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During the course of our work we write a lot of source code. This source code is occasionally useful to other developers, either to learn from, use as is, or use a starting point for their own projects. The goal of this section of the web site is to list the source code that is currently available.

Web Forums

CapeSoft Forums is a sample application, written in Clarion and NetTalk, which provides forum functionality on the web. It is supplied as source code.

The goal with writing this software was to provide both an example of what NetTalk can do, and also to create a highly-interactive forums site. Because it makes use of modern browser functionality, it it a lot faster than most of the forum software currently available on the web.

For more information on the Web Forums Source Code click here.

Email Server

CapeSoft Email Server is a full-featured Internet Mail Server supporting the SMTP and POP3 protocols. It is suitable for home, or business networks.

The source-code edition of the server allows Clarion programmers to embed the code into their own applications.

For more information on the Email Server Source Code click here.

Office Messenger

Office Messenger is a small program that runs on multiple workstations on the LAN. It allows users to send instant-messages to each other.

For more information on the Office Messenger Source Code click here.
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