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Safe Writer is used to encrypt files (using either the 168-bit Triple DES or variable key-length Blowfish algorithms) and in so doing to create a Safe File, which can then be safely distributed with virtually no risk of unwanted users reading the files. A password or key provided by the user is used for the encryption. Safe Reader can then be used to open and decrypt the Safe File (providing the user has the correct key).

Feature List

System Requirements

CapeSoft Safe Writer will operate on the following operating systems:

Windows Vista
Windows XP
Windows 2000 Server
Windows 2000 Professional
Windows NT4 Server & WorkStation
Windows ME
Windows 98
Windows 95

Why Use File Encryption

It is increasingly accepted that the data held and processed on a PC can be of fundamental importance to its user/owner/company. It is therefore reasonable to expect that there is security in place to protect it from others.

To help ensure this, a range of security measures can be applied to contain a diverse range of threats. One such measure is to protect the data from unauthorised disclosure using cryptography (the practice of encrypting/decrypting data using a secret password or key word).

DES file encryption software will enable PC users to protect/encrypt their data/files without specialist knowledge or difficulty. It allows data to be protected almost as routine. So why encrypt your data? Some examples of why are:

Other things you should know

When registering your software with your ISP, they may not have the SAF file as a registered file type. If asking for the MIME type, then you can specify application/x-compressed, or 'binary' file type. This will enable them to enable the uploading of SAF files to your FTP server.

Screen Shot

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Compatibility and Cost

SafeWriter may be purchased at $39 from:
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