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Lookups are one of the features common to pretty much any Clarion application. They have been in our applications since the days of Clarion for DOS. Most lookup controls though are very feature-poor, forcing the user to use out-dated techniques to look up related records.

Enter RecentLookups

RecentLookups adds two key features to your application. First it provides a very powerful lookup control for use on your forms. This control hides the "code" field from the user, displaying the looked-up description instead. It comes with auto-complete functionality, and allows the user to type in either code, or description values.

Secondly it creates a "recent" section at the top of browses called in lookup mode. This means that users who are selecting from a list find their most recent choices at the top of the list. this makes selecting common items a lot quicker and easier.


Compatible With

Clarion 6 NO
Clarion 7 NO
Clarion 8 Yes
Clarion 9 Yes
Clarion 10 Yes
Clarion Templates Yes
ABC Templates Yes
Local Mode Yes
DLL Mode Yes
Multi DLL Yes

Documentation & Support

Documentation for the product is available here. Go here for further support.


The price of RecentLookups is $199. It is available for purchase from ClarionShop.

For other payment options please contact us here

Refund Policy

CapeSoft believes that if you aren't satisfied with our products, we would like them back - and we will refund you the money. This allows you to purchase our products with confidence. You can read our full refund policy here.
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