see Cost.

NetTalk Desktop

This build of NetTalk which contains all the basic functionality which your Windows Desktop program.
This includes all the NetAuto functionality, like NetRefresh and NetAutoClose,
NetSimple (server and client)
plus classes for SMTP/POP3/IMAP Email, FTP, HTTP and HTTPS WebClient classes and so on.

Please note that NetTalk Desktop requires StringTheory, and others for full functionality. See Requirements.

NetTalk Server

NetTalk Server includes all the functionality of NetTalk Desktop but also includes classes and templates for generating highly interactive web applications.
Web Applications allow you to extend the reach of your systems so that any user with a browser can interact with your data. It is not a "one click" conversion of your existing Clarion desktop program - rather it requires that you develop a new app file. However lots of code from your existing desktop program can be reused, including source procedures, reports, processes and so on.

While NetTalk Server requires an investment from a learning and development point of view, the payoff comes in the form of a highly scaleable web app with exceptionally easy deployment. The app created is based on internet standards and allow you all the control, speed and power of an interactive web application.

NetTalk Server also includes templates and classes to create a Web API for your application - allowing you to create industry standard web services using both SOAP and REST techniques.

Please note that NetTalk Server requires StringTheory, and others for full functionality. See Requirements.

NetTalk Apps

NetTalk Apps is the newest NetTalk level and includes all the functionality in NetTalk Desktop and NetTalk Server. In addition it includes the necessary templates, classes and JavaScript to allow you to create completely stand-along JavaScript applications. These applications can be packaged (without a server) into apps that can be deployed onto any device and which in turn can then run disconnected from the internet on that device.

NetTalk apps are written with the exact same template set as NetTalk Server apps so existing code and existing skills can be leveraged.

Most disconnected apps need to synchronize their data with an external server. NetTalk Apps include this functionality as standard and can synchronize with a NetTalk Server app with no effort at all. When disconnected from the network the Apps are able to store data locally until the connection is re-established.

Please note that NetTalk Apps requires StringTheory, and others for full functionality. See Requirements..

NetTalk Wizard

The NetTalk Wizard is included with both NetTalk Server and NetTalk Apps editions. This wizard allows you to create WebServer apps, Web API apps, Web Sync Apps and Mobile Apps quickly and easily.

Source Code

NetTalk makes use of a small DLL to wrap the WinSock layer, and to provide basic, thread-safe communications functions for the class layer. All the netTalk classes are shipped as source code as are all the templates. The source code for the DLL is available.

NetTalk Webinars on ClarionLive

There have been a number of NetTalk based sessions on ClarionLive. These are invaluable in introducing you to new NetTalk features as well as to ways of using NetTalk.
Number Title Download
339 NetTalk 9 Launch file
304 API's Part 3 : Using JSON - jFiles release webinar file
302 APIs Part 2 : REST services file
300 API's part 1 : Creating Web Services in Clarion file
255Creating Web-Services Servers with NetTalk 8 and xFiles file
253NetTalk 8 Launch file
221NetTalk Layout - including Header, Form, Popups, Content Body and so on file
217 Using CSS in a NetTalk program - How to do Visual design? file
187NetTalk 7 Launch file
171Web Forums Source Code file
149NetTalk 6 update (From Wales) file
135NetTalk 6 launch - What's New file
133Secwin 6 (including using Secwin in a NetTalk Web Server project) file
97How to apply CSS to a Net Web Server application file
93Using Calendars and Schedules in NetTalk Web Server file
92Using NetTalk & xFiles to do SOAP (by Ben Dell) file
65NetTalk 5 update (After CLDC 2010 announcement) file
48NetTalk Web Client (including SOAP) file
35NetTalk 5 Launch file
2NetTalk 4 file
ClarionLive Webinar number 2 introduced the Web Server approach used by NetTalk.  Webinar number 35 took this further showing the differences between NetTalk 4 and NetTalk 5. If you're unsure about NetTalk for creating web servers, then we recommend you download and watch the webinars. There is no charge for this. The ClarionLive downloads page is here.

The best approach to watching webinars is to download them, then play them in the free VLC media player. This allows you to pause, go back, jump forward and so on.

Additional Resources

NetTalk ships with literally hundreds of examples and hundreds of pages of documentation.

