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Office Messenger is a small program that runs on multiple workstations on the LAN. It allows users to send instant-messages to each other.


CapeSoft Office Messenger source code requires the following products in order to compile. Recommended (included, but can be removed)

Documentation & Support

Limited user documentation for the product is available here.

Because of the nature of source code, and the infinite ways in which it can be tweaked and used, source code is supplied on an "as-is" basis. We welcome bug reports, however the amount of advice and assistance we will be able to supply, with regard to customizing the code, is very limited.


The compiled version of CapeSoft Office Messenger can be downloaded from here. This program will run free for 30 days, and allows you to evaluate the capabilities of the server.

Cost & Compatibility

The price of the source code is $499. It is available for purchase from ClarionShop.

Please note that this price does not include Clarion, NetTalk, or any of the other dependencies'. Those items are sold separately.

The source code is compatible with clarion 6.3 or later (Clarion 8 is recommended.)

You may add this code to your own applications, and ship those applications without paying any royalty to CapeSoft, as long as the primary function of the application you are shipping is not Instant Messaging. If Instant Messaging is the primary purpose of your application, then you need to pay a $3 royalty fee to CapeSoft, per copy of your application that you distribute. Please contact CapeSoft if you need more information.

Refund Policy

CapeSoft believes that if you aren't satisfied with our products, we would like them back - and we will refund you the money. This allows you to purchase our products with confidence. You can read our full refund policy here.


If you have purchased the CapeSoft Office Messenger source code, then you can download the latest version of it from here.
Clarion Source Code
Office Messenger