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Clarion Live webinar on Web Services in NetTalk 8. March 28 2014. Register at if you're not already registered with ClarionLive.

Week Ending March 14 2014

Probably our biggest week of the year so far. StringTheory 2 was released - a free upgrade for StringTheory users.
xFiles 2.50 was also released, also as a free upgrade for xFiles users. Most of all, NetTalk 8 was released into beta.

Definitely not a free upgrade at $499 (on special during the beta program for $399). Has a whole bunch of new functionality and many of the upcoming NetTalk User Groups will be devoted to exploring the ins and outs of the new stuff.

Week Ending Friday 17 January 2014

A tweak to the Object Generation, specifically the generation of global objects in templates with local objects lead to an update in GUTS and AnyText. NetTalk got a long-awaited maintenance build and there were minor updates to HotDates and Cryptonite.

Clarion 9.1 beta arrived as well, so next week will likely see the release of all the products with 9.1 support. All "source" products should be fine installing the Clarion 9.0 build into the Clarion 9.1 directory, but binary builds will be needed for those products with DLL's.

Week Ending Friday 10 January 2014

The big news this week is that CapeSoft have acquired the ProDomus utilities and will be maintaining them going forward.
For more information on this go to

Cryptonite had a big week as well with a specific emphasis on doing symmetric encryption with data being fed into and out of other languages and operating systems. Encryption can be very particular, so it was a very interesting journey, but with a very successful outcome. You can read more about that at .

Other products that got minor updates this week were AnyText, GUTS and Draw.

Week Ending Friday 3 January 2014

Happy New Year to everyone - and best wishes to everyone for a prosperous 2014.

We hit the ground running this week with a minor update to Draw and the release of a new product called DrawShot.
DrawShot probably isn't for everyone, but for folk who are creating commercial applications it will be a massive time saver. We wrote it for ourselves (as pretty much all our stuff is) and we're really looking forward to using it.

We also announced a new weekly webinar for NetTalk users.

You can see our ClarionLive session on DrawShot at

Week Ending Friday 29 December 2013

With almost no-one in the office this week, and all the Christmas holidays, it was an excellent opportunity to replace our internal file servers. Our new monster, named Morph, has a pair of 2TB drives, and 3 SSD drives. So hopefully we're good for a while as far as file space goes.

As the last post of the year, I want to take the opportunity to thank all the Clarion Programmers who have supported us during 2013. It has been one of our best and busiest years ever. In case you missed it, here are some highlights;
Our best wishes to you all for 2014, and remember, Work Smarter, Not Harder!

Week Ending Friday 20 December 2013

Here at CapeSoft we started the week on a holiday, and it also marked the start of our holiday season, with many staff being on leave at various times between now and mid January. But that doesn't mean things stand still...

We've been getting great feedback on our newest tool, RecentLookups, and this was updated to build 1.04 during the week. This update contains a number of small changes, which improve functionality, keyboard flow and also compatibility with other templates.

AnyText (2.04), Draw (3.43) and Makeover (3.01) also all got minor updates and are worth an update if you are on a recent build.

Week Ending Friday 13 December 2013

Wow - that was an epic week. The first 48 hour ClarionLive session, the Convert-A-Thon which helped many people update their applications from Clarion 6 to Clarion 9 was a true marathon effort. Programmers from around the world connected in during the non-stop event to ask questions, offer advice or just lurk to pick up tips.

A wrap up on Friday (Webinar #240) is available for download, and contains many tips for those who have yet to convert. This one is highly recommended!

Week Ending Friday 6 December 2013

The main news this week was the passing of Nelson Mandela, a man who has affected all of us greatly. Some of our personal notes on his passing have been posted here.

In other, now seemingly insignificant, news our recently released products of AnyText and RecentLookups both got an update.

Week Ending Friday 29 November 2013

A week with a new product is always a good week. And this week we welcomed RecentLookups as our newest offering to the community. RecentLookups is actually two products in one - first it improves browses being called in Lookup mode, by adding a "most recently selected" section to the top of the browse. Secondly it provides the smartest lookup control around for your forms. Use either feature, or both, it's up to you.

The ClarionLive webinar (#238) which featured the RecentLookups release was one of the most interactive ever with dozens of questions flowing almost from the very beginning. Judging by the demand since then we appear to have answered many of the questions correctly.

In addition to RecentLookups, NetTalk and NetTalk Lite 7 got a small bump with a new email method to parse EML files on the disk.

Cryptonite also gained a new method, and a very useful one at that called MakeHMAC. HMACs (Hash-based Message Authentication Codes) are used when communicating with some web services, so this makes that step a lot easier.
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