In addition to these materials the following resources are also available;
NetTalk User Group WebinarsHeld weekly these webinars are a great place to ask questions, see demos, and generally become more proficient across all levels of NetTalk. Registrations are free. All webinars are recorded, show notes are created, and are available for download from the User Group page.
www.NetTalkCentral.comThe primary forums for the NetTalk community. Registration is free, but you will need to send an email to to get your account activated.
Developing Web Applications with NetTalk (2nd edition) Focused at the NetTalk Server Level this book (supplied as a PDF) is a tutorial which leads you through creating a Web application. An excellent resource for beginners to rapidly assimilate the knowledge they will need to get to grips with the web as a platform. ($199)
Training Workshops Recordings (CIDC 2013 Orlando)A companion to the book these live recordings work through the material in the book demonstrating the techniques and processes. ($499 including the book.)
Training Recordings
(CIDC 2015 Orlando)
These will be made available after the event. Onsite and Online Attendees at the event get these for free.

Upgrading to NetTalk 9

NetTalk 9 is very backward compatible with NetTalk 8 (and earlier.) No major changes to existing applications are required if upgrading from NetTalk 8. If upgrading from earlier versions then consult the appropriate upgrade documentation for each major release since the release you are using.

Availability and Cost of the upgrades are covered below.

What the Users Say...

Compatible With

Clarion 8Yes
Clarion 9Yes
Clarion 10Yes
Clarion TemplatesYes
ABC TemplatesYes
Local ModeYes
DLL ModeYes
Multi DLLYes


NetTalk makes use of a number of other CapeSoft classes for specific tasks. Understanding these requirements, most of which are optional, can be confusing. This section explains what is needed, and when.


StringTheory is required by all NetTalk levels. It is used pervasively throughout the classes to do various string manipulations.


Cryptonite is required by the following features. If you are not using these features then you will not need Cryptonite.


xFiles is required by the following features. If you are not using these features then you will not need xFiles.


jFiles is required by the following features. If you are not using these features then you will not need jFiles.

Documentation & Support

Documentation for NetTalk 9 is available here.

Go here for further support.


 All levels of NetTalk require StringTheory. Some features in NetTalk require other products. See Requirements.

It is possible to upgrade from NetTalk Lite to the full NetTalk at any time by paying the difference in price. ie There is no gain, or disadvantage, to purchasing NetTalk Lite first, and then updating to NetTalk later on.

NetTalk Desktop

Some features in NetTalk Desktop require other products. See Requirements.
New License$399 Order Now
Upgrade (from any earlier NetTalk version or Level) $199 Order Now

NetTalk Server (includes NetTalk Desktop)

Some features in NetTalk Server require other products. See Requirements.
New License$899 Order Now
Upgrade from NetTalk Desktop 9 $499 Order Now
Upgrade (from any earlier full NetTalk version) $499 Order Now
Upgrade (from any earlier NetTalk Lite version) $599 Order Now

NetTalk Apps (Includes NetTalk Server & NetTalk Desktop)

Some features in NetTalk Apps require other products. See Requirements.
New License$1399 Order Now
Upgrade from NetTalk Desktop 9 $999 Order Now
Upgrade from NetTalk Server 9 $599 Order Now
Upgrade (from any earlier full NetTalk version) $799 Order Now
Upgrade (from any earlier NetTalk Lite version) $999 Order Now

Refund Policy

CapeSoft believes that if you aren't satisfied with our products, we would like them back - and we will refund you the money. This allows you to purchase our products with confidence. You can read our full refund policy here.


Our thanks go to all the developers who have contributed to code to the NetTalk project over the years. While thanking individuals is dangerous because omissions easily occur, a special thanks go to Dries Driessen, Geoff Robinson and Brahn Partridge for their assistance.

This product includes software developed by the OpenSSL Project for use in the OpenSSL Toolkit. This code is Copyright (c) 1998-2015 The OpenSSL Project. All rights reserved. It is included here under the terms of their license.

This product includes code developed by the jQuery Project and is included here under the terms of the MIT license.

The jQuery Media and jQuery Form plugins are Copyright by M. Alsup and is included here under the terms of the MIT license.
The jCanvas plugin is Copyright by Caleb Evans and is included here under the terms of the MIT license.
The Ad-Gallery plugin is Copyright by Anders Ekdahl and is included here under the terms of the MIT license.
The jQuery File Upload plugin is Copyright by Sebastian Tschan and is included here under the terms of the MIT license.

The TinyMCE HTML Editor is Copyright by and is included under the terms of the LGPL license.

The Redactor HTML editor is copyright by Imperavi Inc and is included under the terms of their OEM license.

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