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Ezhelp applies Windows style, referential help, to your Clarion app. By enabling the question mark icon button on the windows, and the right-click popup, "What's This", it makes it easy for your users to get help on any control on the screen. Plus since nobody likes adding Help to their system, we made Ezhelp editable at runtime. So you can let someone else do the dirty work!

changing customer record screenshot

Ezhelp demo screenshot


Clarion Online says...

"One area where it really shines is in creating a help file for smaller apps where the creation of a full-blown compiled Winhelp file may not be justified. Using Ezhelp, I found I could create a reasonable help system in a remarkably short time. All in all, I would definitely recommend Ezhelp as a worth a trial" Clarion Online

Compatible With

Clarion 8 Yes
Clarion 9 / 9.1 Yes
Clarion 10 Yes
Clarion 11 / 11.1 Yes
Clarion Templates Yes
ABC Templates Yes
AnyScreen No
Local Mode Yes
DLL Mode Yes
Multi DLL Yes

Documentation & Support

Documentation for the product is available here. Go here for further support.


The price of Ezhelp is $199. It is available for purchase from ClarionShop.

For other payment options please contact us here

Refund Policy

CapeSoft believes that if you aren't satisfied with our products, we would like them back - and we will refund you the money. This allows you to purchase our products with confidence. You can read our full refund policy here.
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