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ProDomus Tools now Hosted and Maintained by CapeSoft

CapeSoft have acquired all the rights to the Clarion Accessories created by Philip Will of ProDomus. With effect from Friday 10 January 2014 this is the official archive for all ProDomus downloads.


Our goal is to review the products one at a time to determine their long term status. As a product is updated it will be noted here.

Purchases of the products are suspended until the future of each product is determined.

Regardless of the product status the Archive below contains the builds as they were on the ProDomus site on Friday 10 January 2014 and are provided for the benefit of existing customers.


These are the installs from the ProDomus site as at 9 Jan 2014. They are not supported directly, but are provided as a convenient archive to existing users. Where CapeSoft installs have been created, these are noted in the Downloads column next to each product.

The products are split into Translator Plus, the flagship of the range and sold as a collection of optional components, and the rest.

These descriptions and installs are directly from the original ProDomus site and are provided "as-is" and without support or warrantee. Use at your own risk.


Translator Plus Translator Plus represents the next generation of internationalization development tools from ProDomus. It consists of a set of mostly source code class libraries and utility components which may be purchased individually or in sets. Class libraries are designed work with both ABC and Clarion Chain applications.  The classes extend the Translator Class built into the ABC chain to include many more necessary features and time saving utilities.

Update: Now available in CapeSoft Install Format. Order free update at ClarionShop for existing PD Translator Plus users.
C5, C5.5, C6.1, C6.2, C6.3, C7, C8, C9 (source)

CapeSoft Install - C8 to C11
PD Translator PD Translator extends Clarion's rapid application development power to international applications. Anyone developing applications for multi-lingual populations or multinational use will find Translator has advanced features for both fast development and performance. (Superseded by Translator Plus) CW20, C4, C5b, C5.5

Other Tools

ProductDescriptionLast UpdatedDownloads
PD Class Generator This template generates class library files (inc, clw, and trn files) and a template wrapper.
2013 PDClaGen.Exe
PD Browse Button Lookups Provide user friendly and feature rich lookups with many more options. The all class source code PD Browse Button Lookup adds auto-fill to string entries and handles updates of secondary fields. It also allows for entries without matching records.

Update: Now available in CapeSoft Install Format. Order free update at ClarionShop for existing PD Lookup/PD Browse Button Lookup users.
8 Apr 2019CW1.5, CW2, C4, C5, C5.5, C6, C7, C8, C9

CapeSoft Install - C8 to C11
PD DropsPD File Drop/Drop Combo lookups found add similar features to both Clarion and Legacy applications. The PD Drop From class library provides for translation of string drops with a string "FROM" attribute without changing the return value and the addition of styles and icons.

Update: Now available in CapeSoft Install Format. Order free update at ClarionShop for existing PD Drops users.
 CW2, C4, C5, C5.5g, C60, C61, C62, C63, C7, C8, C9 (source)

CapeSoft Install - C8 to C11
PD Drop Edit ControlsThese are an alternative time saving source code class library that add an "Edit" selection to a file drop or drop combo. Lists and forms are created by the class library - there's not need to create browse or form procedures. Prompts, entry pictures, and list headers are generated from the data dictionary definitions. Class windows use translator classes for translation if run-time translation is turned on.

Update: Now available in CapeSoft Install Format. Order free update at ClarionShop for existing PD Drop Edit users.
  C5.5/C6, C7ABC, C8ABC, C9ABC

CapeSoft Install - C8 to C11
PD 1-Touch Date Tools Automatically adds popup calendar buttons and hot keys for all date entries with the addition of one global template. A context sensitive popup menu accesses complex date calculations from the calendars. Automatic localization is also built-in, making this an essential companion to Translator Plus. This includes localized day and month names, business rules for calculations of the week of the year, and variations in the first day of the week. Scheduling classes provide essential tools for building date and time scheduling applications.

Update: Now available in CapeSoft Install Format. Order free update at ClarionShop for existing PD 1-Touch Date users.
  CW2, C4,C5,C5.5h, C60, C61, C62/63, C7, C8, C9 (source), PDF Manual

CapeSoft Install - C8 to C11
PD Worldwide Address FormatsPuts address elements into localized address formats. Over thirty formats are built in and many more can be handled by passing a country code to the library. Great for address labels or creating an address from individual address components. PDAD2 class library version adds a run time format designer and file handling to easily replace built in formats  CW1.5, CW2, C4,C5C5.5, C6.1, C6.2, C6.3, C7, C8, C9
C6-C9 Class Version (no DLL)
PD FinDeveloped before the release of Clarion's financial math library this provides easily used financial functions with parameters organized like those found in Excel and Lotus 123. It include a set of internationalized financial calculators. Finance library all class based source code.

Update: Now available in CapeSoft Install Format. Order free update at ClarionShop for existing PD Fin users.
April 2003 CW1.5, CW2, C4, C5/C5.5/C6.0, C6.3, C7, C8, C9

CapeSoft Install - C8 to C11
PD Version Notes and Command Line UtilityDid you ever think it would be handy to have different class library files localized to a particular application? You can use this utility to start Clarion and change the development environment's location of class include files. You can also use this utility to log work activity and changes to with each compile, and easily modify the Clarion working environment to work smarter.
(obsolete after Clarion 6)
Oct 2006C5, C5.5, C6, C2-6
PD Class Removal TemplateThe ProDomus Class Removal Template is available free of charge. The template operates by removing selected class include file references from the Application Generator memory.   download
PD Translation DictionaryThis dictionary contains environment files and a dictionary consisting of translations from English to a collection of languages. To date the dictionary contains 23000 records (translations of key phrases) and over 10 languages. This file is password protected for use by licensed translator users and contributors.  download
PD DDE Class LibraryThis class library provides basic methods for establishing Dynamic Data Exchange Client and Server connections. It also includes a derived class to connect to the Clarion Development Environment. The library is subject to the Developers Open Source Public License.  download
PD Export TemplateTemplate the adds classes and methods to an export file.  download
PD Redirection FilesSample Redirection File using relative directories and a batch file for creating these.  download